Missteps of a Young Wife


After fifteen minutes of sitting in the car my phone rang, it was my husband I ignored the call, he kept calling until I eventually could not take the ringing and picked up and before I could even explain why I had delayed he said “Lesedi, get back here right now.” And hung up I could hear he was grinding his teeth.  I didn’t have a choice but to do as my husband said, I drove to the back of the hospital following the ambulance signs and there behind ambulance’s I found Mthobisi hiding carrying Thandie she was no longer in the wheelchair as soon as I pulled up he laid her in the backseat of the car and told me to go to the passenger seat, I did as I was told and took the passenger seat and he took the wheel and he drove, there was silence in the car until we got home.

Mthobisi carried Thandie inside the house and I followed behind him, Mavis must have been asleep because the house was silent and I was grateful for that because I didn’t have to explain to her what was going on.  Mthobisi took Thandie to her room and came back downstairs and told me to call Mali, he didn’t care that it as the middle of the night he wanted us to discuss this situation that he had put us in, I loved my brother I really did but this child was getting out of hand, she was like prison soap, slipping of my hands no matter how hard I tried to keep her in check and I was not ready to be screwed in the ass not for someone else’s offspring,  I had a small baby that I just got back to raise and worry about I had a few years to mentally prepare myself before my daughter became a teenager.  I called Mali and he sounded stressed and I felt bad that I was about to add on his stress.  “How did things go with Sue’s parent’s?” I asked remembering that he and the parents had gone to see his wife’s parents to discuss Thandie.  “It didn’t go well Sis, Sue wants a divorce and her parents are supporting her decision.” He said sounding super depressed, “Oh my gosh Mali, I’m so sorry, I’m even more sorry that I have to tell you this but Thandie was shot this evening, but she’s fine, we need you to come over.” The phone went silent for a few seconds then after he had “Shot? Where? Why? Who shot her? Is she okay? Are you okay? Is anyone hurt?” he had a million questions in less than a minute, I told him we were all fine and I needed him to come over so we could tell him everything, he said he was on his way.

Around 2 am Mali called to say he was close, I sent him the code to access to be able to go through the gate in our complex.  He arrived at the complex looking like death, Mthobisi said there was no point in us discussing anything with him in his state, he said we should talk in the morning, Mali wanted to check on Thandie, he went to her room she was still sleeping, he slept in the guest room and we also went to bed.  When we got to the bedroom Mthobisi brought up the fact that I was chickening out in getting Thandie out of the hospital, I lied and told him Doctor Evil had stopped me to aske a few questions about Thandie and that’s why I took long to get them.  He was still in pain and I asked if he was going to share his painkillers with Thandie since she didn’t have any, he said I shouldn’t worry there was a doctor coming to see her in the morning.  That gave me some relief because I was in no mood to go to the pharmacy to get painkillers again, I was going to get labelled as the painkillers addicted after the whole batch of pills that I bought the last time for my husband.  By the time we finally got some sleep it was 03:13 am, I was so tired and I had the most beautiful dream I was sleeping in my bed at my mother’s house and I didn’t have a single problem in the world, I was grown up but my mother did everything for me, she cooked for me, all I had to do was eat, sleep, wake up bath, watch TV and repeat it all again over and over again, I was in my element, I was extremely happy but while watching TV in my dream at my mother’s house there was a loud banging outside my parent’s house door, I was not used to people coming to our house, interrupting my peace, I didn’t want to stand up, I didn’t want to leave my TV show that I was watching and go and answer the door, I ignored it hoping that whoever was at the door would eventually give up and go away but the knock just kept going on and banging stronger and harder, the next thing I knew the couch I was sitting on was shaking.  Mthobisi was shaking me trying to wake me up, when I opened my eyes to ask what was going on I heard the banging on the door.  I stood up still feeling sleepy and went to the door without asking Mthobisi any questions, standing outside the bedroom door was Thandie, “what’s wrong baby girl?” I asked looking at her concerned even though deep down I wanted to scream at her and tell her to leave me to sleep.  “I’m in so much pains Aunty, I can’t sleep” she looked pale.  What was I going to do with this child, I had no painkillers, I took her to the kitchen and I gave her some of Dineo’s Panado syrup, I gave her two spoons, I asked her to wait for ten minutes to see if it’s making any difference, and I was dozing off while we were waiting for the Panado to kick in after ten minutes she said it’s still not working she was still in pain.  I went to my bedroom and found Mthobisi and he was fast asleep, I took some of his painkillers, I tried looking for ones that are not too strong but they were all very strong so I took one and broke it in half and gave it to her and after ten minutes and she said shew as still in pain, I was now tired of this and needed to sleep, I gave her two full ones and within five minutes she told me she was feeling light and happy and the pain was no longer there.  I walked her up to her room and waited for her to fall asleep and within minutes she was out, I walked back to my bedroom and my husband was still sleeping, time was now 05:18, I threw myself next to him and passed out.

