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Dubai, one of the seven emirates is known as the centre for prostitution ad sex tourism in the Middle East. That is

the part that they don’t put in the travel brochures for all of you to see and they focus on Dubai Mall and camels. What’s so fascinating about sand and camels when you complain when there is drought and you scared of a cow? It’s called liking things. Its humbling how so many girls are educated but will not take a moment to research this Dubai they all want to go to so badly. We are so naïve in that we genuinely believe that all that glitters could be gold and fail to read the fine print. We get so angry when we feel disrespected as women but want to rush a country where women can’t even spell the word ‘respected’. Now look at us, being asked to touch each other by a man we don’t even know just because we are greedy little fools! I read somewhere that men hate lesbians because it’s never the pretty ones that end up together just the butch boyish ones. That’s not true; the reality is men have a fascination with two women together. Think of every naughty game you have ever played such as spin the bottle or those drinking games, the highlight was always when one girl kissed another. I don’t know what it is about us being together that gets them off but it’s like that, men love it. We do it for fun and even have songs about kissing other girls but when it comes to men it means something totally different.

“Sir I am not a lesbian…”

Nicole said trembling but she did not stop Khanyi from awkwardly touching her body. She was touching her arms and her legs.


Ahmed called out and the maid came running in. She was absolutely terrified of him.

“Go fetch me my whip!”

He said. Fatima looked at him with horror in her eyes then ran off to fetch it. There were four of us and there was one of him. Surely we could take him on. The only problem was how would we leave this island even if we managed to subdue him. Fatima came back and she had the whip. He swung it across the air and it made a wisp sound but did not hit anyone. It was his intention to make us hear that. The sound alone was enough to make Nicole comply and start touching Khanyi back. I had a lump in my throat as I was crying. This was my entire fault. Each and every one of these people was here because of me.

“Now take each other’s clothes off!”

He said setting up a video camera which he took out from under the TV stand thing or at least that’s what I thought it was.

“Do it slowly so I can enjoy it. Fatima go prepare a room for them!”

He said sadistically. Fatima, oh I hated that woman already, took her bow and ran out as though her life depended on it. She left us with this monster. Khanyi was the first to take off Nicole’s clothes. Nicole was model thin but not bony. She was probably a size 30 sometimes 32. She was wearing a white thong and no bra because when you dress in those sexy dresses usually a bra is not needed depending on how big your boobs are. If you go clubbing just look at the slender girls and you will see that bra’s are oppressive and underwear is optional.

“Beautiful, beautiful now you take her clothes off!”

He encouraged Nicole did the same and when they were off he looked at them irritated and said,

“I don’t have to tell you to take off the panties too do I?”

He asked them.

“And do it to each other at the same time!”

He said. He was not gleeful or over excited. It showed that this was something he had done before. Both girls hesitated and they were crying loudly now but he did not care. Khanyi is my best friend, I might say bad things about her and seeing her like this made me want to die. They pulled off each other’s panties and now they stood there stark naked each trying to cover her privates. It was so degrading. I know am female and have seen female bodies so many times but this was just beyond nasty. It’s a fact, context matters!

“Now you, the one I slapped lie down with legs open and you go eat her out!”

He said directing Khanyi to lie down and Nicole to eat her out. I wanted to vomit right there and then but I steadied myself. Nicole looked at him as though to make a plea but she one look at that whip made her think twice.

“I don’t have all day, do it!”

He said calmly but you could sense the undertones of impatience under his breath. Khanyi lay down and closed her eyes. I think she was praying as the tears rolled down the sides of her face. Nicole went down on her knees and started. I can’t even say it because the thought made me want to throw up even worse now.

“You, the chubby one…”

He said pointing to Thandeka. She was not chubby but she was slightly bigger than me.

“Yes, yes sir!”

She responded trying to look away from what was happening to her friend.

“Come give me a blowjob!”

He said lifting his dress thingy for her. She looked around as though hoping someone would protect her but there was no one. He was already hard.

“Girls, if I cum before you who is lying down has an orgasm I am going to let my horses fuck you all night!”

He said menacingly. Immediately I saw Nicole put more effort into it. She might have never been with a woman but I could see from here that the fear made her put more effort into what she was doing.

