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YES 62

“Having dreams is one thing but not trying to achieve them is simply just shameful!” Mike Maphoto


You know in life in all honesty every now and again you have to take a step back and just breathe. Don’t take a step forward or backwards, just stand where you are and take a deep breath. So many things happen around you and often they happen at breath neck pace which makes it even more confusing if you don’t have the focus to stay upright. That’s the same with relationships. Why is it when you are single and looking often you can’t find anyone to look at you twice? The moment you fall for someone and they like you back that totally changes. All of a sudden every guy wants you and starts talking right. How do you explain that? It feels like the universe is playing a joke on you the way you all of a sudden have so much game. What was going on with me? I had become attractive all of a sudden and desirable not that am complaining. My brain was out of sync and all muddled up. All of a sudden it felt as though it had happened too fast. Again I am not complaining but I have to say when you are kissed like that and can’t even stand up you know fate has something spectacular in store for you.

“Focus Lungi! You still have to drive across Jhb!”

I told myself. I went to the bathroom and washed my face and then I was off. A true friend is there for her friends and I was a true friend. I was going to see her. It was already late I know and she had a husband but she needed me. She did not sound right. Jhb at night is a pleasant drive if you don’t get robbed, raped or killed. Those are the extremes of course because there is always Metro or drunk drivers to spoil that drive for you. I am just saying the facts that people don’t want to hear.

“Hi, I am here to see Cindy in 423”

I said when I got to the gate.

“May I ask who is visiting?”

The security asked me.


I told him. I heard him dial and she picked up.

“Tell her to go away!’

Was her response when he said who was visiting? Seriously! I drove all this way for someone to say go away. Two seconds later however I heard her say,

“I am joking! Let her in. That’s my best friend right there!”

She said. Even from the gate here I could hear she was drunk. It was that bad I guess. Cindy had always been a handful when she was drunk that’s why she had stopped drinking. She had to stop drinking even before her pregnancy because of that. Weak alcoholics are the worst. I drove up to her place and she was standing by the doorway by herself.

“Hey friend, you finally decided to show up!”

She said mockingly but happy to see me. I walked towards her and she gave me a big hug. It looked at my friend and I just wanted to burst out crying.

“I have missed you!”

She declared when we entered.

*I have missed you too!”

I said. Looking at her minus her big stomach and with the semblance of a waistline since the baby was gone made it even worse. She looked sullen and her body looked wasted.

“I am sorry about not coming earlier!”

I told her. She looked at me then gave me another huge hug.

“You are here now and for me that’s the most important thing!”

She said. Much as that was reassuring it made me feel super guilty as I should have been here for her sooner and I just don’t mean today. I had been too busy chasing after boys.

“Come in, come in, look at me stopping you at the entrance!”

She said as we were still standing by the doorway even though we had taken two or three steps into the house. The house was filthy. It was disgusting in fact. There were bottles of alcohol everywhere, old food and there was bread on a plate which already had mould. It was green!

“Are you alone?”

I asked her. It was not the dead silence that brought me to that conclusion but all this filth. There is no way he would have allowed the house to fall apart like this.

“Yes I am! That wimp ran away when we lost the baby. He said he needed time to grieve alone imagine. But it’s ok, men, they are weak! They are not like us. We are built to survive!”

Yup, she is one of those drunks who get inspirational when there is enough liquid in her.

“How have you been holding up?”

I asked her. It was not the cleverest of questions because it was obvious that she was not coping at all.

“I am doing much better I think. I am off for a month. My boss said I must take as much time as I can. I thought I would be with hubby but he abandoned me.”

She went back to him. The next thirty minutes was her man bashing and insulting him. I tried to stop her from drinking but she just drank even more.

“I need to clean this up and you ate not going to stop me ok!”

I told her. I had to make sure she doesn’t cause a scene so I made sure I mentioned it early on so as not to cause confusion.

“No don’t do it. The maid will come. You are here to see me right and I can’t make you work.”

I was not listening at this stage I started cleaning. I know we pay people to clean our houses but I am sure if this one came she would run away.

“Nonsense! I want to!”

I told her and I meant it. I am not the neatest person in the world but I don’t like filth. It irritates me.

“Must I pour you something to drink at least?”

She asked me.

“In what glass Cindy? There is nothing clean. You sit there and drink your wine and I will clean.”

I told her. I was hoping she would doze off but that was not happening. She was very angry at her husband. Not once did she mention her baby and I also figured that it was best I not bring him up even if he was the reason why I was here. It took me two hours to get the place clean and she was till fully awake.

