Missteps of a Young Wife


We swiftly made our way out of the building and into the parking lot, I looked at her and thought we are screwed, how are we going to get out of this place, just when I thought we were home free now this, these crazy idiots didn’t think this plan through, I knew that it was just a matter of minutes before the real nurses and doctors come rushing out through those doors. I don’t know why I was stupid enough to follow these people they were in there for a reason, I was now starting to think that I was as much of a crazy person as they were. Before I could tell Lizeka how stupid I thought she was, she removed a set of key from her pocket and waved them in front of my face, when I realized it was car keys I could have kissed her right there and then, I jumped up and down with joy hugging her, she pressed the remote and I heard that click-click sound to a car that was parked not too far from us and we both went to the car running, while we were running to the car, I told her to give me the keys I was going to drive, she refused and said she came with the idea and she would be the one driving us.

I wasn’t bothered as long as she got us out of that place, we got inside the car, it was a BMW Automatic, she looked at me and asked where first gear was, I told her to come to the passenger side because I was not about to give her driving lessons, to my surprise she listened. I drove we got to the security gate and that’s when I started sweating but the security was busy chatting to his friend and didn’t bother checking he just opened the boom gate, I was grateful for that and as I was driving off I looked in the rear-view mirror and I saw our fellow crazy people running behind us and I speed off because I knew the security would be alerted that something is not right. As we were driving it dawned on me that I had no idea where we were or where we were going, I asked my passenger and she said I shouldn’t worry she would direct me, all I wanted was to get in the freeway then make my way home, I had no phone, no GPS nothing I had Lizeka to whom I didn’t think was completely there in the head, she definitely had a few screws missing.

We arrived at some house that she directed me to, she told me it was her aunt’s house but her aunt had died and left the house to her sister and her sister was overseas so the house was basically abandoned, I didn’t believe the story but I acted along and she took me to the back she said she didn’t’ have the key so she broke the bathroom window and jumped inside and left me standing there in disbelief that we were actually breaking into some person’s house, while I was still surprised by this she opened the back kitchen door and shouted for me to come in, the house was dusty and I could see no one had stayed there for a while, Lizeka went straight to the fridge saying she’s looking for beer, unlucky for her the fridge was empty.

I just wanted to sleep, I know in a situation like this I should have been upbeat and excited but I think my body was so used to those drugs and that lazy life of a mental institution that I was always tired and drugged up. She ransacked the house, only God knows what she was looking for this time, I wasn’t bothered asking what the hell she was looking for, I found a bedroom and told her to wake me up after an hour, she asked why and I told her because I would be going home. “Going home? Are you crazy? That is the first place where the police are going to look for us, at our homes, stupid” she said looking at me annoyed, but she was right if I were to go home I would be definitely be found and sent back to the crazy world kicking and screaming.   I could not think straight, I wanted to sleep, I swear they must have given me something that weakens you at that place, there was no way a normal person could be this tired from doing absolutely nothing. She told me she was also feeling tired and she said they put meds in our food, that is why we were both so sleepy, my mind wondered off to our fellow crazy people that were running to the gate, they must have been caught by now, the running on foot, the plan was not so smart for them. I got in the bed and immediately feel asleep, I didn’t dream at all, I had a nice peaceful sleep, the bed was hard and uncomfortable but beggars can’t be choosers, when I eventually woke up my body was painful, it felt like I had slept on the floor.

I went to go find Lizeka to tell her how uncomfortable her dead aunt’s bed was, it was probably what killed her. I looked for her in the lounge, kitchen I looked everywhere she wasn’t there, where could this stupid woman be, I looked out the window and the car was gone. “Ohhh crap, the stupid bitch probably figured out how to drive an automatic” I said out loud running outside because I was suddenly not sure if where I was looking is where I had parked the car earlier, I ran around the house five times trying to make really sure that the car was really gone, I blame the medication, it was still in my system, when I finally accepted that I had been played by a crazy woman I slowly made my way inside the house wondering what in God’s name was I going to do with myself. I had no money, no phone, no id and probably wanted by police, I was a fugitive, I was on the run from cops, it all reminded me of Mthobisi and before I could go down memory lane the door opened and my heart almost leaped out of my mouth it was Lizeka, she was back, huffing and puffing, I didn’t hear any car sounds so I immediately looked out the window and there was no car. “Where is my car?” I said looking giving her the death look. “Your car? You really are crazy aren’t you? You drive a stolen car for thirty minutes and suddenly it’s yours. I’ve got news for you crazy friend, that car was hot, it was going to lead the police straight to us, I had to get rid of it.” I swear this girl had more brain cells working than I did, I did not for a second think of that but I guess spending months in a mental institution being feed all kinds of medication will eventually fry your brain cells and your body will become dependent on medication. I apologised for misjudging her and asked where she had left the car and she said she left it on the freeway facing the opposite direction from ours.

