Majuba Chapter Nine


Londiwe can be very unreasonable. I don’t know why she could not see that I was doing all this for us. She had even agreed with my mother in front of me on this. I was starting to get frustrated with her antics now because I felt that was uncalled for. She did not say anything after this and I think it was for the best because vele she was pissing me off. My mum is very good driver and whilst many women need GPS location to travel my mum was one of those people that hardly ever got lost. The way this woman knew short cuts! Amazing stuff indeed. I was close to my mum, it’s something I can’t deny and this after I grew up with both parents. My father was well, my father but my mother had been my rock. We turned into an up market suburb and no it was not Saxonworld before people get excited. There were a lot of cars though. As soon as I parked my mum came out of her car to me.

“Remember this is just a meet and greet. I have already done all the talking so please just be yourself!”

She told me.

“Mum why are they so many cars. Is there a party happening here?”

I asked her. She looked at me and said,

“Whatever it is that’s not our business. The guy we are meeting his name is Mandla and he is the one who invited us. He is a colleague.”

She explained.

“He must be a very rich colleague, this house is huge!”

I said observing the house. In my head I was thinking that he was a candidate for a lifestyle audit this one.

“He has done well for himself but you must watch your mouth here. Doesn’t act like you from the ghetto? Act like you belong!”

She warned me. How on earth do people stay in such a big house though? It’s crazy. Even from the outside this house should have at least 10 bedrooms alone. It looked like a lodge at first glance but it was not.

“There is no tender is there mum? You just wanted me to come here and to come here alone!”

I said to her quickly putting two and two together.

“How could you even say that? There is and yes I wanted you to come alone for a good reason. Imagine bring Londiwe here and I say this with all due respect because you know I love her!”

She said unconvincingly. I had already tried to imagine Londiwe here and truth be told yes she would have loved it but the comments she would have passed. She is not ghetto in any way but very opinionated and when something needed expressing she would express it there and then in spite of who was listening.

“Mum you can’t say that. She is my wife and where I go she goes. I am leaving mum. I left her sitting alone after I stopped her from going to her own sister’s wedding!”

I told my mother feeling guilty and annoyed now.

“Stop acting like an impetuous child, I am doing this for you!”

My mother scolded me. Before I could respond a young lady walked out of the house and walked right for us. I know expensive when I see it and this girl was dress expensive.

“Hi Mrs. Zungu how are you?”

She said to my mother. She had a big smile on her face. She knew my mum, why was I not surprised. She was not beautiful as in stunning but you know how girls with money always look prettier than they really are, she was one of them. Girls with money have a life filter. When people look at them we always find something nice to compliment about them even if that very same thing on a poor person we will never compliment.

“Ah Naledi, I am good thank you! Sorry we a bit late and happy birthday by the way!”

My mother said to her pleasantly. Wait? Did she say happy birthday? We were at a birthday party?

“Thank you so much. My dad goes over the top though. I swear I thought at some point he will hire a clown!”

She said as they hugged. No offence but if you are above 23 you have no right having a birthday party! Come on now, the economy says save and you are busy decorating the trees outside.

“This is my son Vusi, Vusi come say hi stop acting shy!”

My mother said to me rather embarrassing me to be honest. I was not shy and I had been giving them a chance.

“Hi, sorry!”

I said to you.

“It’s alright!”

She said giving me a handshake but it was awkward.

“It’s your birthday I think you have earned a hug from a stranger!”

I said to her teasing and she accepted my hug be it being one of those distant hugs.

“I am actually on my way out to go get ice would you mind going with me. Everyone else in the house is too busy having fun!”

She said. I could not say no and besides my mum was not just giving me a look saying I dare you to say no she was also smiling mischievously.

“Ok cool, I hope it’s not far!”

I told her. I don’t think my mum was setting me up. I need to say that from the onset. It was pure coincidence that we met outside when we arrived.

“Nah it’s not. There are three shopping centres in the area so I will pick the closest!”

She said.

“I will see you when you get back!”

My mother said and walked.

“You are parked in the driveway so can we use your car. I am in the garage and I am already blocked in!”

She added at the end. I did not mind driving because I am one of those people who do not trust being driven by other people. You can’t blame me either because my wife can make you quit alcohol just by her driving alone.

