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Y.E.S 69

“In relationship things always go south the moment you start compromising your standards to accommodate his needs. You cannot be happy if you have to allow him to get away with things you don’t like in the first place!” Mike Maphoto


Truth time, no liberal suburban educated person is homophobic until they have to be in a situation that involves the act. Suddenly they discover themselves and start off by saying nah it’s not for me and as time goes on they become aggressive in their rejection of it. We have grown up to learn to accept everyone for whom they are. Yes there are hard heads out there that are not tolerant but I would like to believe that civilization and modernity has taught us to keep an open mind. With that said, I was a liberal. I had schooled and befriended a lot of same sex couples but it was always at a distance. We shared the occasional drinks amongst friends and so on but never that close personal relationship. I had long passed the experimental age and to be fair I never experimented, I was hundred percent hetero! Her question therefore took me by surprise.

“What are you talking about?”

I asked her tentatively. Even the shock on my face was evident.

“I asked you if you have ever had lesbian sex before. Isn’t you always tell me how good life was at university and how you had a modern experience compared to us who went to bush campuses!”

She added which was well, kind of true. I think people experience different things which are relative to the university they attend. Naturally kids who studied in Jhb will experience more in terms of partying and weekend events compared to say kids who studied at University of Venda because the facilities and infrastructure in and around the area is different. I am not in any way saying that the latter did not have fun because I am sure they have a tavern or two in the area plus braai’s and parties but reality is if you were in Jhb or Durban your experience is more rounded.

“No I have never had lesbian sex and you know very well in our conversation I never made it seem as though your experiences were less than what mine were! Rudzani you even used to say this yourself so now I don’t understand how you can put it like that!”

I protested. That’s the problem with women, we can have discussions, laugh at and joke at our experiences but the day we fight it will seem like those things were said to hurt. She will attack you with the things you shared even if she was the one who asked you to share them in the first place! Now it was like I was bragging when reality was she would ask me so many questions so that she could fill in blanks on what she did not understand.

“Well still I want to know what your experiences are to that end!”

I stood there and I did not know what to say or do. Before I knew about Azwindini I used to think Rudzani was bi sexual at the very least. Girls who don’t care about their appearance usually draw questions. I grew up liberal ok, I don’t mind LGBT community, they do them I do me

“No of course not, that’s disgusting man!”

I told her. As I said that she smiled and not frowned. Is it what she wanted me to do?

“I already know what happened between you and Miss Du Toit. Did you know that they wanted to fire you the first time when you brought the Simba deal? Much as they wanted it you know they would have much rather Nicole brought it. It was no secret; we all know who we work for.”

She explained so slowly and calmly.

“Yes I do but what does that have to do with anything?”

I asked her.

“Put your bag down. Well If I press charges you will be fired and I know you think you have a fall back plan but you don’t! So I have an offer for you!”

She said, she went and sat on the hotel chair and folded her legs like a lady, showing some black ass thigh under her hotel gown.

“And what offer is that because I am not sleeping with you if that’s what you are after! I will rather die!”

I told defiantly! Leya ntombazane ibihlanya uma ibicabanga ukuthi mina beng’zoyi khota lemomozi yayo ebabayo.

“Then die! You can leave! I am not going to force you to do anything whatsoever.”

She said to me without blinking an eyelid.

“I have never asked you for much in all our time together as colleagues yet every single time you had an errand for your mom, which was plenty of times I covered for you gladly. Do you realize that your mother has more problems than Pravin Ghordan?”

She said in what was an attempt at a joke but it misfired! I was not in the mood for jokes!

“Rudzani come on, you can’t be serious! You can’t do that to me that’s like rape!”

I told her! I figured using the word rape would shock her into submission. She would be forcing me to do it if I did it but then again she had said the decision was mine. I was confused at this stage…

“That’s why I said you can go! You know no one will believe you in any case even if you told! I am still that mousy stupid girl you have made people to believe I am and you are the powerful independent woman, force of nature so who do you think would believe who? Moreover, they will just think you are trying to save your own ass from getting fired by making up such a huge unbelievable story!”

She said. She was right too on many levels! No one would believe me. In fact because of our different personalities I think I would be seen as the one capable of doing this not her!

