Majuba 27

Have you ever noticed that abusive men have a problem with letting go? I don’t say this lightly. If you are dating an

abusive man its almost twice as hard him letting go of you than you walking away. I don’t know if they see it as love when they beat you up but they most certainly see it as repentance when they run after you after you leave them. People are always quick to point out that women are the ones who are wrong when they insist on staying in an abusive relationship but the reality is that politics of one are usually very complex. Abusive men are good at making grand gestures especially when they lose the person they love. They go above and beyond to seek redemption and try getting her back. Ask women who have been through such relationships they will tell you without hesitation ‘how nice he can be’ and its true though twisted. What is wrong with men though? I am one yes but when I put two and two together on what was being insinuated here it could make sense that Simon had come after me.

“Officer does he have anything to do with my attack?’

I asked the policeman.

“I don’t know if he does as yet but we found call records between him and your wife and at first it was not suspicious but when we discovered that one of the cars parked outside was his we had to investigate!”

He told me and my mind just went blank. As far as I knew my wife was not in contact with him. That’s as far as I knew. Secondly was it merely coincidence that out of all the malls in Jhb we were in the same mall at the same time? Really?

“Our suggestion is that you do not ask your wife about these calls. Let them not see that we know they are talking. We will monitor their calls but and I must emphasize this, we will on report to you if a crime has taken place. We are not here to find out if they have been having an affair or not so should we find any evidence of that I am afraid we won’t tell you!”

He said to me rather bluntly. I am sure he could see the look in my eye which was one of confusion and suspicion.

“Sir I need you to acknowledge that you understand what I am talking about?”

He asked me.

“Yes I do!”

I responded.

“And please don’t hire a private investigator to try find out either because they could impede our investigation as they are often eager to please and make too many unnecessary mistakes!”

He warned me. Was he reading my mind? The thought had already crossed my mind. The conversation did not last much longer after as my mind was far away at this point. If confusion had levels mine was on level 7. I dragged myself to sit down. I found myself sitting in the guest room and was not sure what to think. At issue was not even who had attacked me but why my wife still was talking to her ex. She had sworn to me she hated him and I had not pressed upon it. I think I must have sat there for about two hours until I heard my wife’s voice.

“Hello Aunty…”

She said to Mapula as she entered the house.

“Where is Vusi?”

She was in a good mood I could tell. I was not in a good mood. I was in a betrayed mood but I was not even sure what to accuse her of.

“He is in the guest room. He has been sitting there all day so I am sure he will be happy to see you!”

Mapula said to her. Mapula had always liked Londiwe for some reason. Every time they spoke Mapula was always nice to her and vice versa. I heard Londiwe’s footsteps as she walked briskly towards the room.

“Honey I am home. The interview went well. I think I will get the job!”

She said cheerfully when she opened the door. She was dressed in a formal business suit which I had bought her a few months ago. I don’t think she had ever worn it bit looked really nice. She walked straight to me as I was sitting on the chair and she hugged me.

“I am so glad you are back and you look good. I don’t think I would have survived going to the hospital and seeing you lying down helpless like that. I have been trying to call you but your phone was off! Why?”

She asked me as she started taking off her earrings and other accessories. Heels always come off first of course.

I did not respond.

“Honey, did you hear me? You have said anything. Are you ok? Are you in pain?”

She asked me coming back to me as she had walked away to put the accessories on the dressing table.

I still did not answer.

“I am sorry I came in and started talking about myself and not spoke about you. Are you angry at me about that?”

She asked with concern in her voice. I was so tempted to ask her what on earth was going on because how I could I lay with a woman who was possibly having an affair or was trying to kill me.

“No… Sorry I blacked out there for a while, I am fine! How was your day?”

I asked her. She took one look at me and said,

“Nope I know when my baby is not fine. What’s wrong love? Talk to me.”

She pleaded with me sitting on my lap.

“I said I am good!”

