Blessed 52

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Crying during sex I have heard happens a lot. I have always found it creepy myself. Imagine being the guy and the

girl just starts crying. I would not know what to do. I would probably freak out and get up and leave. It’s like a guy telling you that he loves you on the first date and has tears in his eyes! Tears have a time and place and no matter how emotional you get making love to the person that you love, tears should never be found here. This is not that verse in the bible that says,

“Jesus Wept!”

Hell no! I could how this looked. I don’t know how many people have given guilty shag in their lives but I bet you it’s a lot. You cheat on your man and the next thing he wants sex. Your instinct is to say yes because you fear that if you say no your secret will be found out. It’s almost as though you are proving your love to him even more.

“Love why are you crying? Did I hurt you?”

He asked pulling out immediately when he heard me sobbing. I was visibly crying. He immediately switched on the lights and came to me.

“I am sorry! I don’t mean to cry I am sorry!”

I said. The tears were free and I think all the tension I had had in me for so long suddenly decided to say now was the time to let loose! It was not even just about Sam and Neo any more, all my frustrations just came out. Here I was sitting on

“I almost died and lost you. What was I thinking? I am so sorry and I feel so guilty. Please forgive me!”

I said making it seem like it was about the suicide. Well it was not but the excuse was pretty handy.

“Love I am here right, it’s because I love you. I wouldn’t be anywhere right now in the world except here with you. Let’s just make sure you never ever feel again that you have nowhere to turn. I will always be here!”

That was exactly what I wanted to hear! Fuck Sam. Unfortunately how many guys have sold us dreams that they intend to be in our lives forever yet the moment they got what they wanted they either cheated or left.

“Can we sleep please. I am embarrassed enough as is.”

I told him.

“Don’t forget we have the game drive at 0430 in the morning!”

He told me. I had forgotten that part and it was the expensive part of the trip. I hate waking up. There was disappointment in his voice but I was not going to give him a chance. I turned around and gave him my back. He did not even move in for a cuddle.

0430 I was standing outside by the reception door. Neo had to go pick up a bag we had forgotten from the room.

“Good morning!”

A man’s voice said from behind me. It was the guy from the pool yesterday.

“Good morning to you too. I can’t believe we up so early though! I just want to go and pass out!”

I told him.

“That makes the both of us!”

He responded.

“Where is your wife? Did she fail to wake up?”

I asked him and he laughed. His instinct was to deny her but I think he thought twice.

“She is coming, she is a slow starter I wanted to make sure that the transport does not leave us!”

He said. There was something about the way he said it that made me realize that he had lied about something in the statement he had just said so I think it’s the wife part.

“Where is your boyfriend?”

He asked me.

“He is coming. He forgot something in the room. He will be back just now!”

I told him.

“My name is Lunga by the way!”

He said casually,

“And my … Wife… Is… Never mind!”

He said like I had asked. It’s amazing that somewhere somehow it had become ok for old men to allow us young girls to call them by name. We want to call them dirty old men but had he introduced himself with a Mr. In front we girls would have thought he is full of himself. This was a holiday so no need to be up tight.

“So what brings you out on holiday on a week day? Is it not affecting work?”

I asked him.

“I work for myself, tenders to be exact so right now I am not in a contract. I only start in a month and a half, its dry season!”

He said in what was supposed to be a joke I suppose. Tender dude used to be the IT thing when I was a kid. Every girl wanted them but now their hype is not as big. Now they are associated with corruption and dirty dealings they lost that glamour.

“Oh I see. By the time I am ready to get tenders I am sure they will have been banned by then!”

I said and he laughed.

“At this rate I don’t doubt that!”

I heard shuffling behind me and next thing,

“Ahem, ahem!”

It was his wife or whatever she was to him.

“Baby meet…”

I had not told him my name.


I told him. Fortunately at that time Neo walked towards us. The woman rolled her eyes annoyed I think but she greeted me. I knew what that meant. She hated me already yet she did not even know me.

