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Y.E.S 65

“Pick a target, pick a victim, do whatever but if you are asked who the father of your pregnancy is you can never ever say you don’t know! Hell no! Only a bicycle would say that it doesn’t know who rode it!” Diary of a Zulu Girl


I was not sure I had thought this through because now that I was outside his door knocking I felt stupid. This is exactly was what I did not need to do at this moment. When you date neighbours you become that woman, you know, the woman who fights in public. It can’t be helped because you are way too close to him and you have no place to go breathe when things are not going right. If he stayed far away I doubt very much I would be here knocking right now.

“Really? So late?”

He said opening the door. He was wearing track pants, the kind I hate, those black Adidas ones that nyaope guys wear with slopes and a striped t-shirt! The only thing missing on him was a sporty on his head and we would be in a movie called Straight Outta Hamaanskral!

“Yes this late there was no other time!”

I told him out of breathe!

“Did someone die because if no one died then it’s not important? We will talk tomorrow!”

He said but I pushed past him.

“I know it’s late but I could not sleep without getting this off my chest! What you did today if you are going to date me should never happen again! You can’t go around kissing people it’s fucked up!”

I protested!

“You have no idea how it felt when I went to go see Esethu today and she told me that you had kissed her!”

I told him. It had to come out. I was already breathing heavily as is.

“You are right but I am not sorry!”

He said. That was confusing and certainly not what I expected.

“You fucken bastard!”

I said angrily, really? Men are dogs and will always be I seem to forget that always.

“I am leaving!”

I told him.


He said.

“For you to insult me further?”

I asked him angrily.

“No! I am not sorry because I did not kiss her. I went to see her because she asked me to come through to apologize for the tension after the dinner the other night. Next thing she stood up and kissed me. That’s literally how it happened. I didn’t kiss her back, I stood there. I did not shout at her either so won’t mislead you there! That’s how things happened!”

He said.

“You just stood there after being kissed! Why didn’t you say something earlier on though when I made a fool out of myself?”

I asked him rather embarrassed now.

“It’s because you are impulsive and I am not.”

He said folding is arms against his chest. I think he was daring me to make the next move. I was stuck where I stood. My back was to him as I had already been walking out. I felt him walk up towards me and then the next thing he held me from the back. I shivered and took a deep breath! I wanted to comment on that impulsive comment thing he had said but I got distracted very quickly when I felt his lips onto my neck. It was as though electricity hag gone through my body and all that talking was taken out of my system. He stroked me on my neck with his finger tips slowly and gentle and every place he touched he kissed.

“Mbuso that feels…”

I didn’t finish as he wet his lips and planted them again down on my neck moving from one place to the next with his mouth closed. When he opened his mouth I could feel the warm air come out of his mouth and this just drove me crazy.

“Mbuso we need to close the door!”

I told him. Remember we were standing by the door way but inside his apartment. When I had walked in I had left the door open as I was angry meaning it was wide open.

“No don’t, leave it as it is!”

He said sternly. He wanted the door open. What the hell? The problem with most women, me included, is that we believe sex should be behind closed doors, done modestly so that you can be morally right. Funny thing is the best sex you have all ever heard was in some dangerous place where you should not have been having it in the first place.


I whimpered. With him behind me, I was facing the door not him. He took off my top exposing my breasts. I had already taken off my bra because when I am resting at home I prefer my ladies to have their freedom. I could see the apartments across his door and because our door was open if anyone looked out the window they would have seen us. I was nervous. He was gently biting on my neck at this stage. My nipples were standing now and I was aroused.

“You always have something to say, can you for once stop and do more than talk!”

He whispered in my ear. He was daring me and it was turning me on. I turned around and I kissed him on the lips. My naked breasts were on his chest which was covered by his t-shirt.

“Can I help you with that?”

I asked him and he lifted his hands the way a child would so that you can take off its t-shirt. I did that. I helped him come out of his shirt. He stretched his hand and switched off the light but did not close the door. What was he doing?

“What if someone sees us?”

I asked him.

“What if they do?”