“You need to bath!”

I told her. Yeah I had not mentioned that part. If she was bathing she clearly had not been bathing properly. She was dirty and the clothes she was wearing were dirty. She tried to protest but I forced her to go to the bathroom! She fought me a bit but eventually she bathed. I think the shower refreshed her because soon after she was ready to sleep. I only left her place around midnight and I was exhausted. When I got home I passed out immediately. I had so much to dream about but because I was so tired alas the dreams stayed away.

I slept like a baby but something odd happened, when I woke up the sun was out. The sun is never up when I wake up, that much I must emphasize. As I blinked myself to full alertness I cursed,

“Shit! Shit!”

And jumped out of bed. It was 0930. I had overslept. My alarm had gone off but because at the concert I had put it on silent. This was an unmitigated disaster. I had 3 missed calls all from work so it became my first mission to call work!

“Hey Nicolene what’s up?”

I asked her when she picked up.

“Where are you?”

She asked me.

“I am not feeling well. Am in bed. I think I over did it yesterday. I am on my way to the doctor!”

I told her.

It was not really a train smash because a doctor’s note is one of the easiest things to get not just in Jhb. It’s not even seen as corruption anymore because well, if you work and you can afford it, it’s your right!

“O I am sorry to hear that. I am actually with Mr. Gold right now and I just told him what you said. Don’t worry about it, I got you covered!”

She said. Got me covered? What did she mean? By saying that she was with Mr. Gold that was her saying I won’t be able to come later because even the boss knew I was out. I had to wake up and go to the doctor.

“Get well soon and see you tomorrow I hope!”

She said and hung up. How had I overslept though? I was angry at myself. The doctor I normally see is at the shops close to the hospital I went to the day I got sick. It’s a black doctor because usually they are more open to sick notes! White doctors will give you but usually a lecture you as they do it. I was lucky in that his appointment lady said they had actually had two cancellations and there was space available in an hour and a half. That means that I had to hurry now.

When I got there the lady I had spoken to told me that the doctor I normally see was not there but his colleague was covering for him. Did I mind? Nope, as long as it was a black doctor! When my turn came I walked and got the shock of my life. It was Esethu!


I said.

It was her.

“I didn’t know you work here too!”

I said to her very surprised! Why was I feeling guilty looking at her like that?

“I was meaning to call you but I didn’t know how nor where to start!”

She said. This was too awkward.

“It’s ok you don’t have to!”

I told her.

“No, I do but pride gets in the way. Its not every day that another woman puts in a good word for you with the guy you both like and I just didn’t know how to address it!”

She said and to be honest I was clueless as to what she was talking about.

“It’s ok I guess. What did he say?”

I asked her now trying to pry. Was she making things up?

“Yesterday afternoon, he came to the hospital to see me. It was very odd because he had not been talking to me that much at all and I thought that ship had sailed. We spoke about very little but before he left he kissed me. I am telling you it came out of the blue and I didn’t even react! Has he told you anything because I was so confused and so happy at the same time? That’s why I couldn’t just call and imagine; now you are here!”

She said and I could not even hide the shock on my face even though I tried so hard to stay smiling.


**********The End*************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Friends

Thank you for your patience. As announced last week on Thursday morning (via Facebok) the blog was taking a break for a couple of days and will be back today Monday. The reason for the break in the blog was that I needed to finish the movie scripts I had been writing. As some of you may know, South Africa is starting to produce more and more local content including movies. It’s only logical that I try that too. I am glad to say I completed 3 of 5 scripts I had been working on and this week will be forwarding them for editing, formatting, screenplay etc. In all I completed 2 romantic comedies and 1 romantic drama.

My Super Ex Wife
Muddy Water
The Boy is Mine

If ever I get lucky enough to ever get one these made I hope you will support me as you always have, something I never take for granted. I felt you deserved to know the truth behind my absence as you know we hardly ever skip posting on the blog without good reason.

