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We live in a society that does not respect its women. It’s not just a South African thing but a universal thing. If

anything South African women have it good but that’s not the point. In the Arab world women are treated as though they are things, worth nothing and have virtually no rights. Did you know that in Saudi Arabia, one of the richest countries in the world women do not have the right to drive? I mean does that even make sense to you. Sitting here crying asking to be raped by these men’s friends is just an example of how low as a woman you can be made to feel. They had all the power and I had none. I realized that if my friends endured this ordeal by themselves then I would have no friends at all by the end of the day.

“What happened?”

Nicole asked as soon as I entered. They all ran to me as the tears ran down my cheeks. How could I tell my friends that this evening, they were going to be forced to have sex with several men? I just did not know how to say it.

“Its happening isn’t it? He confirmed that the party is on?”

Thandeka said nonchalantly. She was very pragmatic even more so than Khanyi. I could not even answer as I choked on my tears and cried. Khanyi walked away and looked out the window I think resigning herself to her fate. Thandeka did not cry. She folded her arms across her chest and went and sat on the bed. Nicole however was the one who saddened me the most. She wept pitifully in front of me and not one of us could comfort her because we were all in the same boat. All, I mean, except me.

“Ok guys crying won’t solve anything! We need to prepare for this, Nicole, get yourself together!”

Thandeka said to her friend coldly. This girl was hardcore. You know that saying that says “Show me your friends and I will tell you your future” Thandeka for some reason gave me hope that we will get out of this. She was so straightforward and focused it made me wonder how she ended up with Nigerian men in the first place.

“Thandeka is right Nicole; if we fall apart we won’t survive this. We should never have come to this shit country in the first place!”

She said. Forgotten were Dubai Mall and all the designer boutique shops. Forgotten was how hard we worked to convince Sam to send us here and how many times I had put out to keep him happy. Forgotten were all the lies we had told to get here, all the lies and then there was Neo, my poor Neo. He had warned me that liking things would destroy me and look where I was right now! I thought I knew better and I knew it all. I did not.

“But guys how do you prepare for such a thing?”

I asked the girls. I know I was sounding defeatist like Nicole but I could not see how we could prepare for this no matter how hard I tried.

“Mfethu you were the one motivating us all along, what’s up kante?”

Thandeka asked suspiciously. It’s true before I went to see Ahmed I was the one who was motivating the girls.

“From now onwards we must speak in Zulu. They have cameras everywhere even in the bathroom. He showed me a video of us bathing. I have never been so humiliated!”

I told them in the midst of my tears. Thandeka buried her face in her hands and cursed out loud!


She had made a fist and punched the air. She was so angry.

“This is messed up! Who does that?”

She asked out loud and went to sit down next to Khanyi. Even now I don’t think we had all fully accepted what was happening to us. We were powerless and the more we resisted openly the more we will be punished.

“He said that I won’t be in the room with you. I begged him to make me join you so we suffer together but he refused. I am sorry guys!”

I told them.

“Don’t be stupid! Why would you want to do that? If you can save yourself then save yourself for at least one of us will have been spared! We all wish we were you right now don’t we girls?”

Thandeka asked but neither Nicole nor Khanyi answered. If anything I saw hatred in Khanyi’s eyes.

“Oh come on! We are already fighting amongst us before anything has happened! What will happen then when we come back? Khanyi? Who is going to comfort us? Don’t be ridiculous now!”

Thandeka said to the two girls. Khanyi remained absolutely quiet. She crawled into a foetal position and cuddled herself into a ball on the bed. Nicole just sobbed.

“How good is your Zulu?”

Thandeka asked.

“Its sufficient enough I can hear you speak but can’t answer!”

She explained.

“Its fine, Nicole will translate if she has to.”

Thandeka said and before I could even compose myself enough to concentrate on her she spoke.

“We need to get to a phone. That’s our one and only priority. If I can steal a phone tonight I will but it’s of the utmost importance!”

I got the jist of what she was saying but where was she going to steal the phone from. I directed my answer at Nicole in Tswana since she is Pedi.

“How do we know who has a phone and what happens when we get caught with this phone? Those stables are real guys!”

I told her. After Nicole translated, she burst out laughing. Imagine at a time like this.

“Did I say something funny?”

I asked her a bit confused of which Nicole translated.

“No you didn’t! Just reminded me of a picture I saw, a donkey tied to a chair, not even tired and I think it had a caption which said, ‘oppression is only in the mind'”

I was not sure where she was going with this and thankfully she continued.

“The point is what if the stables don’t exist? He scared us with that and without a shred of proof we concluded it was true!”

Well yeah, we had concluded that but the threat had been made with violence included so it was possibly true.

“How can we prove it wrong? The only way to do that is to find yourself in those stables and I am sorry I am not ready for such!”

