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Relationships like this really make you question who you are as a person. Nowadays the new adage is “ho is life”

which basically means that women should not be restricted to what society says that should be. Come on, if this was Neo with a cougar everyone would be praising him but because it’s me all of a sudden because I am a woman I should not live my life? What is so different between the life of one with a dick and one with breasts? We breathe the same air don’t we?

“Do you really think he can get you an apartment though I mean I know the dude is crazy about you but do you think he can?”

Khanyi asked me. It was a good question.

“Why are you asking me? It was your idea to start with so I should be asking you that?”

I asked and together we laughed. I was nervous about this. Asking for something like an apartment is not the same as asking for a pair of shoes no matter how expensive they are! This was a huge deal.

“Ok cool I asked but I think he would, it just has to be done right. You need to have a plan and a story!”

She told me and I knew that too. I just can’t ask for such a thing as though I was asking for bread.

“I think now is the time to play the ninja!”

She said.

“You mean the ninja, ninja?”

I asked her shocked because we always said that ‘the ninja’ was a last gasp thing when things are falling apart. Ok as girls, you need to find out the one thing that your man loves the most. It’s the one big fantasy he has of you. You make sure that no matter how often he talks about you never entertain him on the topic. It has to be something sexual, something you tell him you will never do for him but you lead him on about. I have said before that he had a kinky school girl fantasy. I had always refused to do it for him not because i did not want to but because my uniform was never at the hotel the times we were there. I had however packed in and it stayed at school because your ninja is a card that you can readily use when you are backed in a corner.

“Yes I mean that? Where else will you be able to use it? We need an apartment and to be fair money for Dubai! I think this is the best time!”

She told me. Somehow I was uneasy about this. It meant that I had to book a hotel room and surprise him with the outfit. Grace had not been in a good mood to talk before so now how was I going to get him to the hotel.

“I don’t even think it still fits but ok then we are doing that. I really don’t want to go to Pretoria North!”

I told her and she agreed with me that we needed our independence. We will go last minute for Christmas if we have to! I was up for this. The thing with December it’s the one time of the year where you can make bad decisions which is why so many kids are born in September…bad decisions 9 months earlier.

As we were talking my phone rang. It was Sam. I showed her who was calling and she did an air punch.

“Ok here is your chance!”

She told me.

“Don’t worry I got this!”

I told her. You know in December people have that confidence that says they can do anything; it’s some kind of magic in the air I guess!

“Indeed you do!”

She responded and we laughed.


I said when I picked up. Sam and I always had a rule that when we pick up the phone we must never say anything like ‘hello dear’, ‘hello love’, ‘hello baby’, you know! The thinking behind that was that one day someone else might call who is not him. It was a lot of work but come to think of it, it was a lot of work that was worth it in the end.

“Hey love, I heard you called. It’s been busy but I am glad you did. We need to talk!”

He said. He sounded a bit stern.

“We need to talk?”

I said back at him a bit shocked by the bluntness of how he had said. That’s a very serious thing to say to anyone. It’s scary because it means you could be saying we need to break up and nobody wants to hear that especially from your moreki!

“Did I do something wrong?”

Was my instinctive answer because now I was actually trying to rack my brain to see what I could have said to bring us to this point.

“No, not that kind of we need to talk!”

He said and he laughed. Either way this worked in my power. It meant that to him I was showing that I did not take him for granted as I was scared of losing him.

“Oh ok please don’t scare me like that. My heart almost stopped Sam; it is not cool at all!”

I told him but he was laughing on the other side. He had actually found it funny. Men love being made to feel important so I had most certainly done my part. He was the man now.

“I know I am sorry but it’s important. We need to discuss your trip and the like.”

He explained. You know all this had started because of Dubai and now that it was here would there be anything that will hold me to Sam? Hell yeah, the apartment! That was the new challenge. I am not like those stupid girls who have blessers for the sake of getting weaves and clothes! How fucked up in the head are you not to realize you will be replaced eventually! You have to have a plan the day things go south. I had mine and it’s a bit sinister but I had it and already was in motion.

“Ok then but we can’t do it over the phone!”

I told him.

“I need to see you. I miss you. I miss your voice. I miss holding you and I definitely miss how serious you get when you tell me to do something!”

I told him and I could feel his smile through the phone as I said all the right words. Truth is, I did not miss him nor think of him at all but all well, and a girl has got to eat!

“Oh ok then. Must I book for us?”

He asked me. One track minded but to be fair he had been trying to get laid for a while!

“Yes you should but Sam you can’t sleep over because I told you your wife called once already so the excuse for sleeping out has to be worth it.”

I reminded him.

“Yeah I know but will tell you what happens!”

He said and with that he hung. Khanyi was waiting with baited breath to hear what had happened as my phone was not that loud when we spoke.

“You didn’t mention apartment dude!”

She said talking from what she had eavesdropped.

“Yeah I know don’t worry, I will get there!”

I reassured her. I told her what we had discussed and she said I had done well. We laughed about her panicking but it was all in the name of good fun. We had to leave res so packing needed to finish. On my way to my room my phone rang, it was my mum.

“Your father tells me that you are going to Dubai?”

She said to me.

“Ah I was going to tell you myself. Why did he tell you?”

I said trying to sound surprised.

“I don’t care who told me, I don’t care that you were in hospital, I swear over my dead body there is no way you are going there!”

She said angrily.

“Ebile I am coming to pick you up from school now. I know you are done and you are coming home you hear me!”

She said and dropped the phone.

Lol. Yah neh!

All the best laid plans!

*********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for reading this. I appreciate it and greetings to the readers this festive.