“Hi! Lunga let’s go!”

She said. As they walked away I heard her say,

“I told you that I don’t want too many people knowing where we are yet here you are busy introducing yourself to children, what the hell is wrong with you!”

He responded,

“I didn’t tell her my real name of course come on now! I was just being friendly…”

Then the conversation was disturbed. It was obvious now that we were right about the nature of their relationship. There was no way a married couple could just drop everything to go for a retreat like this, black people are just not cut like that. People don’t know that the best time to cheat is during the week because no one can ever suspect if you say work conference. It is such a legitimate excuse. What’s even better is that most resorts have conferences on their premises anyway so if you wanted a crowd as proof it’s readily available.

“What was that about?”

Neo asked seeing everyone’s hasty repeat.

“You won the bet, they are not married and old man came to introduce himself to us!”

I told him and we burst out laughing which made the woman turn to look at us. I stared right back at her. She had been rude so I can be rude too. It’s amazing how here was someone who society says I should respect on age alone but I totally disregarded her. To me she was as good as being nothing. That is our society. There is nothing called respect. The man she was with, Lunga, had introduced himself to me by his name and it was completely normal. Picture your father walking up to a girl and introducing himself by his name and tell me that’s normal. You would be offended but if that guy did it to you would probably be ok with it as well, its normal.

“You guys are in the same car! There are three cars on this drive ladies and gentleman. Do not feed the animals and make sure you keep your hands and limbs in the vehicle at all times because we do not want to leave any part of you in the bush!”

The guide said and we laughed. The other two cars had Chinese tourists. Is it just me but do Chinese tourists look like the happiest people on earth. I mean they are always ready to clap and always grinning. If you watch American movies they are always evil and angry but in real life they look different.

“We in the same car as them!”

I told Neo and he shook his head. Now the evil woman had to be in the same car with us. Poor woman, at some point she would have to talk to us. We drove around for about an hour and a half seeing different animals. I thought we would see some hunting but in all honesty most were lazing around. We were to have a picnic breakfast in an enclosed area something I liked because with the drinking last night I was starving. When we were finally settled in the picnic area we sat on our own Neo and me. It was so romantic.

“I am bored hey. I thought a game drive you were supposed to see some kind of action. I can’t believe I came to see animals sleeping!”

I told him and he laughed.

“You need to learn to try new things though baby. You can’t be happy doing the same things you do every day!”

He reminded me. I was not that person who was all about gallivanting and trying new things. My world was pretty small and that’s the way I liked it.

“A picnic in the bush is something I think is romantic though”

He said to me.

“I second that!”

I told him. There was shuffling behind us and guess what, Lunga!

“Hey guys!”

The old man said.

“Do you mind if we sit together. Meet new people and all!”

He said with his evil woman behind him.

“Hey guys. We figured sitting alone didn’t make sense!”

She said already laying sitting on the picnic blanket next to us. I wanted to say,

“Yes mom do sit!”

But I just smiled as Neo being Neo said,

“Yes sure go ahead. I am Neo, my girlfriend Palesa!”

He said.

“I am Lunga and this here is my wife Bonolo!”

He said and I looked at her face. She blushed! I don’t think he had ever called her that before because she had a genuine look of surprise on her face!

“Pleasure to meet you guys!”

We just called people old enough to be our parents ‘guys’ yah neh this modern age. We started chatting they asked us about us and we spoke a bit.

“I just want to ask about marriage, when do you know its right?”

Neo asked them on our second glass of wine.

“I guess you just know. When you like a person and like you guys have been together for a long time you just know its time.”

She said to him.

“I concur! When you love someone you don’t need excuses. You do the right thing and make her your wife. Marriage is beautiful if done right and you can do it right where some have failed.”

Lunga said and Bonolo played punched him. Neo then stood up and did something that I totally did not expect. He fished for something in his pocket and next thing he was on one knee.

“What the fuck?”

I can believe I actually said that out loud!

“Neo what are you doing?”

