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YES 76

We have all had it, that dream just before you fall asleep where you imagine what life would be like if you were rich. With me it happens every night before a big lotto and these days with Powerball acting like its on steroids that dream has been more and more frequent. I picture myself with a big house, nice car though am not too much of a fan of cars and all the shopping in the world. Ok irony here is that I am not so much of a shopper but it seems like it’s what people with money do. I know she had said r5m was not a lot of money but in what reality is not a lot of money. I was looking at my pay slip and even if I earned r50000 a month it would take me nine and a half years to make that provided I won’t be paying tax, eating or living in general. What was she on about that it won’t make me money.

When she left I needed to think. I ended up taking a nap but 45 minutes later I got a call and it was from Nthabiseng.

“I have a bit of bad news!”

She said and already I was sensing the worst. How could she have bad news when she had said that we must expect that much amount?

“Please don’t tell me that we don’t have a case! I already left my job!”

I told her and I was serious too. Imagine not having a job or anything to look forward to. That would be a disaster.

“No it’s not that. I am afraid I will not be able to represent you!”

She said.

“Why? Is there a conflict of interest?”

I asked her. I had seen enough TV to know that if a lawyers firm is representing a company or a person they can’t act for someone suing them against that company. There were rules to this game.

“No. My boss said he wants the case for himself. He argued that because we are friends I might not be able to put your best interests at heart as my judgement will be clouded.”

She told. Me. The first thing I thought was they were removing her from the case because she was a woman. Why is it that people assume that because one is a female her decisions are governed by emotions? It’s a very sexist thing to say to a woman.

“Isn’t it the other way round that because you know you will fight even harder?”

I asked her. She did not seem to take my side though.

“He is brilliant, a bit arrogant but brilliant. You are in very capable hands don’t worry. Listen I have to go. Will come see you later today I promise!”

She said before hanging up. She did not sound happy at all. What had just happened? I am sure I can ask for the lawyer I want to represent me! I was going to go to their office and see her. I had to make arrangements now with Miriam. I called her.

“We need to plan, what time are we leaving?”

I asked her.

“I wanted to leave early but Nelspruit is not that far. How about we leave tomorrow around one?”

She asked me right back.

“That’s fine but are you sure you want to go without your husband’s consent. I just don’t want you to get into unnecessary trouble!”

I told her.

“I don’t have a choice hey. How do you think it will look if the wife of his best friend does not attend! This is why people start calling other people witches! Its such things! I am going to the funeral and I would like to see them chase us away!”

She said with a defiant chuckle. Its amazing how to me much as Miriam was my friend I always judged her on how ‘loose ‘ she was yet in reality she was one truly free and independent soul. I hid behind culture, tradition, societal norms when it came to how I behaved in society yet the office I acted all strong and independent. I was a contradiction unto myself and I felt that was holding me back. Without a job now I had to be bold and get out of those shells I had placed myself. Most rich successful women are ruthless. Other women hate them saying that they think they are better than others but reality is as a woman in the business world you have to work twice as hard to earn respect. If you do not do this very basic right your business will never be successful.

“I am not going to shop an outfit for the funeral I will just wear what I have!”

She was saying when a refocused on her again.

“Yeah I am with you there. I don’t understand why people would buy an outfit for a funeral really, it’s not like the dead will see them and appreciate the effort!”

We both laughed but in reality the joke was a bit crude and tasteless. I did not know how my reaction was going to be when I saw Sfiso. I know he was in mourning but I had not seen him since the last time we had sex and that’s significant. That was my last memory of him and it was a good memory. Now I will be seeing him heartbroken and it just broke my heart.

“We need to book a place to sleep!”

I told her.

“I am sleeping where ever my husband is sleeping! There is nothing like that!”

She said immediately.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea? I mean he did not want you to come in the first place so what if he is sleeping at a friend’s place!”

I responded.

