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I did not know what to do and I only had ten minutes to think. We take technology for granted when the cab drivers

are attacking Uber drivers but in reality technology is more convenient than not having it. What did that guy ask again, ‘Should the Post Office go on strike now that we have email?” Should we ban Yahoo, GMAIL etc… When did you ever think that sending your location on whatsapp can save your life? It sounds so small a thing but reality it’s actually life changing! I had no idea where I was but Whatsapp did. I sent my mother, my father and my sister my location with this message,

“I am in trouble, Khanyi and I have been kidnapped. They have already raped Khanyi. I am so scared. Please send help. I won’t have this number it’s not my phone. They are saying they will move us today please, I am begging you, help me. I am sorry for everything please I am so scared. Help us please. I will never disobey you again. Palesa!”

That was the best I could do. I wanted to tell them all that I love them but the lump in my throat, the fear and the embarrassment made it all not come out. I had messed up when I had been warned about this. I thought I knew better but doesn’t every student in university male or female.

“They also have two other girls, Thandeka Mkhize she goes to Wits and Nicole something I did not get her surname. Please mum please I know you are angry at me for not listening but I am afraid they are going to kill us!”

I sent a message. The one to my sister and my father did not go through, there was only one tick but the one to my mother went through. My mother does not really Whatsapp but imagine my utter relief when the blue tick came on. She did not reply instead she called back, I had to whisper.

“Palesa what’s going on? Where are you? I have been trying to call you!”

She said. Now was not the time to shout though.

“Mum you read the message. Please call the police. We are in trouble!”

I cried. I was trying to whisper and not make a noise but my mother for some reason I think she was not taking me seriously because she kept on talking,

“I told you that if you went I should always be able to talk to you but already your phone is off!”

Had she even read what I had said? My mother had a tendency of seeing what she wanted to and ignoring the rest. She was doing it again now.

“Mum did you read what I said?”

I asked her again.

“I just saw it was you I have not read that yet!”

She said.

“Mum read it now it is an emergency!”

I told her.

“Ok fine, I will put you on speaker but I am not sending you money if that’s what you want!”

If I was not so relieved for her reading my whatsapp I genuinely think I would have rolled my eyes but right now with all the tears in them could not even allow for a rolling moment.

“Tell me you are joking?”

She said in horror and I think a bit of disbelief in her voice. Was it that improbable that such things could happen though? A lot of people I am sure in future will question whether human trafficking really exists yet they have seen it on ENEWS, Special Assignment and many other places but always in passing. The truth is a lot of people, I included when such shows start on TV and our parents want to watch we even get angry because there is always something nicer but irrelevant playing on TV. A lot of people my age will never watch the news; they will rather let Twitter inform them through a trend otherwise it’s not news worthy.

“Ok what do I do?”

She asked me. She did not ask me if I was ok! That was my mum for you.

“Mum please go to the police, the embassy and to the department. Go now because this phone is about to go and they are going to move us. One of the girls is badly hurt so that could delay this but please mum, now!”

I said. I don’t know what the doctor had done but in exactly ten minutes the phone not only hung up but it switched off as well. I tried my best to switch it one again but I failed. I had messed up. I had even failed to call the Dubai police trying to explain to my mum. Had she had all that? I heard footsteps outside and pretended to be sleeping. The door opened. It was one of the guards. I had seen him earlier in the CCTV.

“I heard talking in here, what’s going on?”

He asked. He walked in looking suspiciously. The phone was still with me and what if he searched. He moved first to Thandeka’s bed and opened her covers. She was not well covered up. He ogled her for a moment then he went to Khanyi’s and did the same.

“Shit think, shit think…”

I told myself as he skipped the other bed and walked towards my bed. I am ashamed to say this but I had to, I put the phone as high up in between my thighs as I could. I was still on my period. He uncovered my blankets like he had done the two other girls.

“The little precious one not yet touched…”

He said in a low tone. I was lying on my tummy but my face was facing him. He tried to put his hand on my boobs by lifting me up a little but I pressed down into the bed. That was my mistake. I should have let him because then he would not have been forced to go to my ass.

“What are you doing?”

I asked him loudly revealing that I was awake.

“You were the one talking!”

He said. I could not deny.

“Yes I was. I was talking to the hurt girl because I wanted her to know she was ok!”

I told him.

“You are lying. I know when someone is having a conversation on a phone. If I search you right now I know I will find it.”

He said without even doubting himself once. Fear also, I did mention its power before, I panicked.

“Please don’t!”

