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Yes 142

“Umuntu omnyama aka fun’ ukbona umuntu omnyama eya phambili
Umuntu omnyama aka fun’ ukbona umuntu omnyama eya phezulu”

Is that not always the case. The guilt in me was overwhelming. Firstly I really was not offering myself up for sex. I was teasing because it made him uncomfortable. The look on his face was priceless.

“I know you have had a trauma, you can sleep over but no sex!”

He said in an uncomfortable voice he could not even musk. He was not Jerry Maake stiff but he was almost there.

“Easy there tiger I was just kidding. I will sleep in my bed alone!”

I said laughing. Maybe my joke was in poor taste after all but I was trying to mask the guilt. People were getting retrenched because of me he had said. This had struck me hard. I would like to believe that I was not the reason for this they had been trying to get rid of people all along. They were going to use this incident as an excuse however and seem like they had done nothing wrong and were powerless in the situation. That’s how it works. The reason why a lot of black people keep praising white people is because somehow they always come out looking good. Look at the Democratic Alliance, Tony Leon’s father killed Solomon Mahlangu one of our greatest heroes and today black people are swarming to his party. The reason, the fake illusion that white people are neither corrupt nor opportunistic leeches who feed of the hard work of black people. The company I am certain will hire black people again but remember this, it will be new entries into the job market who will be cheaper in salary and all have white bosses like Natalie. It was a good return all round for them. That’s how corporate works. They needed to retrench older staff that was already on higher salaries of course, replace them with cheaper labour that could do the same job. They make more profits, keep government happy with black employment numbers but ultimately get away with murder!

“Lungi you have gone quiet what’s on your mind?”

Simba asked. I didn’t realize that I was so far away in that moment as the guilt ate me up. Even the food was not going down well.

“Sorry I do have a lot on my mind but I was not trying to rude!”

I told him. He had offered me a job.

“I will think about the job offer. How long will the offer stand?”

I asked him.

“We need someone ASAP. I don’t want to advertise as I am head hunting you!”

He explained. Oh head hunting is poaching qualified experienced people from other companies without necessarily having to advertise. It gives private companies excuses to give jobs to people they know already. When government does it its called corruption.

“Ok then just give me this week. I have a lot to clear up after the loss of mum.”

I explained to him. I needed this job otherwise if I stayed at home I would go insane so I was not saying no.

“Awesome then. I have another meeting from here can we take this to go?”

He asked me. He had hardly touched his food because we were talking so much plus the fact that I was late. It was already after two in any case.

“Yes please. I have to go see Nthabiseng in any case!”

I told him.


He asked.

“Yes I have mentioned her before, my lawyer friend!”

I reminded him.

“Oh yes I remember her. I hope everything is ok!”

He said. Well everything was ok but he had left me with a lot to ponder on. I actually had not really thought on my investment options. The easy way out was to bank the money and just sit but that was not me. I want to work. We parted ways but agreed that we were going to talk in the evening. Nthabiseng works on Rivonia so the drive there was not long at all.

“Lungi, I was not expecting you!”

She said when he secretary or rather their collective secretary told her I was there. Its funny how I had been here many times but the way they were so formal in this firm was stifling. I bet you people here don’t even fart without repenting!

“Yeah was in the neighbourhood and figured I should come by and say thank you for all you did for us!”

Maybe I should have called ahead after all. It’s rude when people show up without first saying that they are coming.

“Ah it’s ok. How are you holding up and how is the family?”

She asked me. I could see she was busy as she had a lot of papers or rather files on her desk so I could not stay here long.

“Everyone is fine hey. I really am not staying. I got a new job offer today from Simba.”

I told her. She immediately shook her head and said,

“Mmmm it could be a bad idea for now. Think of it this way. You were fired from your old company then you go work for their de facto rival. It could be messy in the long run but there is no law against it.”

She explained which was a bit confusing.

“So you saying I should not take it?’

I asked her.

“Nope I am not saying that I am saying it could be messy somewhere somehow. Let the money come in first then worry about such things going forward!”

She told me.

“Oh and I also had another thing to ask.”

I told her.

“I have evidence that my mother died because someone tempered with her medicine. Their actions directly resulted in her murder!”

I told her.

“Whoa… You are accusing someone of murder there Lungi be careful before you go down that road.”

She said to me sitting down.

“I would not bring that up lightly.”

I assured her.

“Ok tell me why you think someone killed your mother because that’s essentially what you are saying!”

