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YES 112

I don’t know about us black people but for white people reputation means everything. Did you know that there have

only ever been two unmarried American presidents in 300 years? It is because white believe that for a man to run a country he must first know how to run a family. The family unit is therefore incredibly important and getting divorced especially through a scandal is something they avoid at all cost. For Mr. Van Zyl this scandal would hit not only at home but at work too because he could be suspended or fired from the board for improper conduct. Don’t be fooled, a lot of white executives have girlfriends at work. We just choose to think that black seniors are corrupt but white people too. Only people who have never worked with whites go around saying they prefer white men to black men and that’s because they don’t know them or have been watching too much TV. Men are all the same, they are lustful and opportunists.

“If I make them drop all the charges will you destroy the video?”

He asked me.

“I will but don’t think for one second I will drop the case against the company. I was one of your hardest workers and you did that to me!”

I said to him.

“Well that’s up to the lawyers. On my side all I promise is that the charges against you will be dropped by the end of business day today. On that you have my word.”

With that part he dropped the phone. I did not for one second doubt his word because he had a lot to lose. It was not just his reputation on the line but his job and career.

“Check mate!”

I said out loud. Its funny now when I look back that was the first step to regaining my life. I had been stumbling from disaster to disaster. I called Nthabiseng.

“I sorted it out; they are dropping the theft charges as well as the case the sent to IPID!”

I told her but I did not want to sound too excited.

“I am glad you did whatever you had to do. That’s what we needed, a break. As soon as they drop them we are handing in our Heads of Argument and the case commences!”

She told me. I was glad that she was on it. She was very professional and I think it was because of the way we had spoken in the morning. Friendship is friendship and business is what it is, business! I like that. The more serious we got the more things moved. I should learn those boundaries fast if I was going to survive in this world. My smile was interrupted by my phone ringing. It was Sfiso. I had forgotten he said he is coming to town.

“Hey there I am driving into Jhb as we speak. Are you going to send me your location?”

He said in that fun tone of his. He was always at ease this guy, no worry in the world. I swear if you did not know you would not see that he was in mourning.

“Love I am always in trouble for being impulsive. Please try and understand why we can’t meet today!”

I told him. I was not being mean or anything but over time I had messed up in that I was impulsive with everything I did. That’s why I always ended up with either my foot in my mouth or worse.

“Ok then but you not treating me right woman! I drove all this way now am going to drive all the way back without seeing you. Do you know how much I wanted to see you?”

He asked me.

“Well I hope it was to take me to lunch because you know am not a booty call!”

I told him and he laughed.

“My wife just died, sex is the last thing on my mind. Food was on my mind and nothing else!”

He added.

“Liar liar!”

I accused him.

“That sounds like the name of a movie!”

He said and we loved.

“Oh shit, a metro is pulling me over! I am not on hands free!”

He said and he dropped. They are probably going to search him thinking that he is one of the protesters at this Zuma strike. In this country you simply can’t avoid politics no matter who you are.

I called my sister to ask about my mum. I was going to go see her but she said that my mother was not to be seen. I bought that argument.

“I will come by later so we can talk. That little scene at the hospital was rather embarrassing and I don’t want us to be that kind of family.”

She said.

“Which scene because err there are many?”

I asked her.

“No man, the way mum shouted at Aunty. That was uncalled for. I was embarrassed. I think we should talk sister to sister so that we don’t end up like that, with such bitterness!”

She said thoughtfully. Was I being pranked? I went to check by the window because maybe there was a camera somewhere but I promise you there was not. First Mr. Van Zyl now this. Goodness was my Young Employed and Single tale coming to an end. When people like me start getting good things you should worry.

“Ok then I will hear from you then!”

I told her and I hung up the phone but not with a smile but rather perplexed. All along I had been asking her to talk now she agreed. It was not a victory therefore as it felt as though something was up. I might as well play the lotto then with the way my luck was going.

I sat down a confused now on whether to celebrate my victories at the expense of jinxing them. There was a soft knock at the door. See, I knew it was too good to be true. Whenever someone knocks at my door its problems.

“Who is it?”

I asked from inside the door.

“It’s me Aunty Lungi, its Ntheteng.”

A sweet little voice shouted out. I even felt like laughing.

“Hey aunty Lungi I have missed you so much!”

She said as soon as I opened the door. She gave me a big hug.

“Hello Ntheteng! Where have you been?”

I asked her actually very excited to see.

“We on holiday now so I went to visit. Aunt Lungi can you bake. Lesedi bakes with her mother and I want to do that too. I was so embarrassed Aunty Lungi please teach me!”

She said everything so fast. My first intention was to say no but she looked so pitiful.

“Of course I will teach you. Does it have to be today though as in now?”

