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Y.E.S 67

“Why does love confuse so many women though? You act as though as you are the first to have ever discovered it and in its name you allow men to abuse, cheat, oppress and humiliate you!” Mike Maphoto


I have read somewhere that men find two girls fighting is sexy, sigh! How is violence sexy really? I think they assume we will be in skirts and our legs will be all over the place. Well I am sorry to disappoint because usually when a girl goes to a place where she intends to fight 99% of the time she is wearing pants. Ever watched Fight Club, girls have their own and no, there will be no scratching! Back to the matter at hand! I was incredibly embarrassed. Imagine at my age I was in a physical fight for sleeping with a guy. Not even in my high school days did I have to suffer such humiliation. I just don’t know what to say right now. Rudzani was stronger than she looked. She had a normal Venda girl built, thin or rather slender, small boobs and not that tall at all but her punches! It was like I was being hit by hard bones. Have tried to chew those African chicken bones, yup, those ones; if she was a chicken then most definitely she would those chickens. The girl was made of steel. I was bigger than her no doubt but she had me. I want to say it was because she had had the element of surprise on me. I totally had not seen her coming and before I saw it she had already been on top of me.

I won’t lie as she came in I panicked. My heart leapt out of its chest cavity. What did she mean he had taped it? What if I ended up going viral aowa?

“Taped what? Are you crazy?”

I screamed but in that she was already on me. I don’t think I have ever seen her move that fast.

“Get off me!”

I screamed!

“Like how you got off my boyfriend? What kind of a bitch are you? You had just met him and already you fucked him!”

She had just used a curse word something which again I did not associate with her.

“There is no tape he is lying!”

I tried to save face but it was clear I was lying here. So let me get this straight, she had taken a flight all the way from Cape Town, past all those white people, hired a car if she did and driven all the way to my house to beat me up. If I was not the one being beaten up I would have shaken her hand for she was one serious girl! Imagine, 1600km plus to come settle a score with an ex because If I recall correctly, he dumped her.

“How could you? I trusted you!”

Rudzani was shouting as I got back to my senses. She was right! She trusted me indeed. She never thought I could sleep with her man, I never thought I could sleep with her man either but here I was, look at me. There is a special place in hell for me for what I had done.

“I am sorry! It was not what I wanted!”

I finally broke just to get her off me. The more I denied I think the longer she would be angry. The sad thing is that I was being honest. I know he did not just slip on the floor and his dick ended up in me but the truth is that moment, I had been totally weak. I can’t even answer myself as to why I did it.

“He was my man! You had to take that from me Lungi? You who are high and mighty!”

She cried! I think she had come here super frustrated and now that she had gotten her pound of flesh she fell onto the floor and started crying. It was as though someone had died. I wonder if I can ever love a man the way she loved him. Speaking of men, that one punch had knocked out Azwindini!

“Get up you bastard! Let’s go!”

She said to him but he was knocked out cold!

“I hope you didn’t kill him because I am going to kill him myself!”

She said to Mbuso! This was getting a bit bizarre. She went to the sink, pour water in a jug and came and poured it on him right there on the floor on my carpet. I could not even jump up and stop her the way I felt so guilty. He jumped up as though startled and clenched his jaw as he felt it. I think the pain had just hit him again.


He moaned in pain and when he saw Mbuso standing there, arms folded he paddled back as he was on the floor!

“You can’t even fight like a man! Let’s go!”

She said and just like that, she entered she left. This left me standing face to face with Mbuso. I could see the defeat on his face.

“I am sorry!”

I said to him. I was apologizing for so many things right now. I had lied to him that I had not slept with this guy and look how the truth had just come out. I was apologizing for him getting into a punch up with someone he did not even know. I was also apologizing for how sluttish I must have looked at this moment, him hearing I had slept with my friend’s man. I know when a girl meets a guy for the first time we want to look like angels but with me I had lost that glamour already. This was bad.

“I am going home! We will talk tomorrow!”

He said. I could even detect the disappointment in his voice. This was so not on.

