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Logic. Its one of those things a lot of people do not appreciate in their thought process. At this moment I was

asking myself why I did not call the police first but then I realized three things. One what if I called the police first but the person who picked up did not speak English? What then? I was in an Arab country where the first language they spoke was Arabic! Have you ever gone to Durban especially, the Game at Gateway to be even more specific, try buy something but the teller insists on speaking deep Zulu to you even when you tell her you don’t understand? Happened to me and its frustrating now imagine a police man in a country that has little respect for women officially. Was the risk worth it? Then there was the embassy? Name one South Africa government department in which no matter what, you get prompt, efficient sevice? Mind you this is after holding the line for an hour or being transferred from person to person because no one is quite sure who can help you. That’s the reality why you do not call people in official capacity first in a situation like this. Why then did I call my mother? That woman carried you for nine months and was willing to squeeze my big head out of her so are you seriously telling me with such a sacrifice that this person would not move mountains to find me if I was in trouble? Even my dad would not do the things mother would do to protect me no matter how distant we had grown. She was my mother, my first defense and a warrior who would do anything for her daughters. That is the one all those girls who say they hate their mothers do not appreciate.

My bum was burning. Its like I had a hot iron stick up it. He had hurt me! I could feel the blood and because he panicked when she walked in he first froze.

“What have you done Abu? Are you stupid?”

Fatima asked him angrily running to me. He did not thrust to me anymore because the shame of him being caught raping me by a woman made him pull out fast taking his devil stick back into his pants. The way he pulled out was just as painful as the way he had pushed it in.

“I caught her on the phone …”

He started to explain as he closed his sip. I even heard that wrrrrrrr sound it makes when a zip closes and I think that will haunt me for life.

“So you rape her?”

Fatima cut him short before he could go even further.

“Ahmed is going to kill you. Didn’t you hear that her father is coming back for them that’s why they are being moved back to their hotel tomorrow?”

She asked him.

“Now he is going to produce a broken girl? What have you done?”

She said pushing him away. She had used the word broken with me. Is that what I was broken. I could not even stand up as she ushered me to my my bad. She went and took a warm water and something and started to massage my bum, there! This means that, in my 21 years of existence two people, not one, two people had seen my most private orifice. I cried. I could not stop crying. It hurt so bad. I do not think I will ever be able to walk again. I felt dirty, not that’s not quit the word, I felt filthy.

“If you tell Ahmed about the phone. I will tell him you did this. Remember what he did to the last person who betrayed him. Do you think that person is still walking in the desert? If you do then you really are as stupid as your evil heart!”

I heard him shouting to the guy. The guy had not left. So the guy who had just raped me was standing there watching me being cleaned up. Why was he here?

“Send him away please…”

I begged Fatima.

“No child, he needs to stand there and see what he has done so that he does not run and report on the phone!”

She whispered.

“But you have been talking out loud about it. There are cameras in here Ahmed saw everything!”

I reminded her. In the morning he was going to see everything that had happened and all of us would be in trouble anyway.

“Abu, you hear that! You need to go erase those camera’s or all of us are going to die because you don’t think!”

Fatima shouted at him.

“Relax, I was on night duty I switched the cameras off before I came here! That’s why I came…”

His voice trailed at the end. I was right and its not something to be proud off though, I was right that when he came to the room his intention had always been to rape!

“So you did this on purpose!”

She asked him horrified.

“Why are you taking their side? They are whores, they are worthless, they have no homes and from what I heard they worship money before anything else! Why do you defend this shermuta?”

He asked her using this Arab word I did not know but Fatima stood up angrily,

“She is not a whore and you know it! She is a child who you vile me have violated. In the name of Allah the Most Merciful I wish he shows you no pity!”

She said fighting back. Where was this Fatima when we first got here.

“Get out and you better pray that you did not hurt her further because if I call in the doctor this late what do you think is going to happen?”

