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I knew he had a business trip here but I did not know he had friends. I was very surprised by this because again Sam was not the type to introduce you to people. I had known him for as long as I have and he had never once come with a friend.

“Mohammed, Ahmed this is Palesa and Faith!”

He said with a smile on his face. Is it just me or do these people all have the same name. Mohammed is their major prophet but imagine the looks you will get if you named your child Jesus. Goodness, those religious people will crucify you for it. It’s like a violation for them.

“Pleasure to meet you!”

I said calmly with a smile on my face.

“And who are you friends?”

He asked me.

“This is Nicole and Thandeka!”

I introduced them. They were polite in their responses. I had a tinge of jealousy at the way both the Arab men looked at Nicole. She was tall and slender, model like and you know how all these wannabe white people like tall and slender. I was stuck with my old man. Humbling indeed.

“Well ladies, Sam told us that you need a party to attend and seeing that we don’t really club we going to have a party at our place. We already have some friends over and allow us to be your hosts as visitors to our country!”

Ahmed said with that Arab accent of his. I must say it’s not the most romantic accent but knowing that he was foreign and probably wearing LB sandals under that dress of his made him the sexiest man alive.

“That would be awesome. We were so bored. Can our friends come too, I am sure you were only prepared for two!”

Khanyi said offering us up on a silver platter.

“Of course, any friends of yours is a friend of ours. Sam do you agree?”

Ahmed asked him. Looking closely I realized that Mohamed did not really talk and from the way he stood you would think he was a bodyguard or something. I did not allow my mind to dwell too long on that though.

“Come let’s talk on the side…”

Sam said to Ahmed. I suppose he was going to ask him if it was a good idea bringing along girls they don’t know to their mansion. You know some South African girls steal hey especially the pretty ones. I had a friend once who always said every time he brought a hot girl from him she would steal something so I take his word for it. More importantly however it gave me a chance to speak to Thandeka and Nicole,

“Guys won’t you get into trouble with your Naija guys if they come back and find you gone?”

I asked them.

“We probably will but when will I ever get a chance to get into a house of a real Arab. Don’t worry, we will blame you. I will tell them that we went to see you cousin then got stranded there and since we have no reception we could not come back!”

Thandeka responded and we all laughed because that had to be the lamest excuse ever.

“We will work on some other lie on our way there!”

I said refusing the lie. Sam came back to us and said,

“We had come with only one car so we were sorting that out. A car is on its way now and it’s not far so can the girls go get ready!”

He said sweetly. Sam is always so boring but for today I could kiss him shem. He was being spontaneous and allowing us to party. It’s like he was a new person altogether.

“Ok cool. You are going to have to wait with your friends so Khanyi and I can go change!”

I told.

“Bring your bathing suits ladies we have a heated pool so people will be swimming!”

Ahmed said. Mmmm fancy, a heated pool, you hear that! In South Africa you can’t have a heated pool because Eskom does not have enough electricity and EFF people will come to your house to remind that you stealing from the poor your days are numbered.

“Oh wow this is great hey. I am so excited!”

The girls were all saying when we left. Khanyi was probably the happiest because it meant she would not have to spend most of her time with Sam and me. I was the saddest because well, I was with Sam when others had hunks and Arabs.

“I am going to wear pants!”

I told Khanyi. I know these people have many rules and stuff so the last thing I wanted to do was offend. I wore skinny jeans but Khanyi would hear nothing of it. She wore her short red dress which she always said made her look taller. It’s so weird how when we go clubbing that outfit is sexy and normal but here I felt it was too much. We didn’t take long because Sam was calling already saying we had to go. I had forgotten Thandeka and Nicole’s numbers unfortunately meaning we would have to wait for them when we got downstairs. Sam was going to be mad.

“How do I look?”

Khanyi asked me as she finished applying her lipstick.

“You look amazing.”

I told her and she did too but I was not sure still if this was the occasion to be showing extra thigh. In South Africa women have rights to do almost anything they want but here they didn’t so we must be cautious.

“Oh looks like the other girls are here already!”

Khanyi said as soon as we stepped out of the elevator. They were indeed and suddenly I was the one who looked overdressed in seconds. They were dressed exactly like Khanyi! Short right dresses, legs and thighs out.

“Hey guys sorry we late!”

Khanyi spoke out first before I could say anything. She really was excited.

“Finally. You look good ladies!”