I asked her. I did not have anything else to do but I had just scored a victory and I wanted a glass of wine to celebrate.

“Yes please, pretty please. My dad won’t mind I promise. He is sleeping and sulking about something right now I don’t know what. My aunt said he needs a woman and he just got sour and said we should leave!”

She said and I laughed it off with her. Children can say things they are not supposed to say and they can embarrass you I tell you. For a seven year old Ntheteng spoke a lot. She had so many ideas in her head as I took out the ingredients. I might not cook every day but I have everything in my house. It’s something my mother taught me; a woman’s fridge must never run empty. I had baking, flour, eggs, milk, sugar and yes even a bit of vanilla essence even though it was not a lot. Oops almost forgot the butter. I did not have coconut or raisins I say that because she asked for them specifically.

“Do you have a recipe book?”

She asked me.

“Nope but we can use the internet. We will find a nice recipe there!”

I told her and I was right. There was no excuse. My oven had not been used in a while so I am sure if it had life in it, it was celebrating.

“What do you call this Aunty Lungi?”

She asked me.

“Dough sweetie…”

And with that began one of the longest conversations I have ever heard with a kid. Goodness these kids know a lot. She asked me everything from Jacob Zuma to Skeem Saam. I have never even watched an episode of Skeem Saam uhm it’s not Zulu enough I guess.

“Your dad allows you to watch that?”

I asked when she was telling me about Lelo and whoever else, some girl in a wheel chair.

“Yes he does, he is often so tired when he comes back from work he takes a nap.”

She told me innocently. Somehow that did not sit well with me.

“Uhm how often does that happen that he falls asleep?”

I asked her. I was prying from a 7 year old where was my honour really?

“It’s often. He has to work, come home, help me with my homework and cook at the same time. I understand why he is tired. He doesn’t allow me to watch TV before homework and that sucks! Homework has to be the worst thing ever! Did you like homework when you were my age?”

She asked me. She had so many questions. I changed the subject and started asking her about cartoons and stuff. We had become intense too fast. It was only an hour later when she was drinking juice and having a glass of wine that there was a knock on the door.

“Lungi! Lungi! Please open up!”

It was Mbuso and it sounded urgent.


I said opening.

“Have you seen Ntheti? I fell asleep and…”

That’s when he saw her. He strode in with urgency.

“Ntheti, you had me worried. You should not just walk out of the house like that; goodness I was having a heart attack!”

He shouted at her.

“She was safe with me …”

I intervened.

“Stay out of this! I am trying to discipline her and you are not helping!”

He shouted at me so loud Ntheteng and I both jumped in shock at the ferocity of it.

“Ntheti go home right now!”

The poor child ran out of the house so fast I am sure Usain Bolt would have been proud.

“Please, with all due respect, stay away from my daughter!”

He said and with that he walked out.

And then?

********The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Hello mike and the diary family. Thank you for reading my letter. I honestly need your help as im really confused.
Im 23 and I’ve been with this guy since 2013. Our sex life is the best, he told me that he has never enjoyed sex with anyone else other than me and i also give him the crown hands down. We have talked about our sex experiences with our previous partners before and i was very open about them, but recently he has been asking me about my sex experiences a lot to a point that im starting to get uncomfortable talking about it. I once had a one night stand before we got together and he knows about it since i told him, but he keeps asking me what happened that night, im sure i have told him more than 15 times it started to annoy me to a point that i told him since i dont like talking about it (im really ashamed about it) and he said that when i tell him about that night it turns him on, he likes the idea of me being a bad girl. Now yesterday he told me that he wants me to have sex with someone else so that i can be sure that his sex is the best ive ever had because he believes that the number of people i have had sex with (4) is so small i need to explore, honestly that doesn’t sit well with me. What is even worse is he says he wants me to have sex with someone in his presence, i mean is this guy possessed? He has asked for anal i said no, he asked for 3sum with 2 guys i said no. Should i start mentioning him in my prayers?
Guys im really confused does this guy want to get rid of me? Or he just doesn’t enjoy sex with me? Is this even normal?
Im now even thinking about considering his suggestions just to please him but im not comfortable. I dont want to lose him please i dont know what to do.

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  1. Thanks Team…. Mbuso needs to sort out his life, where is the wonderful Doctor girlfriend? Mmmnnxxx, men!
    Q&A: Run, ubalekisise, and don’t look back…

  2. Lungi should have sent Mbu a text… mare his reaction is uncalled for. Mxim!! trying to ruin my Friday!! Confused… like Manyosi said, run(i hope ubalekisise mean just that.. RUN). it was fun and all but i actually think your relationship is base on sex and nothing else… how old is he? What are your plans? You too young for serious plans mare sometimes you gotta cut your losses while you still can, that man is insane.

