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YES 148

You never expect cops to be scared of anything; I mean they carry guns after all so we should fear them not the other way round. I guess that’s not the same in South Africa because I kid you not Mbilahelo sounded a bit afraid. No that’s an understatement; he was frightened and could hardly mask it.

“I am lost! Who is this Mthobisi Jumbe person and why is he so dangerous?”

I asked Mbilahelo because I could see he was pretty concerned.

“When you came here are you sure you were not followed?”

He asked Azwindini instead of answering me. He had totally ignored me and by the way he was in a frenzy I knew not not to ask.

“I don’t think so; I mean there were no cars behind me if that’s what you mean!”

Azwindini asked his brother in a very confused tone. His fear was starting to rise now and looking at Mbilahelo he did not look like a guy who was fazed by much but this had rattled him.

“You need to be sure. Secondly you said they took your things like your wallet etc, what else did they take? How come you still have your phone?”

He asked him again.

“My phone was in the car in the door storage part so that’s how they missed it. Maybe that woman was meant to lure me so that they can rob me because they just showed up!”

He explained. Azwindini sounded like those guys who were liars. Men who talk fast and seem to have an answer to everything when under pressure often are.

“Wait, did you sleep with her not! Tell me what happened?”

The brother asked him.

“Ok the truth, I did not even sleep with her. We were at her house and she told me she lived alone, I swear. I lied about who I was. One of the guys I was with is a mine manager but he got drunk. When she came to the table asking for him he had passed out so I lied and said I was him!”

He started to explain this incredible tale. I know of people who have lied about who they really were just to get laid so don’t be fooled he is not the first man to be so petty. Ok wait, even women who get laid by a man because he has a famous name they are also just as petty.

“So you were targeted because they thought you were someone else?”

The brother asked.

“I would like to think so because she was asking me about drill bits and so on. I know a bit about them but not the ones in mining. She figured out soon enough that I was lying and when the husband came in I knew I was in trouble! He was so angry and asked me if I know who he was. That’s how I got his name. It came from him not the wife.”

He explained.

“So why did you lie?”

I asked him. I know I was not part of the interrogation but it seemed so stupid that he had lied about that. Did he think it would get him more points?

“I didn’t sleep with her. I almost did. Do you think that counts?”

Azwindini asked his brother the fear in his voice quite palpable.

“Yes it does count and it’s probably what saved your life! I won’t put it past Mthobisi and his thugs to come for you though!”

The brother warned. This was too much drama for me one night though.

“Gents please go now. I don’t want drama at my house especially this kind of drama!”

I told the two men without remorse.

“She is right we have to go. You should never have come here and now look you are dragging her into your mess!”

Mbilahelo said to him. Azwindini stood up gingerly as he was clearly in pain.

“So am I sleeping at your place? I don’t like your house there is too much noise there!”

The ungrateful idiot said.

“No you will not be sleeping by me. I am reluctant to take you to the hospital so I will rather put you in a hotel for now but you going to pay back every cent you owe me before you go back to your rig!”

Mbilahelo warned him.

“About that…”

He opened his mouth again.

“I am not going back!”

He said.

“What do you mean you not going back?”

The brother asked him.

“I quit!”

That was his explanation. It’s amazing how people with jobs complain so much in an economy where millions don’t have jobs and begging for them. People with jobs get so comfortable the constantly whine not realizing that there are people out there crying for those jobs.

“You really are stupid you know that right!”

An annoyed Mbilahelo said walking out. Azwindini limped behind him.

“I don’t think I can drive again!”

He told his brother.

“Is it ok if he leaves his car here? I will come back for it in the morning!”

Mbilahelo asked me.

“Yes its fine but make sure you come for it because I don’t want it here.”

I told him.

“Thank you and I am really sorry for my brother. He is a family embarrassment!”

