Majuba 37

I was not sorry that I had almost killed a man no that would be an exaggeration if the man is Simon. It’s not a boast

or a justification for my actions either but what I was sorry for was the fact that I had not gotten away with it. He deserved that. He had it coming to him. Impulsive decisions often have consequences! Had I hit him that hard though? I am very certain that when I left him he had been ok as he had even limped to his car. He was probably faking it like all cowards do so that I could get into trouble. That beating I had given him is something that he deserved.

“What hospital is he in?”

I asked her.

“No it’s best I don’t tell you because you have caused enough of a mess already! Oh my God Vusi do you realize that you could go to jail for this?”

She asked me. Her phone was ringing and she went to pick it up. Its speaker was on loud.

“Is this Londiwe?”

A voice said on the phone.

“Yes this is her.”

I responded.

“This is Sister Chauke I am calling from Arwyp Hospital in Kempton Park. We have a patient who was brought in here Mr. Simon Mamaregane and you were listed as his emergency contact!”

The nurse’s voice said. I wanted to laugh at the nerve of this guy I mean he even had my wife as his emergency contact. How deep is that really?

“In hospital? What’s wrong with him?”

Londiwe asked her as though she did not already know.

“He was badly beaten. Would you please come to the hospital just in case he comes out of surgery and needs a familiar face?”

She asked my wife.

“I am coming.”

Londiwe said. She hung up the phone and took a deep breath.

“Are you really going to go to the hospital?”

I asked her as she stood there looking at me.

“What choice do I have? You almost killed the man because of me so I have to go. What if he wants to press charges against you? You will lose and you know it!”

She advised me going to pick up her purse.

“But how is you going there going to help anything? It’s not like you are a doctor nor are you his girlfriend!”

I said to her cheekily.

“Don’t be stupid and thick headed. If there is anyone who can talk him down from opening a case against you it am me! Do you think you guys can really win that tender if you have a criminal case pending against you? I might not be as smart as you but I am not stupid either! Use your brain for once and stop allowing your ego to get in the way of your judgement!”

She told me angrily. She was right my ego was getting in the way. She had a point when she said that probably she could prevent him from pressing charges against me but at what price.

“Ok fine I am coming with you!”

I told her drying myself.

“Yeah you are I need a driver but you not going inside with me!”

She warned me.

“I was not intending on doing that ok! I am going to drive you and stay in the car whilst I wait!”

I reassured her. She was very angry at me and I cannot say I blamed her. I had used her phone to lure him into a trap and what she did not know was that if things went south and he pressed charges she could be charged as an accessory to the crime. She had participated in luring him there. I was not about to tell her that right now though.

“I am read let’s go!”

I told her. She got up and walked out whilst I locked the door. I bumped into my neighbour as he was taking out the trash. Londiwe was already towards the car so from a distance I opened the car for her.

“Dude that guy is in hospital now we going there!”

I warned my Naija friend.

“I told you that what you did was not wise. Please don’t implicate me because I have my own problems as is!”

He warned me and I don’t blame him either because no one wants to get in trouble especially for something they had not done. My actions had managed to implicate two innocent people. My ego was gone now and it was slowly being replaced by fear.

“Sorry to put you into this my brother. I will fix this and your name won’t be mentioned anywhere!”

I told him as I walked away. I did not want to have this man coming after me that’s for sure. I will rather run to the police myself.

“What took you so long?”

She asked me already annoyed. She was on edge already and I fighting her at this moment would back fire on me. We did not drive in silence though because she shouted the whole way!

“What were you thinking? I mean I can handle myself and I don’t want him but no! You thought you are Rambo and a one man army! I am so disappointed in you!”

She shouted. She did not relent either and that 30 minute drive felt like an hour. She was so unhappy with me. When we got there she did not even say anything and like a scolded school child I was made to sit in the car for about two hours whilst I waited. I even fell asleep imagine.

“I did not see him. He was in surgery and they said he will only wake up tomorrow so it was not necessary to stay any longer.”

She explained to me.

“Wait? So what were you doing for the last two hours then?”

I asked her surprised that she had taken that long knowing that he would only be out tomorrow.

“I was showing support that’s what?”

She responded cheekily. I did not say anything further as we drove back home. This time she did not say anything and it was a silent ride all the way back.

“You don’t even know how to apologize! What you did was wrong and the problem is that you think you are always right!”

She said to me and for the second time in few days she took a pillow and headed for the couch. Our marriage was failing and I was playing a huge part in this. I had to do something so I followed her. She had switched off her light already so when I switched it back on she turned around and said,

“What do you want?”

Her tone was angry and very curt.

