Blessed 40

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Again I mention boundaries. My friends are my own and they should know their place. Growing up in the suburbs meant

that I never got to really interact with other peoples parents. In the townships because people stay close to one another it’s easier to have cordial relationships because you greet every morning as you bump into each other more often. Where I grew up I hardly knew anyone else’s parents except for my friends and even then that contact was minimal. My friend’s parents therefore I knew from a distance and I respected and fear them. I would never have ever hugged a friend’s parent, mother or father for that matter. This was just a no no. Today’s world has changed though, adults want to behave young and yes that include mothers not just fathers whilst young people are in a rush to grow up. The world really has gone topsy turvy but some things don’t change. I think the worst thing you can ever hear is that your father is dating your friend. Imagine the embarrassment and the shame that comes with that. You can never look at your father the same way again. Imagine knowing your friend has seen your father’s dick? That’s the same dick that made you! No, that cannot be life. I know I have a blessee and I am fine with that but I don’t want my father to be a blesser! Come on now? Who would want that?

I pulled Khanyi to my room.

“Can we talk now please?”

I said to her.

“Ah you can’t leave me alone, I came to see you!”

My father said when he saw us walking away. I am not sure if it was because I was pulling Khanyi away or because I was leaving him with my mother who I think for him was scary.

“I will be back dad, talk to Tumi for now, we have girl things to catch up on!”

I told him cheerfully but there was nothing cheerful about my mood.

“Dude what’s up?”

She said as soon as we entered my room. I think she could tell this was not a friendly call to my room.

“Did you hug my dad?”

I asked her. Her eyes widened at that moment which confirmed that she had. This little bitch was playing around neh! I don’t have time for games with my family.

“More like he hugged me. When he came to pick me up he insisted on giving me a hug. It was so awkward! How did you know we hugged though that’s weird?”

She asked me trying to dumb it down. How do you dumb down something like this? Did she think I would just applaud and say its ok? Of course not!

“You left your make up on him!”

I told with my annoyed voice.

“And they say these things are waterproof! What a load of bullshit!”

She said changing the topic but I was not going to let it slide!

“Khanyi I am not going to say this in any less uncertain terms. Stay away from my father! You are my best friend. Imagine me cosying up with your dad? How would you feel?”

I asked her.

“Ah come on Palesa do you really think I would go there! I love and respect you enough to ever do that.”

She said putting on her serious face. I was not sure whether to take her seriously or not because with Khanyi you never know. That’s the problem with having friends who are unpredictable. Yes they are fun when you are on the same page but often that unpredictability makes you unable to fully trust them.

“I know you won’t but I am telling you now. He is my father, and if you do something with him I will kill you myself friend or not!”

I warned her. I had to tell her in no uncertain terms what’s would happen to her if she fucked with my family.

“Easy on the threats. Your dad is safe from me. He is not my type at all. Come Palesa you are making us awkward now.”

She said. I think she realized that I was not playing around. What business was it of hers to be hugging my father? I don’t hug hers.

“Girls come help me with the food!”

My mother said cutting our conversation short.

“We coming mom!”

I said to her.

“Let’s go!”

I told Khanyi coldly.

“Come on Palesa, now you making it seem as though I have done something wrong. How come it’s ok for me to trust you but you don’t trust me? I always have your back anywhere and everywhere yet you don’t see it. That is not cool!”

She said as we walked to the kitchen. You can have a pet snake but it only takes the once for it to bit you and you will never be the same again.

“It’s ok as long as we have had the discussion!”

I was not going to back down.

“Mum what do you need help with?”

I asked her as soon as I entered the kitchen.

“Ah Palesa shouldn’t you be sitting down. Khanyi and Boitumelo can help with the table. The food is almost ready in any case. I need you to go sit with your father he is here for you not us!”

Meow! That was my mother for you. This woman had no peace even if you paid her.

“Ok I will. Khanyi will you be fine?”

I asked her. She was still sour from what I had said to her but she said she would be and I was fine with that. I left the kitchen and I found Boitumelo sitting with my dad.

“Mum says come to the kitchen!”

I told her. She stood up without looking at me and walked past me straight to the kitchen. It was going to take tome to win her over again and my sister had that annoying habit of keeping a grudge. She was a master of it.

“I thought you were not going to talk to me all night. Why am I being ignored?”

Instinct was to tell him to stay away from my friends but the timing was not right.

“No of course not! I am happy that you are here. I have missed having you in this house!”

I said at the very same moment my mother walked in. Bad choice of words. I could see by my mother’s reaction that I had insulted her. My father was not petty. He did not show off at her nor say something that would tick her off but I could sense his satisfaction.

“I am here now and for tonight we will be perfect. We are a full family again!”

He said. My mother rolled her eyes and whatever had brought her to where we were sitting was forgotten as she walked back to the kitchen.

“I think I offended mum. I must go an apologize!”

I told him but he stopped me. He told me she will be fine because some truths are meant to be had. A part of me told me that in spite of all she had done my father still loved my father. There was just something about the way he looked at her that’s why Khanyi was disturbing that progress.