I told her making her understand that the joke was only for her not us. It was actually funny seeing Nicole try to change languages and with all the joy taken from us, this little bit of humour was a moment worth cherishing.

“You are right; I am just saying this thing could be a lie that’s all. I will get the phone though don’t worry about that!”

That was the last translation. I was not going to discourage her because I needed that phone badly, we all did.

“Ok then. I am going to lie down, I need to sleep!”

I told her and she said she was sleepy too. We all went on to the bed and we lay down. No one slept though. The fear of tonight was etched in our brains so how do you sleep through that? Good question.

“Ladies it’s time to get ready!”

Was the next voice I heard and it was Fatima’s. We had not slept since we lay down but this was a good three hours later. We had lay there in silence yet the time had flown so quickly.

“You need to start by eating but for today only; food will be brought to you!”

She said. What was going to happen on other days then? No one answers.

“Girls I said get up or else we all get into trouble if you are late!”

She said with more urgency in her voice. The food was brought in by two other women I had not seen so far. They did not look us in the eye either. It smelled good and remember we had not eaten all day.


She said and walked out. At first none of us moved but when food smells good, your stomach can betray you very fast as mine was making embarrassing noises.

“She is right, we need to eat. We don’t know what’s going to happen tonight and if we manage to escape we will all need a full stomach!”

I told Nicole in Tswana who then translated to the others in Zulu. They were reluctant but after the first bite, the cravings took over and they ate. About 20 minutes later a man walked in whom we did not know. We all huddled together in fear.

“Don’t worry am not here to hurt you. I am the doctor. I am going to check you.”

He said in a rather broken English accent but he was an Indian no doubt. Was he even a real doctor? I was the one in front as I had tried to shield them so I went first.

“We are not all bad men. I could be a friend!”

He said trying to reassure us.

“The bad news is we already checked your bloods and for STIs when you arrived and were unconscious. You were all clean and virus free!”

He said.

“Why is that bad news?”

Thandeka asked him defensively,

“Its bad news because if you had infections they would have let you go. It’s good news for them!”

He explained. Forget the questions asked these people had done things to us when we were unconscious. I wanted to vomit but I only managed tears.

“I know you think I am a bad person for doing this but my family needs the money back home. I have to do what I need to do for them to survive!”

He said as he checked my blood pressure and other things. He proclaimed us all healthy. He liked Khanyi best because he spoke to her right through her test. Even the other girls noticed.

Could this be the ally we needed?


Was this just a trick by Ahmed to hear our plans?

Must we speak to him about escaping?

Help me think!

******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I am honoured to have you read my letter. Thank you for your loyalty to us the readers.

I am 24 and I just a new job as a teacher. I have been dating the same girl since high school and she finishes her schooling this year. She will be having a Chemical Engineering degree. I have helped to subsidize some of her fees for the last two years since her mother died and was the main breadwinner in their home. My parents know about her and what happened to her so they understood. The problem is lately I feel jealous and intimidated by her. I used to feel pride and respect for her but ever since the beginning of the year when it fully dawned on me that she will be earning three times my salary I just felt stupid. Some of my friends tease me saying that I won’t be able to keep her on my teacher’s salary and it’s starting to sink in. I really don’t know what to do? Right now she still depends on me for some things but once that’s done what’s to keep her from leaving. I have already applied for further studies through UNISA because of this jealousy in me. Am I wrong to feel like this? I feel guilty for no longer wishing the best for her because of my insecurities. Another person said I should make her pregnant and she too has hinted to wanting a baby. For me to do this I will be doing for all the wrong reasons. I am stuck brothers and sisters please advise me before I mess this up.

Thank You


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  1. Dear Soweto,
    In life their are no guarantees. You can give it your all have your partner walk out of out. Some don’t give much in relationships yet they partners stay with them through out. Having a child for the wrong reasons is not advisable. You are both still young and are just beginning your careers. Their is soo much more to see out their in life and having kids this early on might limit your possibilities. You need to sit down on your own and collect your thoughts. Ask yourself why you did all that you did for her in the past. Be honest and genuine. I know you were not doing it becausint you were expecting an incentive. You did it for the love you had for her and the pride you saw in her. Don’t let outside influences and negative aspects ruin what you both have been building up for soo long. Continue to love and support her. Their are very few men out their who do what you have done. Also be weary of friends who try to put a wedge between you and your woman.

    I wish you all the best and trust that you will no let jealousy be the demise of your relationship.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better. Wise words here.

      Tell her you respect her so much that you will only have a child once yourll are married. She will be happy to hear that

  2. Your friends are jealous of you SOWETO – the minute you dump her, they will date her.
    You must be happy that she will be earning more money – that means you wont have that burden of support – you can both work together and build an even better future together.