“If they orgasm before I cum it is you that will sleep with horses tonight!”

He said to Thandeka holding her head in place. Ladies there is nothing more degrading than giving your man head and he holds your head there by force now imagine being forced to do it by a stranger.

“A horse will kill them!”

I protested to him and I was right. That thing is huge and how did he expect them to have sex with a horse. We have all heard that Arabs are kinky and they do weird things but sure this was just a threat.

“Hurt them yes, but not kill them. Fatima can take a horse so you can too!”

He said smiling enjoying his blowjob. Thandeka was sobbing now but she did not dare take that thing out of his mouth. In less than a minute I heard Khanyi moan out loud and let out a shriek but at the very same time Ahmed came. He grunted like the pig he was and held Thandeka’s head in place,

“Swallow everything!”

He demanded. She did as she was told. Khanyi had really orgasmed because from where I was seated I could see a puddle. The couch was wet. Now they all waited to see who had lost because the thought of a horse.


He called out. The maid ran back into the room.

“Who is at the stables?”

He asked.

“Its Akbar today but I have not seen him!”

She explained.

“No please don’t, it was a draw. We did everything you asked for and did not give you problems!”

Nicole protested. She was on her knees begging. Her mascara was running with the tears and she looked a pitiful site.

“Ok you have a point. Take them to their room; they must all bath because they are stinking!”

He said and just like that he walked out. He was done using his toys and discarded them like garbage.

“Follow me!”

Fatima said without a sympathetic tone to her voice. How can another woman not feel sorry for us like this? I ran to Khanyi and Nicole to comfort them but they both gave me this look of hatred. They blamed me and I can’t blame them. All three girls had done something except me. To them I was being favoured at their expense. We walked to the room in silence.

“You all bath together now at the same time because if Master Ahmed comes and finds one of you not bathed he will beat all of you for it!”

She warned us. We did not need to be told twice. We all stripped and found ourselves in the huge tub. The three girls were crying except me and that made me feel even guiltier.

“I am so sorry guys!”

I said to them but no one answered. Each person was in their own battle with themselves telling themselves God knows what.

“We need to find a way to escape. Thandeka your Nigerian guys are still here, right now they are our best bet to escaping from here!”

I said what needed to be said.

“I don’t know their number by head and even if I did why would I give it to you because you are the one who set us up!”

She accused me.

“Yes she is right! It was you, that’s why they won’t touch you. You sold us into slavery for money! How could you?”

Nicole chirped in through her tears.

“Now hold on a minute, I had nothing to do with this. I was drugged too and I woke up here. I tried to look for you and was told you were in a different house. That’s all I know!”

I left out the father part because my fear was out of anger one of the girls would reveal the truth then it would end up being me on a horse.

“Sam is the one who set this up!”

Khanyi said calmly. I thought she was going to attack me like the other two but she did not.

“Remember we questioned why he wanted to come to Dubai when it was just the two of us. This is why. Palesa is right; we need to make a plan. What we did in there was nothing compared to what they are going to be planning for us. I heard the guy on the boat saying something about a party tonight and I have a feeling we will be the entertainment. Let’s worry about that!”

She said. She put her head back in her hands and gave us all a chance to think. She had a point. We were worried about have done things to each other when our main worry should have been who is going to do what to us.

“I want to go home!”

Nicole cried but not one of us could console her because we were in the same predicament.

I wanted to go home too!

******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Friends

I am sorry about what happening this week. I suffered a psychotic break but am on the mend. There is just so much happening in my life right now am not in a good space. You know when things start going well something always happens to test you. It really is a bad time in my life. I will try fulfil all my weekly commitments though.

Thank You


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  1. Thanks for the good read Mike. Remember that God will never forsake you. Glad to have you back. We were worried sick about you.

  2. Bhuti Mike please focus on getting well the blog can wait it’s not worth stressing about it if you are dealing with serious issues. Yes we will be bored but take yourself as priority.
    We love the work you do and we thank God for the Lessons you are giving us through your writing.

    Please Mike take care of yourself first before anything else please.