“Love can we talk. Are we back to fighting again? This can’t be life. Let’s fix this! Stress is going to lead to a miscarriage eventually so our fighting has to stop!”

I reminded her. I knelt down next to her as she just stared back at me,

“I am sorry my love. I will make everything right ok!”

I told her. She did not respond and still just stared at me and this time tears were rolling down her cheeks.

“Why is it you don’t trust me?”

She asked me.

“There is nothing I do that is not done with you in mind. Why would you think I would cheat on you?”

She continued. The conversation was getting deeper than I hoped and I think we had already had this fight. Every man knows that to end an argument with your lady whether you agree with her or not you must say,

“I am sorry!”

I said it out loud.

“I was wrong not to trust you. It will not happen again!”

I told her.

“It’s easy for you to say. I am the one who has to walk around with this burden on my shoulders that the man I love so much does not trust me. It’s not a nice feeling!”

She told me. I did not want to fight any more and even though I had so many points I could use to justify myself. Now was not the moment.

“I am sorry. Since you won’t come to bed I will sleep on the floor next to you!”

I told her. I had come with a pillow already so I put it on the floor and lay next to her. She stood up and pulled the pillow from underneath me and said,

“What’s the point of you catching flu? Don’t be dramatic! Let’s go to bed!”

She said very annoyed at me. At least step one had worked as she got up and went to the bedroom. She was wearing leggings and a t-shirt. I watched her walk away and I suddenly felt horny. It’s a weakness in men is it not though? After a fight with their partner most men believe that sex will solve everything. It will remind her of you. I had read this in many magazines why make up sex is so therapeutic and effective.

“I am sorry love like I said…”

I said to her again.

“Love come on we can talk about it another time another time!”

She said to me. She stood there and took off her bra something which I had not seen her do in days.

“What are you looking at?”

She asked me curiously!

“Do you know that your skin glows when you are angry and your chest when you breathing in and out it lifts your boobs in a sexy way?”

I told her. Her response was,



“Ah that was rude don’t you think?”

I asked her!

“Good! Busy telling me how my skin glows when I am angry. What glows on you when you are angry?”

She asked me annoyed.

“I wouldn’t say glow but rather grow! Look…”

I said standing up to show her Junior who was standing at full attention like a soldier who is about to graduate in front of the president.

“Goodness it looks like it’s about to burst!”

She commented as I stood proudly having taken off my pants to relieve the pressure of the tent that had formed!

“I want to make it up to you. You said you are tired so you don’t have to do anything I will do it all for you!”

I told her making suggestive eyes and making my lips enunciate everything I was saying.

“Make it up to me you say…”

She said after me.

“Yes maam! I need your permission to kiss you from head to toe…”

I said slowly walking towards her and I swallowed spit loud enough for her to hear so she could see my last for her. If you have done in front of a woman take notes because it works. She stood there frozen!

“I want to touch your skin… Slowly…like this…”

I said as I touched her shoulders and took off her t-shirt or rather top. Remember she had taken off her bra on her own…

“The way I love your boobs…”

I said bending over to put them between my lips! With my lips I played with her nipples which were now hard like sugar beans. She is sensitive this one and immediately I felt her body tense up as she put her hand on my back and her fingers dug in.


I said. I took my phone and I started my playlist. Five songs Syleena Johnson Slowly, R Kelly Half on a baby, Trey Songz Dive In, Trey Songz Jupiter Love and the climax song Keith Sweat Nobody. That’s my playlist.

“Can I please kiss you on your forehead?”

I asked her.


I did!

“On your nose?”


“On your chin?”


“On your belly button?”


I put my fingers on the sides of her panties and she slapped them off,

“You didn’t ask!”

She said sexily I swear I was drooling just by the way she was looking at me.

“Sorry maam! Can I take off your panties?”

I asked her.


She said. I gently pulled them off and you know the way a gstring kind of gets stuck in the bum as you pull it down… I find it so sexy. If you going slowly you almost have to pull it off.

“Would you like to sit down?”

I asked her.

“No thank you I am fine were I am.”

She said moving backwards show she could lean on the wall then she slightly parted her legs for me. I knew what she wanted but not without her permission. I stood up and I looked her in the eye.

“Would you like me to kiss you there?”

I asked her without looking down.

“What do you think?”

She asked me. I kissed her full on the lips and then I knelt down in front of her. I put her left leg over my shoulder as she balanced on the wall whilst with my other hand held her thigh in place to give her and me better balance.

Bon appétit monsieur!

