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I know everyone has had a de ja vu moment. You know when you are doing something and you feel like something like that has happened in your life before you just can’t remember where or when. Hearing that voice felt like I had heard it before. It was so familiar but the only problem is that I could not place it. The problem was the call did not go on much longer because I am certain that if it had I would have done so in the end. He looked very disappointed knowing that his wife was home. It’s amazing how people can be married to someone and not want to be with that person. What goes so wrong in marriage that being with your partner is like being given a death sentence? He look as though he was about to cry if I can be honest. I wanted to leave the car because it was now awkward. Even if he is your sugar daddy, I don’t think a man wants it to be obvious that his marriage even if it was clear for all to see, is failing. It’s as though to them the whole world will judge them.

“What’s wrong? You don’t look too happy!”

I told him seeing his face.

“She is back. I guess we are going to have to put us on rain check!”

He said when the phone hung up. He guess right not that anything was going to happen tonight. I could not tell whether he was unhappy because he did not want her back or because he won’t get to spend time with me. I had already told him about my exams so how could he think we were going to end up together today.

“Don’t look at it like that! There will be a lot of time after the exams unless you are going somewhere far where I can’t see you!”

I reminded him. That seemed to cheer him up a bit.

“Ok then if you say so!”

He said.

“How come I have never seen a picture of your wife? It’s very weird because you always say that you have nothing to hide from me!”

I told him. He tensed a little bit.

“You want to see a picture of my wife? Why?”

He asked me. Maybe I had asked that question to soon but that voice was so familiar it was haunting me. I figured perhaps if I saw her picture I would know who she was.

“You will see the picture in due time!”

He said and changed the topic. I had already tried to Google her but all articles I found were about him. It almost felt as though she was top secret the way I could not find her.

“So when will I see you again since you will be studying?”

He asked me.

“I don’t know it’s up to you. I won’t be studying at every second of the day but I just need you to respect the importance of it!”

I reminded him. He did not have a problem with what I had said so I was glad that an understanding was reached.

“I have been meaning to ask hey, for Dubai are we going to shop for clothes there or we are shopping for clothes here!”

I asked him. He looked a bit surprised but not in an offended manner though because I could detect a smile on his face. I never really talk about money because the moment I do I know to him it means he owes me. It’s not something I did intentionally with him, I just realized the more I did not ask him for money the more he gave and I did not come across as just a typical girl.

“I think it makes sense you buy there because then what’s the use of the trip?”

He asked me.

“I am not questioning your wealth but everyone says it’s so expensive over there. I care about your finances and you know I am not in it for the money. You have a lot of personality and I like that!”

I told him. I was not being totally honest with him but I needed him to stay calm. After Dubai, our relationship would be done in any case. I was not going to stick around longer than necessary. I foresaw danger.

“I know and that’s sweet but don’t worry about that. Everything is covered. You are going to have a lot of fun actually. It’s something different!”

He reminded me. He sounded just as excited as Khanyi as he said that.

“Ok then. Don’t say I didn’t ask.”

“I have to go now. My wife is waiting and she does not like to be kept waiting!’

He said with a sigh. I was relieved by that because I am not one to want to hold him back from that. How was I going to tell him that he must leave?

“Ok then. But you must call when you are not with her and definitely when you are not at home! Remember I told you she called me!”

I reminded him of his blunder. He left soon after that. I immediately call Neo to find out what was going on.

“Sorry I couldn’t call you earlier but it’s not good this side. I should have come with you because it’s going to be a hectic night. The doctors are not sure is she will make it through the night and even if she does, they are not sure what state she will be in!”

He explained. I felt very bad for him. He did not deserve this at all.

“I will keep you in my prayers!”

At that point it felt like the most polite thing to say and is it not what people say to each other as form of comfort.

“Thank you. I will be coming to UJ tomorrow morning. I have to pick up some thing from my place. I will see you when I come!”

“Of course no problem dear!”

