Blessed 55

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“There will be no Blessed on Friday. It will come back Tuesday. Tomorrow you still get Young Employed and Single. Thank You” Mike


I don’t know if its something I expected at some point for Khanyi to try create a relationship with with Sam behind my back but somehow I was not surprised. I was not shocked by it all. She is the one who always pushed for me to see him and it was only a matter of time before she decided that I was in the way of what we can get from him. We all have friends that push us to be with a certain guy and usually if you check it is those girls who end up cheating with that very same man on you. There are tell tale signs of the friends you should be weary of. If a friend keeps on telling you how nice your man is, asking when next you are seeing him or telling you what to do with that man its a clear sign that they are just as invested in that man as you are. Usually we choose not to see it because we think that they are doing all that because they are happy for us but reality is she wants what you have too even if she has a man of her own.

I called Sam.

“I just heard you talking to Khanyi and you sound angry. Why are you angry? Don’t you trust your friend?”

He asked me and I am sure she was sitting right in front of him.

“I cut my trip short just so I could come be with you and I come back and find you taking my friend out? What the fuck is this?”

I asked him. I was quite angry.

“Its not what you think though. She had to deliver your passports for the Visa’s and I could not get hold of you so what was I supposed to do?”

He asked me calmly. The visas? O yes he had mentioned them before I left but we had fixed them I am quite certain.

“Why couldn’t you wait till I got back?”

I asked challenging him.

“Well some things don’t work on Palesa time unfortunately. For the dates you are tomorrow is the last day to apply. Its two weeks in advance and we already have tickets so they use that as a measure. You can google it if you not sure but she did nothing wrong!”

He said defending her. He kind of had a point in that I had been ignoring him and if the Visa thing was true then definitely she should have told me.

“Can I please talk to her?”

I heard her say in the background.


He gave the phone.

“I am sorry friend. I really was doing it for us. Next time I won’t go because I did not realize that this is how much you don’t trust me!”

She said obviously trying to make me feel guilty. Vele I don’t trust her! What was she doing with my dads numbers the other day?

“No its not that! Come back now we need to talk!”

I told her coldly!

“He banna are you not going to apologize!”

She asked me. The nerve!

“No I am not! Why didn’t you send me a message saying that you were going out with him like this? You could have said now look how am finding out and do you even see how it looks?”

I asked her. She did not respond and instead gave him the phone.

“Send my friend home now please. I am not happy!”

I told him straight up. He needed to learn that this was unacceptable no matter who he was. Men come in between friendships because we allow them to and friends get to be with our men because we open that door to them by doing such sttupid things.

“Point taken! Does this mean I will see you tonight then?”

He asked me. Crap now I couldn’t say no after all that. I did not want to see him. I had to be there for Neo, his mother was fighting for her life and I was busy thinking of cheating on him.

“Yes you will see me if you want to!”

I told him. I did not want to see him but after what I had said I had to.

“Ok cool, young lady, thanks for the passports, its time to go home!”

I heard him say to Khanyi and a smile crept on my face almost immediately. I had won this round and now it meant I had to watch her even closer. I was disturbed when I heard the door unlock. It was my roommate.

“Oh my God I did not know you were coming back. How are you?”

She said immediately coming to my side of the room. This is what I was going to have to live with.

“Am good thank you. Sorry I didn’t call you after I came out of hospital because you coming back that day saved my life!”

I told her.

“No its fine. I forgot something and my father made us turn back to go and get it. When I got into the room I tried talking to you and that is when I realized something was wrong!”

She explained.

“I then went and called for help and we took you to the hospital. Unfortunately I could not stay because we had an emergency of our own to attend at home!”

She explained. I just realized now that when I was gone she never tried calling me. She is not my friend yes but you would think someone would call to check on your progress. I did not make a big deal out of it.

“Are you ready for the exams?”

I asked her trying to change the topic. I don’t think anyone wants to dwell on tragic news especially of this nature of obvious reasons. I was embarrassed of myself so let’s leave it at that.

“Well you need to study, you are already behind and I hear that next year they are excluding a lot of people because of the strikes and so forth. I don’t know if its true so you don’t want to be that person that fails one course and next thing you out on the street!”