********* The End **********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter.

I am a 35 year old married man with two kids and expecting a third. I have always wanted a big family but when my wife told me she was pregnant I was not happy. I found out that my wife had cheated on me when I was deployed in C.A.R. I am in the army and I was deployed for six months. When I came back I was told by friends that they used to see her going out with different men. I confronted her but she denied it all and since I had no proof I could not accuse her. I am a soldier I am trained to kill which made me realize if I allowed anger to take over me I would kill my family. I sucked it in and I forgave her (or at least I thought I had). She did not do anything to raise suspicion. I have been back for over a year now but now she is pregnant. From day one of her telling me I did not think it was my baby. It was not even because she had gone back to cheating but rather because I don’t trust her. I don’t know what to do. With our first two kids my wife had the same habits during pregnancy, the same cravings etc. With this baby she is the opposite! I am starting to see things in my head maybe I don’t know but she is very different this time around.

I don’t want to harm my wife. I love her very much which is why I forgave her for the infidelity which I never proved happened. How can I be right again?

Thank You


14 thoughts on “Majuba 37

  1. Military never ever listen to other people regarding your relationship especially when you were not there, since there is no proof, with women pregnancies differ so with the third child it could be possible until the baby comes and you have blood tests you have nothing to worry about and Dont ruin your family over nothing and speculation because those very people who told on your wife will be the one celebrating over your misery, until you have proof Dont create unnecessary drama as you are starting now.

  2. You need to try keep calm until the baby comes my brother that is the only time you will be able to fully prove if she was unfaithful or not until then you will not know. Another question is were you fully faithful yourself when you were in CAR for six months? How were you coping sexually? If you were not then don’t be too hard on your wife should you find out she was not faithful. I am a man so I know it can be difficult to stay without sex for six months especially as a married man.

  3. Mike O Mike, what an artist you are…keep up the great work!!!
    Military, as much as you have suspicions this is not the time, a pregnant woman is fragile and pregnancies can never be the same. You need to either shelf your suspicions until the child is born or ask to be deployed and hopefully when you get back the child will be born and then ask for a paternity test, she will be hurt but its for your own sanity. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where you have destroyed everything you hold dear because you let your imagination run wild. You may be trained to kill in service of your nation but you have no right to take a life, do not be selfish and don’t become a statistic.

  4. Hear says are never a good thing. You have no proof of cheating and no signs of suspicions. You were deployed for only six months. So you really believe that your wife couldn’t hold out for that short period of time?. Pregnancies are not the same, I’m a mother so that I know; cause she had cravings on first two doesn’t necessarily mean it would be the same on this one. You allowing a seed of doubt to cloud your judgement and one thing men fail to understand is that most of your “friends” don’t mean well or have best interests at heart. focus on your family cause you know this is your kid and its been a year you home so your doubts are not valid to me.

  5. Thank you Bra Mike for the daily dose.
    @Military – let’s start with basic maths first – you were gone for six months and you have been back for a year now, so if your wife was pregnant due to cheating in the six months you were not here, your wife would have delivered by now unless you thinking she is cheating now. Don’t let gossip ruin your family, you will have to learn to trust your wife again, in your own words, there was never proof and she never gave you reasons to doubt. Pregnancies are different. Maybe you need to a see or talk to someone professionally as to resolve your feelings and start bonding with your baby (you don’t want to take long and resent the baby when it comes).

  6. Thank you Bra Mike for the daily dose.
    @Military – let’s start with basic maths first – you were gone for six months and you have been back for a year now, so if your wife was pregnant due to cheating in the six months you were not here, your wife would have delivered by now unless you thinking she is cheating now. Don’t let gossip ruin your family, you will have to learn to trust your wife again, in your own words – there was never proof and she never gave you reasons to doubt her. Pregnancies are different. Maybe you need to a see or talk to someone professionally as to resolve your feelings and start bonding with your baby (you don’t want to take long and resent the baby when it comes).

  7. Returning after 1 year to catch up on all the tea and goodies. Thanks for your writing mike. Am not in SA but I love your work!

    I really hate this wife. vusi is validating her behavior too many times and they have this negative dynamic (he fell in love with L out of pity) that can’t be fixed and is making vusi as bad as L. I think it’s possible for uneducated ppl to be decent and have reason but L is just a ratchet b**!
    He’s like a real mommas boy, and when he stepped out to make a decision on his own to marry L it was an error, now he is too stubborn to leave. And he is a good guy enough to stay with her with this pregnancy lie nonsense mxim. To b bonest he only let his mom be the voice of reason! Why doesn’t he have other friends besides Tumi who deMonstrated he is useless with relationships. Who could have stopped this? My bro is the same -mommas boy-and I worry he may end up this way…!

    It’s a great story mike just hard to continue when you don’t like the characters. I have to remember that’s life and we ppl don’t always do what’s best for ourselves ! Especially when the best advice comes from the wrong source

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