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“Dude look at that guy he looks like a terrorist!”

Khanyi said to me in Zulu so that people could not hear what we were saying. It was actually funny and I burst out laughing. American media is amazing in this brainwashing business. I was genuinely uncomfortable sitting in and amongst all these Arabs because well, they make it seem as though each and every one of them will blow you out of the sky.

“How do you think those women even breathe in that thing?”

She asked me in Zulu. Eish my Zulu is not that decent and sometimes like all Zulus she forgets that the beauty of the rainbow nation is that we are all not from one tribe and expected to know one language no matter how dominant how dominant it is.

“I didn’t quite get that but let’s changed topics before they throw us out!”

I told and she laughed but I know when Khanyi is offended. It was something that happened often when I could not understand her unfortunately. There were no further incidents on the flight but I have to highlight this, at 12 pm shap, on the flight, Muslims took out their mats and started to pray. I am not kidding I am not exaggerating it happened. They spread them out in the passage and knelt. We can say what we want but Christianity is not a committal religion. From first class to economy where I was Muslims were praying. As Christians we can’t even pray in a restaurant because we feel it’s embarrassing but here were this bearded men and face covered women doing their thing. If I was not scared of that face covering thing I would probably join them.

“That is so cool!”

I whispered to Khanyi but being originally from KZN she was not really bothered. She grown up with half the town closed at 1pm for prayer so it’s something she was used to. I liked the fact that Christian people respected it even though the white people were rolling their eyes. Let them! 8 hours later, after watching a movie or two I was in the middle of a light nap I was woken up by I think the pilots voice saying,

“Welcome to Dubai. We have just entered Dubai airspace! Its 1030pm Dubai time but don’t be alarmed its 830pm South African time. For first time visitors you could never have chosen a better destination and for those returning welcome back!”

The intercom said loudly. I had been on the flight for so long I was honestly like that kid in “Are we there yet”. Dubai finally.

“For those who closed the curtains please open all the curtains as we are about to start our descent! Cabin crew please prepare the flight for landing!”

The excitement levels in me had levels. I had looked forward to this day for so long at some point I thought it was never going to happen. I had put in so much and sacrificed even more to be able to come here. That’s what people will never get. It was my hard work that got me here! Sucking an old man’s dick is not for everyone so those who judge can fuck off and go to Warmbaths with AKA. Don’t be fooled with him dissing it it’s because he has been there before. For those who have never been to Warmbaths, I have, it’s full of Indians and Colored! It’s no joke; you will think that the whole of Pakistani came to South Africa to swim. When AkA is dissing Warmbaths its out of experience not that he guessed it. For Pretoria Coloreds Warmbaths is like heaven believe me I have seen it several times. Look at people trying to act brand new because they have money trying to diss local tourism!

“Why does it feel like there are many more lights here than back home?”

Khanyi asked in awe also as she looked out of the window. She was right, when you land anywhere at night it’s the light that guide you. I doubt that Dubai is bigger than Gauteng but the fact that there were lights everywhere made seem so grand.

“I know hey! I don’t think I ever want to go home again!”

She said and I laughed at her,

“Why? It’s not like you work at Eskom what do you need the lights for?”

I teased her. We were here at last. There were a lot of planes at the airport but Emirates has a terminal that is only for Emirates. I need to say that again, Emirates has a terminal that is specifically designed and reserved for it. Imagine if SAA had its own terminal I am sure America would put sanctions against us for anti competitive behaviour. When we got out of the plane it felt good to be on steady ground. We walked for what seemed to be a long time, first stop being immigration. The people serving at the counters were mostly white and black and actually no Arabs. Uhm ok.

“Where have all the ninjas gone?”

Khanyi asked me snapping out of my observation as we stood in the line to get our passport checked. Again she asked in Zulu. She was dying to gossip but eish language.

“Good question!”

I said checking around. I commented earlier on how many Arab women were on the plan with their faces covered but now here at immigration where they have to see your face there was not even one.

“I guess they have their own special place.”

I responded to her in English. The other South Africa girls we had seen on the plane were also in the queue but we did not speak to them. We did not come all the way here to make South African friends. We passed through immigration no problem, got out bags and headed for the door. Sam said when we got outside there will be cabs everywhere it being an airport and all so we were not too worried. The first thing that hits you when you leave the airport is the heat. I had never felt something so intense and what’s worse this was at night. It’s not even humid its dry heat and thank heavens I don’t have sinus because here I am certain you will die making that sound.