I said standing up literally pushing her off me. I did not want her to touch me and it was obvious that she was shocked by the way she went,

“And then? Ngiyenzeni?”

Which means what have I done.

“You are trying to kill me that’s what!”

I wanted to scream out but the words would not come out because that warning from the cop was still ringing in my head. Looking at her and how she always fussed over me it really made no sense at all.

“No its nothing. I am just frustrated trying to piece together what happened and why? Imagine now that I am about to have a baby and this happens?”

I said to her trying to say on topic but without raising her suspicions.

“We need to put it behind us. Let the cops do their job. I still think it was a random robbery but angazi. We shall see!”

She said coming back closer to me. This time I hugged her.

“I am sorry if I was a bit abrupt earlier on. You caught me off guard. I am glad your interview went well, tell me about it!”

I asked her.

“It’s ok I understand. It’s been bugging me as well but I know that if you dwell too much on it you will end up being depressed and having depression!”

For the record clinical depression and being depressed about something are two different things. Just putting it out there.

“You still not telling me about the interview love what happened?”

I asked.

“It was lovely oh they were so nice. They even gave us tea imagine because the people interviewing were late. It’s for an executive secretary post and fortunately I have all those certificates!”

She explained and we laughed. You know people after matric go from college to college accumulating certificates, Londiwe was one of them. I could not tell her that most of them were useless and from colleges I had never heard of because it’s not a nice thing to say but oh well.

“I am glad. So why are you convinced you will get the job?”

I asked her because that’s the level of confidence she had.

“I don’t know. The lady did not ask me many questions and instead told me how close she is to your mom. It just felt as though it was sorted!”

She explained. So let me ask this, is it corruption when you get a leg up in an interview or is it good fortune. I have never really managed to get my head around it.

“Ok then.”

My mother was hardly ever random. This was not just another job there had to be a catch. Why would she try getting my wife hired as an executive secretary knowing truly well she lacked that experience?

“Did they tell you what your responsibilities would be? Did you even get the specs for the job?”

I asked her curiously. This had all been so sudden.

“Nope I did but it has a lot of traveling. I have never seen the country so I am looking forward to that but that’s if I get it which I will because I kicked ass in there!”

Her excitement was obvious so I did not push any further. There was a knock on our door and it was yours truly, my mother!

“I am glad to have you back home and I can see you have settled in. Londy can I talk to you privately.”

My mother said to her. She was not smiling and for a moment there I assumed she had come to tell her that she had not gotten the job.

“Ok I am coming. Love do you want to sit outside Mapula says you have been stuck in here all afternoon?”

My wife asked as she walked out with my mother.

“Yes I will come just now!”

I responded. Why would my mother want to talk Londy on the side like that though and not in front of me her husband and why had she looked so angry? I went outside as I had promised but it was rather nippy so I came back quickly. Ten minutes later Londy came into the room with a huge smile.

“I got the job baby!”

She said cheerfully.

“Ah congratulations love but why didn’t they call you directly?”

I asked her. Why would they have told my mother and not her?

“Does it matter? I got the job and now we can both bring money home!”

She continued.

“I did not mean it like that love I am sorry.”

I told her because I think I had been a bit rude in the manner I had asked that. She was getting her first major break and here I was almost second guessing her.

“You don’t seem too happy what’s wrong?”

I asked her as although I could see she wanted this, she was not ecstatic.

“I am supposed to start next week but for training I have to go to Durban for two weeks.”

She explained and I think she already knew what I would say about that.

“Training? Who goes training to be a secretary?”

I said the first words that came out of my mouth and indeed who does that vele! She was so annoyed and went like,


As she walked out.

I looked up and saw my mother standing by the doorway. She had been watching that little exchange between Londiwe and I and when she turned to walk way I think i spied a slight smile on her face.

What the hell was this woman up to now?

******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank You Mike for the huge entertainment.

Hello 🙂 Sorry for the long letter, also I know there are serious matters that need your attention, but whoever feels comfortable to advice, please do.