Stay Blessed

Mike Maphoto

Good day Mike Maphoto and the entire Diary family.
This is so hard to say but I will get straight to the point. I have seen how many people your blog has helped and the impact it has in our community and I hope I can also be one of them in this corner I am in.
My name is Simangele, a female College student. I am studying Radio Production at Creative Arts College in Durban. Over the year, and with my past qualification I have been paying my way through college by working at restaurants in the evenings. Until early this year when I had to go see my sick father who is out of the country and when I came back I couldn’t get my job back. I stayed without a job for 3 months and by the time I got another one my school fees instalment hasn’t been paid and I am struggling to keep up with the fees as I also have to feed and clothe myself. I have received letters and messages from the college asking me to settle all my due fees and by the 15th of this September I was not going to be allowed in class. I don’t have anyone to help me with the fees and I have no one here except for my father who is not well and unemployed. I am pleading, begging and sincerely asking South Africans to help me with the outstanding college fees. It’s almost the end of year and my last year, knowing that I will be dropping out of school month end breaks me and I am always crying, thinking what is it that I can do to help myself finish my qualification and do what I love most. I have already been shortlisted for in service training in 2 different local radio stations. Radio is what I love… it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life and with this situation I can see my future and career going down the drain.
For me to write final exams I have to pay an outstanding amount of R9200 and for the entire remaining fees which is R7200. Everything totals up to R16400.
I have attached my documents including My ID, student card and acceptance letter from my college with details. This is all proof and if anyone need more information can contact the college. I am really struggling with ends meet for me and my father but we always survive.
I hope and pray that someone out there will help me reach out for my dream.
My cell number is 0744139963.
Email: and also
Thank you South Africans
Desperate Student.

27 thoughts on “YES 62

  1. Congratulation Bra Mike, we are wishing you all the best in this new TV venture, praying and hoping for the best. We will be there cheering on and supporting you!!!

  2. Congratulations Mike!!!!!!!😉👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    God will surely make your dreams come true! he didn’t bless u with such talent for niks! Great work!! 👏👏

  3. Wow! Thanks Mike for an early morning dose. It seems like Mbuso is confused, kissing both girls? or is Esethu lying to make Lungi jealous, mmh i wonder.

    M wishing you all the best with your TV venture Mikey, I know you gonna blow us away with those TV drama and comedies, spread your wings and fly like a free bird that you are Mike. All the best man! !

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, welcome back buddy and good work on finishing those scripts. I can tell that Im going to fall in love with My Super Ex Wife, lets hope someone produces magic.

  5. Desperate student, maybe if you provided your schools banking details and reference no, some
    Readers could consider donating. R100 on top of another R100 makes a huge difference in the long run.

  6. Congradulations on finishing and submitting the scripts, cnt wait to see the final product, well done Mike.
    The desperate student, i feel ur pain and understand ur situation. i l suggest that you approach people like Dj Tira or Mabala Noise Executives for assistant, Since you are in Durban, draft MOA with them on how much you can afford to pay them monthly, once you start on ur Inservice. all the best

    Mbuso jou vuil cow!!!!!!!!!

  7. A big clap for u Abuti Mike on finishing your movie scripts, am sure your dreams are starting to become a reality, u really have a wealth of talent in writing. I am not a tv person coz I dont have time watching other people making thier dreams come true, but I will try not to miss your movies, just to watch your writing live in action. But I think u should have at least alerted us here on your blog as not all of us are your fb friends, remember.

    Lungi’s ancestors are really at work here, this is no coincidence that Sethu is a doctor on call this day. Lungi had to hear this two timing of Mbuso, so as to eliminate him from her list of potential lovers.


  9. Dear Student please contact the MICTSETA Block 2, Level 3 West
    Gallagher Convention Centre
    Gallagher Estate
    19 Richards Drive
    Halfway House

    Tel: (011) 207 2600
    Fax: (011) 805 6833

    DBN Bay House,
    333 Anton Lembede (Smith Street),
    4 th Floor,

    Tel: (031) 307 7248
    Fax: (031) 307 5842
    They have bursaries that pay for tuition for everyone in the Media, Information Communications industry. They pay for all institutions of higher learning even private ones. Send them all the information and your schools details. Also, go to your student affairs office at your school and ask them to assist you. Another innovative way it would be for you to go to your local radio stations and ask for a quid pro quo arrangement. They pay your fees and you work for them for a certain period of time or over school holidays you work your hours to the value of the fees they paid. SABC also has learnerships, I don’t know if they do for radio but for film & tv they do. It might be worth visiting their offices to find out. All the best!

    Mike what format are your scripts in? If you like, I can try and help you get commissioned? NFVF has that programme where they give R5m funding to black female producers. They are currently open for submissions right now.
    If you are open to talking please halla at me..

    Everyone else, please support a sister. Watch hustle tonight on etv at 21h30. Help me get ground breaking ratings!

  10. Mhm congratulations Mike, you always the best and am sure will really enjoy the final products.

    Student life is not easy indeed, but God will provide, just hang in there.

  11. Mike can I please feature in one of your movies?? Pleeeaaassse 😃😃😃

    All the best on your venture, may it be a great success.

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