“I am already sweating!”

Khanyi said without me having to say it first to her. She sensed exactly what I was feeling. Mara South Africa is poor people. In South Africa a person driving the latest C Class or latest Lexus sedan is rich, when we got out these were taxis.

“Yah neh!”

I commented to Khanyi as we looked on in awe.

“Taxi ladies safe and fast where are you going?”

An Indian man said to us. Turns out Indians here were the taxi drivers, still no Arabs working.

“Yes please.”

I responded. He immediately took our trolley from us and headed us to his Mercedes Benz C200.

“Where are you from? South Africa?”

He asked and it was Khanyi who responded.

“Yes how could you tell?”

He said.

“I see a lot of South African girls here. Every day I pick up at least two!”

He said pleasantly. I don’t know if that made me feel better or worse because when you click the hashtag Dubai on Instagram its mostly young girls like me you see who most definitely do not have jobs that pay well enough to end up here.

“I am sure it gives good business!”

I responded to him.

“Yes it does but it’s very odd because I consider myself a reader and I know your economy is not doing well. Do they give discounted flights there?”

He added and I am not sure whether he was trying to make a joke or he was serious.

“There are always specials you know and if you are students they further make specials on those specials!”

I lied to him and Khanyi laughed. We got into the taxi and he asked where we were going.

“The Bay Hotel Apartments at Dubai Harbour!”

I told him.

“Oh I know the place, very beautiful place!”

He told us which only excited us even more. I had stopped myself from looking for the place online because I wanted to be surprised. The fact that it was by the harbour meant that it was going to be beautiful because you don’t put ugly things next to the harbour right.

“85 Dirham”

The meter read when we got to the apartments. That’s roughly about r350 similar to what we would pay for an Uber from airport I suppose.

“Where can we get food this late? Is anything even open?”

I asked him.

“Yes almost everything is open. I know in your country 6 O Clock everything is closed. In the real world its business as usual! I can take you if you want!”

He said jokingly even though I took offense at the obvious. In real countries as he put it, it’s no lie that their economies don’t sleep. Ours because we lack ambition for the things that matter it’s a 9 to 5 situation no wonder why the economy does not make enough money. Go to Japan and see the difference.

“No that will be fine. We will make our own plans thanks!”

Khanyi told him before I could even say anything.

“Its ok, here is my card if ever you need a cab here!”

He said and he drove off.

“Dude we had a cab right here he could have taken us to buy food!”

I complained.

“Did you see how many U-Turns he made? That guy took the longest route he could make up. No offense I was not going to be duped again!”

She said and I guess she was right. At the time did not that Dubai was designed in such a way that no matter where you go, you will have to make U-Turns. We checked in and the driver had not lied, the hotel was beautiful and the views were beyond. There was free wifi so I sent my dad a Whatsapp saying I arrived safely and everything was fine so far. He was probably sleeping in any case. I think me going online signalled Sam that I was online because two minutes later he called me.

“I see that you have arrived!”

He said sounding a bit annoyed. I think what annoyed him was that I had not called him or rather sent him a message as soon as I got online.

“Yes we have. We have just finished checking and did you know they have free wifi here?”

I asked him trying to sound amazed to deflect from him pursuing why I did not acknowledge our arrival. He laughed.

“Free Wifi is in most countries, I am arriving a day from now.”

He said casually. Honestly did not want him to come but he was the money so I responded cheerfully,

“I can’t wait to see you!”

I lied to him. I was honestly thinking of dumping him after this. I had seen Dubai so what more did I need.

If only life was so simple!

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I have been meaning to write you for a while but every time I get cold feet. Hello to the readers and to you Mr. Maphoto. You are doing great work here.

My story: In 2009 I was raped by a man on my way back from work. I was working at Sandton City for a department store and we used to finish work late. From work I would take a taxi back to Alex and get home usually around 830pm. usually the roads have people at that time even though it’s dark. That night it had rained so it was empty. To cut a long story short two men raped me before I got to the house. It was a terrible time and I even quit my job after that as I was too scared to go home. From the rape I fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. At the beginning I loved and hated him at the same time but now he is my son and I love him to death.