Was his response. I was too scared to ask again because it was clear I would spoil it. You only live once right. He pulled my pants down leaving me in nothing but my thongs. I know hey. When I came here I was not expecting to find myself in this position, ass out and Mbuso sending shivers through my body with every touch.

“Mbuso, what about Ntheteng? What if she wakes up?”

I asked him.

“She won’t! Stop worrying!”

Enjoy the moment.

“You have a beautiful body!”

He said as he started kissing it. I don’t think I have ever been with a man who complimented my body as we did it but I am not sure now as I could not think of too many things in the situation I was with. Thank God I had just shaved! I would have been so self conscious.

“Thank you!”

I whispered. His kitchen is designed in such a way that as you enter it directly by the door. The cupboards make a barrier that forms a little passage between the wall and the kitchen. It is on that cupboard that he effortlessly lifted me up and sat me down. Sex on the kitchen counter, I have had this fantasy so many times.

“Do you want me to go down on you?”

He asked me. He was a talker this one.

“Yes please!”

I told him. Lately I have been lucky with men who like muffing. It’s a privilege this thing and if it’s offered take it.

“Whatever you do please do not scream because you are going to wake people up?”

He said.

“I have been muffed before so I will be fine!”

I told myself. I couldn’t say that to him obviously.


I responded. I spoke to soon. I don’t know what he did; there was a rush of air as his mouth touched my lady parts. What the hell was that? I jumped up immediately but he held me down.

“Calm down!”

He said. That was a sensation I had never ever felt before. What on earth had he done? You know when someone blows fresh air down there? It was that sensation only amplified.

“What did you do?”

I asked him.

“Airwaves and Halls!”

He said but I didn’t get it. Later I would learn that if you chew airwaves during oral, that burst of fresh air is what caused this effect and trust me, it’s amazing!

“Do it again please, I promise I will be ready this time!”

I told him but who was I kidding, you can never be ready for such! I held on to the sides of the kitchen cupboard as this man went savage with his tongue. I orgasmed! It happened so fast! If it was a man who had orgasmed so fast I would have dumped him. My toes curled when I did and my body stiffened. Did he say Airwaves? The gum? Wow!

“I am a bit sensitive now!”

I told him when I calmed down! That had been super awesome. He stood in front of me panting as though he was the one that had just had an orgasm.

“Please get me off the counter!”

I asked him. He smiled and lifted me up again to put my feet safely on the ground.

“Thank you!”

I started putting on my clothes. He looked at me with a confused smile and asked,

“What are you doing?”

He had his hands on his waist and through his nyaope track pants I could see his boner, this guy was ready to pop.

“I am going home sir! Where it’s safe from that anaconda there!”

I said with a smile on my face.

“But that anaconda is there because of you!”

He protested like a little boy seeing his favourite toy being taken away from him.

“I know and I like it but this is just for control. Next time ugly people try and kiss you, say no and also say you are sorry they did it!”

I said. He stood there frozen. I gave him a peck on the lips and walked to my apartment with a huge smile on my face.

“Wait, are you serious?”

He said coming after me I think to plead. I turned around and said,

“Yup, besides I am not that type of girl, you need to wine and dine me first!”

I said and I walked into my place. Poor guy must have had blue balls by now! He can use his hand though; I heard it’s safe and clean.

As I sat down I was so excited. I think I finally had a man and I had him where I wanted him. He will be back tomorrow I know. Ten minutes later I stood up from the couch where I had been gathering my thoughts and I had a sharp pain, period pains! I was not due for another week. Tell me this was not my mischievous ancestors!

Come on!!!!!

*********The End **************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike and Fellow Readers

I need your help. My husband and I have been married for a year now and until yesterday, I thought things were perfect. He used to go out of his way for me and treat me like a queen.

These days it seems like he has grown tired of being with me and whenever something happens and I try to let me know how it made me feel, he dismisses me, tells me point blank that “this is not how I want to spend my day”.