Sam said. The Arab guys also complemented us. It made me feel a bit better about this feeling of being under dressed when I was the most covered.

We drove for about 20 minutes before we got to this big house. There were cars outside meaning that the party was real it was not made up. When we entered there were already many people there mostly men though. Come to think of it, parties with more men than women are actually quite universal. I think it was two guys to every girl. They spoke in their own language. No one spoke to us.

“Don’t worry the people here are not known for their social skills!”

Sam said to me in Tswana. I don’t think I could remember the last time he spoke vernac to me.

“So why do they invite girls then?”

I asked him rather annoyed by their rudeness. It was mostly fat men to be honest and that dress could not hide that.

“Would you like some drinks?”

A lady came in and said to us. It was a white lady.

“Yes please!”

Thandeka responded. We placed our order. I asked for water but Thandeka and Nicole went straight for the Moet.

“I don’t understand Moet hey, I find it so bitter!”

I told Thandeka.

“I used to think the same but that was a long time ago. Now it’s my drink of choice and frankly speaking if you can’t but me it you don’t deserve to be with me!”

Where there really people that spoke like that? She was a law student and almost done at that but she has such archaic views. I thought Witsies are the ones who are supposed to be pro women standing on their own two feet.

“Your man seems connected. These people are rich!”

She exclaimed. I was surprised too by Sam’s business partners. The music was modern and even though it was older men there was a lot of hip hop. The girls started drinking more and someone suggested we go to the pool. I was still drinking water. For some reason I was not getting into the game. The girls who we found there were already swimming.

“You guys finally decided to come out!”

One of the girls from the house said.

“Yes we did. We were still getting warm you know and now we buzzing!”

Khanyi said

Sam came outside and found Thandeka and Nicole sitting by their pool.

“Are you not going to swim?”

Thandeka asked him

“It’s your party after all!”

She concluded. She was very bold this one.

“Nah swimming is not for me. So girls where are you from?”

Sam asked Thandeka.

“I am from Mooi River, halfway between Johannesburg and Durban.”

She said taking a sip of her Moet. Why was Sam talking to her though? Men can’t be trusted and that dress needed to be pulled down a bit longer.

“Oh I know that town. What’s your surname?”

He asked her.

“Mkhize, why?”

She asked.

“I am just curious. You know at my age we like to ask question like what do your parents do and stuff!”

He told her. She laughed.

“You remind me of my dad; he used to be like that. He used to know everyone but he died though.”

She told him. What did this have to do with anything?

“Sam can I please talk to you!”

I asked calling him to the side.

“You have not spoken to me since we came. Did I do something wrong?”

I asked him.

“I am a bit disappointed. They go all out to get you drinks and then all you do is drink water like really. It’s very disrespectful!”

He said. So this was what all this was about. Ok I know what he means. When you go to a party where everyone else is drinking you are considered rude.

“I am sorry!”

I apologized. He rubbed my back and smiled.

“Please get me a glass of wine!”

I told him and he called the waitress lady for me. I had a glass of wine in my hand in no time. I was actually the last one drinking amongst the girls I noticed. It’s my nature though when I go to a new place I really want to read the situation before I just dive in. The wine tasted funny, not that am an expert but I just figured it was Dubai wine and my taste buds needed to adjust.

“So how do you know these guys?”

I asked him.

“I have a deal with them but it has not been going so well that’s why I had to come urgently.”

He explained.

“Oh ok sorry to hear that. So what are you going to do?”

I asked him concerned. My head hurt a bit I found myself massaging it.

“They want collateral. They asked me to bring my daughter as it!”

His daughter, Aaaaargh my head!

“I am not feeling too good!”

I told Sam as I sat down. My head was spinning at this moment and had I stayed up I am certain I would have fallen.

“Let me get you some water!”

He said and he left me sitting there.

I don’t remember him coming back.

