Blessed 81

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I can’t get this song out of my head even now at this tense moment, ‘now here we are the four of us, in total shock

the four of us, I close my eyes; I swallow spit because this is some deep shit’. Imagine I was in so much trouble and I was thinking of R. Kelly. There was clear panic in the doctor and Fatimas eyes and I think because they knew his reputation better than I did I had to protect them. “One of your men came in and raped me last night. The lights were off I could not see who it was. Was this your way of punishing me though? Was this you trying to teach me a lesson because I was on my periods? Your evil had humbled me really I cannot believe you believe in Allah then you do such things. Yes I know I am not from your religion but Ahmed for someone to do what he did to me in the dark is cowardice!” I spoke calmly and as slowly as possible to him so that it sink in. I know we were not supposed to tell him what happened but when you are caught you are caught. If I had kept quiet everyone will have kept quiet. That’s just a simple fact of life. You do not betray people in a situation like this because you hate them. Think about it, what was I going to say to him, “I slipped on the floor and a broom went up my ass?” There simply was no logical excuse I could give in this moment right now.

“We have just found out Ahmed. I came to tend to the girl as instructed and next thing I find this. I don’t know what to say but they hurt her really badly. Last night I gave her a sedative as well because she was crying for her friends and honestly I should never have if we are now raping girls in their sleep! No matter what Ahmed you always say face your enemy in the eye.”

The doctor intervened.

“Why did you not scream? Why did no one hear it?”

Ahmed asked me. He was angry to the point of his skin turning red.

“Did you not hear the part of the sedative Ahmed?” The doctor said in my defense. Unfortunately for him he had spoken once too many times because Ahmed walked briskly towards and slapped the grown men so hard on the face and he buckled over as though he had been punched in the stomach.

“Talk out of tone one more time and it will end up being your bum them men are raping!”

A man who can ever make a rape joke, no matter how mandane or serious the conversation you are having is, is no man at all. There are things that you don’t talk about just for the fun of it. He has been properly bitch slapped and I don’t use that word lightly. A grown man being slapped like that is not even humiliating there is no word for it. I could hear Thandeka in my head saying

“A Zulu man will never allow that, one of them will have to die first!”

My ass was still exposed in all this confusion. They had shamed me so much I had not even found my honor and tried to cover myself up. I had lost my spirit.

Poor doctor for standing up for us. I was not sorry for him though, no that’s not the word I would use, I was rather more scared for us all.

“Fatima when did you find out?”
He asked her. She absolutely terrified of him and looked down when she spoke to him.
“I just got here now. I know nothing. You saw me when I walked past!”
She reminded him. “I don’t look at dogs walking past so I don’t know that.”
Just then at that moment the man who raped me literally ran in the room. No come on!

What did he want?

“Abu, Who was working security last night? I want all the video footage right now.”
Ah why did he have to walk in when he did? “Boss that can wait, I just saw Akhbar take the small boat and and speed off. He was sweating. Something is not right boss. The way he left unless you sent him somewhere! You said I should report anything I see!” Now who the hell was Akhbar? There were too many of these people. “Akhbar?” Ahmed asked confused.”The reason why I asked you to keep on Akhbar was because someone pointed out that he was laying with men!” Ahmed went on to say. This was too much drama now you know why R. Kelly Trapped in a Closet came to mind. “She was raped in the …” The doctor pointed out but when Ahmed turned to look viciously at him he shut up immediately.

“I have more bad news for you boss unfortunately…” Abu continued. I now knew the bastard name. “I am coming from the security room and all footage from the last couple of days has been wiped. The whole house sir!” He explained. Remember with me fear made me freeze and cower but this guy really had to be some kind of legend. With him fear made him a genius. Whoever this Akhbar was his love for the same sex had saved our lives but unfortunately there is no doubt it had condemned his. The fury in Ahmed’s face was beyond palpable. He was heaving his chest up and down like a plus size girl’s ass when she is doing star jumps. The redness in his face was even purple just to highlight his evil.

“I am going go kill him!” He said coldly and he walked out. Men like that do not want to lose. Being gay on a country like this is often punishable by way more things than just your parents disowning you. These are countries that have no tolerance and being gay does not condemn only you but your family as well. You bring shame to them by virtue of being birthed by them. More and more I realized that corrupt or not, the South African government really has more than just DONE for its people in just 20 years of existence. These countries have independent forever yet look at how they treat their people.

“What have you done you coward? You have now made Akhbar a victim because of your crime?”
Fatima went in on Abu. She really hated this man and so did I.
“What was I supposed to do? I knew you would try and sell me out. I told him that Ahmed found out that he was gay and he was going to kill him today so he must run away! I gave him the keys to the boat and the fool ran away.”
Abu said.
“But he is not gay!”
Fatima remonstrated even using her hands to explain.
“The fact that he ran away shows he has something to hide and even you can’t defend that!”
He said. He did not look at me.