So my problem, I have what some might call nice life problems but they are not. I have three guys who are dead set on being with me and two of them know each other. I broke up with my boyfriend last year because I was cheating. He found out, he slapped me, I dumped him. He has been wanting me back ever since. He even bought me a car after the breakup but I took the car as it was in my name and I parked it. The two new guys one is a doctor, very boring and not very funny to be honest as most doctors are. He is 29 and I am 24. I think he is a virgin because his dating and social skills are pathetic. I met him at a party through a friend. He was sitting in the corner alone because he was not feeling the vibe. It was not his scene and somehow I felt sorry for him and ended up talking to him. I got him out of his shell and we been going out a lot. I have changed his wardrobe, he seems happier etc but when he told me he loved ah, I was not interested. He seems the suicidal type so I let him down gently but he became more determined to prove it with gifts etc. He even took me to a family wedding and his people said that they never thought he would one day bring a girl home, pressure! Guy number is a lawyer and like all things lawyers he is a player! If there was any profession with trash men its lawyers. They know how to lie and they cheat AF. He is fun outgoing crazy good looking and is so spontaneous. We leave in Jhb so I told him I missed the beach during lunch last week on Tuesday (I work corporate at a bank) Tuesday after work I found him outside my apartment waiting for me with two tickets to Durban. We flew at 7pm slept in Durban and took the first flight back because he had court at 10 and I had work. That’s how fun and spontaneous he is. I can afford myself please don’t get me wrong, I am an accountant so it’s not about their money. I don’t know who to choose those. I included my ex because. He was such a good guy and I broke his heart when I cheated. He was not abusive and e slapped me yes. I am not making excuses for him but what would you do if you walked in at a party at your house and your girlfriend kisses someone else! That’s what I did so I totally deserved that no matter what anyone says.

Anyway what do I do guys? I know I need to choose one coz I can’t juggle so many.

Thank You


23 thoughts on “Blessed 63

  1. Tebogo me say take ex….it was just a kiss and he is a good guy….He will let it go….eventually….he has a potential to keep you grounded if you feel that much remorse not talking about slapping either but I feel like that ex loves and you guys can work it out.the doctor you will have to teach forever…He will eventually bore you and I see a potential of you cheating there…the lawyer he is gonna cheat on you and expect you to understand….He will give you everything you ever wanted but you will eventually feel lonely….we all love spontaneousity in a man but you can live without it….you and your ex can create something of your own…..organize trips instead of flying in and out,you will still be in Durban….am not saying I am correct that’s just a fortune cookie reader in me

  2. anifebi! give me which ever one you dont choose.. ke december, go on with your bad! lol.. how do you people have so many men chasing yall when some of us are going through droughts?! hayini guys.. direct me to your sangomas.

  3. lol Tebogo just described “Hoe is Life” 20-sefebeteen is around the corner hahaha. I somewhat agree with Tebogo Thelma, but i sense that you might not be happy with yourself, always basing love on material things and not starting to appreciate your inner peace. You must be currently doing articles or completed, and you are still going to meet big spenders and lots of spontaneous shandis. just have to find your happiness before letting other men give you the meaning of what is happiness. Two cents worth i just believe you should back track to ex, even though i do not condone beating anyone (male/female) we need to show that level of respect and humility towards each other , no matter the cause of pain or anger

  4. Choose your EX. Lawyer will destroy you emotionally. Doctor will bore you cos everything he does will be because you are the one who gave him the idea.

  5. go for doctor, you are too young to be taking back ex’s…
    the 30′ is the time to go back to grovelling…as they say, time heals all wounds – ex will forgive u over the years, its too soon to go back because that cheating will always be cause for many fights to come 🙂

  6. Men never forgive. If i were you I’d choose the doctor and have the lawyer as the side dish since you want spontaneity. Doc will give you stability and respect. Goodluck

  7. That’s a nicest life problem ever .
    …I mean flying to Durban just like dat mmm take Mr x back as for the lawyer and doctor its a big no bliv me doctors are the worst cheatrrs on earth they even date patients

  8. Thanks bhut’Mike and team
    Tebogo, three dudes gunning for you? Hai ntombi you are rich; please share with those experiencing drought tu. It seems to me like you just want to have fun; you did not mention loving any of these dudes. Sounds like you and doc are in a friend-zone. Lawyer is naughty and fun and spontaneous and all that and ex is good guy. You say you can afford all these things they present you with s but you still accept them when given to you. I think you want a man with all three qualities rolled into one and can also provide for you (ex= good guy not abusive and can surely provide if he can buy you a car. doc= not sure, maybe stable coz he is not out there? and well they earn a lot too. lawyer= fun loving, spontaneous and the likes and can pay for all this fun without asking you to go half half) you need to sit yourself down and seriously think what it is that you need – then and only then will you be able to choose between the 3.
    good luck ke dear

  9. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Tebza though, you kissed another guy in your man’s house and dumped him because he bitch slapped you? Nah dude, I aint a violence condoner but you deserved that klap, moer I wouldve bleksemed both of you. Endlini kabani? Jwayela abantu kabi nina. Infact I hope both the lawyer and doctor end up treating you like trash coz you played with a good guy, hasuka maan tshini!!


  10. Brada Mikie thnx bosso!
    Tebogo, not sure if it was lack of love from childhood or “something” making U “sale” yo body (shall we say booty) to doctors, lawyers & all. U have to that “thing” Hlaudi was talking about in order to find purpose or calling in life.
    Like somebody said any of the 3Marsketers U chose, U will still get yo booty shaged by even a security guard at yo office. Bcz U said it yoself that it’s not about the money. Then what is it? Idlozi or U’ve been bewitched.
    I have seen many 38ters clubs & 40ties single women clubs to fill a 100countries. U will soon be joining them recounting yo missed opportunities that U did not appreciate. Gudluck tho in yo self-destruction adventure. Hope U find what U want & makes U happy.

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