I told him. This cheating thing gets confusing at times. There were times when I want to stop everything I am doing to be with Neo only and then other times I felt like I was too young to be so tied down to one person the way I was. Sam was definitely not boyfriend material and I was not naïve enough to think one day we could run off together and get married after he dumped his wife. I knew my place and that this would eventually end which is another reason why keeping Neo though selfish made sense.

My phone was ringing and it was my father. He was not a problem but I just didn’t feel like talking to him right now. I ignored the call, sorry dad, and continued to Khanyi’s room. We had agreed that we were going to take care of the Namibian girl who though she could come over here and steal my man. I was going to show what happens to girls that do that. I had a bit of sting in me too. My father called again and this time I decided I should answer just so as to get him out of the way. What was so urgent? If someone does not pick up the first time don’t call them back in two minutes. Allow them to call you back!

“Hi dad!”

I said when I picked up the phone.

“How are you?”

He asked back.

“Am good thanks, what’s up?”

I asked him. I really needed to go.

“Your mom tells you back at res!”

He said.

“Yes I am. I am actually walking to Khanyi’s room right now we want to go to the library!”

I explained to him. I don’t know why I lied but sometimes lies make the story sound so much better.

“That’s good but please before you do that, I am outside, come see me!”

He said. I should have known he was here! Why else would he as these questions? Crap! The beat down will have to wait. I turned and headed downstairs where I found my father in the car. I am sure whoever had seen me earlier coming out of Sam’s car would at this moment be saying how busy I was.

“Hey dad how are you?”

I said cheerfully as I opened the car to get inside. He was not as cheerful though. He actually had a very serious look on his face.

“Am good. Glad to see you are back. I have something I want to ask you and I don’t even know where to start!”

He said. Ok now he was just being weird. Since when did he need permission to ask me anything? He was my father for crying out loud.

“Sure dad you can ask whatever you want as long as you not asking for a lung or a liver of course?”

I responded trying to make him laugh. Goodness imagine if he asked me for permission to date Khanyi! I would just die on the spot.

“Do you have a sugar daddy?”

He asked me. Huh!

“I beg your pardon!”

I asked right back shocked at the question. Where did he get that from?

“Are you serious right now dad?”

I asked him pretending to be angry but at the same time trying to make it sound funny.

“I am not joking young lady and you know I don’t ask things without thinking them through first!”

He said angrily.

What did he know?

******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I love your work. It’s so insightful and at times I cringe when I see some of the similarities your characters have with my life. Well done for that.

My story is a bit different though runs on the same theme as some of your readers. I am 41 and have been married for 16 years. We have two kids my husband and me but we are done with kids. Our marriage for a long time had died. We were on the verge of divorce as my husband was moody and abusive. He would shout at the kids for no reason and would complain about everything I did good or bad. I don’t know if he ever cheated because I never found out. Needless to say I was so miserable. He took to drinking and would pass out in front of the kids. No one could tell him what to do. Two years I started cheating. I met this man at a function at work. He is married and does not work for my company. My husband found out six months into the affair. The man I was cheating with sent a message which I forgot to delete and I was cooking. When I came back my husband was holding the phone. He asked me what was going on and I confessed. He was angry at first then he said nothing. I was so scared and I thought he was going to kill me in my sleep. I waited for divorce papers that never came. Instead my husband started competing with the other guy. He would ask me questions and double whatever I said the other guy did. At first it was small things like we went to lunch or he called me at work, my husband would respond with dinner and what not. He was actively competing. One day I told him the guy kissed me. We had had a fight so I was saying it to hurt him and in return he ‘fucked’ the hell out of me. He joined the gym, started jogging and stopped drinking. I don’t know how to explain it but he seems to get turned on by the fact that I am having an affair. When I don’t talk about the other guy he goes back to his moody mean self but when I do he is even better than he was when we first got married. He becomes super loving, caring and all that plus the sex he gives for a 43 year old is something else. Is that even normal? My life has been so much better since the affair but I am not sure that I still want the married guy. I am tired of him and want my husband only. I don’t want things to go back to what they were because we were on the verge of divorce. What should I do? Has anyone ever heard of such where your man is turned on by other men being with you?