“He ran away because he knows Ahmed is unreasonable. He was never going to take anything else that he could have said!”
The doctor said calmly. He had a hand mark on his face were the clap had stung. He looked like he had a scar. “Thandeka!” I had a low moan. It was Natalie. She was up at last. The doctor ran up to her. “How are you feeling child?”
He asked her with concern in his voice. Her body immediately recoiled. With all the pain I had in my bum, I could barely walk I heaved all the effort in me and stood up to walk to her. If you have never had anal sex you would never understand how it hurts to walk after the first time. Don’t do it ladies. Fatima immediately spoke
“go back into bed”
She said.
“No I need to speak to her; she needs me!”
I told her. Fatima came and helped walk to her as Abu walked out.

“Hadhih hi alshshurta”

a loud booming sound said from out side

“Hadhih hi alshshurta!”
It said again. It was a loud speaker. What now.

“Allah Most Merciful…”

The doctor said out loud.

“What’s going on?”

I asked him because obviously language,

“it is the police, they came, it is the police!”

Fatima said hugging me…

***************************THE END**********************


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46 thoughts on “Blessed 81

  1. Oh my God I’m in tears. Thank you for such an eye opening story. I’m just glad that it ended when there was light at the end of the chanel…I hope we all learn a lesson from this, it’s not only in Dubai and it can happen to anyone.
    Thank you Mike M

  2. Yesss Yess Yes!!! free at last free at last Freeeee at at last!!! thank you brother Mike for the awesome read!! happy weekend Fam!!!

  3. hell is a good place for Ahmed, i hope he gets to be raped everyday in the burning fire of hell for what he put those girls through.
    Thank you so much for the awesome read Mike you are ever so gifted, and your team as well.
    please just write the after math of the whole scenario for us to get closure of what happens after they are all rescued, just a summary of the events that follow.

  4. Oh dankie siyabonga! Can this heartache end already yho I cannot can anymore!!!
    Entlek where is that bastard Sam??? I hope he gets stabbed with a fork soaked in extreme heated oil in his testicles while gauging his eyeballs and toenails off one by one then ripping his tongue out and hammering his teeth out one by one before putting a street lamp pole taken from a brazier/mbaula and shoving it all the way up his a$$ then make him eat the charcoal from the mbaula and he must survive all of this until he’s 90 so he can live with the pain for the rest of his freaken miserable sorry a$$ life!!!!

    1. Thanks for a great read Mike.

      @ Tsalu Yoh relax, the hate in your comments is concerning, you sound like a bitter broken person… Have an ice cream will you!!!

      1. Hau Lekgarebe not even vodka nyana!
        If having that ice cream means that Sam, Ahmed and all these other sick mfs are chocking on razor blades then I’ll have 3 please! I just don’t know which other emotion to have towards such cruel disgusting child molesting human trafficking monsters besides utter hate and if that makes me a bitter broken person then so be it!

  5. I always thought that the original story line ye Diary of a Zulu girl was educational and informative until Blessed. I am so happy that they are rescued them and that they will go home. I pray and that they learnt their lesson (I know its fiction but there are girls reading this about to do same).

    To me it wasn’t even about liking money or things or even being with older men. It was about showing just how vulnerable as women we are. These girls were at the mercy of these evil men and there was nothing they could do about it. What’s worse was even if they could manage to escape, what then in a place they didn’t know or even speak their language? Especially in the UAE where even as a tourist wearing shorts is frowned upon. Thank you Mike for an eye opening story.

    1. Comment Yakho cc somehow made me teary. Yenza I sense in so many levels. Nam ndithi mandibonge kuwe ngale comment sana

  6. Thanx Mike…I’ll be happy for girls when they land in Mzansi for now I’ll keep my fingers cross..feel sorry for them coz they will be scar for life#sigh

  7. As I said before, this may not be the end.
    Mike will bring a twist to the police coming! Like they are fake police who sympathize with these men. Or they are police who caught the guy who ran away. Or they are Sam just bring the real police and apologize. So many twists than the obvious, and obvious is not Mike’s style!

  8. Nyc one Mike’wendawo
    I must say on a broad scale Mike, I hope our people are learning from all your stories. All tragic in their ways. And are what is happening in society.
    The sad part of this is she was warned by every character who loved her unconditionally in this story except Khanyi. Thandeka haven walked a mile in this lifestyle, still humbled. Her morals where tested numerous times and she choce her path.
    The tragic truth, is some see Mike’s story telling as fiction. But the man is talking to us, In all his story.
    At least this story dignified us with a somewhat happy ending.
    Thanks my brother. Keep narrating our lives.

  9. What a grand finale!
    Ta brada Mikie!
    May the Almighty bless U with more ideas on how to tell these marvellous stories that teach us the dangers that cud befall us thereby making us more streetwise.
    Nice long wknd fam. …..Rolling my joint.

  10. This could be the rescue that the girls are waiting for, but the police could be bribed as is common all over the world. Even if they are rescued, what about the shame? And explaining to their families, Neo, university etc. Great read, thank u so much Mike

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