She warned. I guess she had a point even though I doubt very much the university could exclude so many people at once. A lot of people were going to fail no doubt but most likely they would come back and toyi toyi saying they failed because they were toyi toy-ing in the first place! This vicious cycle was not going to stop anytime soon.

“Yeah I know. When do you start writing?”

I asked her.

“End of next week! You should check your mail because your exam schedule was forwarded to it!”

She told me. I actually had not been checking my mail. I did that immediately and to my horror I had 3 exams the following week, the last one was a week away. I had to knuckle down. When Sam came I had to show him this so that he stops demanding for my time.

There was a knock at my door as I was reading this. I went to open and there was Khanyi. She had made it back alive without stealing my man.

“Hi, can we go to my room so we can talk!”

She said coldly. She had noticed my room mate there but totally ignored her as she turned to walk towards her room. I followed her. She walked two steps ahead of me the whole time to show her displeasure but I don’t think I cared much.

“I can’t believe you would think that of me though? What have I done to you that would make you think that I would go after someone you are with?”

She asked me as soon as I entered her room.

“Well what did you expect me to think? The moment I go out of town is the first time ever you go see Sam on your own! How do you think that looks? Before today had you guys even ever passed ten lines between you?”

I asked her.

“Of course we had not because he is your man not mine. When he called me I did not even know he had my number, he asked for the passports. He said you forgot to tell me. When you were at home you gave them to me so him mentioning them made sense. I got there and gave him. He started asking me questions about you and stuff!”

She explained.

“What did you tell him?”

I asked her immediately.

“I did not tell him much. I told him that your parents are watching you like a hawk since you been sick and with exams on the way its even more difficult for you. The conversation did not last long because that is when you called!”

She explained. I was not sure whether to believe her fully but if she said that’s happened then I had to take it. I would have to ask Sam when he came what they had discussed. I would never however be fully sure if what he had to say would be the full truth because he was not the most honest person himself.

“Listen Palesa I can’t be friends with someone who does not trust me! I have never betrayed you so why would I start now? Over a guy at that!”

She said I think trying to reassure me.

“You even deleted your fathers numbers from my phone like I was going to do something to you dad! What’s up with that? Since when did you become paranoid like this?”

She asked me. She was right about me being paranoid. Once you start dating older men and it feels fine you start to feel like your father is under threat from someone your age. I wanted my parents to get back together and imagine the shame of knowing my friend is sleeping with my father! Goodness, I would kill them both.

“I am not paranoid, how would you feel if I had your fathers numbers in my phone?”

I asked her.

“I would feel nothing ok because I know you are my friend and I can trust you! You also need to trust me ok, that’s all I ask, for your trust!”

She said angrily.

What is that thing again they say about trust?

Never trust anyone especially those that say ‘trust me’!

This friendship was dying!

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for you wonderful stories.

I am a man aged 32. When I was in university I was dating a girl who got pregnant by me. We were both not ready and together we agreed on aborting. The relationship did not last two months after that. From there I dated another girl when I started working. She got pregnant and she insisted we abort. She refused to listen to reason and even when I tried proposing she refused and she aborted. We broke up after that. Three years ago, girl number three I proposed to marry this girl and she said no it was too soon even though we had been dating for two years. I understood but she got pregnant afterwards and went and aborted behind my back. I did not even know she was pregnant until she got sick with heavy bleeding. This was the the third person to abort my child and two out of the three I had wanted to marry them. Am I cursed? I have a job, a house and a car but women don’t want my child. When I asked woman number 3 why she aborted she told me that she was not ready. The woman is 28 and the worst thing about this is that after we broke up she married another guy 6months later and they have a child. I am not the most good looking guy I appreciate that but am a clean respectful man, not violent and hardly ever raise my voice. I make a decent living and share what I earn with whoever I am with but they don’t want to commit to me. What am I doing wrong and how do I make sure the next woman does not do this to me?