******The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike and readers

I would like to remain anonymous

Iv been seeing this guy for almost two years now and 6months within his relationship I found out his engaged to someone else. I immediately broke it off. Stupidly because I loved him a few months later I went back to him but I was under the impression he had left her and when I paid him a visit it’s a studio apartment so obviously when I step into his bedroom I actually realized that she is still with him and all her belongings are still there. I confronted him about it , and obviously he sold me dreams which I most definitely bought but later on broke it off. this was a continuous pattern that last for almost two years even when I went into new relationships I would break it off when he step into the picture but he remained engaged. A few weeks ago I found out I’m pregnant with his child. Immediately when informed him about he wanted me to abort the baby but I stood my ground but became petty I didn’t necessarily tell his fiancé I warned her about his dealings without spilling the beans to her. She later did her own investigations and found out our affair . She requested a sit Down with all three of us nd she was the sweetest thing ever I even felt so bad because was basically an advocate between her fiancé nd I about the baby she actually put sense into him because he was being an ass about everything, disappearing and not answering my calls nd when he did all I heard was abortion. She obviously left him nd he hated me with everything which was fine , this wasn’t about me it was the about our unborn baby.

Till today he still doesn’t want the baby nd still crys abortion I’m 23, I’m recently unemployed graduating this year his 24 we both in the same situation. He from Zim . I’ve never wanted money from him really because they weathly at home nd we not doing bad at all either .all I want is him to be involved in the baby’s life because my dad wasn’t. We all want better for our kids is that a crime?!. He is at the point of threatening me if I don’t get the abortion he does not want anything with the baby this is what he said “This issue has really caused a world of trouble and stress on both parts. I honestly thought I had gotten through to u on how a child come into this world a burden as opposed to a blessing. If you’re really going to make the commitment of choosing to have this child as opposed to aborting and have the opportunity for us to work through the abortion, then the decision on it is that I don’t want to be involved in any way. Though unfair on the child in every way possible, I’m deciding that I won’t be involved and would like that u respect my decision. Meaning I want no affiliation to it whatsoever, from taking a paternity test nor signing any birth certificate or knowing anything of it from name, when it was born, pictures of it during and after the pregnancy, the progress of the pregnancy, how ur coping with it or your family’s reaction when you tell them you’re pregnant. So essentially as far as I’m concerned the child has been aborted and that’ll be my final knowledge of it, as well as to anyone I know, that knows about it. Of course that would have to mean that all contact between u and I or anyone of ur friends would have to be no more. Deleting each other’s numbers, every conversation we’ve had and we move on with our lives. That’s where I stand.” I honestly don’t know what to do? I’m stuck in place where il be damned if I do it nd il be damned if I don’t.

I would like good advice nd not judgment for you are not God


46 thoughts on “Blessed 71

  1. Sam had her drink spiked.

    Ja ne, its true what they say, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is, most south african men are stingy and thats a fact, they moan having to pay R 25 000 for Lobola, imagine him just giving it to you nje to have fun, that is unusual

    Palesa is screwed, she was selfish and chose Sam over a good man (Neo) now she will pay harshly for it.

  2. He wasn’t writing such an asshole letter when he took off your pants! Nxa! He clearly doesn’t love you and if I were you I would take the child to his parents in Zim and show them the letter. There is no abortion in Zim. Plus there is such a thing as court ordered paternity tests. Whether eh wants to be a dad or not he must pay for ejaculating in you. He should not have texted you then.Otherwise abort and don’t do this again. Some foreign men come with a mentality of thinking that SA women have no standards and they are right when people like you allow to be used like a yoyo so I don’t think he was serious about you at all. Yes only God judges in the end but you should have seen that this situation is going nowhere.You are still young learn and move on and elevate your standards.

  3. I bet you that Sam served Palesa on the platter to the arabs , Lets just hope she doesn’t get gang raped nor fall pregnant in the mist of whatever is in store for her 🙁 On the other hand, Khanyi and the other girls are so thirsty, they need a fountain to quench their thirst. I’m sure Sam won’t even want her after this, in face she might not be the first victim. Damn its going to be a long weekend.

    Ms Anonymous, i can’t help but notice how you put the whole blame on the guy, you found out he was engaged but you still went ahead and fucked in addition with no rubber? what did you expect to get? a promotion? your pattern shows that you are obsessed with this guy and is willing to do whatever you can to be by his side including getting knocked up. Please quit playing victim and clean up the mess you created, having his child wont keep him and you are still young and have your whole life ahead of you. Are you sure you want to bring your child in this world and raise him alone knowing that the father despise him/her? do yourself a favor and terminate that prego and move on with your life, dont bring a burden upon yourself and those you depend on.

    1. Tina your Advise is really bad, you must be very evil to even think of giving such advise of aborting the child mxm I am so disappointed if I may ask what did the unborn baby do to deserve this are you even a woman because if you are haibo sisi uhlasa shem.