2016 February I met a born again man and starting dating him. He grew up in Alex as well but I had never met him before. We hit it off; he was loving, caring and took to my son. He took him to a better school and started helping with clothes etc. I never told him the rape story so he does not know. I did not want to appear a victim. He has a decent job taking care of his grandmother and two younger siblings. Everyone loves him and he genuinely cares. However almost from the get go people started saying how much he resembled my son. At first I thought it was because we were spending a lot of time together which made people think that they resemble but recently I started paying closer attention. The similarities are remarkable. I started asking him questions about himself and he told me that he got born again in 2011 because he had done a lot of bad things in his past. I am crying as I am saying this. I think he is the man who raped me and what’s worse I don’t even think he realizes this! If it’s him really then I have been sleeping with my monster all this time. I don’t even have money to do DNA test because I am not even sure without evidence. I am scared to go to the police and then be proven wrong ruining his name but the gut feeling I have that its him is overwhelming.

Life is cruel. What can I do?

Thank You


24 thoughts on “Blessed 67

  1. OMG Alex…..Modimo Wa Ka….Jehovah….iyoooo
    I am out of breath and words….with my small human mind,I would tel him that I was raped,the time, and you conceived,in my human mind again,I think If it’s him who did it,God has a hand in bringing him to you,you are hurt probably he came to restore,remove and restore his doings,maybe God knows there is no better way to get to your heart unless the perpetrator do it himself,it has to be God,bcs Karma doesn’t show love,God’s vengeance has love in it….He will not run away from God like he ran away from you back then,if it’s God’s,He will not let it go unsolved…that man will not have peace until he confess to you as well,I say tell him everything,he has loved your son already,it’s gonna be very difficult to run….I say this is a spiritual battle than police one…..,you shall see love in a hard way,you will heal faster,God is in control….be brave enough to tell him what happened and don’t suggest that you think it’s him,after that you leave it to God who brought that man in your life… is better to deal with someone whom God is already dealing with,unlike a person with a black heart,an unrepentant heart,a person who has hardened his heart… least that One God is busy working him…..good luck

  2. Thanks Mikeesto, Dubai finally 🙂

    Gomora sisi that is just cruelty. The thought of this being…. Jesus!!

    Hayi andaz mna I’m going to sit this one out, its making me shake coz what do you now… Get him arrested? But you love him, then what if he is your babydaddy? then your baby grows up without a dad, and does this born again status provide a get out of jail free card? Yho indzima this thing bathong.


    1. Duuuud inzuima nyan lento… And how , if she gets the guy arrested , does she explain to the kid, because he will want to know who his father is….. Yhoooo hay shame

  3. Thank you Mike for yet another dose.

    Alex i say do not confront him because as much as he is born again now, that does not remove the fact that he is a human being. it may be unbearably embarassing for him to realise that his sins are actually catching up with him after trying to live a clean life.

    My advise would be to try and get a DNA to know for sure if he is the father of your boy or not. Then if you find out that he is actually the father… I think you can calmly tell him about the details of the night you were raped, where it happened, how many guys, the time it happened and that in all of that you conceived your son. Wait for his response, if he doesn’t admit to being the culprit because of fear then confront him with the results. As for involving the police… that is a decision only you can make dear. The matters of the heart are the most difficult ones so there is no one who can convince you to have him arrested.

    All the best for you and your son.

  4. Tebogo you are so right, tell him the truth. if it really him you will definately know but its between two things- its either he knows or he sincerely doesn’t know. from they you will know how to deal with the matter going forward. i pray for your healing and you are really brave for loving your son. God’s purpose will show soon

  5. if he is the one of the guys that did this to you, chances are that he knows it was you and somehow him being born again and being in a relationship with you means that he sees it as a way of correcting his last injustice…. my heart breaks for you, stay strong… you have come too far already… ❤❤❤

  6. I think you should work hard to get this DNA thing over and done with. Born again or not this guy is still a human being. Imagine what he could do to her when he figures out who she is or that she actually knows. Some people will go to great lengths to hide their past and this is someone who is trying to get over his past. Imagine when he realises that he could actually go to jail as his sins are catching up with him. DNA is no longer that expensive for as little as R2000 you can get it done. On the government website its listed as well but there are no prices but it directs you to the national health laboratory service.

    All the best

  7. Yo Alex ! I literally jumped off my seat! This is messed up!
    Don’t do the DNA test without speaking to him first. You are already torn up because of suspicion, imagine how you will react or feel if your suspicion is confirmed?
    I say, sit your boyfriend down and tell him about the rape. Give him specific details as you remember them. Tell him that your son is a result of that incident. Also tell him that you suspect that he may have been one of the rapists and give him your reasons. He might confess and apologize. He might freak out. He might try and run away or be hurt that you think that of him if you are wrong.
    However, before you do that, you must prepare yourself for the outcome of this. It might end your rwelationship, it might make it better. Prepare yourself for whatever results come out of this. Decide what you are going to do if your suspicion is confirmed before you talk to him.
    Then be very careful when you approach him with this because if you are wrong, your relationship can be ruined for life. If he refuses to do the DNA test, take his toothbrush to lancet and your son’s and have them compared.