I begged him.

“I am going to call Ahmed!”

He said taking a step back.

My panic stations were already on high alert. I jumped up to sit up and the phone fell on my bed with a thud which I heard.

“Well well what do we have here?”

He said happy that he was right.

“Please I will do whatever you want, please I am begging you!”

I told him.

“Then take off your panties!”

He told me.

“I can’t!”

I told him.

“Then I am going!”

He said menacingly.

“You don’t understand I am on my period. That’s why I didn’t join the girls earlier!”

I told him. He hesitated for a second and then he said,

“So, that’s why they made your mouth!”

He told me undoing his zip immediately.

“You are jo…are you serious?”

I asked him. What a stupid question? I should just have said yes! This will haunt me for the rest of my life! Me and my big mouth.

“Actually I change your mind, I want your bum!”

He said.

“There are no periods there!”

I wish I could explain the horror in my mind as he said that. Where was Fatima? Had the doctor not said ten minutes she will be here.

“Please don’t do this, please!”

I begged.

“You have five seconds to decide. I can tell you right now though that Ahmed will not forgive you or whoever gave you the phone. He will probably kill you and dump your bodies in the ocean before the night is over!”

Somehow I believed him. Somehow I was not surprised. I had to save my friends, I had to do something. I bent stood up and took off my panties. I hoped him seeing the soiled pad would disgust him but it didn’t.

“So that’s what it looks like!”

He said without messy.

“Bend over I don’t have all day!”

He said. Out of nowhere this guy had brought lube. He had not come to the room to check on who was talking his intention had always been to rape. He put some on his dick which was already hard and then without any courtesy put his slippery hands on my ass and thrust his finger up my bum. No one had ever touched me there, no one!

“If you scream I will hurt you very badly.”

He warned me. I had never felt so violated in my life but I had thought too seen.

“Count to three…”

He said. Count to three? To what? I braced my teeth and he said,


As soon as he said that he rammed into me so hard I broke and I screamed out so loud I am sure the devil heard me in hell. It felt like he had put a hot baseball bat up me the way it felt huge.

“What the …”

Fatima said opening the door!


He cursed out loud! The pain was so overwhelming I fainted.

********** The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Bra Mike

Firstly let me thank you for the great blog.

My story is long but I will summaries it.

I have been in a relationship and everything was good. We had normal hiccups like any other couples. We stay in two different towns, just 100km away from each other. We used to see each other on weekends and sometimes during the week based on our schedule.

Sometimes last year in June, Mr Guy decides to pick up a fight with me. He packed his stuff, took his house keys which he gave to me and left in the middle of the night. Along the way he calls me, we talk, apologised to each other.

September we start having our fights again. Firstly there is a “new friend” in the same town who is his friend back home. I never had a problem. All of a sudden when he is visiting me; he spends more time with this friend. He doesn’t pick up his phone when he is with this friend. One Saturday he picks up a fight against and leave claiming he is going back to his place; I didn’t try to stop him. After an hour he was back at my place with a lame excuse of why he is back. Our sex love started suffering. Mr. Guy started not caring about our sexual needs anymore.

I find out that he changed my name of his phone. When I asked it was linked back to the fight we had in June. I let it go.

Suddenly his phone started giving him problems. I offered to buy him a phone but my offer was rejected.

October; the status quo remained. Mr. Guy is always with his friend. He will not answer my calls nor bother to get back to me once he noticed he has missed called. Furthermore I found ladies push-ins at his place. In the bedroom we sleep together in. I asked him about them and he claimed that they were of a friend of a friend. When I questioned how can push ins his friend’s friends ends up in the bedroom we shared. It was world war three. He just accused me of not trusting him and wanting to cause unnecessary fight. Out of anger I changed his name from s’thandwa to his real name on my phone because I felt I was being played a fool. November and December same story of him not having time for me; being busy and answering my calls when it suits him.

1st January this year, he finds out I changed his name on my phone. He got furious and accused me of cheating. When I asked him that he changed mine in June I never made noise. He still blamed the matter on me. He asked me to leave because we were at his place. I left and came to my place. All these past months I have been trying to reach out while he told me he is busy.

I tried to apologise for sake of peace and explain that I have not cheated. Every time he finds something to pin on me which is not there but he refuses to account to all those nights that he didn’t pick up my calls and all the times we used to spend together which he was spending with his so called friend. I requested that he return my house key and my clothes at his place which to ate he has not and he said he will do it at his own time

I decided I was tired with this and keep quiet and left our relationship hanging. In mid February he decided to communicate. We talked but without him wanting to commit where the relationship is going. Out of the blue he asks me if I am still keeping his cookie intact for him. Which made me laugh because I thought the cookie was mine and he has no rights over it. When I asked him about the past months incidents; he refuses to answer. He claims he wants to sleep and hangs up to date I have not being given any answer to my questions.