She asked him. Shit! I needed a doctor! I got her point that if he came then it will raise alarm and Abu would spill the beans out of fear that’s for sure. All men who rape are cowards and that there was a coward. The question though was what if he had infected me with something? In South Africa, you know that country where we say that the government does not do anything for its people, if you are raped (God Forbid) there will be a rape kit waiting for you at the hospitals. It sounds like such a small thing when you say how useless health department is but with how much our men rape, 147 reported cases a day, that rape kit the ‘useless’ government provides for free goes a long a way to saving your life in future. Now that it was not there, I thought of it. I could not even call the police here because I know how they treat women so no one might even have come to my rescue something which would never happen in the ‘useless’ run South Africa.

“I will stand outside. I won’t tell about the phone if you don’t tell about this!”

Abu bargained with Fatima.

“Its fine just leave. You have done enough!”

My rapist was walking away. He was getting away with raping me. How is that possible? He had to pay for what he had done. Even if I want to hurt him though, I was to weak for that. I passed out with Fatima tending to me.

“She is doing a bit better!”

I heard a voice say in the morning. It was the doctors voice and they were standing over Thandeka’s friends bed. I closed my eyes before they could see me.

“Is she fit enough to travel!”

He asked him.

“I would not advise it right now and she is too swollen. You will only attract attention.”

He warned her. He was trying to make sure that we stayed here. I had no way of telling the time that was the problem. I did not know whether it was morning or afternoon but the sun was out in its full glory. This shitty country was hot.

“Ok then I want an update in an hour because come what they are all moving. I have a contact in the police who says that infidel called the police and made noise at the embassy so he expects a raid tonight. They must be long gone by then!”

I heard him say. What infidel? Did he mean my mum? Had she called them? My heart skipped a beat but I did not want them to know I was awake. I needed to speak to the doctor. Ahmed walked to the door and called out,


I heard footsteps as she practically ran to him. Fear is real. She was terrified of this man. When did she sleep though?

“Make them food and bath them. Leave the injured one for last but the other three are ready to go!”

He said as he got out. This was not good. He intended to seperate us! Hell no!

Fatima stayed in the room as Ahmed left.


I called out her name weakly. The doctor and her ran out.

“She was raped last night by that baboon Abu.”

Fatima immediately told him.

“Raped? But she is on her …”

He started to ask then he paused,

“Come on, no he didn’t…”

I think he had put the maths together and figured it out.

“Palesa, I need to check and put an antibiotic in you to prevent infections!”

He said calmly trying to take the obvious emotion in his voice.

“She bled so much last night, I even changed the sheets!”

Fatima told him. I had not heard her when she did that but I was not surprised. The way I was weak was not natural. The doctor did not reply.

“This is bad!”

The doctor said pulling my butt cheeks apart. Do you know how humiliating that is? At that moment a voice said,

“What the hell is going on here?”

Fatima and the doctor both turned around at the same time.

We had been busted and things were only about to get worse!

****** The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Thank you for keeping us glued at our phones. You have an amazing talent.
My story goes like this I have met this guy 2 years back I love him so much but I am tired of loving the person who doesn’t care about me. I know he is cheating ever since we met with different woman every time when I go to his place there is always evidence that there was a woman. he doesn’t call me we only talk on whatsapp he doesn’t take me out but he takes his girlfriend’s out I once bump into them in sun coast he only want to see me once per month and all of a sudden he doesn’t care whether he see me or not when I ask him he would say he is tired or have any excuse that suit him. How can you stop loving someone who abuse the love you have for him? I have told him that i am tired of this but the part of me still wants him

19 thoughts on “Blessed 80

  1. Tanki bhut Mike,eish i hope thy all deny the phone issues should it come out.cameras was off after all…HEARTBROKEN its obvious myskat,just face your pain eventually you will forget about him.

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, my knees are weak at the thought of the unimaginable pain these girls are going through, Lord knows I would kill the dogs who would…. In fact mandithule. I cant even think of such yet it is an everyday reality in this very country we pledge allegiance to.

    Heartbroken… I have no words for you, if there ever was an award for being a retard… mxm. #WalksAway

    The Unqualified Shrink

  3. Yoh I just hope things are not going to get worse for the girls….yerr its so scary thinking about this rape cases… cause its so real…shit happens. May God be with us….