“When they call for a disciplinary hearing I am going to wear my ZCC doek, badge and long skirt! Let’s see who they will feel sorry for then!”

She said with a chuckle! The look on her face was priceless. My phone was off, battery flat. I could not even tape this for my sake. I felt as though every time something bad happened in my life my phone was off. It was always like that.

“Rudzani come on, you really can’t force me to do this!”

I half pleaded with her because at this stage her mind was already made up. I was kidding myself if I thought I could change her mind at this stage.

“That’s why I said you can go. I would never force you but know that if you walk out there is no turning back!”

She said confidently.

“Are you even lesbian yourself? You say it as though you have been doing this for years when you know nothing of it!”

I asked her trying to turn this on her.

“The thing is Lungi you always undermine me. To you I am this rural Limpopian who knows nothing of the world. You forget we work for the same company, the same job and yes you might be more senior than me but we have the same degree!”

She said and she was right too. We were basically the same education wise even though we had different experiences.

“You didn’t answer my questions though!”

I told her.

“I don’t have to. I am the one asking all the questions so why must I?”

She said smugly! I could just punch her in the face right now. The reason why I was vulnerable right now was because I had just gotten a promotion and with I were I was now in the company it was not like last time when I was willing to resign. This time I really was where I wanted to be because I had plans for my own company a year or two down the line! The access to information and resources at this new level was definitely priceless for me. I needed this badly enough to do something stupid.

“What are you thinking? You have gone quiet? Are you thinking of something else to say to get out of it?”

She asked sounding a bit impatient now. Something was not adding up here!

“Rudzani you not a lesbian, bi maybe, I feel like there is something that you not telling me. This was not your idea! You don’t think like that. You not sadistic and cruel no matter how angry you are!”

I said to her.

“How would you feel if that precious boyfriend of yourself slept with your friend? You making me out to be the bad guy here but how would you feel if it was you? Have you asked yourself that? I am the one whose boyfriend you fucked not the other way round!”

She snapped at me. I was and she was right.

“But I will be frank with you, Azwindini wants a threesome! He has always wanted one and has asked me several times and I said no, not because I would not do anything to please him but because up till now I never knew who I could ask! That’s his condition for us getting back together! I know he is the one who cheated but the fact that your boyfriend punched him suddenly became my fault!”

She said. You know we take abused people in relationships for granted and never actually fully appreciate how deep they are into the men that do these things to them. By abuse I mean emotional abuse.

“Rudzani, you want to have a threesome because your boyfriend cheated and to get back with him he said bring the very woman he cheated with into your bed? Do you even hear yourself?”

I asked her.

“You honestly think I haven’t thought of that a million times! Of course I have and in the beginning I fought it! I did not want it! I felt cheap and dirty then I realized something, again I will be denying myself the pleasure of something because of hiding behind something else!”


I had no idea what she had just said.

“I know you think I am crazy, there is no better way to punish you by making you go down on me, the person you think so lowly of and getting fucked by the guy you thought was a one night stand knowing that like me once upon a time, your precious boyfriend is sitting at home waiting for you!”

I looked at her with a blank face! I should get up and leave but my feet would not move!

My career was on the line and I did this to myself! I can’t believe I was actually considering it!

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

Thank you for the wonderful blogs.

I am a 22 year old young woman and I recently had sex with my boyfriend for the first time. He was not a virgin I was but it was not nice at all. I might not have had experience at it but I could tell he was over excited because I was finally giving it up after three years of dating. He had begged several times before and I always said no. This time I don’t know why I even agreed because I still felt I was not ready. I am someone who says my mind so after a few days from losing my virginity I told him I did not enjoy it. I told him how I wanted it done next time. He was so angry? He told me I was cheating because how else could I have known. He has not spoken to me since that day. I don’t want to lose my boyfriend and I did not wait for three years to have sex with him for me to be dumped after the first round. I don’t think he is cheating because he stays at home and his sister who is also my friend tells me he spends all his spare time at home mopping around. I went to see him to apologize but he asked me how it was I knew that the sex was bad? I don’t know what to do now.

Please advise me.

Thank You


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  1. Your boyfriend can’t smash that’s why he got mad,tell that boy bye…life’s too short for moody kids and aweful sex!!!!