End of February we start communicating again. Then for two days I kept quite. Which he questioned why. I became clear to him that im tired of his rejection and not knowing where we stand. Then beginning of March he informed me he was in town (where I am staying). I asked if he could not pass by and greet me. He never answered. I then asked him where exactly do we stand and what is the way forward of our relationship. The answer didn’t shock me but made me laugh. He responded by saying that we can keep communicating but we can’t talk love issues; which to me is questionable because the foundation of a relationship to exist is love.

Is it right to conclude that
1. Mr Guy has being cheating on me
2. I am dethrone from girlfriend status to being friend zoned
3. There is no future for this relationship.


A tired and dethrone girlfriend

30 thoughts on “Blessed 79

  1. Thanx Mike for your great work….

    A tired and dethroned girlfriend…. its easy sisi that man wants to make you his side now. And it’s very clear that he has been cheating on you for some time now. And from what you said its clear you’re tired of his nonsense. So just accept that he has a new girlfriend and leave. Don’t even ask for an explanation from him or try to explain yourself yourself to him. He knew his actions would lead to the breakup but still he continued doing all that,simply cause he doesn’t respect you. So stop wasting more time and leave him…..

    Ouh and he is going to come running back to you,please don’t take him back…. yerr

  2. oh mike the diary has been so heartbreaking ever since the Dubai saga, can’t these girls go back home already. It is so painful to read that such people exist in life i mean how do you violate a person so much without a thread of conscience in you,what is happening to these girls is a lesson to each and every lady who is in a blessing relationshit(excuse my latin) to start doing some self introspection. Human trafficking is real.

  3. Every time I read this, I can’t begin to Imagine what girls in this situation goes through. And have no hope of ever being saved. Thank U Mike for opening up our eyes and bringing forth issue that we only see in movies and never think that they exist. O rara. This is just heartbreaking

  4. Mike… why is Palesa not focused!!!!!! Embassy. Police. Home!!! aaaagh nna i cant deal tlheng bathong!!! Angry at Palesa.

    A Tired and Dethroned… why are you doing this to yourself mare wena? Nan pelase tlhe stop hurting yourself like this, love yourself enough to put this man in the past and walk away, months and months of stabbing yourself? its like you want some form of validation and “truth” of which he is not going to give. he is stringing you along so that he can use and hurt you later… you are his plan B to Z but never end goal. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON RUBBISH
    I know it might be hard to let go… best solutions block him delete his number change your number and heal… time will heal you and you will find a person who is deserving of you.
    #his player game is lit…
    good luck

    1. Like i didn’t even feel bad for Palesa. She’s so stupid like a little child who doesn’t understand the danger she’s in. She’s fully aware of the cameras and yet this is how she’s choosing to handle it. Mxm! So done with her.
      Mike please save the rest of the ladies, clearly Palesa has learnt nothing.

  5. Hey Mike. It is so good to have you back on the streets of “Diary of a Zulu girl” The last few chapters have really been heart breaking. I am not complaining though because the read is just as great. Bra Mike in which side of Dubai is Sam hiding. He hasn’t featured in a long time and we are not even sure if he is aware of the rape and molestation afflicted to the girls.

    Tired girlfriend you already know they truth. your gut feeling will never lie to you, but to answer you yes he has been cheating on you, yes he has dethroned you from girlfriend not to friend zone but to the bottom of the levels which is MAKHWAPHENI and thirdly yes there is absolutely no future because I know as a woman who was once number one you will never agree to being second best. So all in all just walk away. do not run away because you might find yourself back again. give yourself time to get over the relationship and walk away like the lady you truly are without kicking and screaming trying to get his attention which I can assure you, you wont even get.

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, Ok you see now I’m officially tapping out, can’t deal nomore… uphi u Sam kanti? hayi ngeke this needs to end now 🙁

    This letter though, like angfuni uku insulter abanye abantwana neh but where do we measure the level of retard or mental instability? Like mina as a self-proclaimed guru of all things tender-loving-care, I fail to understand why people subject themselves to such idiocy. Like sisi you are not stupid neh, why are you still entertaining le nkunkuma yomntu? are you lonely, don’t you have friends? Like izinto zodlala anizazi nale seasonal boyfriend yakho? You could be in love with someone treating you like gold, drinking from your fountain and eating yoghurt off your toes… Yet here you are sending a long ass email that has no substance because it basically states how dull your life is that you are willing to be toyed with by this mysterious creature you can’t even call a man.