  4. There’s nothing I hate then asshole guys, anonymous I say you have a choice to make the good thing here is you know where he stands rather then him pulling a Houdini on you. Plus I feel sometimes it’s not far that women are solely the custodian after the fact of conception that make the choice to keep not to keep…..

  5. At this point in time this guy sees you as an enemy because you took away the woman he loves, so he is acting on that emotion I am not sure if in future he will change his mind or not. In all honesty I think you should respect his decisions to not want to be a part of his child life it is a choice and consider bringing you child into this kind of chaos you repeating the cycle of fatherless children, think about your child. If you can do it on your own than go for it. Advice to all women out there a guy always has a choice to be out his child life you don’t so as a women you have to take care of yourself so not to get pregnant or infected so lets insist on condoms being used, contraceptives taken so we don’t find ourselves in this situation, you won’t die if you don’t have sex if he doesn’t want to use a condom than walk out, trust next time he will have them

  6. Sam is a human trafficker 😒😒😒 see why we must accept what we have and work hard until we get what we want?! Such an ass!!!

  7. This whole things as sex slave all over it. But such are the consequences of bad choices…

    Like the consequences Annonymous made. I mean, call me judgemental and all you want but you knowingly slept with a man who was engaged to another woman, and did so without a condom. I know what I am about to say wont build you in anyway, but you are still young, and can still make even more dumb mistakes. You need to take this as a lesson that actions come with consequences and you cant control what other people do. In the future control yourself and what happens to you as much as possible so that you do not end up with five babies with five fathers. You cant be sleeping with a man who shows no signs of faithfulness and respect for women and then suddenly expect him to man up just because he impregnated you. You made a bad choice and you have to live with the consequences yourself no matter what we say. Yes people will say what about the man, he was also part of this, Yes he was, but ha can and he has walked away. He can go on with his life like nothing ever happened, yet you are stuck with the consequences. This is probably why the family planning injections and pills were first designed for women, because we are the ones who are stuck with the consequences of a failed sexual relationship. No guys, women cant keep putting themselves at such vulnerable positions and we keep blaming the man. I have no sympathy here. However, if you want to force accountability on him, follow the family court procedures, It will not make him love you, but it will make him financially accountable for his choices.

  8. Thanks Mike, awesome read🙌

    Honestly, uyalayeka dear. this guy is giving you what you’ve been looking for, you didn’t think about the possibility of yet another fatherless baby when you had unprotected sex with an engaged guy?

    It’s also annoying how you are acting like a victim, whereas kahle kahle you victimised yourself, you knew what you were getting yourself into. My advice, keep the baby if you don’t mind raising it alone/abort if you think you can’t do it alone, it’s as simple as that really.

    This is definitely Karma!

    1. True Janezorro. Uzenzile akakhalelwa. You can’t sleep with another woman’s man & think life won’t serve you the bitter lemons she had to take when she ended her engagement. You saved her from a life with a cheater but you also took away her happiness. Bubomi Sana!

    2. kodwa Janezorro abortion is not an option trust me she will regret it and it will haunt her for the rest of her life I say she needs to keep the child and move on with her life qa.

  9. Annonymous Its up to you what you do with the baby, if you read to have one and maintain it yourself then you can keep it, but be greatful that the guy told you from the word go that he wants nothing to do with it… its all up to you

  10. This is definitely going to be a long weekend Mike u killing me here!!!!! I knew this Dubai trip was going to be bad news but hopefully python will save the ladies 😢……

    Well done Mike 👏🏽

  11. I always emphasize this… And I Dont know why women do it!! Never!!! NEVER date someone onomuntu wakhe… Worse engaged!!! Argggh this is a waste of time nje… You did this to yourself dear and as much as it hurts, Lord I know it does… All you need to do is keep that child and forget about the guy… He never loved you. He was using you and you allowed him too… My sister I wish I can hug you now… This will pass and he too will end up being one mistake you did that you will never never make… Hopefully. Since your family is financially stable, raise your child… Tell your mom you Dont want anything to do with the guy and just love yourself. I wish you all the best.

  12. Thank you Mike and team for highlighting such issues in the midst of the blesser -blessed craze…ladies will die for the ‘gram.