    Heartbroken… why are you still with the guy. Let’s do this,who do you love more between yourself and that jerk. If you love him more than yourself then I guess that’s the life you are going to live for ever cause you can’t leave him right. But if you love yourself more,ask yourself this…what is this relationship doing to you,isit making you happy? Obviously no,then that’s all it takes for you to leave,that’s a reason enough to leave him….

    Yes it seems impossible cause maybe you feel like you can’t cope without him but you can and you will. Respect yourself to leave things that are not good for you. Everytime you think of how much you love him,think about how you can’t be with him because he is Selfish,ungrateful and cheating on you.

    You can do this…..

  4. the pain whether emotional or physical , the humiliation and shame these girls have endured is enough to damage anyone for life.
    so my question is to the ladies that are being blessed currently who are on the blog : Is selling your soul to the devil for money worth it? i have a little sister Mike, and the ounce of heartbreak i am feeling for these characters leaves me in fear and constantly wanting to protect her with my everything. The world is beautiful but it is also full of cruelty, I would rather be poor than experience such punishment for money. Can they return home now, because every chapter since the Dubai scene has left me in tears.
    You are such a gifted man thank you so much Mike, we appreciate the precious time you give us in writing these books.

  5. Yho hay Mike ndizokuxela ngoku ngeke. Can’t they just catch a break torho. Kwenzeke ntoni kooPython. I thought bazokwenza izinto zamehlo. Yhu hay ndine stress.

  6. Thanx Mike awesome read…3 against 1 that counts for something I hope they will deny fone, as for rapist he’s swimming into the deep shi** coz the big question is why did he switched off cameras ? #keep my fingers cross for the girls
    Lost love that was never a relationship to begin with, love must be really blind for u to stay on that relationship for 2 years… its not worth it dear,stop wasting your time someone somewhere is waiting for u with red roses, 5 fone calls a day, spending every day night with u….You did not share good side of this guy so why is so difficult to leave him?

  7. eish bathong, imagine when you are constipated and trying to take a poo, its painful… now the pic of a-hole violation is too much… bleeding all night. Haiboo Bro Mike we need to catch a break. the girls must come home now. Fatima must make up a good believable story and throw Abu under the busy… deny deny deny deny the phone issue until her olive skin turns blue.
    Heartbroken…. #knowyourworth the truth is right in your face. please stop this desperate self hate move.

  8. My first comment here, because this Jackzorro is getting out of line. I used to value your opinions, I thought u were an intellect. But u are a flop shame. Heart broken, u are not a retard, trust me. It happens to the strongest people. U just need to acknowledge that u have been played, u have to pass that stage in life. We sometimes love those who don’t love us and dislike those that like us. U are probably even a side chic. Forgive yourself, and give yourself time to heal. Delete everything of his. And learn to love yourself. Jackzorro thumbs down my guy.

  9. Thoroughly hurt by these past Dubai chapters……I really hope that if the phone story comes out it would be 2 against 1. They can say abooo tried to bribe her by offering her the phone in exchange for sex. I mean he’s the one that switched the cameras off so it shows how he had planned it all. That way he will get the punishment of his life.

    Madam “heartbroken” like really why are you still with this guys though? Are you main chick or sidedish?
    Love yourself sweety. HAMBA

  10. If one thrust in the ass caused that much damage to Palesa, didn’t Khanyi get fucked in the ass too? And I doubt it’s one thrust… shouldn’t she be the one going thru that right now than Palesa with 1 thrust? Those 3 girls went through worse compared to Palesa. I’m so MAD at her I guess that’s why I feel like this I guess….

  11. Dankie bhuti Mikie.
    Do U think when they give teenage girls family planning pill & injections the department shud also give out pamphlet with LO for young girls.
    IC a trend here of girls who don’t know their worth. Some are so dumb they can’t tell what love is like this letter today. While the gud guys get those girls who use them & give their cake to everybody.
    On the other hand there are those who think they’re clever & go into the blesser-blessie parnership.
    What happened to the Aunties to teach young girls manners? Myb they are busy competing for blessers with these teenagers since getting married is out of fashion now. #Singlebychoice. The lost generation.

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