“So what do you do?”

She asked me as we drove out.

“I am in I.T.”

I told her and she looked at me and said out loud,

“How boring!”

Imagine. It is boring though but I am good at it so I love it.

“Goodness that was brutal? Why do you think it’s boring?”

I asked her. She was actually rude to be honest.

“I did not mean to be rude I am sorry but I won’t take it back that it is positively boring is it not? I want something that has fresh air and new faces. I think once upon a time during the tech boom, I.T. could have been attractive but that was then and this now. Geeks might earn money but that does not make them any less geeky!”

She explained to me in flawless English. You could sense the grooming that came with it. Ok let me explain township girls are confident and streetwise. They fear very little and are hustlers. They are often crude, make crude jokes but are funny and so on. That was Londiwe I think. They are like desert animals in that they can survive on very little. Have you ever gone to a shanty town? There are so many people all alive and well and they seem happy. Townships are vibrant and full of life. They survive on very little. Rich women on the other hand are very confident because they know their money can buy anything. Take away that money and they become instagram hoes. That’s how I saw this girl so she did not intimidate me. Every ask those instagram celebs what they do for a living, its either promotions, studying or herbalife products! Don’t be fooled, education is not in everyone.

“Do you have something against geeks?”

I asked her taking exception. This girl was in my car and I should just stop it and make her walk home.

“Of course not. They are people like you and me so no I do not. I am talking about the profession that’s all!”

She explained. She was not lying when she said the shops were close because we were there already. The garage had no ice so we had to move to the next one.

“Since you got it all figured out, what do you do that is so exciting?”

I asked her.

“I travel!”

That was her response. I was being laid out by a girl whose job description was ‘I travel’! I was a graduate!

“I don’t understand, what do you mean you travel? That’s not a job unless you a long distance taxi driver!”

I said trying to tease her and joke at the same time.

“Nothing wrong with being a taxi driver actually I would prefer that to being stuck in an office. My grandfather was a taxi driver at some point so my father says even though I don’t believe him!”

She explained rather unnecessarily. She did not like being teased I see but did I care?

“That’s not what I said!”

I responded defensively.

“Anyway I travel. I work for a holiday company and where ever I go I post so that people can see the place and holiday!”

She explained.

“Are you one of those twelebs?”

I asked her. We all know the word.

“I would not call myself that because I don’t get half naked and don’t answer my DM so I don’t count as one of them!”

She said. I had touched a nerve there. All this instalebs don’t want to be called that because it insinuates that they are disloyal, get flown everywhere for sex etc. Oh don’t forget, are famous for nothing.

“Change of topic!”

She said but it never happened. She got sour and pouted the rest of the way. She started this and I finished it. Spoilt brat!

“Thank you for taking me!”

She said when we got back. At least she said thank you. We walked out of the car together because I wanted to tell my mother I was leaving. Something caught our eye that made us both laugh. We saw her uncle peeing in the bush and she had been annoyed saying,

“There is something wrong with that guy. That’s Malume John Ross. He is not normal. There are toilets in the house but no matter what, at every gathering he will pee outside! Rural people are just in a world of their own!”

She said and we laughed again. The guy had no care in the world. I pity the first person who shook his hand after this. That is the reason why we walked in laughing into the house.

“O Vusi finally. You mother speaks very highly of you. I see you have met my daughter!”

He said coming over and he hugged me! Imagine.

“Thank you sir!”

My mother was behind him and said,

“What did I tell you?”

She asked him.

“Yeah you are right! Perfect match!”

He said. I was not sure what he was talking about but something was fishy.

“JR, come greet this young man. He could be family very soon!”

Her father said and immediately I turned to look at my mum who looked down and then to Naledi who immediately said,

“Dad come on!”

But that was not what was on my mind. Did he say JR?

That’s John Ross moes the peeing uncle!

Hell no!

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Wow you sure are talented. Thanks for sharing your gift of
writing with us.