The final red flag came yesterday when he got back from work. He is always going out of town for business or has meetings till very late in the evening or early morning and from the time I met him, that has always been the case. He has even taken me to some of the meetings. Yesterday when he got back from work (at 3am), he told me he had run into his ex then he went straight into the bathroom to take a shower as usual and got into bed with me. He then asked me to give him a blowjob since i’m on my period and he was extremely horny. While I was going down on him, he started talking dirty to me, telling me that he wants me to suck his dick like a lolly and other stuff like that. Things that he had never said before.

After we were done, he looked at me and told me how much he loves me and that I mean the world to him but for the first time, it didnt sound genuine. it was like he was saying it just for the sake of having said it. When I asked him about work, he just said it was okay and stopped there. I asked him about his ex and he says they didnt talk, they just greeted each other. When I asked more questions, he pretended to fall asleep until I just let it go, then he told me he loved me.

In the morning, when he finally woke up, he kept criticizing every little thing I would do. And when I was getting dressed, I saw him look at my body like he wasnt satisfied with what he was seeing but he didnt see that I was looking at him. (his ex is one of those promo girls who are skinny and toned, i’m curvy). FInally, I got frustrated and I let him know how his behaviour was affecting me and he just dismissed me. We were at a restuarant having brunch and he said he didnt want to be anywhere with me when i’m being like that, he asked the waiter to put our food in take away boxes and we left.

I dont know what to think anymore. My instincts are telling me that something is wrong. I’m sorry for writing such a long letter. I just needed you guys to understand where I am coming from. Please help.

Confused Wife

36 thoughts on “Y.E.S 65

    1. I gave my hubby a BJ while having a black halls in my mouth…he went crazy and the round was looonger that usual …..try it *winks*

  1. Mmmhhhmm Lungi, and in this weather Thixo. I really need to get some!
    Q&A: bluntly put – your husband is blowing airwaves and halls into some other ladys’ rose, and because he is stupid and inexperienced he is letting show. Nnxx, some ppl need to get a lessons on cheating, honestly. Uhlanyiswa by someone okwamanje, and kuzodlula, umlilo we-tissue; it’s a pity cause his flung will leave you burnt.

  2. Shuuu such torture early so Bhut’ Mike, cruelty at its best shame. Great read, got me loling and dzaaam I think I need a fan down there(hides). Definitely gonna introduce the airwaves and halls trick to Bhut Bae.
    @ Confused wife, I think your hubby and ex got up to some mischief but not all the way maybe kissing which would explain him being that horny…..speaking from experience ,dismissing you just screams guilty shame. How does one change from dirty talking to criticizing you next morning? unless ofcourse he was imagining the ex while you were giving him head….

  3. Confused wife. I am truly sorry you are feeling this way. I dont know, how can you tell someone is not satisfied with your body? I believe you were already sensentive from all the things that you say have been happening and so are just reading too much into everything. You are even comparing your body to that of his ex and it seems you think her body is what he wants. I am not saying your husband in innocent but i think you do not have enough reasons to get yourself all worked up. As for leaving the resturant, Its understandable that sometimes we upset people and they would prefer to not be around us, most people just carry on pretending but I guess your husband could not. So once again, i am not saying he is innocent of what you are thinking he is guilty of, I am just saying there could be rational explanations for all of it and you need to be able to identify, hopefully through proper communication with your husband what the problem is and start working on that. All the best…

    1. I agree 100%.I had to read the letter *2 trying to find proof – ALMOST everything she wrote is based on feelings.
      1. He was looking at me as if not satisfied with my ****but you don’t know what he is thinking ***how do you prove that he was disapproving of your looks
      2.He said he loves you ****not genuine ***proof?
      3. he ALWAYS takes a shower before going to bed
      4. dirty talks *** what if he wanted to spice thinks up
      I think it would be best if you went for counselling coz it sounds like you have self esteem issues and they could be contributing how you intepret everything that is happenning.
      As for him dismissing you Hhayi angazi(maybe you come across as nagging n that’s how he deals with d situation)

  4. Confused wife, what I can tell you from my experience is that keep your eyes and ears open and close your mouth. If he is indeed being unfaithful, you will catch him because most men are very sloppy. Listen to his conversations when he is talking to you and mind the details. I wouldn’t advice you to just roll over and pretend you didn’t see the signs because kunezifo langaphandle and most people don’t protect themselves when they are being mischievous.

