I am Fezeka Khuzwayo

*There is no blog post today as we take a moment of silence to honor our sister in a sad tragic follow up to #Iamkhwezi


I am Fezeka Ntsukela Kuzwayo

This is not a poem, this is my testimony. Let’s all stand and applaud for they won. I am silent at last, riee riee riee gwaaa let’s ululate! She is dead at last! Is it not what they always wanted? I was an embarassing problem in their side so now they have won. Why are you sitting down I asked you to stand up for mine is the story of so many women who die silent and you say nothing? Mine is the story of the pain of a seven year old girl who is told that today daddy wants to play house with you so take off your panties so I can show you how. Mine is the story of the school girl who on her way to school can be thrown into the bush because that short uniform of hers makes men lose their minds. Mine is the story of … Did you hear the story of the 75 year old woman who was raped by a 27 year old man in Limpopo? What did you do about it after you said how disgusted you were? What did you do? I bet you that you didn’t even retweet the story to anyone else because well, truth is, I am just another rape story amongst so many. Who gives a fuck anymore because they say rape is everywhere and law enforcement can’t keep up? If someone can rape on Big Brother, live televesion surely then its norm so why should we care if it happens behind closed doors. You will be sued for telling the truth and I know what’s going to happen next for saying thiis but I stand by my word, Julius Malema is a rapist and so is any man who stood up and said that I enjoyed being raped. Every man who supports rape is a rapist because I could not even use the court to fight for me. Imagine if Julius Malema can topple a president, wait, two presidents, can topple ANC that has been in existence for over a hundred years what chance did I Fezeka Khuzwayo stand when he said I was lying to the world like he was even there? The ANC womans league are rapists too so they must not hide and try comfort my parents now that I am dead. The first question they asked was “What was she doing in ubaba’s room” and not “what was ubaba doing with a kid young enough to be his granddaughter!” Forget that I was already carrying this HIV yoke, I guess they felt I could feel no pain after so many showers. What a shame it is when our own mothers allow rapists to walk free because they will give them political posts! You do not want to acknowledge the truth that powerful people are allowed to get away with murder and rape because you support them. They waited till I was dead to remind the world of who I was. No one at the time wanted to acknowledge my name when I breathed because I was an uncomfortable truth. My name was stripped from me because they said it would protect my identity but in truth it was to protect their shame. Knowing my real name, the name St Peter will call at the doors of heaven is an inconvenient truth for many but its fine, you can call me Khwezi all you want but the truth is, I am Fezeka Kuzwayo. I was the biggest news in a generation but not one of you knows my face. That’s the story of every rape victim. There are so many of us in and around you but you don’t even know it. Stand up in your office, classroom, in the mall, on the street and you will be shocked that one in every four women you see has been sexually assaulted. That’s what you have given us to be proud off you dirty dogs! If that didn’t scare you enough, think of it this way, how many of these rapists are sitting amongst us smuggly knowing that they will never get caught because we are faceless and nameless?

I am Fezeka Kuzwayo, please I beg you, never forget who I was because I might be dead today, but the rapists will live on and get away with it tomorrow!

The End

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  1. It’s sad. We never forgot you and we will remember you and other silenced victims.. But Julius Malema did apologise for his part. And I’ll bet the person who wrote this doesn’t like EFF. Why do you leave out the name of the president? The person who was on the docks for the crime?

    1. You missed the entire point of the painful note. It wasn’t singling out Julius, it was however making a point that she lost against every powerful man in South Africa. She especially lost against the courts because she was portrayed as a person who asked for it. No one asks to be raped. No one wants to be violated. No one deserves to feel helpless and have their most sacred and valued place taken from them violently.

    2. Your comment is rape culture. Check yourself. Read, not just this post but read. “He apologised for his part” Siphi na?

  2. This is very painful, worse because its the truth about how we protect rapists to do as they please. Rest in peace Fezeka. May your story haunt all the rapists and those who protect them.

  3. Eish this brings so many bad memories. I was told to never tell anyone that my grandfather who slept with most of his grandchildren tried to sleep with me when I was seven but for some unknown reason I escaped. I escaped at the age of 18 again when my boyfriend tried to force himself on me

    Frankly I don’t know why I’m writing this but after reading this heartbreaking testimony I feel guilty for not doing anything about what happened to me or to those that couldn’t escape this tragedy. may she finally rest in peace

  4. No amount of words of apologies can ever erase what u went through. Ur life was a tragic one. Being hurt and humiliated and betrayed over and over by the people u and Ur family trusted to guide and protect u. As if that was not enough, u were shipped away to be isolated from everything u knew. There’s no justice for u. I wonder if u had some happy moments in ur life. I know u’re @ peace now#IAMKHANGA

  5. May her soul rest in peace, I really don’t think anyone knows her face, but to all those who supporetd the rape saga may they all be haunted by this poem. As for the ones who says Julius Malema apologised for what he said tell me is it ok to rape and say I’m sorry. Did his sorry save Kwezi from the pain an humiliation she went through. To hell with the sorry’s you won’t rape my daughter and say sorry. If you do make sure you are not known cause I will make it my mission to haunt you and cut off your balls. It is true we read her story and did nothing because we are cowards.