I am a 21 year old girl and I just can’t seem to forgive myself for
the decision I made. Four months ago my boyfriend and I fell pregnant
and we therefore decided to terminate reason being we both still in
school and dependant on our families (mind you both families are
financially stable) so it wasn’t even because our families wouldn’t
take care of the baby but rather that we didn’t want to lose the good
image they have of us. Both of us can’t seem to forgive ourselves.
I’ve been counting how far along I’d be, downloading pictures and I
feel the next time I go to town alone I’ll buy the baby’s first
outfit. After the abortion I started preventing coz I didn’t want a
repeat but a part of me wants a baby though I know it won’t replace
the one I terminated my boyfriend feels the same.He knows I’m
preventing yet every month asks me to take a test and the
disappointment on his face when the results are negative is
heartbreaking. He wants a baby and to actually take responsibility he
blames himself for paying for the termination. He has suggested we go
for counselling to help me deal with this but I refused.

Has anyone gone through termination, seen a friend or partner deal
with it? How did they deal with it? Does having a baby make you feel
less guilty?


30 thoughts on “Majuba Chapter Nine

  1. Lol aaaawww Vusi’s Mother waphapha shame aowa!!! lmfao as for “promotions” lol Instagram celebs hihihi…
    aaay can’t wait for he next chapter

    Thank you Mikey!!

  2. pray my sister, pray a lot. when you think about your baby pray, when you think about that baby pray, i repeat when you think anything about your aborted baby pray.. ask for forgiveness in your prayers, when you pray you should mean it. forgive yourself. give yourself time to cry about what you have done the crying will do u good and lastly
    Trust in the Lord and dont despair, He is a friend so true, no matter what your troubles are, Jesus will see you through.

  3. I don’t have much to say but don’t make a baby for wrong reasons… You are not ready. don’t make another baby. I think you need counselling or confide in your mother. I don’t know, but don’t replace what could have been your first child by another child. you won’t be dealing with the problem but adding some more problems. I mean what if after u get pregnant u change your mind again? don’t get pregnant girl.

  4. Unforgiving
    Termination is a huge thing,you are stressing because you did not do it after thorough consideration and because of this you will find it difficult to forgive yourself but seek God first and he will guide you.
    Let’s come to baby number 2: your priority right now should be to finish school and be able to provide for yourself. The feeling of buying things with your own money is euphoric. Your parents are financially stable yes but as you said ‘your parents’ not you. Supposed (God forbid) they die before the baby is born, what then? Who will help you? Think sisi Cinga….Shame on you too for feeling guilty that you cannot fall pregnant for a guy who has not lobolad you who will not even afford to hlawula. Good luck

  5. Unforgiving I was in your position 6 years ago, I even started performing badly at school, what got me through was talking to a professional about it and in the process I forgave myself . Now that i have a little one i dont feel that it erased what i did but im greatful for the baby that i have. I Dont think you are ready to be a mother and you can’t bring a baby into this world out of guilt. Forgive yourself n find peace within yourself.

  6. eish Mike you’re so Gifted! God bless you!!! I like how this story is two_sided and not one sided. keep it up! I’m really enjoying this book…well all of your works are great! I can’t even say I have a favourite cause it keeps getting better and better by day.

  7. Thank you bhut’Mike and team
    Unforgiving, I agree with your boyfriend, go for counselling together, that is the only way you will be able to deal with this and get through it and yes prayer also helps.
    All the best dear.

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Unforgiving, It’s all in your mind. I don’t take this lightly nor do I take your plight of guilt lightly but this is all in your minds. You guys took a decision, you justified this decision, hasty as it may seem, it was the right one because that’s what you decided on, no one else. Ya’ll were grown enough to have sex, grown enough to make adult decisions so why can’t ya’ll be grown enough to get over it?

    You are both still in school, you are both dependants and you want to bring a child to this world? To who’s burden is that child to be? Blessing or no blessing if ya’ll aint got jobs ya’ll got no business bringing babies ouchea. I’ve been where you at, been there 3time before. I made a decision and made peace with it, you can’t leave things to chance. If you believe things meant to happen will happen then this is exactly what was meant to, accept it, grieve and move on. But do not, I repeat, do not be stupid enough to fall pregnant again after all you’ve been through, for what you sacrificed because that will mean that abortion was in vain.


  9. I am trying very hard to give Majuba the benefit of the doubt but every time I read it, I feel like I am reading Memoirs, the characters are the same, the story seems summarised and changed there and there. I am not feeling this at all. The first and second chapters were amazing, I simply wouldnt stop laughing. Yell I even voted for it, only if I had known it would be ‘Memoirs The Legacy’.. Ae so boring.

