Young Employed and Single

YES 96

I don’t know why I like defying rules. I was warned that I must stay away from Simba until the case goes our way but

here I was getting ready to go have drinks with him. It’s like I had a tokoloshi following me around that did not want me to get paid. Crap now that I was going to be a Sangoma did this now mean I should believe in such things? This was hard. As for Simba, I must say though this guy was resilient. The first time I met him I had made derogatory remarks about him and his nationality, moment of weakness on my part. The problem is if you grow up in a community that looks down on other nationalities you pick up bad habits even if personally you don’t eve believe in such things. When it comes to anything foreign my mother had a very sharp tongue. Its funny how no matter how badly she wanted me to get a man and a child, a foreign guy was simply not an option. Even going on this date would be an upfront to her but Simba after what I said at the wedding that should have been the last time he ever spoke to me but nope, he had risen above all that. In fact at some point he had even saved my job. What more can a girl want? A lot of girls say they can’t find a man but the reality is there are so many guys that hit on them that they won’t even give a chance. Imagine, just a chance not your hand in marriage and I was probably one of those girls.

“Thank you for coming!”

He said when I got there. He was actually waiting for me by the door way.

“I told you I would come. I needed to breathe. Did you think I was going to stand you up?”

I asked him.

“Girls can surprise you I guess!”

Somehow I liked the fact that he had called me a girl as opposed to woman or maybe am just being childish.

“Well then my good sir I hope me showing up was a good surprise then!”

I said with a smile on my face. I was dressed simple but nice, longish flowing dress and heels. I did not want to dress like these teenage looking girls in their short dresses, it’s over done now. Imagine showing up looking like Zodwa at Eyadini with no panties on just for the love of pictures on Facebook nogal! Nah fam, ke shap! When it comes to social media Facebook is like starting to chew tobacco in an age of twisp hoping it will help you quit.

“You look great by the way!”

He told me and I thanked for the compliment and passed it right back.

“Is it ok if I record this part?”

I asked him.

“What part?”

I took out my phone and I put the voice recorder on.

“I am Lungile Mbatha having drinks with Mr. Simba Tizora and at no point shall we discuss work related stuff so help me God. Simba raise your hand and say it so help me God.”

He did so with a baffled look on his face but he said what I wanted him to say. There we go it was done. He was laughing and he said,

“So to avoid us talking about work you swear us in, that’s clever, I like that!”

He said. I think he thought I was joking. You know if two people work in the same profession and you go out, you end up talking about work which really sucks so I think Simba thought I was doing that to avoid that eventuality.

“So why did you pick me for drinks I am very certain in that black book of yours you have many people you can call?”

I asked him curiously. It’s true; men that are accomplished like Simba tend to have lots of options.

“Funny enough I have none of those. I have lots of friends but we have shared enough drinks for me to know me and they can only end up ever being friends. There is nothing more unfortunately and it is how it is.”

He said honestly. We ordered drinks and started chatting. Simba was actually 35 which made him very old in my books.

“Why don’t you have kids?”

I asked him.

“I had a child once and she died when she was four. She had a tumour in her head!”

He explained casually. I gave my condolences but I could see he that he had dealt with pain already and moved on from that part of his life.

“Do you have kids?”

He asked me.

“No no no I don’t have kids!”

I said taking a swig at my drink.

“Do you not like kids?”

He asked again.

“I do but from a distance. I am not very exposed to children but I don’t think I would mind having them. I just don’t want to get fat in the process!”

She said and we laughed at that.

“I want kids still. I grew up surrounded by family and for me I want that you know. I want to go to church every Sunday with my family and come back to Sunday lunch. I want to play chess and soccer with kids in my backyard, take them to sports to school and all that jazz!”

He explained. He must have been getting drunk but the way he said that showed he was a mature man who knew where he was in life and what should happen next.

“That’s very sweet. I bet you play good soccer then!”

