Missteps of a Young Wife


It’s funny how the first person I wanted to protect was my baby, I didn’t care about myself or Mthobisi, my number one priority was the baby, she had to be safe first then the rest would follow. I wish I could put her in a bubble where no harm could come to her, where she would always be safe and protected, motherhood was really changing me. I didn’t even put a gown on I just left the room in a night dress, I didn’t care about being cold I just wanted to keep my baby safe. Mthobisi was calling behind me, he couldn’t shout out loud because he didn’t want to wake the baby, well it was too late for that because I was going to wake her up.
As I got into Dineo’s room and was about to pick her up Mthobisi was next to me asking “what are you doing?” I looked at him confused by his

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