  5. Ladies its ON, Airwaves and Halls, things happening!!! Hahahaha!! just get waxed tuuu… before mishaps happen down there!!! *going to try it out* Thanks Bra Mike for the heads up!!!
    C.W your husband is cheating on you….

  6. Mike I like you :-*
    Halls and airwaves: someone please come try it on me 😉

    Wait for Jackzorro……. wait for it

  7. Thanks Mikeesto, straight outta Hamaanskral LOL!! That was epic.

    Confused Wife, This man might’ve cheated on you with his ex or he is wishing he was still with her. This sudden comparison or criticism is unjustified and this man needs to get his act right. If he wanted a trophy wife who looks like a model then he should’ve married one, the very curves that made him want and marry you are the ones that he is not happy with, Uthi akanyi kanene?

    Unless he has an athletic or lemme say bodybuidling type of appearance then makathule, and this dismissal of your concerns it not at all good for you or your marriage.

    Plan of action sisi, if he thinks getting turned on my seeing an ex and suddenly asking for bj’s is good then you need to play him at his own game. When he wants to do missionary, you need to tell him to give it to you from behind. If ya’ll do it ebhedini kphela then tell him you want it e garage, in the shower, whatever. You need to make this man uncomfortable in his own skin and he needs to appreciate that whatever he can do, you can do better. Inja iyalungiswa and good thing for you is that this may still be the early stages. Get those magazines were man are popping veins from all places, comment on his mkhaba if he is one of us, just don’t let his man bruise your ego or self-confidence. Husband or not, that shit is just foul. If you watch Isibaya, you see the mini dresses Thandeka rocks, you need to do that, act like a bird girl be unpredictable and sexy as f.


  8. Confused wife… I was with a man that dismissed everything that I wanted to discuss with him especially when I was unhappy with certain behaviour. He would say ngiyamudelela and walk out. That in turn made me bottle up a lot of things which turned to anger and resentment. The day it all came out was unfavourable because it was at his family gathering. I was like a mad woman. I was screaming, shouting and crying all at once. I will also admit that I lost respect for him because of his behaviour. Needless to say we ended the marriage. My advise to you is to write him a heartfelt letter or an email where you will pour out the insecurities about how he looks at your body etc. Write about how you feel he has changed. Tell him that you feel he is not patient with you as he snaps even if you think the snapping and the impatience was uncalled for and unnecessary. Remind him that he is your choice and you are his. Tell him that you are not his ex and never will be and you have qualities that made him choose you over her to be HIS wife. Remind him of his promise to commit to you and your young family (even if its just the 2 of you). Lastly nawe stop nagging and whining reminding him of how it or he used to be when you can start creating new memories. Be spontaneous a bit, give him a blowjob as soon as he comes home from work before he even puts his bags down. Cook a great dinner and wake him up nge sweets zakhe in the mornings. Oh and for chrissake stop nagging lady. Its unattractive and will continue to push him away. When you do have a conversation get straight to the point, be firm and assertive but in a respectful manner, he is still your husband.