  13. Thanx Mike for the great read, Thixo wase George Koch unini uMonday 🙁 ……

    Anonymous…. What do you expect us to sy to you….or rather advise you on??? Because you are the one who decided to stay with a man knowing fully well that he is engaged, and not only that…. You go and get pregnant by this man…and when I say YOU go and get pregnant I mean you sleep with him without using any protection and now you want to play victim….No love, it don’t work that way…

    You need to take responsibility for you stupidity nawe.. You cant force the guy to be a part of the child’s life if akafuni and this douche of a guy has CLEARLY STATED so ,so nawe myeke…. You need to make a choice qha wena of either , you raise this child on your own ( because you were stupid enough to sleep with a man who is engaged nogal) OR if that will be too much a burden for you then you terminate…. Think of the future ke apha If you do decide to keep this child…. You will one day have to face up to your stupidity once again when the child is grown up and starts asking you questions… Lest you get lucky and find a good guy ( which there are still out there , if I may add ) and you guys raise the child together and live happily ever after…

    But please don’t tell us we judging you with our 2c opinions simply because we telling you the truth.. We , okay let me speak for myself,… I will not sugar coat the truth , nor will I cheer for you when you CLEARLY lost all you sensibility of thinking. So now you will need to use that thing underneath your hair nhe…..


  14. Thanx Mike.

    Anon so you thought you could have him by falling pregnant, well I guess your plan back fired, now you just have to decide if you will raise the child without him or abort coz either way you won’t get him back.

  15. Dear Anonymous.

    We are around the same age so I can only imagine what u going through. Honestly speaking the mean is an arse but also this whole situation could have been avoided if you let him go the time you found out he was engaged now you’ve runined that and you are now pregnant …

    The guy is harsh but unfortunately you cannot force someone to be a father even if u get maintenance he will be just that a paying that and not assist u in raising the child

    The decision to keep the baby and raise the baby ultimately lies with you and you alone and you will have to accept being a single parent

  16. Anonymous. This is your own mess created by you. Your dad was not in the picture now you want to punish this young man for his sins? No sisi. This man doesn’t want part of this child’s life and has said abort. Heed his word. Or keep the child and never contact him again. Imagine your child growing up knowing his father has never met him and yet doesn’t want anything to do with him from the time he was a foetus; that’s worse than an absent father! Later this child will contact Khumbul’e Khaya and we’ll see another broken teen with no direction in life because the mother was selfish. The guys fiancé left, why are you still there? If I was on the receiving end of that text Lord knows I’d move to Venus and never look back. Lastly, IF you tell your friends and family about this and IF you seek damages ; tell them how you were sidechick and how you trying to force this man who clearly doesn’t want you to be in your life cause that foreigner card won’t work here.

  17. ja Thandeka being there could be a life saver for Palesa, Python will definitely come to rescue. they olny spiked her drink not others cos if they did those others would have fainted long before they went swimming. or they were waiting for palesa to spike them all at once

  18. Anonymous mina I’m not going to judge you all I am concerned with now is your unborn baby listen nana that is a gift from God so there is no way you can kill what the almighty has blessed you with because believe you me you will regret it for the rest of your life and after terminating that beautiful soul life will never be the same again so I beg you do not abort it is just wrong nje. And regarding this asshole of a man just forget about him nana his not worth your tears and pain leave him in God’s hands and move on with your life you will see one day you will find someone who will love, respect and treat you like a Queen and accept your little one as his own all you need to do is go down on your knees and pray, yes it will be hard for now kodwa sisi kuzolunga time heals everything just put your faith in the Lord God wish I could hug you now. Whether you tried to trick him by falling pregnant and that back fired badly that shit don’t matter nana we all human beings and make mistakes and I am sure you have learnt from it and you will know for next time never to make the same mistake again. word of advise you can’t force any man to love you if he doesn’t it just doesn’t work like that kunzima laphandle…. GOOD LUCK NANA.

  19. Dear anonymous

    I’m in an almost similar situation as you, however i want to explain that the next coming months of keeping the baby will be hell as you will have to go through everything alone however in the end it wi be worth it, having an abortion is actually not a solution as it would in itself create another problem that will last an entire lifetime, that guy has no right of absolving himself from a mess he also created find out information about his family and contact them the child deserves to know its family, i hope you stay strong and it won’t be so tough forever eventually things have a way of working themselves out

  20. Yhoooo Sam how culd he😟😟i hope thy dnt get raped….
    Anony gal keep ur child wether dat guy he wants part of of it or nt…ul b fine…wether u werw a sidechick or wat…u nt da 1st not da last to b in dis situation…BE STRONG