  3. Sorry to hear that Mike, take all the time you need to heal and be ok again. Take care.
    Thank you for the wonderful read though, you are damn good! I can visualise the whole thing, and feel the emotions.

  4. So sorry to hear what you are going through Mike please take time out and recoup we will still be here waiting for you to sort yourself out

  5. God will give you strength and thank you for the blog we learn a lot The plans he has for us is to prosper us and give hope kuzoba sharp

  6. Hi Mike I am really sorry to hear that. My prayers are with you and always remember God is with you and you are loved by many people. Please see someone and take it one day at a time. May God be with you at all times

  7. Get well soon Mike, please don’t over work urself, do what u need to do to get better and take things from there.but I think doing what you love should take your mind off things. Wish u all the best

  8. You know how any guy couldve loved to see Nicole and Khanyi doing each other, but under those conditions shem #BonerDololo. The liking of things aneh girls..

    Thanks Mikeesto, Hope you recover fully bro and if you need to take time off then Im sure the fam will understand, your good health in the long run will determine the survival of this massive blog so suffering for a fortnight for us will be worth it in the long run.


  9. Bhut’ Mike. Take care of you. How do you pour from an empty cup? Be kind to self, be kind to heart. You are doing your best. Rome was not built in a day. Siyabulele but take care of self then you can do for others. May the universe be with you.

  10. With God you’ll overcome whatever challenges life has thrown at you, no matter what happens to put you down KEEP PUSHING and NEVER GIVE UP.

  11. God be with you in these trying times Mike, the good Lord will pull you through and His forever with you. We love you and please take care of yourself.

  12. Bhut Mike we are all so thankful for your blog, it is so entertaining and has taught us all great lessons, we hardly know you but we feel connected to you through your writing. I have personally been through some tough times and reading this blog helped me alot. Your family to us and all we want is the best for you. And I pray God be with you in these tough times and we are all here for you. Rest and be well…lots of love💜

  13. Thank you ever so much Mike am truly greatful for the passion and love you have for your writing and us the readers.
    I also share the same sentiments that you recover and take time out if needs be as that will ensure the blog lasting. I pray that the good Lord heal you and take care.

  14. Mr Mike, you have been giving us a good read daily for a few years now. At this present moment your health is more important than the blog, if you need to take time off then take it. We appreciate the work you put in everyday and we love your work, now its time for you to take care of yourself and for us to support you.
    Hope you get well soon

  15. Take the time bhut Mike and get Well.
    We appreciate your that you think of us even when you are not well. But your health comes first, please take care…we’ll wait.
    God bless

  16. Its so sad what this girls are going through, but its so unfair for Palesa not to taste her own medicine,
    Mike get well soon, we will pray for you

  17. Mike, take all the time you need. In October 2015 my decline began and I crashed in December. it took its toll on me for months after that. I hope u are much, much better and take as many breaks as u need. You’re in our prayers

  18. Mike, take all the time you need.. Your health comes first. Thank u for thinking of us in even in sickness but we can wait. Your selflessness is appreciated but your health is more important. I hope u are much, much better and take as many breaks as u need. You’re in our prayers

  19. Hey brada Mikie, hope UR on the mending way. Best wishes man.
    Learn to delegate some more bhuti let the new writers take most of the space while U recover. May God be with U broer.

  20. Great Read… Ofole hle samma, rememeber your health takes priority so if you are not coping take a break and retla kwishisha.

    O fole and I will be praying for your recovery.

  21. Mike, you are much more important to us, the blog can wait. Please take time off to recover, like all my fellow brothers n sisters have stated. Wishing you a speedy recovery. May God give you strength and uplift you.

  22. Thankx bhuti ..we were worried about you, Get well and its only fair that you focus on getting well, We can wait! God z with you

  23. Thank you Bra Mike for thinking about us, maybe take some time out. Get better soon. We can wait, as long as you are well and healthy

  24. Bhuti Mike you are one of the kind, dedicated to your work and loyal to us readers…Get well soon and take good care of your health we still need you more than you ever know.

  25. Bhut Mike, your health matters. Take time out if you have to, we will survive. Wishing you a speedy recovery, God is with you. You will be ok. Stay blessed

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