  8. lmao Palesa and Khanyi are about to paint the town red!

    Alex your situation is so tough yhu, I wish you all the best. I really wish you find the truth out

  9. I recently read my marriage flaws, the lady was raped, got married only to find out later that the man she married was her rapist. Its possible to forgive and make peace God works in ways that we will never understand. But he needs to know and take responsibility for what he did regardless of him being the father or not.

  10. I always prefer to do research before tackling a situation, my advise is get the DNA test results first then talk to him. You telling him about the ordeal must be because you want to share.

  11. Thank you Bhut Mike,……yeeeees 🙂 Dubai FINALLY …I love the little details you give for this trip ….paints a rather vivid picture for us non Dubai peeps , heehehehe ….. Whoooooooo Warmbarths, LMAO AKA mara ….

    Yhooo Alex. My heart breaks for you sis wam… I honestly don’t know what I would do if I were in your shoes, nyan nyan… To have to face your monster everyday shame 🙁 yhoooo hay ngeke ….

  12. Oh maan dear. Do the DNA first. Then if it’s him, tell him your story from the day you were raped to the DNA. Then wait for his response. But remember we are all human, we all make mistakes. I believe this is a chance for you to be happy.

  13. Thank you Mike…

    Alex dear, DNA test will put your mind at ease and it could be that it is not him per se but someone related to him and imagine having confronted him without any evidence… If he is the father, chances are that he already knows he is your sons father and is trying to mend his ways and then the ball will be in your court as to how you go about dealing with the whole thing.

  14. But my question is has he asked you about the baby daddy? Because no man can take a child without wanting to know what happened to the baby daddy. If he doesn’t ask about it then he knows his deeds he’s just hoping that you don’t put two and two together. Another thing, how is his reaction when people quote the resemblances, does he become uncomfortable or just laugh it off? Pay close attention to his reactions and try to suggest that u also think they look alike and see his reaction… if only R200 wasn’t a lot of money for DNA cos that’s where answers………Phephi Nnana

  15. Dubai Dubai….. Mike you definitely know what you doing….. Just wondering if you write as well with the natural pen…

    ALEX… You must be having an internal war brawing.. My half cent advice goes as so. Try to prob what bark deeds lurk in his past, then proceed to slowly informing him about your ordeal… Hopefully him being born again it’ll trigger compassion ruther then lead him to abandon ship and disappear. Once it all points to him being a strong candidate for this horrible crime against humanity in general and women in specific then involve the police. Also I hope you had strated your healing process as I’d bet all the this is opening up wounds…. DNA I’m told costs an arm, leg and the bedroom suit.

    God bless and Good luck.

  16. The only way u will truly know is tru i-DNA get that done Asap coz this guessing business will kill u n if its really him believe me u will know what to do,I Just hope that u find the thruth & start to heal again.

  17. Hi Mike

    I don’t take rape lightly but this sounds more like one of your stories. Things like this mostly happen in your stories.

  18. @ Alex I am so sorry about what you went through and my heart bleeds for you.

    I have spent at leat 2 years of my life in Alex and I am assuming that you were not far from your house, Alex people know each other very well, chances are that he knew (if it is him whom raped you) that you were knocking off late and knew where you also lived.

    Meaning that if he is the guy whom raped you he knew exactly where to find you.

    Nna ke motho le thapelo and I believe every upheaval that we are faced with, no matter how painful it is ke nako eleng hore your faith is tested and how one is rooted in Christ. I am in no way saying this was Gods doing(the rape) because it is not, ke satan himself.

    Pray Sesi waka gore Jehova a utulle diphiri le makunutu tsa bophelo ba gago le abuti, I believe Modimo othusha bao bate thushang le bona. God has given you leads (your son being his replica), it is up to you to follow that lead.

    Get a DNA and only then can you decide what to do next, if he is the rapist, this man has gotta pay for his sins, born again or not he is a rapist and he has taken away a part of you and for that he has to pay up, I know for a fact that one never heals from being raped and he must be punished for his deeds.

    All the best, and please do update us once you have gotten to the bottom of this.

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