  2. My first sexual experience, I asked him if it’s in already. He did all kinds of movements, but to me he might as well have had been just lying there on top of me. After the act I was so disappointed, I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but I was not impressed. He asked me who am I comparing him to if I was a virgin before him. He left, I let him go because I felt he was just looking for a way to to leave the relationship anyway. The second experience I had the big O with another guy. I called him and told him that now I could “compare” his sexing was still bad….but now way too bad.

    On the real though Londy my darling, are you on contraceptives and did you use a condom? And you trust her sister when she says he stays all day moping around. Does her sister also stray home the whole day mopping around? Why is he at home the whole day everyday for three years? And where are you during that time?

    1. Please Lungi don’t coz they will blackmail you for years to come!
      Londy dear explain to you babe that you might have been a virgin but you know how you should have felt. He must stop being so shallow and defensive. If he can’t take it then you have a problem!!

  3. Just when i thought Rudzani was gangster only for her to go to stupid lengths for her asshole boyfriend. Ai I cant. She should have gone for Simba’s colleague and have been worshipped. Londy, boys think that as a virgin you must cry , not enjoy yourself and have to put on a display of purity and sexual ignorance. they dont think a girl must enjoy it or experience an orgasm at the same time. You know your story so dont beg him back. Also sisters will say anything to protect brothers even when you are besties with the sisters.

    1. Nana, you have said it all. Cruel as it may be, she is his sister not yours. As a sister to two older brothers, I have extra small undies and A cup sized bras in my wardrobe, but I’m a large and C cup. Her sister’s loyality lies with him not you girl. Fragile masculinity is what it is, and you’re too young to be caught up in that. He feels threatened because you can tell the good from the bad, and he now knows that he is not as good as he thought he was. If you sort things out, or if you move on with your life and find someone new, please always think if this: If I am comfortable enough to be naked in front of this person, I should be comfortable enough to tell them how I want it to be, how I do not want it to be, to ask questions and say No. Never feel bad for wanting what you want sisi.

  4. I don’t think anybody knows themselves more than a virgin, especially an older one if you consider all that wanking and self exploration. So, you defs know how you like it ‘coz you’ve given it to yourself plenty of times. wink wink.

  5. I really dnt understand how dis can affect lungis job cz its a personal matter how is it realated to work if lungi slept with azwindini

    1. There’s a fine line Luu and it’s the company’s discretion given that some companies (esp. Private) don’t want anything “bad” associated with employees. These days they google you before they employ you. In Lungi’s case there are racial issues and whatnot so anything that comes they will gladly use against her.
      Lesson: be careful what you do out there it could affect your career…..definitely makes one feel shackled I tell you!!!

  6. Im beginnig to think that Azwindini used muthi on Rudzani to keep her faithful while he was away. He lost it now that he doesnt want her anymore, he is doing everything he can to dump her. He planned to sleep with Lungi and boldly declared that they slept together. Now he is saying threesome so Rudzani can call him crazy and back out. I believe Lungi’s ancestors will help her still. Great job Mike!

    1. Good morning. Remember we are discussing this as the character not as Mike. Lungi is the one who has assumptions on what life must have been like for Rudzani. She has all the stereotypes. its a character flaw in her and I dont know if you have seen it she does this on everyone eg Sfiso being from England, Mbuso having a kid, her aunt being a sangoma… I am from Limpopo myself and I have been to both UNIVEN and UL so please bear that in mind. if I wrote as Mike it wont be a story. God Bless

      1. Mike this goes to show how good you are at writing this story. We read, relate and react to the characters as if they are real……powerful stuff. Just pleaded with Lungi not to sleep with Rudzani myself…lol! Big up to you bro!! Thank you once more and may your ink never dry up!