“Please don’t go, let’s talk about this!”

I said to him.

“No. I need to put ice on my hand anyway.”

He said and he walked out. My house was a mess. In the fight things had been knocked over and looking at it I think it kind of resembled the state of my life right now. It was so disorderly. I don’t think I could ever ask for more forgiveness from Rudzani for what I had done and it was clear whatever friendship we had was over. It’s a good thing she was not my boss because she would have tortured me.

I sat there staring at the mess and I heard a sms come into my phone. It was from Mbuso.

“You say I should not judge you but you leave so much to be desired. I don’t even know how to look at you and I know it’s none of my business but how do I expose you to my daughter if you make such bad judgment calls?”

That’s what the text read and I was gutted. I did not even have the energy to reply as I stood up and went to run a bath. I was not bathing because I wanted to; I was doing it because I did not want my body to swell. That would be worse. At least she did not hit the face eish! Imagine, for my troubles I was now sitting in a cold bath thinking about my sins. I deserved that.

When I woke up in the body my body was sore! The first thing I checked for was if I had a black eye and thankfully I did not! I would have lied to people and said I had been mugged. Logic would have me take the day off but I had already taken another one recently it would look suspicious. When I went past Mbuso’s parking lot his car was not there. I had not replied him as yet because I did not know what to say. I called Miriam but she did not pick up.

An hour into my day I got a call from reception. My heart jumped at first thinking it was Rudzani but it was not.

“Miss Mbatha there is someone from TizInc here to see you?”

The reception said on the phone. That was Simba’s company so I immediately said the person should be allowed through. It was an elderly gentleman who was carrying a file.

“How are you maam?”

He said as he walked into my office.

“I am good thank you? What can I do for you?”

I asked him.

“I was sent by Mr. Tizora in person to come and address your query from yesterday about the report.”

He said. With all that happened last night I had even forgotten about the report.

“Yes please thank you, I was panicking and I hope you have good news for me.”

I told him.

“I do!”

He said.

“Let me call in my colleague so she can sit it!”

I added. By colleague I meant Nicolene. I didn’t want a situation where I heard what these people had to say and I had no witness. Nicolene could always say I was lying if I did not include her. I called her and she came immediately.

“Hi, I am Nicolene!”

She said with a huge smile on her face. I don’t know what she was happy about but she clearly was.

“I am Tshepo Mawela!”

He said.

“I am the Head of Research at TizInc and I am sorry we have not met sooner!”

He said. I could feel his disappointment and I think I knew why. When you work in smaller companies the bosses often overlook the chain of command and I am certain that for us to put this deal together he should have been there.

“Likewise, Lungi shall you lead!”

Nicolene asked. I don’t think she knew much anyway so she must not act like she was my boss asking me like that.

“Yes, I queried the report that we found about your product!”

I told him.

“Well I can tell you right now that all your worries can be addressed. The report was meant to be sabotage. Unfortunately, no offense ma’am…”

He said turning to Nicolene,

“Where a black company produces something significant we have to jump more hurdles than everyone else. The day we announced our product we were already told it was faulty before anyone even verified. We were taken to court for patent fraud and we won with costs and for a while we were prevented from using the product! I have every file pertaining to our verification processes, ‘their’ verification processes and I am glad to say we passed every single one of them!”

He said. That ‘their’ was loaded. It’s not a lie that ‘we’ have to jump through more hurdles than ‘them’ just to prove that we actually exist, have a brain, can contribute positively to the future and are not just about short cuts and laziness.

“I don’t think I like being addressed in this manor because I am not ‘their’.”

Nicolene said turning red. She had taken offense at the racial references he had made subliminally.

“Maam I don’t mean to offend you and I apologize for that but the truth is the truth. Where have you ever heard of a product similar to our having to pass 17 different tests just to be approved?”

He asked. She did not answer. The standard practice was about 6 or 7 so that was a big number. I won’t lie, I loved how he had given it to her but I had to protect her nonetheless.