Thank You

Port Edward

37 thoughts on “Blessed 55

  1. Hey port edward… hit me up nna ill keep your child and marry you.

    On the other side there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Its the people you are with. They might not be in it for a long run but for fun or just for your money. Decide what you want in a girl and go for it no compromise. Goodluck

  2. Thanks Mike for the great treat!!!!
    Port Edward i have no idea what may be the cause, drop me an email and i can assess you…jokes aside, I’m worried about amount of unprotected sex you’re having, I hope you took precautions. One can never measure up to other people’s standards, there may be nothing wrong with you, it could simply be that you get serious too quickly therefore your partners felt like you used their pregnancies to try trap them into marriage. Dont rush into anything, find a focus that you have some control over and preferably not another human being.
    I hope this helps

  3. Dear port edward,you and me should meet ngikubone kahle,im single and looking for someone to settle down with,those woman were never yours they were still searching for their one true love
    Mike please share my email address!

  4. Port Edward, i would suggest that you try to use a CONDOM and stop it with your unplanned pregnancies. Get to know the girl, know her long and short term goals etc, get married and have a kid after.

  5. Thank you Mike, so there will be no post on Monday too, Eix you killing us Mike.
    Port Edward why do you always choose the wrong women when there are so many singles out here?
    I doubt very much that you have a problem, it’s the women you date that are not honest with you or they don’t see you as their ‘potential hubby’s’ or they date you having another person they dating and see fit to be with the other person rather than sure the next woman you meet is faithful to you before you hurt yourself again by being rejected.

    Mike someone suggested a dating site here, are you looking into it bathong help your readers find their soul mates.

    1. This one of a dating site is very much supported, you have no idea how many people single are out theres. As for Port Edward relax my man your problems are solved I’m single and very much fertile if you know what i mean i can give all that you want and more.

  6. Port! u probably not doing anything wrong, dnt rush take ur time, heal and pray about it, God will bring de right woman 4 u. If u r wat u say u r dis woman r stupid. H@LA @ me m also single, no kids, looking 4 a gud man hu is ready 2 settle down

  7. LOL… The answers though…. So many women looking to be hooked up, a dating site is not a bad idea at all…
    PE. You just haven’t meet someone who loves you. One day Mike will start a dating site and you will meet the love of your life, I am curious about the way you look though? Can’t you post a picture

  8. Tnk u Mikey
    Port Edward we r Africans nd we knw dat wn amadlozi r nt pleased things Lyk this happens. I suggest u go see people bcs u cnt b having so much bad luck.The fact dt u were part of da army dt killed ur 1st baby cud b da problm n for u nid to phasa/go see moruti fo prayers n som anointing oil- pati e kea fo 1prsn cnt b normal

  9. ha ha ha ha the amount of single women on this blog is alarming, I know for sure that a dating site wouldnt possibly help many as Mike seems to have a lot of women followers verses men, there only men I could actually think of on this block is Zuma, Bhejane and Jack , so cat fights will be galore nje.

    @Port edward Please read the whole chapter of Samuel if you own a bible, there you get to have an idea of what the Lord is about if you dont know already, Hannah couldnt conceive for years and was always mocked Peninnah because she was barren, she never however lost faith in the Lord, she continued praying and was granted her wishes.

    I am a staunch follower of Jesus Christ, I believe his delay is not his denial, You will get to be a father,. it is just not time yet for you to be. I dont believe you are cursed, I believe you have just not been meeting the right people.

    Please do use a condom until such a time that you tie the knot.

    by the way where in the world is port what wht?

  10. Khanyi might not be doing anything with Sam but she’s definitely eyeing Palesa’s dad lol… great read

    lol the replies to Port Ed… hai guys, you all make my mornings along with my daily read ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Port Edward, i’m in the same situation like urs. Now am getting help from church, i hope u can also get help somewhere but i will keep u in my prayers.

  12. Khanyi ke noga ya matlhaku I don’t trust her 1 bit the faster this so called friendship dies between them the better, cut ties with her b4 ago jela rrago.
    Port Edward, take a Lil break my dear and find yoslf so dat u know what type of a woman u want then u’ll find inner peace. Desperation can b smelled from afar myb dats y those girls bao dlala so.

  13. All 3 women can’t just choose to abort!!! Tell us da truth Port do u have anything wrong like r u not stingy? Stinking fees? Halitosis? If no problem at all ai man don’t rush into dancing pash pash without all stars… take ur time man… goodluckโ˜บ

  14. Port Edward im sorry sir for your situation.. if ukholelwa emasikweni esintu maybe go kwi sangoma im sure bazothi umntwana wokuqala uye owenza lento ugeze uxolise nakuye umntwana owathi aka abort ur first unborn child

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