He explained which made Miriam laugh. It was a bit rude to laugh out loud like that but that was Miriam for you. She had seen so much in life she had that I don’t care attitude half the time. See why I say her getting married today still shocks me. She had pulled a miracle on us there.

“Ok then bye!”

I said. Good riddance indeed! I was relieved to have my own space again.

“I didn’t know that there was so much drama here in suburbs too!”

Miriam said by way of a joke. It was not funny though as far as I was concerned because well truth be told we all leave the township to the suburbs thinking there is no drama here. Often we are wrong because the criminals you left ko kasi follow you to rob you in your nice gated estates then run back to kasi. This thing called crime is everywhere.

“I am going to bed. You can find everything you want if you open the cabinets!”

I said lazily to her. Miriam had not been to my place in a long time. She always complained that it was too quiet and boring for her so she hardly ever came. I also realized that since she moved in with her husband she had never invited me to her place not that I wanted to go there. By virtue of this I actually did not know her house. I know her husband was rich so I figured it was some big house. I will have to ask her tomorrow. Those were my thoughts when I went to bed. I was tired as usual meaning I slept heavy and deep. I did not even dream but if I did I probably forgot it as soon as I woke up. I overslept actually because it was about 9am and there was breakfast on the stove.

“Mmmm something smells good!”

I said walking into the kitchen. Miriam was annoying, she has always been. She was in her underwear as she made breakfast and even when we were younger she had that, ‘clothes are optional’ mentality and clearly she had not changed.

“It does indeed hey! You have a well stocked fridge chomi you really should teach me how you do it! I had to Google how to feel up a fridge! Do you know I used to go shopping and buy so many things but when I opened the fridge it always feels empty?”

She said to me and I found myself laughing.

“What’s funny?”

She asked me. I burst out laughing she just raised her hand in confusion.

“There was a time when you used to say that the best stocked fridge is the one with more alcohol than water! Now you are talking wife talk. We have come so far my friend!”

I said as I walked over to hug her.

“Now put on some clothes Miriam I don’t want my neighbours trying to peep in!”

I told her and she laughed too.

“Then they will see what a really booty looks like not these ironing boards they get here!”

She said and we laughed.

“You are still full of shit neh!”

I told her as we laughed merrily.

“You won’t believe who called me, my husband! Only now does he care where I am imagine!”

She told me.

“What did he say?”

I pried.

“Nothing intelligent as usual. He was telling me that he left the keys. I think he thinks I was at my mother’s! So annoying! I want him to fight for me like he used to but since I said I do he just got comfortable!”

She told me. I was about to ask about the other woman in Mpumalanga, his other wife when there was a knock on my door.

“Miriam go put some clothes please it could be my neighbour!”

I told her. I took of my gown and threw it to her. She put it on. I waited long enough for her to wear it before I opened the door. There was a man standing there I had never seen before in my life but he was ok wow. He was a cross between Hlomla Dandala and Robert Marawa, not too dark and built decently. What’s with men nowadays are they getting paid to gym because if that’s the new form of employment they really are putting in the overtime. Miriam came behind me being the liker of things she is.

“Good morning ladies!”

The guy said. His accent was to die for but I could tell he was Zulu and very confident with himself.

“Morning sir!”

Miriam said in that mocking kind of flirty exaggerated voice. That’s my friend for you. No handbrakes on this one.

“Which of you lives here if I may ask?”

He asked casually. He had this disarming charm in the way he said that it was no wonder we both wanted to talk to him.

“I do!”

I responded.

“Who are you?”

I asked him.

“I am just a concerned citizen that’s all; I noticed there are blood stains all the way to your door from the stairs over there. Just wanted to check if you ladies are ok!”

He said. I immediately stepped outside to see what he was talking about and indeed there were blood stains! Azwindini!

“I had no idea. I don’t know whose blood it is I must get the caretaker to take care of it. This is nasty!”

I said very annoyed at Azwindini. Even gone that guy was a pain in my ass.