I asked him and he laughed,

“I am terrible at it. My brothers do though. They play every week in those boozers’ leagues. In fact they are playing tomorrow Monday after work I should take you there is pretty fun!”

He said. Crap I had forgotten its Monday now I to worry about legal issues. My face just went glum at that thought and it showed.

“Oh is soccer not your thing? Your face just went blank!”

He signalled with his hand.

“No sorry, a thought just came to my mind I meant nothing by it I am sorry.”

I was about to break my no work talk rule imagine. Simba was a more mature thinker. We spoke about politics mostly and he had a sense of humour of his own. He was steady. He had just come out of a five year relationship where his partner had cheated with a friend of his. He says he had not taken it well and took to drinking but he was now steadying himself again.

“Are you trying to make me your rebound?”

I asked him and he laughed.

“I don’t believe in rebounds it’s an abusive system even if you think you are each using each other. Its especially worse if one was single already not coming out of a relationship. The one who was single if they allow themselves to be a rebound then they are the ones who are being used and often end up getting hurt.”

He explained. He always had depth to what he said. It was a very straightforward talker who reassured you. Comparing him to Sfiso and Mbuso he was actually very different. Sfiso was humorous, full of jokes and you questioned whether he could ever take anything seriously. He surely did make me laugh though and I love to laugh. Mbuso was more the serious type but it was circumstance. He was quiet and hard to make open up. I had actually noticed when Ntheti was not there or even Esethu Mbuso hardly said much. However, to his credit, he was a super loving man. He was blue collar though mmmm. Simba I have already described, three very distinct men and one me, each with their own complications.

“I think it’s time we get those Ubers back!”

He said checking the time. It was 11pm and I won’t lie I was actually having a lot of fun with him. He was a gentleman and very protective.

“The bill is here, I called you on this date so I will pay. You said there will be a second date at a place of your choice and guess what; it was your idea so you will pay!”

He said laughing as he paid the bill. I am sure he was kidding. We shared the Uber even though we lived in opposite directions. I was getting dropped off first. I asked to be dropped at the gate because I wanted to stretch a bit after drinking so much. The truth is I did not want to bump into Mbuso.

“I had a great time!”

He said when the Uber parked. I walked out and he walked out. I thought he was going to kiss me but he did not. He gave me a hug then when he stepped back he said something I was not sure what he meant,

“There is something here!”

Pointing to both of us then he simply walked away living me stunned. I know what it means but the boldness and the directness in how he said it, that was in your face and could not be hidden from.

“We shall see Mr. Tizora!”

I said to myself as I walked into my estate. I was drunker than I thought. I could not even keep my balance as I stumbled through. This is why I prefer estate living, the ability to be able to walk at night like this. I got to my place and I noticed that Mbuso’s lights were still on but the doctor’s car was not there. I went in and I lay down on the couch. These heels had been killing me I could not wait to get rid of them.

I had not laid there for five minutes before I got a call from my sister hysterical,

“Its mama! She is in hospital and it’s not one of her games. They say she collapsed in the driveway going to lock the gate!”

That was my sister in a panicked voice. I could hear noises in the background meaning they were already at the hospital. I was too drunk to drive and the only person I could ask, fuck!


Why was he always there mara?

*******The End ***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Friends

This has had to be the toughest week I have ever experienced. I am not a good space at all right now but with God I will survive this. I am sorry for not posting.

God Bless


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  1. U will get through watever situation u facing. In Jesus name we pray that God protects u n May He fight ur battles. May He makes u strong… Amen

  2. Whatever it is that caused your not so good space, I wish it passes swiftly we definitely missed the chapters, it was torturous to open the website every hour and find nothing.

    I wish you well Mike

  3. We grateful for this post so much,May you pull through this time….they say it passes,I say go through it all in its fullness

  4. You are in our prayers Mike. Keep pushing and it shall all come to pass. Thank you for keeping us updated and God’s speed to you.

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