I’m a girl, 26 years, I have a boyfriend, I don’t know if I’m straight, lesbian or bisexual, I’m confused. with my first bf, the one who broke my virginity, I had thought that it was lack of experience because I never enjoyed any sexual encounter with him, I even preferred being fingered, it was better, I’d be amazed when other girls explained how they were enjoying sex; the curling of toes, rolling back their eyes etc. I’d ask myself “is it that nice”. I even slept with guys I didn’t date just to experience ” that sex thing”, dololo…

So now, with my bf, I’d say I enjoy it, I orgasm and stuff, he’s good,
but only with missionary position and if his motions are super slooow,
or when I’m on top but lie down on him, like in a cuddling position,
then I ENJOY!

Problem is I am having crazy thoughts about having sex with a girl,
when I was 6,I played sex with a girl neighbour, we actually rubbed
our kukus together, I understand maybe that was childishness, in grade
8, me and my bestie used to take turns in squeezing each other’s
boobs, oh how I used to enjoy that!!! then in varsity, my friend and I
kissed (we were trying to convince these other guys who were buying us
booze that we were dating), and I didn’t feel weird about the kiss,
I’ve had other crazy thoughts when looking at my hot female friends,

My bf never used to go down on me, I talked him into it and he ended
up doing it, I thought it’d feel wow and get rid of all these crazy
thoughts out of my head, it didn’t, and by the looks of it, he’s doing
the right thing down there but I’m not reaching that “oh I’m losing
it” state, I even asked for a 3 some (two girls one guy), he refused.
I’ve never told him about all this.

I’ve noticed even when I watch porn, I go for a girl masturbating,
humping, two girls tribbing, girl going down on girl etc, I don’t
watch the ordinary man and woman stuff nope! And also, I
masturbate,it’s been 2 years, wouldn’t say I’m addicted coz I don’t
always do it, I do it on weekends njeee when I’m free. The other day
at work, I was all alone and horny, I watched girl on girl porn and I
orgasmed, without touching myself 😳

I’d like to ask from people who might have information or who are also
experiencing the same, if this is normal, am I straight or lesbian or

Also lately I’ve wanted to explore both sides and figure it out
practically, Lol. Any girl who’s lesbian or also confused like me,
willing to hook up can reach me on, we can talk
via email until we comfortable to exchange numbers, I’m based in

Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Majuba 27

  1. Why would the cops emphasis that don’t ask your wife, and don’t hire a PI,,, Vusi wake up’your mother is evil

  2. Another brilliant chapter. this story seems to he taking shape now.

    QnA: I see your problem and I think you see it too. you are possibly not bi but lesbian that’s why you enjoy all things a lesbian relationship would do e.g. fingering, muffing etc. you just grew up in a society that taught you to be with a man. with that said I believe you need to join a dating sight like AshleyMadison. it’s safe and discreet I know two girls on it lol. you need to be able to stay distant without over involving yourself. if you do via this platform of Diary I don’t think you would be successful. good luck

  3. The mother is wicked, and yep, the policeman is on her payroll and the whole Simon calls are her ideas.

  4. Thanks Mike, the last two installments have been awesome 🙂
    Q&A quite honestly we’re all somewhere on the spectrum. You’re 26, if you’re having doubts about your sexuality explore. Only you would know if you were just bicurious or a straight up lesbian. Either way good luck girl, we all deserve to have our toes curled. Go out there and find out what curls yours.

  5. I still have a feeling Londiwe set up the attack to fake a miscarriage but maybe it didn’t go as planned andazi

  6. I wonder as a mother to a son that I think deserves all the best this world to offer, if I would go to such lengths for my baby…Yerrr Vusi’s mother is rogue shem
    Pretoria – the world is your oyster, go find yourself before you find yourself stuck in a relationship that’s not yours and having wasted your prime years on it

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