    Someone that understands what you are going through

  9. Thnx brada Mike for the morning dose
    Confused wife,as Wethu alrdy said it,am nt saying ur husband is innocent but but but…. Have u taken a look at the mirror recently? Are u happy wit the reflection?If yes then gud,if u r happy wit wat u see then wat othrs feel dnt matter. If not then hw do u expect ur husband to appreciate wat u yourself is failing to appreciate? I am alady myself and i knw for a fact tht wen we ladies get emotional we read too much into thngs tht dont evn exist,we cn go frm being sad to being angry over sumthng tht has bin med up in our minds,jst by over thnking. I read a story sumwhr and here it goes ” a lady once went to her mother complaining’mum,am tired of my husband,he doesnt apppreciate anythng i do,wen i tok to hm he says am nagging and dismisses me off,he cums home late,he is not patient,gets angry over little thngs,he is so moody,e list is endless,am tired of hs behaviour,i wnt hm dead,pls mum give m sumthng so tht he shd die’ the mother listened attentively and said ‘my daughter,killing ur husband is not a prblm,in fact i wl give u poison tht u wl hv to put in hs food over a period of 30days but i wl hve to give u task tht u hve to do,i wnt u to be nice to him,be patient,encourage hm and compliment hm in evrythng tht he does,u shd stop complaining,treat him lyk ur own child,u hv to do all ths thngs so tht people wont suspect u wen he finaly dies,wat i wl give u is slow poison’ then the mother gave her daughter white powder. 30days later the daughter came bak so happy and glowing, ‘mum,my husband has totaly changed,he is the opposite of evrythng i tod u,he is so nice to me,compliments me,he is now attentive and evrythng is different,i dnt wnt hm to die anymore,pls gve m an antidote’ the mother started laughng and the daughter asked”mum y r u laughing,is it too late to save him?’ The mothe replied’sily u,no its not too late,wat i gave u ws nt poison,bt rather it ws cassava powder,wen u came to m,i realised u were the poison to ur own marriage,so i had to work on u 1st before doing anythng and see afte workng on u evrythng is different’ ”
    Confused wife i hope u got my point,once again am not saying tht he is innocent.

  10. What a read wooooow…
    Anyway confused wife, you have only been married for one year girl, ur hubby acting out has to indeed worry you, that’s understandable ,but it sounds more to me like despite his behaviour, you yourself has got low self esteem its sad. don’t be that nagging wife dude, like somebody said above, if he is cheating he is clearly going through the “new flame” stage, a very dangerous fling, address him once so he can know how you feel about his behaviour, then work on getting ur self esteem in check yoh, for as long as you are content with who you are you will do just fine in many situations

  11. Airwaves hmmmmm…..Q& A your insticts are never wrong already its starting to show that his up to no good just be more vigilant uzolahla soon…

  12. This sounds like those things everyone says, but everyone dismisses: How do you know your partner is cheating?
    A: When you have to ask that question.
    When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Umqolo uphandle. What does your gut tell you? Listen to your gut, 9 out of 10 times, you’ll find that it is right

  13. Lols I thought minty gums only makes the kiss extraordinary but blowing them walls mmmh…..

    @Confused wife, just don’t jump into conclusion and don’t let him bring you Jackzoro said beat him at his own game. Wear those skinny jeans that hugs your curves soo, with a sexy top n killer heals or those mini dresses but if you are not comfy in short dresses, wear them at home when he is around. Girl I have that curvy body and trust me even when my bae is angry at me, just for punishment I dress damn good.

  14. Sweetie please do this for me mntanasekhaya don’t accept such behavior do Not tolerate it because it will get worse he is changing for the worst tit for tat Change for the better ke wena own your curves dress more elegant wear makeup, high heels, do your hair differently and buy LINGERIE full proof buza Mina ngikutshelile Mahala hha good luck

  15. confused wife…. Please watch War room. it might give you some motivation and strength and mostly tact on how to deal with the situation

  16. Cw first build ur self esteem. If you are happy with ur body then change ur dressing. If your not start working out. Change ur hair, clothes and lingerie. Girl be happy, find out what makes u happy without ur husband. Be you. Explore ur other side, find a hobby n stop nagging that man. If he is cheating he will start being sub conscious n think u are cheating to. Make him feel the same way that you are

  17. Confused wife, i don’t think he is cheating on you. i think he is angry at you for something and he has been bottling it up for a long time. It’s about to blow just wait. I think there is something you are constantly doing that is ticking him off and he doesn’t know how to address it. One day it will blow up and out of anger and frustration he will blurt out what’s bothering him about you.
    If he had cheated with the ex he would not have asked for a blow job, talking dirty was just him spicing things up.
    my advise is to go for counseling or get a mediator he can speak to alone then take it fro there. or just wait for him to burst but that wont be pretty cause it will be out of anger.

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