“Then I am sleeping at the friends place too! Marriage is not a democracy ok! He lost the right to say that I must sleep somewhere else when we are in the same town the moment he asked me to marry him. It’s not rocket science, this is a petticoat government and I rule it! I am first priority before friends or anyone else. If he is sleeping under a tree so be it, I am under that tree with him!”

She said and again we laughed. ‘Marriage is not a democracy’ that was funny. How did she come up with such things? It is also such things that make me fear marriage, all the rules and the working hard to accommodate someone else. I don’t know if I am a selfish person but imagine having to surrender yourself to someone else, that’s marriage right.

“Ok then! We will talk tomorrow. Let me rest!”

I told her.

“Ok cool!”

She said before hanging up.

I wanted to stay in and be alone. I had so much to think about. Instinct told me that maybe driving was an option but for some reason I had no wine and with all these floods I don’t think going out to buy was an option. Black people and our adverse relationship with water is not only limited to swimming but also to driving in the rain! People drive shit in the rain and I would rather stay indoors than chance it. As soon as I sat don’t there was a knock at my door! Come on now! It must be Mbuso! Not now though! I went and opened and got the shock of my life! It was my aunt, my mother’s sister!

“Aunty, what are you doing here?”

I asked her totally shocked. It’s not a polite thing to ask but I was so surprised because she definitely did not know where I stayed, ok I am wrong since she was here but what the hell.

“Are you going to invite me in?”

She asked me. Uninvited visitors are the worst not because of the inconvenience they cause but because you never know when they will leave.

“Yes please come in!”

She walked in and went and sat down on the couch. I did not know what to think at this moment.

“How are you?”

I asked her.

“I am not ok. Ever since you came I have been having dreams. You need to accept your calling before it’s too late.”

What did she mean that it will be too late? For who?

“i don’t understand all this and it’s scary when you talk like this! Too late for who?”

I asked her.

“Too late for others. Your decisions affect other people it’s not just about you! Please come listen so you can understand”

She warned me sternly. At this point I was just very confused by her.

“I can’t do it now I am busy with work that’s the problem!”

I lied.

“I don’t believe that. That problem has already been taken care of!”

She said standing up. How did she know I that I had quit my job I had not even told my mum that yet?

“Please come and see me, please!”

She said and got up and left. That was scary but I was done. I was going to go get baptized if I had to. I had no time for this ridiculousness. I made myself supper and much as I hoped Mbuso would come he never did. I checked his car outside and it was there but I did not go knock on his door. I fell asleep on the couch watching TV. I woke up with a start. I had forgotten to switch off my alarm and it woke me up. I got up and went and washed my face, ran the shower and it was only when I started taking out clothes for the day that I remembered, I was unemployed!


This gave me time however to prepare to go see Nthabiseng.

“I am on my way to see you!”

I told her. I had not planned this well because what if she said she was out.

“That’s great hey. I was actually going to call and ask you to come through in the afternoon!”

Was she blowing me off?

“I wouldn’t have been able to because I am going to a funeral in Nelspruit with Miriam, it has to be now.”

I told her.

“Its fine I am free.”

She said. When I got to her firm people were already busy at work. I already missed the hustle and bustle of the office.

“I don’t understand why you are off my case! You are the one I want!”

I told her.

“I know that but don’t forget I work in a firm with partners and so on. There is a hierarchy which must be respected!”

She explained to me.

“So who is representing me?”

I asked her. She told me that his name was Mmuso and the first thought that came to mind with a name like that was that I was screwed.

“He is waiting to meet you I told him you were coming!”

She said. She got on the phone dialled and just said,

“Come through, she is here!”

Two minutes later he walked in.

“Good morning, Mmuso Mathobela!”

He said stretching out his hand. I took one look at this man and my mouth watered. He was so good looking I heard my stomach turn.


I said back and I just told him straight up,

“I can’t work with you, you are too pretty!”

I said to him looking into his eyes lost in my own thoughts. It just came out!

What the hell?

But how would I ever concentrate to be honest!

I needed r5million not temptation.

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike and the team

Please keep me anonymous.

I love your stories; you really are doing a great job.