I then went on to tell her the story of my sister’s husband and his mistress, the fight at the hospital which showed his mistress stealing some of her medicine plus the medicine that had rolled under whatever in the tapes.

“Do you have this tape?”

She asked me.

“No but I can get it. I have already seen the footage.”

I told her.

“This is the same Ezile you don’t like her. Are you sure you can trust her? Don’t forget she is also the doctor who was attending to your mom. What if she was telling you all this to cover her own ass. Be careful with this.”

She said a lot of things there some which made sense and some which I thought at the time were not relevant. I did not like Ezile it’s no secret but she is the one who had come to tell me what happened so she was off the hook for now.

“I know. I have thought about the what if’s but for now I want to ask if there is a case there?”

I asked her. She looked very reluctant to respond as I could see she was genuinely worried.

“Yes there is a case. I mean all we have to prove is that the medicine taken was a direct cause of her death. The medicine was allegedly stolen by the girlfriend and that’s like someone stealing someone’s ARV tablets. In fact right now there is a case on that right am not sure though of the details I just heard about it. This boy had been stealing his aunts ARV tablets to make nyaope and the aunt died. The family blamed him so now does he get charged of murder even though the aunt was infected already. Anything could have caused her death as she was positive but the fact that he stole the meds is too big to ignore!”

She told me. I was not interested in the other case she mentioned. All I had wanted to hear was that the arrogant bastard killed my mother.


She said,

“You said it was the girl that stole the medicine not him right?”

She asked me.


I told her.

“Well then it means that she and not he is the one criminally liable. He is not even an accomplice because he argued with his wife during a time when they are going through a divorce hence tensions are already high. It’s not an ideal situation but there is a reasonable expectation for couples to fight during to divorce. Charges will be brought against the girl who you said is 19!”

She explained to me.


I would be sending a 19 year old to jail. This is not what I came here for. I wanted revenge for my sister yes but she was only 19. I lost my appetite even thinking of it. I drove all the way home with that thought weighing on my mind. I had to call my sister.

“Sis I went to see Nthabiseng about the hospital thing. Turns out the only one who will be found guilty if at all is his girlfriend not him!”

I explained to her as I drove into my complex. She listened attentively to everything I had to say then at the end said,

“That’s not my problem. They killed our mother and at least one of them will go to jail for it!”

She said dismissively.

“She is only 19. How will we get justice on a 19 year old? Is it even worth it?”

I asked her. She was a child and at 19 I was a child imagine knowing at that point that I will be in prison for the next 20 years of my life.

“You are going to show sympathy for that little bitch over your own sister?”

She asked me incredulously after I had said that. I was surprised by the ferocity of how she had asked that. She was not joking around.

“No I did not say I am going to show sympathy but opening a case like this will destroy her and you pursuing revenge like this might destroy you too in the process!”

I explained to her but I did not even get to say much because next thing there was a click.


I said on the phone even though I could hear the disabled tone. It’s a human thing to do I guess and it comes from the disbelief that someone can actually hang up on you. It’s rude.


I said again but she had indeed dropped. Maybe it was a mistake. The phone rang once and voicemail. I tried again and it happened again. I was too tired for this but I had to talk to her not to do something stupid. I did not even get into the house and already I was on the road driving back to my mother’s house. When I got there my aunt was there.

“What’s going on? Your sister left the house in a mood! She was saying something about going to the police! What happened?”

She asked me curiously. Oh God come on what was my sister doing?

“Did she say which station?”

I asked my aunt already wanting to run after her. She was being impulsive.

I don’t need this kind of drama on a Monday!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading my letter and greetings to all the readers.

I have been dating the most amazing man for two years. We have been perfect and everything has been good for us. I have met his parents and he has met mine. They love him at home and I am sure I made a good impression with his. We have spoken about kids, moving in together etc. I remember that I used to tell everyone how great he was and I wanted to build a future with him but recently that changed. Remember when Karabo was killed, the girl who was killed by boyfriend and it was big news. We had a braai at his place about three weeks ago. I overheard him talking with his boys about it. He was the vocal one saying how much she deserved it as she was a gold digger. One of his friends tried to reprimand him and he even got angry at the friend. He said that woman nowadays get away with a lot because they hide behind rights and the media. He was adamant that had it been him he probably would have done the same. I will accept that he had drank a bit but the way he would not even listen to reason on the matter scared me. During the time when there was a media storm about it, he had been sympathetic and took to social media to condemn men. Now amongst his boys he was showing a different side to him. From that day I lost all respect for him. I won’t even let him touch me the way I am disgusted by him. I am not even doing this consciously it’s just happening. Every time I look at him I see him beating his chest and threatening to beat up the friend who was trying to reprimand him. He called him a “pussy, woman pleaser and weak” for telling him that what he was saying was wrong. This is the man I was planning a future with?