A few hours later around seven Thandie was at our bedroom door again asking if she was going to school that day, I told her to go back to sleep without opening the door, I was tired I had been up most of the night because of her, that girl needed home schooling, to be isolated from these bad Joburg girls, that was what I was going to do to my daughter she was not going to attend any of these crazy schools.   I needed more sleep and this waking up and going back to sleep was not doing me any justice, but it was too late for me because Thandie’s knock had woken Mthobisi up and he wanted us to get up, I had no choice but to drag myself out of bed and brush my teeth and wash my face and go and prepare breakfast since we had a visitor in the house, luckily when I got to the kitchen Mavis had prepared breakfast, that woman is my hero.  I went back to the bedroom and joined Mthobisi in the shower, it wasn’t the romantic kind of shower it was more like saving water, I was in and out of there in minutes.

After the shower, we went to the kitchen Mali was still not up, poor guy must have been exhausted.  Mthobisi got a call and he said it was his doctor friend coming to see Thandie, he sent him the code in a few minutes the doctor was at our door, him and Mthobisi went upstairs while they were upstairs Mali came to the kitchen he asked what happened to his daughter and who shot her and why wasn’t she in hospital, I told him a doctor was with her now and that it was not a serious injury that she had I told him about how she and Nozi left the house saying they were going to see a friend who stays in the Estate and the next thing we knew to our surprise we received a call being told that they were involved in some shooting in a club.  “What was she doing in the club? Is she even allowed in there at her age?”  I shook my head and told him I didn’t know what the hell they were doing in there and I didn’t get a chance to ask her last night because the hospital had given her a high dose of painkillers.  While we were talking Mthobisi walked downstairs with the doctor and thanked him and walked him out.  Mthobisi explained to us that the doctor had given her some painkiller and staff to clean the wound, and he said in no time she should be fine.  While Mthobisi was explaining to us what had happened Thandie walked in she was shocked to see her father sitting with us having breakfast and chatting.  “Dad, what are you doing here so early? Are you here to take me to school?” Thandie asked Mali looking and sounding ever so innocent.  Mali stood up from his chair and I could see he was getting angry “What am I doing here? What the hell were you doing in a club? Getting shot? At your age clubs? What the hell is going on with you? You are here to get an education not to do this nonsense that you are doing, I expected so much from you.” Mali said pissed as hell, Thandie was young and didn’t realise how her actions were affecting the whole family, she burst out crying apologizing to Mali for what she did, she said she had no intentions of going to a club and when they left the house she was under the impression that they were going to a friend of Nozi in the complex to just hang out and they did and when they got to the house the friends were on the way to the club, they said a friend of theirs whose a DJ was going to be playing in less than an hour and promised that they were going to bring them back after an hour before the parents even noticed that they were gone, she didn’t want to seem like a rural girl by saying no and she had never been to a club before so she agreed and when they got there the DJ friend played and they were with three guys so one of the guys asked her to go outside with him because he wanted to get some fresh air and when they got outside there was a fight between some guys and the guy she was with okay I will name the guy G, so G said he knew the guys that were pushing each other around and he went to try and stop the fight so G went and tried to break the fight and the guys seem to be stopping so G left them and him and Thandie left them and Thandie was cold so G said he had a jacket in the car, before G could open the car the guys who were fighting started again so G ran back to them to try and stop the fight again and for some reason Thandie followed behind him and this time G couldn’t stop them because one of the guys grabbed G and G was falling on top of him and while they were falling the other guy pulled out a gun and shot G in the chest, Thandie said she didn’t know what got over her but she tried to grab the gun away from the guy who was shooting and the guy shot G again and that’s when G feel on top of the other guy, so on the first shot she was standing behind the G so she thinks that’s when the bullet grazed her arm.  “Oh my God” that’s all I could say.

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