I am a 27 year old single woman from Free State who recently moved to Joburg for work purposes (by recently I mean, 2 years). When I got here I met this lady at work who was so sweet and welcoming and we immediately hit it off her and me. My new friend is married, happily at that, but she developed a crush on this other guy from the office, understandably so, this guy is hoooooottttt, so hot that I caught myself staring the day she showed him to me. Long story short, I ran into him at the mall this one time and we had a nice conversation which ended up in us exchanging numbers. I didn’t tell my friend because, well I don’t know why, maybe I was afraid she would think I was stealing her man, any way after a couple of weeks me and my friend run into him and he asks why I haven’t returned his calls. My friend is now angry at me and I feel so guilty about this whole. Problem now is, this guy really likes me and I like him too but I cannot do anything about it lest I loose my friend over a guy.

Help a sister out.

bae-less friend

38 thoughts on “YES 76

  1. U will remain single 4 de rest of ur lyf if u r thinking abt ur friend n shes married anyway y shes getting angry as if dey wer dating with dat man

  2. Oh no! I feel sorry for Lungi, so losing her job is a sign! Thanks Mike

    Wait… your friend is ”happily” married? But has a problem with the fact that her unnecesary crush kinda likes you? No no no she’s hella crazy then!!! Girl I say go for that guy, you like him and he likes you too, you need a bae after all you’re 27… in 2 years time you’ll be desperate like Lungi. Take while you still relaxed. Your friend will need to take her married butt home to warm her matrimonial bed for her husband!

  3. Ha ha ha ha. I need 5mil not temptation..good one. Who says you can’t have it all Lungi. Miriam’s husband is just acting dodgy. He probably has a first wife in Mpumalanga he he he

    1. Oh God! y tempt Lungi though 🙂 *lol*

      Bae-less, the boy is yours sisi.. that happily married friend of yours must just sit down

  4. Bae-less friend
    Your friend is married and you are not. She’s taken, you aren’t. If the “hooott” guy wanted her, he wouldve gone for her. Am I missing something?! 😑

    Thank you Mike…I’m with lungi with this marriage thing yaz?! I feel when you marry, you lose yourself?! And that scares the sh$t out of me.

  5. Bae less friend you will end up just like that if you don’t wake up. Your friend is selfish. She already has a person & you don’t. There is no rule you are breaking here. If it’s not this guy, it will be some other guy you she wants. U don’t need a friend like that dear. You need to cut her!

  6. Thanks Mike, why Lungi’s aunt talking in riddles though, can’t she just stop confusing Lungi and spill it out once and for all? mxm

    Dude your friend is married so she should take a chill pill and let you have a chance with this guy, he could be your other half. I say speak to your friend but otherwise, go for him.

  7. LOL! That last line by Lungi sounds like something i would have said..

    Wena bae-less you and your friend are crazy.. that girl is married, you arent.. the guy likes you.. why is your friend even a factor? Go make new friends, this girl should be celebrating that at least one of you got him.. kanti how are your friends guys? you’re taking one for the team here hau

  8. Thanks Mikeesto, that aunt gave me chills yho.

    What’s up with people putting needs of friends before theirs? Like sisi ndini lomntu is married! I fail to understand how a self loving married woman would be mad at this, was she planning on cheating with this dude? And what guarantee did she have that dude would be interested! She is just mad coz he wants you not her so such friends Will drug you to be alone with your man, watch your back.

    Stop feeling guilty coz you did nothing wrong, for all you know this guy may even suck in bed yet ya’ll cooking beef over him. I will never understand woman shem it is officially confirmed.


  9. Yhoo hai Lungi’s aunt mara, thanks team
    Lungi seriously you don’t need temptation especially with your aunt’s riddles.
    Some people’s loyalties mara. Girl, what’s wrong with you? Your so called friend is happily married, you don’t have a man. Here is one showing interest in you wena you’re worried about your friend’s selfishness. Hai you both need to grow up. I would have told her straight up to stop her childishness; she should be happy for you that someone’s showing interest. Why is she jealous vele?
    Live your life cc, she must live the life she chose. If she wasn’t ready to settle then she shouldn’t have, now she must stop making that your problem. Go for the man you will always wonder and have unnecessary what if’s for the rest of your life. I say take that chance and see where it will take you and the hottie!!