I asked him in panic mode!

“I am doing the right thing. I know we are young and maybe won’t be tomorrow when I can afford to give you the world. You are my world and I can never imagine life without you, never! Will you marry me?”

He said.

“Oh my God!”

Bonolo said putting her hand on her chest dramatically!

I second that!

*********The End***********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

I wish I worked for a film company and had all the money in the world because your work really has to be on TV. Guys is there anyone who works for a studio because we are missing out on real talent! We need to put Mikes work out there for all to see. I am so proud of having read your work and I rave about it everywhere I go.

My problem: I am going through a divorce. My husband and I were married for 17 years. I am 41 now and I am so scared of going out there alone. Most of my friends are married so I can’t even say to them let’s go out and celebrate my new found freedom. My husband was a serial cheat who never stayed at home. For my part I allowed him to treat me like shit and for that I blame myself. When I finally got the courage to tell him I was done he actually clapped hands at me and told me he was waiting for this day. He said he just could not tell me first that he had been unhappy for this long. I wanted to kill him for wasting my time. Why do people make you suffer like this? We have two kids together and he was here by force by the sound of it. I work and I would go to work and still come take care of the family for such an ungrateful man. Do you know how painful that is? I failed myself as a woman believing that monogamy is what God wants because truth be told men don’t care. Its something us women comfort ourselves with. All kinds of men cheat from pastors right down to majekelane they are all the same mxm! We women sit at home and hope that our faithfulness will be rewarded! I had so many opportunities to cheat on him but guess what, I told myself a good woman does not cheat, its not what God wants! If God punishes cheating then surely there will be no men in heaven! I am so angry and I can’t even do anything to show him how much he hurt me. How do you throw yourslef a divorce party? I need something to make me feel human again and I want my revenge! I can’t let him walk away without feeling the pain. It might be petty but I need this. We are still going through the divorce and he is dating a university student. He even brought her to court. I need to know what to do, please.

Please help


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  1. First things first you need to suck him dry!! As the woman and since he is the one who cheated you have the upper hand!! Make sure you get the house and if you have a cars those too. Make sure he pays a huge amount of alimony (wife maintenance) and child maintenance as well!! If you are still paying bond for your hose make sure he pays that!! Then throw the biggest party the world has ever seen!! Invite his friends and sleep with one or two at the party!! Have a 3 some even!! Have braai at your house to celebrate. Let the kids go to a friend’s place for the weekend or to family then go wild!!
    The part about God and monorgamy, He does want us to be faithful cheating (adultery as well as fornication for that matter) is a sin just because most people do it that doesnt mean that its right and that those who do not confess and repent wont be punished for it. God lets no sin go unpunished nawe after your weekend of drinking (if you do) and whoring (if you go through with it) confess and never do it again ). Just because majority is doing something and it seems as though they are going unpunished does not mean that its right, people go to church on Sunday instead of Saturday Sabbath (which is the Biblical day for worshipping God) but its still wrong so dont lower your standards just because everyone is doing something, do what is right and be right with God on a personal level, no one will answer for your sins except you. If you know you cant leave with yourself after whoring then dont do it, personally I wouldnt do it I would forgive him shame but thats just me being naive I gues

    1. Wow i cant deal with this… why are you shoving your religion down this womans throat. Let the one without sin be the first to cast the stone. Im Buddhist because of all this bullshit. Christians thinking they better than everyone else and hold the right to judge. Habe. Sit your Ass down and let the woman live her life without the fear of being judged.

      Sorry Mike for the language but I just cant🙌

      1. Hao no one is shoving religion down her throat. She was the one who brought religion on her letter and Lukhangele is just agreeing with what DK had said in her letter that she didn’t want to cheat due to her religion and not wanting God to punish her for cheating.

      2. Be Buddhist all you want dear no one is forcing you to be Christian I talked about religion because she is the one who mentioned it. I am not judging anyone she wrote the letter seeking advice and thats my 2cents worth of advice-NOT FOR YOU BUT FOR DK so if you dont have advice to give then sit your Buddhist ass down and shut up!!