  6. In 2013 my learner was raped by a teacher me being a caring teacher I tried my best to fight the teacher through reporting t to sace n dept officials case didn’t go anywhere because our colleagues took his side n then he bribed the girl’s parents to silence them it worked I ended up losing my job because of my role in fighting the rapist

  7. Sorry guys wasn’t the case dismissed in court meaning our justice system is bad or she was paid, ohhh well guess we’ll never know geh.

  8. Ya nhee sometimes u plan revenge for long , when u finally meet again u realize u r much better the dog got his karma

  9. Eix, #sad for days…. really opened some healing wounds…
    May your soul rest in peace.
    I had lost hope in the law as they told me my case is not that serious as I wasn’t raped but then I kept asking myself what would’ve happened if I didn’t manage to escape???
    Rape neh

  10. May your beautiful soul RIP Fezeka Kuzwayo. South Africans should be ashamed of how this young woman was treated. As for the women’s league to continue protecting the rapist and have guts to send condolences. What are they advocating for to protect rapist not issues affecting women. How do they sleep at night oh yeah … I forget they go to bed every night drunk (Batagile). I am ashamed of these people claiming to be fighting for women. What are they teaching young women incurring young man. That it Ok to support rapist instead of victims. I feel sorry for good women led by Bathabile Dlamini. She is a disgrace in the history of this country. Julius Malema should learn from this tragic. People should stop bakhamise batyhale and hide behind power. May all the rapist in this country be haunted by the death of Fezeka Kuzwayo.

    The justice system is failing women and children finish and Klaar.

  11. Yhoo dis is sad indeed, wat dis world has come to is reali scary n RIP Fezeka lale ngokuthula nanah eish kwaze kwabuhlungu eyi as woman we live in fear coz we dnt knw if we the next victim kunzima ukuphila kulomhlaba esiphila kuwo 😢

  12. Eish this is so sad. Rest in peace Fezeka. God is watching they will never find peace. Our prayers are with the family.

  13. This is so sad indeed.

    when i was 23 years old i was working as a receptionist in a company owned by an old man. his older son was a manager there. I am from Lesoto. This was my first job. His son started to say i must leave when everyone was gone so i can help him lock the factory. To cut the long story short. He started touching me. He was a bully even to his father and girlfriend whom was also working there. I could not tell anyone in fear of losing my job. This one day he put me on the floor and mastubate on my face. when he was done he said i must wipe my face. I did. I wanted to go to the police but he offered to take me home. I just did not know what to do. At this time i was crying. He asked why i was crying. he thought i was enjoying this. I had to quit the job. I fire for worse that could happen. I never told anyone about this, This is the first time i speak about it. My point is when you are a victim you feel shy, you don’t know what people will say when you talk.

    To all the ladies please talk, don’t just walk away like i did. I can not stop wondering who was the next victim.

  14. True what they say this is not our world- I was molested by uncle almost raped but was told to keep quite for the sake of Family……… Why do we let these bastards getaway.. GOD I know you didnt promise us a smooth life but this pain is whaying us down, Please take this pain and suffering away from us… HOW MUCH LONGER ARE WE TO STAY IN THIS ROTTEN PLACE…as your word says “we will have trial and tribulation, however we should smile for You have Victored” here our cry Father for this pain has stabbed us in a place no knife could ever reach….. Here our cry, and show us the light… How much longer are we to live like this……… Our bones are weakened, our minds shattered, our Hearts bleeding… WHERE TO FROM HERE… #iamkhanga

  15. When i was 21 years old, my uncle whom is a Policeman aslo tried to sexual abuse me but i managed to fight him, I didnt tell anyone until he did it again, I ascaped and told my grandmother and the other uncle about it, I was told to never tell my mother and my older brother about it because they were gonna kill him with their bare hands and my grandmother said it will cause conflict amongst the family….I cried so much and even today my mother does not know about the incident……RIP FEZEKA # Iam Zandy#

  16. The is one thing in life people do not realise if you never been raped you cannot know the pain and the fear you are left with for the rest of your life even the thought of having kids is terrifying walking down the street you cant differentiate between a good guy and a bad guy relationships became the thing of the past as you do not fill anything for man but hate and disgust thats me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. RIP Fezeka, this is happening to the lot of womans everyday but people keep quiet, please speak out. may your soul Rest in Peace sissy.

  18. No one really understands until they themselves are put in that situation. #Fezeka Kuzwayo gone but will never be forgotten!

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