Am I over reacting? Why is my body responding negatively to him? I don’t even want him to touch me. Should I move on?

Thank You


14 thoughts on “Yes 142

  1. “When someone shows you who they are believe them; the first time” Maya Angelou… Another thing that doesn’t sit well with me is why these days is so easy for us as woman to introduce guys to our families yet they don’t seem to have plans to commit to us ( This talk of having babies and moving in together, seem to be popular in our story-line and its part of the reason we have bitter single mothers out there). Haven’t we learnt anything from our grandmother and mothers, who ended up raising their kids alone cause the men they love promised them the world but failed to commit after having kids?

  2. Thank you Bhut Mike 🙂

    I couldn’t agree with you more Lollie , kanti all this “future” planning with no marriage? Ithini na lento??
    But ke …you must trust your instincts , they are never wrong!! If you cant bring yourself to talk to him about this then I suggest you RUN …and never look back…If he can think what happened to Karabo was right then what would stop him from doing it to YOU, if he feels that you have wronged him to a point of you deserving to be brutally murdered!!! Think about that!! And again , bringing this up..I mean he wont admit to being abusive, so you gotta be sly about it…or try and bring the topic when its just the two of you and see how views it.. .People on social media are not always what they are in real life…never trust what they post!!

    ALl the best hey!!

  3. Nono, that is your gut feeling, your instincts and your truth. You feel the way you do now because you know yourself. You know what hearing him say those things means to you and meant to him. Listen to that feeling. He may never hit you, he may never be abusive towards you in the future but if it smells like gas, best believe it is. Trust yourself move on. It will be hard, then extremely hard, then it will suck and feel like a bad decision, then one day it will be fine. All the best, trust yourself.

  4. Sometimes just walking away from a situation doesnt make it better. I feel you should sit down and talk to him ,if he refuses to see reason then you leave . It is our duty to educate , because you leave without him knowing the reason or you trying to show him reason doesnt better our society, he will continue with that mentality nd pass it on to the next generation . So i say talk before giving up , it might even help you.

  5. Thank you bra Mike

    Activist, the fact that your guy drank a little bit does not mean he had a momentary lapse in reasoning!! A drunk man tells no tales and this is not something you should let slide. He is obviously comfortable enough around his boys to say anything and the fact that he got angry when one of the friends tried to reprimand him, means he feels strongly about his opinion. Now that is cause for concern and i totally agree with PillzBerry, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!!
    You said you guys have spoken about kids now tell me here, would you want your son or children to be raised by a man with that kind of mentality? A man that believes it’s ok for someone to take another person’s life just like that? A man that condones woman abuse? would you want your son to be raised by a man like that? Also do you really want to spend the rest of your life with a man of that mentality? What do you is gonna happen one day if you anger him and he “drinks a bit” again? I mean the guy already believes that woman get away with a lot and that Karabo deserved to have her life taken just like that!! I repeat, trust your instincts my lady. Do not ignore that gut feeling you have, you do not want to look back and say i should have….

  6. Jah neh, waitse sometimes people show who they really are when they had few bottles to drink so I believe what you saw that day is the real him. Even though you can talk to him about it, he’s going to deny it as he’s already plastered a sympathetic side of him on social media….Most abusers have two sides, one that is really sweet and the other that scares the crap out of you (I think mike wrote about it once ko ijuba if I’m not mistaken) but again it is all we hear about, one moment he is like this and the next like that. Most women make that mistake by planning a future unwed, those we call pillow talks, until there’s a ring on it then the planning can begin. My advice is follow your heart, you might regret leaving him for you will only imagine what your future with him could have been like or you might learn the hard way who your man really is.

  7. I’m waiting as well for the big secret and I’m abit confused maybe its me wasn’t ntabiseng der wen the docter showed the tape and she sed they must go afta them?? But maybe I read wrong n thanks Mike another NYC chapter

    1. Me too..i read that when nthabi brought the money to help with funeral arrangements ezile showed both of them the video.

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