    Get out there and get laid nana coz these spider webs are making you lose it a bit. This guy aint even got game, he can’t even lie right… Who does that? Like you can do so much better. You a woman, a rock of a nation, the neck that holds any head straight and the foundation of any structure or union. If you can’t see your value, if you can’t appreciate and love yourself more than anything then you will allow such idiots to walk into your life and make a mockery of your kindness. Suvumela izidenge zishaye amawololo in your heart my dear. You are a Queen, stop being treated like a mistress.


  7. How much am hating some right now #crying

    Lady Mr Guy has been cheating on you for a while now, let go sisi delete and block him, PHUMA KUYE

  8. Mam you khow very well what is your relationship status to this Mr Guy. You are a side chick to him & you has allowed that to happen long time ago. People treat you the way you want, Mr Guy perishing away for weeks, months and days and when he’s back to you give him cookie-bar for descenting you. Izakudlala stright lendoda xa ungayazi into oyifunayo.

  9. Tlhala ntja eo..and keep no contact..if you guys can’t talk love issues then he must are just a back up he uses when he is bored

  10. Thanks Mike sisters don’t be naïve tuu. Move on with your life. signs are right there. your status has changed from main to side dish and knows very well that you love him so much and is abuse that

  11. Thank you Mike
    Miss Tired you know you are his back-up plan when he has nothing interesting in his life. leave that thing mntwan’omntu coz that is just not a relationship, it’s you allowing him to walk all over you for the what? I would like to know coz this cannot be love on your part I don’t care how blind you think you are to it. Go find yourself and love yourself enough not to let another human being make a doormat out of you.

  12. Thanks uncle Mike for the daily dose. As for wena Sisi, tswa daar ushiyiwe. Lo mfana akafuji ukusinyela isiziba, he wants his bread buttered on both sides. The writing is on the wall, akakufuni umfana.

  13. Tired and Dethroned..
    Leave that sorry excuse for a man.
    Block him/change your number and change your house keys as well.
    Uyakuqhela mos, good riddance!

  14. @ Q&A let it go walk away my sister this guy is just stringing you along for just incase things dont work out between him and the other lady so my advice to you as a sister who has been through the same situation , if you don’t know where you stand walk away infact run away , Love yourself , respect yourself , cause if you dont no one will . love and strength to you.

  15. Oh Bonnie! You just killed me. She gsot clear instructions but she can’t even execute that kakuhle. I’m with you shame.
    Kodwa I feel like her scars run deeper than all the other girls.

    Mr Mike, you hold the cards.

  16. Time for next plot brada Mikie. I think those with ear to hear have heard the msg. For the love of money is the source of evil.
    Dethroned, I think this guy will come back to U if U wait long enough. He’s planning a future with U. Bcz that’s what UR hoping for.
    Move from that place UR staying bcz it seems yo neighbours are smoking strong ganja & it’s making U delusional. Stop hoping against hope. U’ve been getting sand all the time U dip for water bcz the well is dry. Find another one.

  17. Thanks Mike for the good read as usual. Eish, Pales a has got
    A very rude awakening. She thought usindile kanti yoh bazogqekeza I backdoor. Dammit, broken virginity nge rape madoda. Lol
    QnA, bakuvithizile ngestina my sister, blind. Ingozi engeqiwa ntwala. Nalebhari yakho ivaleke amadlebe. His lies are not rehearsed kahle and you. He is happy for ijezi elisha and he knows the saying ” intombi ayaliwa” . my advise to you, please bow out gracefully. Lapho ekwakume khona amanzi sekwakhiwe I mall. Phuma kuye, kuzoba buhlungu, ngayo kancane. Start a new hobby like joining a gym or social club or learn something new because this situation can really kill your pride. Lesishimane sizizwa amandla ngawe. Don’t forget to pray so that God can deal with this thing for u.

  18. yeah i also want to know where sam is, he obviosly has no remorse hence why he is so quiet i,m sure he went back home knowing he wont meet the deal they had with the arabs, so he paid it off with the poor girls and left

  19. lol im glad Palesa lost her virginity. her ass is no longer virgin, she deserve it, she is the cause of all that with her love for money. i hate that she only suffered less while others suffered tremondeously

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