    Show her respect & love & she will also do the same.

  3. I now realise there r two sides of a coin its clear to Me these blessers come with a lot of trouble we all wana go to Dubai but no woman wana save for that trip its a shame really South African girls love freebies

    1. And they love microwave success, they dont want to earn an honest living at all. They will sell their souls to the devil if it means they will get paid for it.

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome as always.

    Portia said it hey, Soweto bruh if she is gonna leave there’s nothing you can do to stop her, you loved this woman and still do, you supported this woman and still do, if she decides the relationship aint worth it because of your salary margins then my guy HADE. Its a possibility but then again if she were to do that then she is definitely not what you should be with, God will reveal this for you.

    If she wants a man that earns more than her then you are not it, what she wants will be the major factor here coz you do have a job and its a decent one, regardless of the amount you earn. But ke Chris Brown gon’said ‘These **** aint loyal’

    All the best brother.


  5. You’re not stuck, ungcolile bhuti, you are cruel. It is ohkay to feel jealous and maybe to an extent envious about other’s success. But to wish the woman you claim to love, failure. That is cruelty and fragile masculinity. You say she is dependent on you, as her provider financially, emotionally and otherwise. Why are you then weighing your relationship in monetary value instead of love. I am sure that girl values what you have done for her so much and wishes she could do so much for you and your future, but here you are, being fragile like a little wounded bird. Be enough with what you have and who you are or you will lose. Life will show you flames. You need to realise that if you want 3 times your salary, then work for it dammit! Do not dim the poor girl’s light just because yours does not shine bright. What love is this, because all I see is feeling of inadequacy and feelings of being small. You do realise that if you make her pregnant for this reason of your jealousy, that child will forever be a reminder of your selfishness, small minded behaviour. Subasisi denge, funda, support your girlfriend and do not measure your life with your salary slip as you will forever be unhappy in this life. Yhu!

  6. Dear Soweto, after I graduated and started a business my ex broke up with me because he said my life was going great and that hurt me to the core because he was there for me and I couldnt be there for him. So one thing you should know is that your girlfriend knows who she is dating she is not dating a teacher but a man she loves, she loves you she will still love. So don’t le your insecurities ruin your relationship because she won’t leave because your a teacher she will leave because you insecure. Just treat her the same

  7. yohhh i feel sorry for the girls. Thixo wase Gorge Goch

    Dear Soweto yohh braa ive been in the simillar situation if you are furthering your studies it is good but for the fact that you feeling jealous it is your friends that are giving you that mind set. But all i could say is further your studies and make sure you pass not for the sake that you want to be better it will bite you at the end if that is the case.

  8. Thanks Mike
    QnA, your fear is real and I understand even the “cruelity”that someone referred to. Now as a big man you should know that you are playing in big league so be strong.
    Firstly as Cego says, dont feel pity for yourself but know that she is ready to give you support and be with you. However, secondly, know that her life will be growing faster than you can sneeze, so pick your socks.
    Women in her position normally would be very discouraged if you dont do anything to improve yourself. Remember her friends will be dating colleagues and other professionals who makes twice than them which may open opportunities for her to stray, so keep her hopes high. So your registration with UNISA is a good start! I hope you are not aiming for Honors/Masters in Education but are looking for other professions, like Law. If you register Law hoping to finish it within the next four to eight years, you will get her deepest respect.

    Strong women want a man with hope of being much better that he is, the moment you stop studying (failing) you are selling what the two of you have.

  9. Dear Soweto

    I concur with Bhejane. Everything happens for a reason, nothing in this world happens by chance. Really maybe she is just the yardstick u need in order to develop yourself.

    Ubuzofunda nini ke vele? Develop yourself not as a means to compete but to be on the same par as her.

  10. I once had a teacher while I was @ school who studied had cause his wife earned more than her n said he didn’t feel man enough cos his salary only paid municipality n fone bill his wife stayed bcos she loved him n he strived 2make his life better cos he want to feel like a man of de house n @de end he got de respect he looked 4 an de love he always wanted if ur love 4 her inspire u 2 do beta then go 4 it cos if u don’t ur ego will sabotage de relationship before u enjoy the fruits

  11. I just feel I should comment on this one as well. SOWETO 1st let me say big ups for being the man that not even men twice your age are willing to be. you took that gurl, loved her, gave her a future she would have never had. All the while you knew thag she was gonna be earning very bug bucks once she finishes school and you supported her anyways. continue my brother, continue being the good hearted amd supportibe partner that you are. All that will pay off at the end. instead of seing her salayry as a threat, rather consider it a blessing. goodluck and God bless

  12. Eish Palesa! How can she explain to the girls in English, the guy probably heard them before they changed the language. Am really scared, can’t wait for Friday. Thanks Mike

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