  10. Nice work Mike. ” I need r5 million and not temptation” that’s a killer 😂😂😂😂

    If she is ur friend like she claims she wouldn’t have a problem with u dating the guy and like u said she is married she is just crushing on him and hopefully she wasn’t planning on doing anything with that

  11. Mmuso is pretty? he plays for the other team…Lungis ancestors will make sure of that. girlfriend needs to realise this and twasa!!

  12. Yoh Lungi please pass me one of your guys hle Ai. Thanx Mikey

    Breaking friendship protocols, but seriously your friend is selfish considering the fact that she’s married? Thatgirl is so right coz your friend should celebrating with you not hating on you, it clearly shows that she’s not worth your happiness, go get that man your friend won’t warm you at night while she’s getting it all. N always put yourself first I mean your friend became your friend because she wanted to n you didn’t force her so you don’t owe her anything.

  13. oh Lungi *covers face* it’s raining (men)

    Bae-less… I agree with everyone here, your friend is selfish. as a matter of fact, she’s not your friend because instead of being happy for you, she’s being sour. serve her some lemonade, be with that hottie and be happy.

  14. Andiboni nto isokolisayo apha th atha indoda lena bae-less isuke iphele ke i friendship. Your friend is married mos ngoku uzoyenzani le ndoda lonto inesibindi le friend yakho tshini thiza.

  15. So Lungi’s Aunty doesn’t know where Lungi stays? And she said “come and see me.”…
    Does this mean she actually came to her place in spirit? Wow shes a powerful one if that’s the case.
    As for Bae-less
    Get urself that Guy and stop worrying about ur selfish friend.. Shes MARRIED

  16. so if Lungi’s resignation is due to her ancestors which means Lungi might loose this case as well… and I feel there’s something fishy about this sudden change of Nthabiseng representing lungi, this Mmuso guy is gonna fuck up and maybe fuck Lungi in the process…. and ofcos ancestors are behind it all… Lungi’s whole life is controlled by ancestors from now on for as long she doesn’t wanna twasa and it will get worse bit by bit

  17. I fill sorry for lungi now let hope the ancestors will give her 5 million.thanks mike

    as for wena sis take that man amadoda anothando awasekho la ngaphandle u will be single for ever if uphika nabantu abashadile

  18. I think when aunt said the problem is out of the way she meant. Sfiso’s wife how scary… This things haunt you I know I’m running too

  19. Eyi ancestors are powerful n thandazile i dnt think she came in spirit the aunt was directed by the ancestors to her place
    bae-less ur fwd is selfish yhoo how can she be angry over a guy she jst had a crush on?its nt like they dated let alone asked her out nooo, i say if u like the guy go for it n put urslf first before others coz clearly if it was her in ur shoes she wouldnt think twice of dating the guy kuyatshengisa nje yhoo dis person has a man back home warming her bed n giving her love why on earth is she denying u that nxah shiya lo mngane

  20. So you prefer remaining single for a person who is married?
    Sisi that woman is not your friend, if she was she would be happy for you not jealous. Kanti yena ufuna wonke lamadoda aphelele kuye?

  21. Brada Mike thnx for da infotainment.
    This issue of denying yo call, I actually know of a yellow born woman, late30’s who lost 2husbands mysteriously & carried on refusing. Even the wealth left behind by the men in her past marriages disappeared.
    She tried Christianity & is now renting instead of owning the two properties left behind. Nothing works for her. The businesses just go down. Scary stuff I tell U, whether U believe it or not.

  22. Where does Lungi get them hot guys? It’s like every corner there’s a guy waiting for her. Let me relax and wait for another 50 shades of grey episode
    Awesome read Mike

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