  3. Mbuso needs to make up his mind and just be mature about everything! What is his issue really? Is he annoyed that Lungi was drinking in front of his daughter?! Anyhu… Confused, I think you man is addicted to sex, you are only 23 so the 4 people you have slept with are more than enough! He wanted you to have anal sex… Then he wanted you to have a 3 some with 2 other guys? Guys as in girls or Guys as in BOYS??? He wants to be present when another man is having sex with you?? Girl your man might be Bi-Sexual! Never ever do anything to compromise yourself for the sake yendoda cause once he is done with you he will leave you out in the cold and you will be left hating yourself for many many years to come. BALEKA!!! How is this guy khona?

  4. Nice one Mike

    Confused doing one thing gets boring after some time, so this guy is crazy if or he doesn’t love u to want another man to fcuk u.I think he is tired of u maybe, get my email from Mike I can help with 3sum.

    Women please avoid telling us about ur naughty past cause we don’t look at u the same after. I like this other chick told me about her 4some now she wants us to date…Never
    Don’t do it,ask him if u guys have a future

  5. Confused
    This guy doesn’t love you at all,I think he has a gf ya mannete,wena he is trying to use you to fulfill all his fantasies….Run whilst you can,or else you will end up seeing a psychologist when he is done with you….🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️

  6. Thanks Mikeesto yho such drama! Mbuso had a bad dream.

    And then we top it of with confused and today’s letter, lord have mercy!! Like I get the kinky part as far as recounting the old experiences coz that can actually give a kick or two or several 🙂 But him wanting you to sleep with someone else?? in his presence nogal? Hayi no le dude is possessed. That you leave to your fantasy coz Im not saying its abnormal to think of such, another dude banging on your woman coz some of us are freaky like that, but that shit stays on your mind and fantasies and thats it.

    Confused, dont be doing things that make you uncomfortable to keep a guy, dont be doing things that go agaisnt what you believe in just to keep somebody. You have the threesome then what? Some dude will be looking at you in the street thinkin I banged that chick nomuntu wakhe? Nah fam. Two girls and him yah but two dudes and you?? Nah fam tell your dude to chill and watch porn habe!!


      1. Lol!!! Yhuuu uvelaphi losisi…. Sunqaba maan yaz ndide ndalibala. khandiphe i-email yakho sincokole vha.

  7. Morning everyone, I think her conversation is recorded by van Zyl; maybe the ancestors are separating her with Mbuso (they may send him to jail if he is stuborn), then separation with Simba is coming to pave way for Sfiso.

    Your man watches lots of pawn and fantisise a lot. If you still want to stay with him, you can feed his stimulation by role playing, there you will both have to be creative to enjoy.

  8. Now here is a letter I have been waiting for. Women what do you want vele? A man is telling you his fantasies and now you want to pray for him? How many letters have we read on this platform of women complaining that men don’t communicate enough about what they want in sex? That’s the reality. So what he has fantasies? Does that make him less of a boyfriend? You did not mention bad treatment or anything. If it’s not for you then it’s not for you. Mike once said in Zulu Girl that if your man can’t come to you for such things who must he go to? What do you want as a woman really? You don’t want men who over communicate and in the same breathe you complain when they don’t communicate.

  9. Ha ha ha @ confused you got me in stitches when asking if you should start praying about him.

    Honestly I do not think there is much to it, those are his fantasies and we all have them, the fact that he is open to you about them means that he is very comfortable around you and he loves you.

    I do not like the fact that he keeps asking about your past so many times, thats creepy. Tell him that you do not appreciate such and that it makes you uncomfortable.

    Girl mara ake ompotse mo why don’t you wana have anal? I tell you it is one of the best experiences, I wish I could get a man whom has a wild side ko yena, a man whom appreciate some kinkiness in our bedroom, but all I get is this boring types. Tlare swape please.

    I advise you to try anal, monate oleng moo, it’s indescribable. I pray for my match. One whom wouldn’t mind stopping in the middle of the road on our way to Limpopo and he does me hard on the bonnet.

    Dear Lord please send me my husband whom is just as wild. in your beautiful name *Amen*

    1. Hahahahhahaha uthi in his beautiful name 😂😂😂😂

      Yhoooo your prayers are on some other other

  10. Oohhh but uMbuso is such a woman maaan aaaaggghhhhh 😒.. Thank you Bhut Mike….

    Yeeeey confused, don’t be confused BALEKA sisi shiya phantsi elogeza….

    What freakishness is this… He wants you to sleep with another guy?? In his presence nogal….. And a 3 sum with another guy?? Hay man something is fishy with your guy hey…. Like why is he being turned on by other dudes???? Mhhhhh suspect I tell you.

    But nawe dig… Ask him what it is that turns him on when you tell him about your one night stand?..