“Yes that would be wise. Blood tends to smell after time and it stains rather badly too!”

He said giving us some advice. Maybe he was a doctor. His suit sat on him so nicely he could be one vele…

*Anyway I am glad you are safe so let me not be in your way!”

He said smiling.

“Ah leaving so soon? We are making breakfast, please come in and have a cup of tea or something!”

Miriam offered with that big mouth of hers. He might be hot but we can’t invite strangers home, come on!

“Why thank you, I could do with a cup of tea!”

He said smiling. This guy was forward and Miriam was leading him on. He walked into the flat and went and sat on the couch.

“My friend I have just gotten you a man, play along!”

Miriam whispered loudly and I am sure he heard that. I blushed but I had butterflies in my stomach.

“There is red ford fiesta in the parking lot there, beautiful car is it yours?”

He asked casually. I had no idea whose car it was then it hit me,

“Sir what did you say your name was again?”

I asked him.

“Oh sorry hey, that was rude of me! My name is Mthobisi Jumbe!”

He said so casually it’s like he was drinking milk!

You could hear a pin drop!

********The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thanks for reading my letter
I’m a 22-year old lady. I started dating this guy ‘Sbu ‘ 4 years ago and he’s 25 years old. His parents and mine were friends, so we used to see each other frequently when we were kids but we only started being close few months before we started dating in 2013. He’s everything I want from a man: hardworking, ambitious and loving. Throughout my university life he was my motivation and we had plans to get married when we are working and financially stable. Later last year he relocated to another province and I thought maybe it was going to cause problems in our relationship but to my surprise our communication improved and I thought we were fine till last week when he put a pic of his ex on whatsapp update . I confronted him about it and he denied it at first but finally told me that they had recently started communicating again he didn’t know how to tell me about it cause he knew I would react well to those news. So he insisted that we should talk about it face to face, he’d come for a visit over the weekend. He indeed came but made excuses for not meeting with me, only chatted for about few minutes and then his aunt called him to some family meeting, he had promised to contact me after the meeting but that didn’t happen and he left and went back to his place. I just need closure, I mean I was there for him when his parents passed away and I really love him despite his HIV status. I found out 3 years ago that he’s positive, but he denied it and I decided not to bring up that topic again – he doesn’t want to get tested with me. I’m thinking of telling him that I know about his status, but I also don’t want to hurt him. I just need to do something that will hurt him

24 thoughts on “YES 148

  1. 22yrs old and crying over a cheater? Gal, you got betteer things to do in life than chase after a man. lots of sih in the sea… plus u dont have a child – so there’s nothing really tying you down to him gal.

  2. Utholekuthi is getting hot in here,thanks Mr Maphoto.

    Confused I’m so happy for accepting the person he is not his status,we stigmatise and make status of people an obstacle to love. 1st thing first,love yourself enough to let him go . You’re still young and there’s someone for you out there who will love and respect you for who you are. You deserve better and believe me he’ll remember you all his life. The grass is not always greener on the other side, let him go and don’t take him back when he realised that he madehe mademail the mistake. Now wash yourself , dress up,make up and mingle,life is too short to worry about the cheater.

  3. confused there’s nothing really to talk about. He is dating his ex again, best thing is to move on and never look back. As for revenge part “do not waste your time and energy on a lost battle”. In life you need to understand there are people who will love back unconditionally and there are just those who are a passing challenge. He was that challenge/ test face it and move on. You still young and life has better things ahead

  4. I’m I the only one getting a description of Mthobisi for the first time ( I don’t remember it from Missteps) he sounds Dzaddy AF though, lol.

  5. Mr Maphpto just revealed the cast of Misteps, so vele Hlomla Dandala might play the role of Mtho😒😞😞😞😞😞 or someone like him neh

  6. thanx Mike, Mpumelelo Bhulose aka Gxabhashe have always been my Mthobisi Jumbe and now this description just killed that😞…After so many years

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