    2. Lukhangele adultery is legal now in South Africa so she has no grounds on that and if they were or are married in community of property all she will get is 50 percent share of their Estate. Our legal system is messed up I tell you.

      1. Adultery is grounds for divorce my dear and if you have a good lawyer you could get every thing from the marriage or most of it anyway


  3. Carry a knife always and stab she shit out of his tires when ever you get the chance. Not just one tire but all 4 of them, make sure there’s no cameras though..
    If you staying together or have access to his place, fill up the bathtub and pour as many jik bottles as u can, then put his most expensive clothes inside. Stab the sofas as well, pour paint on the floor, crack his expensive watches and put them on the bed. These are just a few things yo that can do before you go celebrate.. It won’t make u happy but u all have inner peace..

  4. DK: Going through divorce is hard. It is ok to feel angry after what you went through. What he did to you was not right. Remember u have no control how another person treats u, but u have control on how u react to the situation. U have control of your life. U couldn’t control how he was treating u, but u took a stand to put a stop to it. Give yourself a pat on the back for that. They say “it all begins and ends in your mind. What u give power to, has power over u”. The best revenge that u can dish on this man is to take charge of your life. U gave him power for so many years. Do the things that u have always wanted to do. Reconnect with yourself. Be comfortable in your own company.
    This is doable. I went through divorce after 13yrs of marriage and 3 kids. I lost myself in the process of trying to keep things together. With God’s grace I found myself again. Anger is good, but don’t let it destroy u. What u are going through now, is what u were meant to go through. Nothing happens by mistake. U need to put yourself first and DO NOT give this man so much time in your head. He does not deserve it. Deal with your anger and then focus on yourself. Whilst u are at it – make sure u have the best lawyer.
    Good luck on your new adventure of self discovery. It is a lovely journey…BIM

  5. A man that claps when you tell him you have had enough, then proceeds to tell you he is glad because he has been unhappy, is a man that will not be shaken by anything you do to try get revenge. HE DOES NOT CARE therefore anything you do will just make him clap some more and laugh at how pathetic he thinks you are. At 41 years old you’ve given your entire youth to this man, but he does not have to own your Queening years.. let him go with as much grace as you can muster up. Walk away with your dignity in tact.. yes, you are pissed off, he hurt you and he humiliated you.. but you cannot control him. you cannot control him. you cannot control him! and you cannot hurt this man, you cant!

    Have a weekend away with your friends who are willing, let loose, let it all out.. cry.. scream.. be depressed. Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, get a new look.. and go out there and be the QUEEN he thought he could destroy. As one blogger already said, you are free to do as you please now.. leave that idiot of a man. He will get what’s coming to him, Karma knows everyone’s address.

    1. Wow @ Thatgirl I do not have words for the advise you just gave all I can say is your advise is boss you sound like a very decent person with morals… Dankie san. DK please take her advise you won’t regret it. oh ask God to guide you as well prayer works at all times it may not feel that way now but trust me God feels your pain and hears your cry.

  6. I say milk him as much as you can through the court divorce proceedings and then take a week or 2 off and travel the world with some of the money you have milked him, a bit of fresh air and new places will do you some good. Don’t go for revenge as it will only hurt you and not him.

  7. DK.
    If you are around Pta let me know ama help you have the best divorce party ever( Break up parties ke ntho tsaka).I also agree with Bloo about the tires but the quilt afterwards aint worth it.
    Here’s your to do list.
    1.Remove all the shit in the house that remind you of him.
    2. Get a new wardroabe….i mean go shopping go crazy.
    3. Get your hair and nails done
    4. Go away for a weekend preferably where theres a beach to wash his filfthy memories from you(while there book for a massage and choose a yummy guy to do it)
    5. Lastly which is the most important CALL ME. We gonna party so hard the only way we gonna go home is via Ambulance or a police van.