    All the best nhe

    1. Ja no having someone bang your man/woman in your presence is just wrong, yell we get mad when we thinking we are cheated on and here is this guy who gets turned on by watching his woman screwed? Psycho this one.

      But girl talk to him first before you dump him.

  11. Finally Jackzorro and Plzberry get the message…. I want to be at the wedding. Mike please match make me too lol

  12. Your man is gay , these no man out who want to share his woman with another man. Three some with guyz nd u mentioned that he once asked for a chocolate box. Gay gay!! Baleka sisi

  13. Confused, my friend was in the same situation. Pray for him very hard. Or even pray with him. People take these things lightly, this can go a long way and you’ll find yourself possessed too all in the name of trying to save a man. I understand being kinky but this one isn’t normal.

    1. Chilli o monna or o mosadi?

      Ende ro bolela kaeng? I am not a horny sex starved girl ne.

      1. Nna Lekgarebe Le Le Botse, ke batla go itse, were you able to sit down after that anal. nna ke a tshaba gore go botlhoko…

        1. LOL!!! Ompolayelang Blq. Yes I was. You need Lube though the first time you do it, you will need lube until ya Modzidzi gets used to it.

          I have heard of people lying that your ass remains opened up and that amakaka azophuma what what… It’s all rubbish. If you get someone otsebang mmereko wagage you should be fine.

          You can always finger yourself down there to open it up a bit. In fact start by rubbing it off first before you penetrate yourself… If you like the feeling then you can go all the way.

  14. Hawu Mbuso….I have been routing for him and he goes off on lungi like that, uncalled for.

    Confused you should not be at all. All the things he has asked you for are things you are not comfortable. Clearly he likes freakish things but does he know you are not a freak like him? Let him know and he if he persists, shiya phansi mana!

  15. Bhejane u so on point… ancestors are getting rid of Mbuso by scaring him away, phela Lungi is meant for Sfiso.
    #Confused your man might be trying to loose feelings for you but he doesn’t know how so he’s looking for something to hold on to and use against u and something he cannot get out of his mind enough for him to despite u. There’s no such thing as the 1 night stand u had turning him on if he really loves you, he just wants to hear it enough to disgust him but he sees he’s not getting there yet so he wants to see it life.. men fantasize Abt 3 sum where it’s 2 woman and him not the other way round…. make ur exit while u still have ur dignity.

    1. Best answer ever… I agree with u xem.. Guys want a 3sum with 2gals not the ada way round!
      Men r selfish, they never wanna share with other boys, mara they want u to share them… Yoh the *Hypocrisy*

  16. Great read Mike… As usual.. U never disappoint! #salute

    @confused..That guy doesn’t love you!
    I can tell u this for sure, Men never share!! So if he says he’s okay with sharing u, my sister don’t even try to decode it or make excuses… He doesn’t love you!

    Nd never ever do things that u r not comfortable with to please a man! He’s not worth it.. I mean the fact that he expects u to do things that u not comfortable with just shows that he got zero care for u.. He’s using u!


  17. Confused have you ever had sex soo good it just make tears come to your eyes or make that mcah sound like you having that wakkerberry frozen yogurt?well let’s you do find a 2nd guy n make you do all those things that shows you really are having the best sex ever n your guy is watching that then he’ll expect to see all that when you guys are having sex n they would come as it’s not always the case with every guy you sleep with n then you going to have a problem of you enjoyed another man’s d***.girl if you see yourself in that relationship rather you buy a dildo n have him watch you while you do yourself with for anal alot of guys do actually try it so it’s all up to you how far you can go to please your man don’t forget to buy lubricant chomi…all the best

  18. Confused, your nigga is living the white man’s lifestyle. What he wants is called cuckold-ing. Bo ngamla are into that. And Swinging too. Especially when they are married. They even have membership clubs to fulfill their fantasies. Google it

  19. Confused

    Don’t do it. I live with regret and an STI because I wanted to do everything this guy wanted to please him. It started with him always wanting me to retell him my rapes. And would give me a “hall pass” when I left for parties and I must come back to tell him what I did. He asked me to sleep with his friends and when I chickened out the first time he made sure I was drunk out my mind the second time and in his presence he let his friends sleep with me. One of them gave me an infection I’ll have to live with for the rest of my life. Firstly a person who loves will not put you in such a position. If it’s his type of thing he shouldn’t force it on you. Secondly don’t do something as extreme as this for someone else but make sure it’s what you want. Third always be safe. Always. Also I want to add that it is possible for him to love you. It’s just not the type of love you might want or need. Talking might save you a lot of regrets and heartache. I wish I thought about it before trying to keep an insatiable person happy. And now that it’s over between me and him, I found out he did love me but in his own way. I miss him and the normal relationship we had before everything. And we can’t try fix anything now, we went too far. Hope you think this through.

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