Thank you for listening.


PS Mike can you form a group on Whatsapp were women can share their stories and compare notes. It could also give you storylines and a lot of women asked to be hooked up in any case so that could be the platform. Just a thought.

21 thoughts on “Blessed 57

  1. Is it me or do the rich women on this blog have “nice Life problems”. first the doctor with the rich hubby and rich French side nigga and now this Fourways lady with a competing husband . back to reality, what happens when your boyfirend’s wife finds out? once its public, I dont think he will react in this manner for long due to societal pressure. I think you need to dump your boyfriend and pretend to have an affair and phase him out whilst giving your husband positive reinforcement for being a good husband. So you remain fiathful and drama-free and your hubby will be home-trained.

  2. Thanks Tate Mike… I agree to the whatsapp group….. I would like feedback from some of the people with their conclusions

  3. This is new… so your man is happy with you screwing other men? These white people tendencies are beyond me. Does this suggest that he loves you so much you can get away with anything or he loves you so little he doesn’t care what you do? I am truly baffled

  4. Fourways, dump your side nigga and keep your husband. Since he’s turned on by your affair, you can keep lying to him about the other guy and the stuff he does. Looks like that’s the only way you can keep yourself happy. As long as you are the only one who knows the truth.

  5. Hhai bo!!! Have never heard of such an accomodating husband after all that… he is going to kill you! Maybe he is just feeding you slow poison nje – for all we know…

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Fourways, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your husband and the way he reacts to your cheating, we actually need more people like him rather than the ‘let’s all die with bullets’ types. It is in a way scary though, it ought to disgust one to picture a loved one doing it with someone else but hey… The world is getting weirder by the day.

    I think you should just tell him you are sick of all this and that you want a finale, you him and the married guy for one last battle royal. After that he needs to be man enough to satisfy you alone with no help or else you leave his competitive ass. You can’t buy happiness from him buy pawning yourself to another man, its kinky yes but ya’ll are grown folks.


  7. Uthi u don’t want the side n*ga anymore and u want to focus on ur marriage, so can’t continue with the affair just because it keeps ur man on his toes he needs to man up…ohh Thixo I have a girl crush on Pillzberry kanti uphi na

  8. On the contrary ladies ans gents. My ex found put I was cheating on him and he was fascinated about the fact that I had sex with another man. Like Fourways he competed for my affection. It was crazy.

  9. I agree with the what’sapp group. Mike will you ever hook us up? It’s so hard to find a man this days provided that with some of us is all work and no game bathong.

  10. FFourways your hubby is a kinky egomaniac! It is not about you, it is about his ego. I had a boyfriend who would make me tell him stories about who I fucked DURING sex! With him inside me, he would beg me to tell him my sex stories and I would actually feel him harden inside me as i talk! I would make up some stories bcoz I can’t go sleeping around which turned him on. He never wanted a 3 sum, in fact the idea of it disgusted him. He jst wanted me to be his whore! It was kinky.

    Speak to your husband and tell him how you feel. Find out how he feels and why the competition turns him on. Ask him about his sexual fantasies and tell him yours. You might find that he enjoys the fact that you take better care of yourself xa kuno side. or that you’re much sexier to him when you’re not clingy and seeking attention bcoz kukhona la uyithola khona.

    Enjoy the good fuck doll. There can never be too much sex for a person

  11. I agree with the whatsapp group hey… just for ladies (plus Jackzorro and Pillz obviously) though so we can share and interact … Bhut’ Mike siyacela shame …pretty please … maybe we could all email you our dials or something yabo

  12. I agree with what’s app so we find loves for our selves It’s been a long time being in dry harts under ground hleng

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