“That was a bit harsh Mr. Mawela. Nicolene its ok, we needed these facts right, let’s get them as they are not to have them candy coated because when we present them to Mr. Gold we must have the whole story!”

I told her. She was livid though.

“If you will excuse me please!”

She said. She stood up and left. Racists never want to be called racists! It’s true. Two minutes later my phone rang, the work phone,

“Lungi please come to my office!”

It was Mrs Du Toit, the head of legal!

Now what?

*******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I’ve been a fan since diary of a Zulu girl and I haven’t stopped reading since then, I’m a 27 yrs old mother I have a beautiful 9 months old baby he is my ray of sunshine☺, my baby got sick when he was just 5 days old resulting in him being brain damaged he has cerebral palsy and can’t control his head meaning I have to carry him everywhere I stopped working when I gave birth and decided to be a stay at home mom for the rest of this year now my issue is I have to go back to school next year but I can’t find it in me to trust anyone to look after my baby especially with the horror stories doing the rounds on the internet about nannies how can I get a reliable nanny around Pretoria and are there any support groups for mommies and babies with cerebral palsy?
Concerned mother

11 thoughts on “Y.E.S 67

  1. hie concerned mother. Is there a national organisation for children with cerebral plasy? also there are so many nice mommy groups on facebook . Modern Makoti is a nice one, you can ask there and the mommies there might be able to help. Take care of your ray of sunshine. XOXOXO

  2. and white people need to relax. we all know they are the ones who started with the loaded language. Nicolene must toughen up and Lungi must stand her ground and remember she is a senior. If I were Lungi I would have my lawyer friend on speed dial because Nicolene wants to cry and whine all teh way to the top and these vanilla bitches do do that especially in these white companies. Nxa!

  3. Hi concerned mother I don’t know you but by just reading your letter I can see what an amazing mother you are God bless your beautiful soul I volunteer at a children’s home and it breaks my heart to see parents abandon their kids just because of a disability. Try Google if I’m not mistaken I think there’s companies who have qualified nannies who have been properly screened.

  4. Nicolene kade ngasho nje this white trash is sleeping with Mr Gold that’s why esebaleka isimbonono to legal nx the nerve white people are shameless

  5. Concerned mother it is not an easy road but u’ll get to the top, just be strong. I’ve got a nine years old boy he can’t walk properly but I feel like he’s getting there cause i’m taking him to check up every month. and when u get to hospital u will feel like ur child is way better than the way u think, check on face book then u will find good nannies

  6. Hi concerned mother…..I can relate with your struggle, we have two physically and mentally challenged children at home(my biological sisters) one is 9 and the other is 18…finding a good nanny is a huge challenge,you will have to go through quite a few until you can find one trustworthy and that’s if you do….I suggest that you look into care centres,my sister is at one now in Mayville called angels hotel you can look into it and one also in gezina next to UP medical campus it’s called Little Able and they are both quite good…..
    All the best,may God give you strength….

  7. Hi concerned mom. I also have a baby with cerebral palsy (mine is one year 6 months) please e-mail me at I usually have social workers from APD (Association for people with Physical Disabilities) They really do help and even visit often

  8. Interesting how these whites skeem and promote each other in our face but are quick to cry foul or blame when the truth is told. Lungi must be ready with her tape and lawyer because that white girl is about to throw her under the bus big time.
    Concerned mother Ihear your worry, I used to do my clinical practicals at a day care in Soshanguve for children with disabilities called Refeng Sibaka, I don’t remember the section but its near a shoprite. the stuff there goes for regular training and the class with children with CP has very good and attentive care takers. You can check it out for what it’s worth

  9. This Nicolene girl though, she sounds like someone I have to deal with everyday, its tough in the private sector especially when black, you always almost have to prove yourself that you are worthy to be there, it is sickening because usually the EXCO’s sticks with these racists perpetrators just because they are all WHITE!!!

  10. Shouldn’t Lungi send Sfiso a message of comfort or something? what if he really needs her and she’s keeping distance like she totally forgot about him…

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