I asked her how she got home and she said she ran all the way, I must have been sleeping for a long time for her to have gone and come back. “I’m going to take a bath, you should get out of those hospital clothes” she said glaring at my clothes. I told her I had no extra clothes since I had not planned an escape and didn’t know I was going to be a free man who needs a bath and a change of clothes. She told me to take anything from her aunt’s closet, her aunt had very good fashion sense and she was sure I would love the clothes. She went to bath while I went to change my clothes I couldn’t find anything nice, all her clothes were big and ugly, I don’t know what Lizeka meant when she said her aunt had a great fashion sense. I eventually settled for some ugly ass purple skirt that had pink and blue flowers and a peach top, the whole outfit looked disturbing but once again, I was a beggar therefore I could not be a chooser. I was hungry so I went to the kitchen and raided the fridge, yep it was still empty, I checked the cupboard there was mealie-mealie in a bucket and rice in another bucket. I grabbed the rice and place it in a pot and on the stove, I didn’t care that we had no meat or anything else to eat that was another day’s stress not that day, hunger will humble you shem.

After waiting for over forty minutes Lizeka finally came out of the bath, she said she was resting in the bath and it felt good taking a bath knowing that there is no forced activity after like group therapy or lunch with the fellow crazies, I laughed because I knew exactly what she meant. I told her I had cooked and she got excited and told me she was starving. We went to the kitchen and I dished up the rice and gave her the milk, she asked where I had gotten the milk from I had found powder milk in the cupboards and thought we could eat the rice with it, Lizeka and I were both happy, we were grateful that we were going to go to bed that night on a full stomach even if it was filled with a very unusual mixture of food, it was already dark outside when we had out dinner. “How long do you think we can stay here for?” I asked her thinking about the nice food at home and comparing it to the food I was eating, I was feeling sorry for myself. Lizeka said maybe for a work or two, just until the heat on us died down.

I wondered if our photos were going to be splashed in newspapers. Lizeka told me to stop being stupid, we were not some kind of celebrities so our pictures were definitely not going to make any headlines and if anything the hospital was going to do everything in their powers to hide the fact that two of their patients had managed to escape we were both sure that the others were caught and sent back to the mental institution and were probably on higher dose of medication so they can never try and escape again.   Each time Lizeka spoke she made so much sense she was really smart, I asked her what she did for a living and she was very vague about it she just said “this and that” what the hell does that even mean.   I decided to let it go because I could sense that she was not comfortable with answering my questions so I left it.

We chatted about family and she didn’t open up to me that much she just told me she had a sister and brother, didn’t say much about her parents, I figured that her parents must have been the ones that sent her to the mental people’s place which is why she has so little to say about that, I didn’t understand how a smart girl like her could be in a place like that but who was I to judge. “Where you serious when you said your husband was a mafia?” she asked looking at me with an inquisitive look, I laughed and told her that I just wanted to make them respect me and be scared of me, she burst out laughing and said “I knew it, I knew it, I could tell from a mile away that you grew up in money, spoilt, rich housewife who was there because she is bored.” Wow that was very judgemental of her, I told her as much and she apologized.

While we were still having this get to know each other chat we heard sirens, it wasn’t one but a few of them. Lizeka stood up and peaked out of the curtain and said “I think we’ve been found, shit, shit, shit, I can’t go back to that place again, I would rather die, my aunt had a gun, I’m getting it and I am blowing my brains out before they get to us and you should do the same.”

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  1. Hahahahahahahaha.. Lizeka is such a character shem… I cannot wait to find out about Mthobisi thou…

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