  21. The damage is already done… So I will not be dwelling on how u should never have went back to him.
    He is clear on what he wants and you forcimg him to be part of your child’s life when he doesn’t want to will lead to more emotional damage than what you are already going through, potentially leading to miscarriage.
    If I were in your shoes, I would let him go. But I would make us sit with our lawyers to have “his way” on paper and file so that at a later stage when he feels like he wants to be the father he has no right. But I doubt y’all can afford lawyers so I would make him with a sworn affidavit n file it for future events.
    Other wise m sorry this happened. I hope you took a valuable lesson from it. If a man doesn’t love you enough to protect your heArt first, he doesn’t love you!!!

  22. Personally i dnt think abortion should be taken so lightly kube umdlalo where gals will go having unprotected sex n den decide oh no let me go abort, the only time i feel u should abort is wen ubona ngempela ukuthi kuyaphoqa ders no other option but wif u i feel der is no need to qbort keep ur bby n from my own view u nt seeking advice on weda to keep bby or nt u want advice on how to change dis mans mind n make him luv u, i cnt believe ukuthi u knew u r the side n went into this relationship but becos of ur selfish reasons u tried to break the other woman only to hurt urslf at the end but sisi let this be a lesson n ngaphinde uthathe amadoda abantu

  23. Thanks Mikeesto, ayeye Dubai.

    hala @Janezorro, sounded like your male counterpart hey 🙂 on point sis

    Anon, terminate that thing inside of you and dont listen to people saying a baby is a blessing, thats bullsh*t. Sassa grants just aint worth shit and kids are expensive Af. Dont keep it mntase, its fatherless as is


  24. U knw anon its nt even ihlazo anymore to have a fatherless bby yhoo look around u.. its only a hand full of gals hu r lucky enuf to have guys be der for them thru preg n all n da rest single mothers, so ders no prob keep that bby n i swear u will nt regret it

  25. Janezorro and Jackzorro kanti emzansi kunjan bakithi kodwa janezorro yini nje ukukopela bakithi just coz u jackzorro uyathandwa i comment yakhe so nawe usuzincikisa lapho plz sana yekela lento sukusdida bakithi with this war room tendencies fire to this

  26. Anonymous,
    I dont even know where to start. Listen, everyone makes mistakes (even the people who have been crucifying you here – they too a faaaaaaaarrrr from perfect but asikho lapho). You made your mistake and what you are experiencing now is unfortunately the consequence of it. You can keep the child if you know that you will be able to provide for him/her. You are only 23, are you emotionally ready to being a single mom? Will you family support you financially? Another thing you can consider besides abortion (if you are certain that that is not the route you want to take) is adoption.

    Dont force the guy to be a parent, but, I would advise that you sue for maintenance (if he is working). BOTH you and him created the baby – he mustn’t come here and act all brand new. He can support the child without being in the child’s life, thats still fine. He just needs to man up and understand that he too is to blame here.

    I hope you have learned something from this – men in relationships are a NO NO. The minute he starts asking you out, run the opposite direction. Also, ALWAYS use a condom. If there is no condom then “no glove, no love”. Protect yourself from STIs and HIV.

  27. Brada Mikie thnx for highlighting other dangers blessies cud face.
    Anony accept yo situation as UR 50% responsible for creating it. Wake yo way up keep details of the father for future if UR so concerned about the baby growing up like U. At least the baby can trace the father somehow. Get his family members details.
    The fact that U grew up with an absent father shud actually have made U avoid the situation U find yoself in.
    Ppl who are judging the guy for not being interested calling him names like a**hol, don’t forget he did force himself in this situation. The girl manipulated the situation & is emotionally blackmailing him. He cud have taken part of the responsibility of at least being there for the kid but U can’t swear at him for failing to do the right thing. Just like some women are “more women” than others, same applies to men.

  28. Anon- sweetheart all i can say to you is that this guy doesn’t want to be a part of this childs life, which is fine I mean he has a choice in the matter. He doesn’t love you, he never had and he never will. What you can do for yourself and for that precious gift that you carry is to love yourself and accept the situation as is. By accepting it means that you’re letting go of the burden of trying to force this this little hoy into your lives. Raise your baby sweetheart, it did absolutely nothing wrong and doesnt deserve the brutally of getting rid of it because of a man that doesn’t want to be in its life. Children grow all the time, with or without fathers, especially useless ones like this one

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