  7. Thanks Mike. I beg in the name of Lungi’s ancestors that she does’nt sleep with that crazy girl. I hope Lungi recorded the whole conversation. I will go crazy if she really sleeps with that mad low esteem girl.
    Londy don’t beg that immature guy. let him be and if you take him back, the sex won’t get better. trust me….. there’s something better out the for you 🙂

  8. yhooo hai Rudzani undanezile shem, really what kind of hold does this man have over her that she is willing to do this. uyamgezisa if you ask me
    Londy your boyfriend is being immature about this. first time I had sex with my boyfriend (it was also not his first time) of 2 years I told him I want to be totally relaxed before we do the dance and I begged him to be gentle (and he was) so a lot of time spent on foreplay did the trick…I will say it was okay-ish and when he asked how it was I told him that I was not sure coz it was my first time so for me to say it was good or bad would be a lie. We spoke about it and he reassured me that it will get better with time – I was skepical at first and I took a good 6 months after that to even consider it but after that I got to enjoy sex and him that I became confident and would initiate it coz I couldn’t get enough. wink wink. so your man is just being a boy shem…askies

  9. now that recording is out (as her phone is off), here’s plan B for Lungi….. she must just go stand next to a window, open it and cry her lungs out (like Nigerians).

  10. Last i read lungi was on her periods cant she fake terrible period pains just to buy sum tym to think things thru she must faint too lol. As for mo gal ur man myt have been gettin sum on da side for da 3 yrs his been waitin 4 u. Those galz myt hav been tellin him his amazing in bed. Lol u burst his lil bubble of an ego dats y he actin up. As for ur bestfriend I mean if ur bestfwnd had to choose btwn savin u or her bro durin a tsunami gal she wud kiss u gudbye n save her broda. She 2 myt hav been lyin to u. Now dat he got sum honey frm ur honey pot he dont want u anymore n acts up i mean if he really loved u he wud b wantin solutions to pleja u not b a cry bby. He shuld b pamperin u for trustin hm dat much not b a cry bby aggg he must grow up hawu

  11. Yes you might think Rhudzani is stupid, but think about the way it would make lungi feel. Because they were friends before the boyfriend, but lungi had the guts to sleep with her friends boyfriend.
    That’s the best revenge to give a person. Who fucked the person you love.

  12. They must nuff your mind away, and listen to the moans she gets from the same one night stand guy, who was your boyfriend. Because their career depends on it.
    The thought of that is refreshing.

  13. Well, Lony I’d say ignore the hell out of your boyfriend for being insensitive enough to judge you on your first experience. Change your attitudes and habits toward him. Don’t text back as quick/often as possible etc. He has no right to make you feel this way. It’s his responsibility to make sure you enjoyed that one special moment. Of course you wouldn’t enjoy it, you probably weren’t wet enough and he didn’t arouse you. You didn’t mention whether the two of you have been doing other sexual acts while you were together because if you haven’t and jumped straight to the big do then I understand why you would feel it was underwhelming . If you’ve not experimented and had immense pleasure from him in other ways then it’s a challenge. Lean one lesson from this, never let a guy blame you for his mediocre sexual performance. Whether it be kissing, breast stimulation, penetration or whatever else.

    I trust and believe that Lungis ancestors will intervene and help her out of this situation. We all see how wrong this is. And so do they. They do not want to shame her into accepting the calling. I have this uneasy feeling that if Lungi agrees, there will be a recording involved.

  14. Also, Rudzani must stop this “story Lorry ambulance ” behavior. She thinks she’s untouchable. She’s so comfortable and proud in that dispensable position of hers. If she’s not careful she too will soon be fired or “layed off”. In fact, Bra Mike, isn’t there something in Lungis promotion contract that protects her from some of these allegations an immunity of sorts for her being in a senior position now. *just thinking* I’m sorry guys, Rudzanis behavior just irks me. Lol

  15. There’s a difference between a freak and a ho. Although a Hope can be both. Some men think knowing whatyou want in bed and not being afraid to say it makes you a ho. Being a virgin doesn’t mean that you don’t know anything about sex. So I say any man who can’t handle the heat, shouldn’t get the opportunity of banging again Nxa.

  16. It seems guys do not take it well when told they are not good at it. A friend of mine lost her boyfriend when he asked if she loved the way he gave it to her and she said it was just sex to her and there was nothing special about it. She was dumped I tell ya.

  17. Londy the choice is yours really. My first experience also sucked I don’t even count that guy as my breaker because of it, I never tried it with him again but my second experience was great. … He better give you what you want hau…… Rudzani is disappointing the whole female species nje

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