    The reason I keep reading is I was hoping to read about that loud neighbour of theirs and her Nigerian husband but they seem to have been canned.

    Last time I am reading this, just not worth the time. IT IS PLAIN BORING!!!

  10. Thanks Team. Vusi’s mother is out of order, struuuh!!
    @Confused – simply put – get over it! You should not have been making babies in the first place, now you want to intentionally fall pregnant for all the wrong reasons. Hheyi bakithi – sesibaningi kakhulu emhlabeni, animeni kancane wezingane!

  11. More points for Londy…Her mother-in-law is shady and fake and Vusi does not have a back bone. I doubt that Vusi can be the abusive one on Missteps…….but people do change.

  12. Thank you bhuti Mike, I was on the verge of giving up on this story till Vusi’s mother came with the twist. I was already put off by Londy’s bipolar tendencies. Now I’m more interested in finding out how Vusi’s gonna pull off cheating with his mother’s help 😀

    Confused, I’m sorry I can’t imagine what you’re going through, I believe in counselling and meditation. I believe it was wrong for you to go through such without counselling and doing research first, but that’s my unqualified opinion. Hopefully you’ll think further before making any drastic decisions. All the best to you

  13. Thanks mike!
    Unforgiving it will take time but the feeling you are feeling right now will pass.cry if you feel like crying and also go for will help

  14. four months is still early..both of you are still grieving. Rather you go for counselling with your partner as he suggested. Falling pregnant while at school is not an easy task trust me ive been there. Get your dip/degree or whatever then a stable job and make babies. Most important learn to “forgive yourselves” before the both of you self destruct over guilt and CONSULT A PSYCHOLOGIST PLEASE!!

  15. I’ve been through similar situation as yours but the only thing that helped was to cry about it and pray about it. you need to let it all out cry scream do what ever it takes to make you feel better at that moment. Then pray to God to be able to forgive yourself. I wrote a letter to my little one explaining my actions. You can try it out maybe it will help. I wish I could contact you just to talk.

  16. In 2015 I was in the same predicament as you. For the first few months it was tough… the guilt got to us badly and we eventually broke up.

    I focused on myself, learnt to love myself. I prayed to God for forgiveness. I forgave my bf too. I spoke to my bestfriend about this. I cried…I made sure that I didn’t suppress any feelings – I let it all out. I gave our unborn baby a name – and apologized to the baby too. I also got to a point where I wanted a baby cause I wanted to fill the void within me but I continued to pray about this.

    2 years later my bf and I are back together – the pain of aborting our baby is still there but not as hectic as it was in 2015. What helped us “get through this” is that we spoke to each other about how we really feel, we cried together, forgave each other and ourselves. I prayed. We vowed to never go through this again and that we’ll have a baby when God blesses us again.

    Don’t fall pregnant now for the wrong reasons, heal first and then ask God to bless you when the time is right.

  17. Dear unforgiving
    I know how you feel, I went through that ordeal alone. My mother nd family didn’t know, they suspected nd I denied it flat out. They had no choice but to believe me since they had no proof. It’s my darkest secret ever nd my boyfriend now doesnt know. It took time but i eventually forgave myself nd moved on, i made a decion about my life nd stuck with it. It still is the best decision for that time. Do I regret it? No because I will have babies when I’m stable. How about you start preparing for a baby financially before having a baby? It works for me, I save for a baby because I couldn’t afford then but when God decides to bless me, I will be ready

    Remember, the right decision for you

  18. So many abortions, sis you should all be ashamed of yourselves… ‘iv prayed about it, iv prayed about it’ kgaa I just don’t have the energy for you guys, I mean don’t you all know the consequences of having unprotected sex??? Or havnt you heard of prevention??? Mxm

  19. @sexypeanx never i mean never ever be this rude when you have never go tru such ur comment show lack of thinking and ur jst being small minded about ths do not come and play GOD here to answer ur questiosn yes they knew at that time the ws a decision to be made abwt their future they made it and they stuck to it to all the ladies who have gonne tru abortion that decision had to be made it is what it is life goes on

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