  8. claps once* as i embrace being single, that’s why i say if i get married monna a jola thata he will see the back of his head nka mo dira gore iyo ke sleg in that area but im faithful though just do your dirty tricks u will regret but you wont catch me that i guarantee, doing with your firend.

  9. I have a huge crush on Neo tjo…I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like going through what you’re going through but the readers have given you some advice so it’s up to you

  10. Revenge is sweet DK its so sweet it can give diabetes BUT on your case its tasteless because the person you want to dish it out to doesn’t give a fuck. So I think doing good by yourself is the best option here, its hard being alone when you are used to having someone even if he’s a dick but its possible. Give it a try all the best

  11. Some advice though. LOL. I agree with whoever said start living for you, revenge will not bring you peace and he really might not care. Start being the reason you do or don’t do things, be happy and id that hurts him in the process then so be it, but it can’t be your main reason otherwise he us still controlling you. He will get what’s due to him, no need for you to try get vengeance. Do throw a party though… celebrate your life

  12. I’m sorry about what you had to go through,just watch waiting to exhale,I’m pretty sure after u finish watching it,you’ll have an idea of what to do with that bustard

  13. @THATGIRL i second that.

    When someone doesnt love you there is nothing you can ever do that will hurt them. He is out there living his life. this some how reminds me of one experince i had. i had been going out with the same guy for close to 10 years and i he cheated i forgave him. there was a time i wanted to do anything to make it work. When i was pregnant he acted shady and i forgave him. after i gave birth i decided to cut him loose and that was the best decision i ever made in my life. the first 3 months were tough. There seemed not to be any light at the end of the tunnel. i had given that guy all i thought i could ever give. i thought looking more appealing will make me feel better who was i kidding! then one day i decided to start writing things i am grateful for, small things like i have a job, like i am alive, i have company(friends and family) and every morning i would read the list. My mood would shift just like that. i made sure i had someone i could call when ever i felt down to talk about my feelings and joke around. it helped a great deal. 2yrs down the line i found myself happier than ever.

  14. First I was in support of the revenge. But I know ,although better said than done, stay the woman you are. KARMA is a real thing. He will miss what he lost. I’m a university student, that girl will leave him with nothing for a man she can be proud to show off not a madala

  15. Have your party girl. its hard to deal with a man who doesn’t care. It seems to me that he’s been unaffected and indifferent about all your decisions thus far. Best way to hit him would be financially. Whether it’s through his job or you sue him for wasting your time. I’ve seen these women on TV doing it for emotional what what, don’t know if you can do it in S.A though. Then work on imbettering yourself. Make yourself happy again. If you haven’t been doing these, start working out. Get sexy back. Eat healthier. Take on a new hobby, something you’ve always wanted to do but never got the chance. Get a full makeover, I’m talking hair, nails, clothes etc. A healthier you, a toned body and glowing skin means a happier you. which in turn boosts your confidence. You can start attracting all the good things in life. Good luck boo

  16. QnA I am very surprised at everyone who said just walk away be polite what what… the woman wants revenge and I say she must dish it out cold. Go out on a date with his best friend. A man like this has people that back him up. He has someone who knows all his secrets amongst his guy friends and that’s the guy you use so that he will never forget you. Yeah yeah the holy sisters here will tell you that don’t scoop so low but fuck it, by you just walking away you fell into his trap. In marriage you were timid and allowed him to be great now show him that what ever he could do wena you can do worse. What kind of crap is just walk away and he will learn? Are you crazy? Do you ignore a naughty child or do you spank that child until he knows the rules must be followed? Nah I say teach him a lesson he will never forget

    1. But this is no child, its a grown ass man who doesn’t give a rats ass about her thou. Like how will messing with his friend help? Coz he doesn’t care about her at all


  18. Just invest le energy unayo for u throw(a) i party maybe into doing something with your kids take them for a weekend away, I’m sure they’ve been affected with what happened between you and your husband. You now on your own libala ngesa srhama!!!(sorry nge lang)

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