“Dinner is served!”

My mother called out like a domesticated housewife. She really was putting on a show for them because I can’t remember if when she was still married to my dad we ever had dinner like this.

“Thank you!”

My father said. We stood up to go to the dining room. My mother insisted that we pray and again this was something we were not used to. Even my sister raised an eyebrow. Khanyi was the one chosen to pray as she was the guest in the house. She did her part well. I had offended her I know as much because she was not looking me in the eye.

“Must I dish for you?”

My mother asked me. Being in hospital certainly comes with privileges.

“No thanks mum. I will do it myself!”

I told her. She was treating me like a baby. Dinner was actually quite pleasant. We shared light conversation and even my sister forgot that she hated me be it for a moment. There was even dessert but unfortunately I did not time myself well enough and measured my eating, I was too full to eat it.

“We are going to drive back now. It’s getting late!”

My father said.

“Oh but Khanyi is sleeping over right! I still need my friend so she will go tomorrow!”

Every heard of cock blocking? That’s what I was doing right now!

“Are you sure?”

She asked me.

“Yes I am. It’s not like you can be on campus with these strikes! Please stay and keep me company!’

I asked her. I don’t think she had a choice because my father immediately said,

“It’s settled then. Thanks for dinner!”

He was going somewhere. He was clearly in a rush to leave all of a sudden. Khanyi looked disappointed but I was not here to nurse her feelings.

“I don’t have a change of clothes but its ok I will wear yours I guess!”

She said. I didn’t mind at all. You see with us girls we don’t mind sharing a lot of things especially clothing. Hell I know girls that share bras with no shame but one thing I won’t share is my father.

“Since when do we have trust issues? I am very surprised by what happened tonight!”

She said to me.

“I just don’t want anyone dating my father ok. I want him to get back with my dad!”

I told which was a lie. I think my father was so miserable under my mum and getting back with her would kill her.

“You being a hypocrite though!”

She declared folding her hands across her chest.

“How so?”

I asked her.

“You are dating others people’s fathers but you stand there and judge me for not even doing anything like you are a saint! Go look at yourself in the mirror first before you come at me with such bullshit!”

Did she just say that?

“Are you for real Khanyi? How will it be not crossing lines?”

I asked her.

“I never said I want your dad ok! I never! But think of this, one day you will be someone’s wife and he will be fucking some little kid in high school or varsity whilst you are home playing house! Don’t act like you better than me! I am going to the bathroom!”

She said walking out.

I just stood there looking stupid!


*********The End ************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Brother Mike

Thanks for the wonderful stories, you are a real inspiration.

I have been seeing this guy for 3years now, he was previously married. He and his ex-wife divorced about four years ago. We just heard that the ex-wife died in a car accident possibly 2 weeks back and she’s already been buried; now my question is that should my boyfriend get cleansed before we can sleep together or it doesn’t matter as they were no longer together? (They have a child together).

Please Advise


55 thoughts on “Blessed 40

  1. NO. They divorced 4 years ago & he didn’t even attend the funeral. The kids are the ones who MIGHT need cleansing, but its up to her family to decide.

  2. Thanks Mike for the daily dose,
    Dear Traditional there’s no need for him to be cleansed as they were not sleeping together for the past 4 years ,

      1. Nothing rude about proofreading before posting. Stop acting like ANC people on this blog. Incompetence need to be corrected. Storyline is tops but that needs to be accompanied by quality. That’s why white people keep undermining our workmanship. We always prefer to cover up our mistakes than to.correct and move on.

      2. Nothing rude. There is something called proofreading and sub editing in writing. Google it! We are all.shareholders.on this blog that is why we read it daily. We must not be taken for granted and we deserve quality. By promoting non standards you will lead to poor quality writing and that is not what we deserve. Even advertisers will run away. We also have people outside the country reading this blog. Lets not degrade it to Nelly wood standard where there is a good storyline with poor sound and horrible visual effects. We want the likes of Eskia Mphahlele and Chinua Achebe to look down from the heavens above with a smile and say there comes a new breed of authors following our footsteps.

      1. If you are passionate about reading especially from African writers you will understand how necessary it is to have a good story that coincides with flawless diction.

    1. Zandicles, I agree with you. All published reading material needs proof reading. These kind of errors do somewhat take away from the reading experience as you get thrown off by needing to decipher and correct the errors as you read. Your comment is relevant.

      Still, a good read & interesting storyline.

    2. I agree with Zandi, ive been notincing a lot of spelling errors , and other mistakes. I understand you’re human and mistakes happen, but please try and proofread before posting. Thanks.

  3. Nice chapter Mike
    Dear Traditional yes for sure he should be cleansed because of the child there is a blood connection. I was in the same predicament my ex died 3 years ago and my son was not cleansed. We started fighting my son changed lost phones, failed some modules at Varsity eventually a prophet told me he needed to be cleansed as we are both linked to his dad. You know what cultures and nations have strong beliefs please don’t ignore this before it ruins your relationship, I almost lost my son good luck

  4. Traditional.
    Because i know some readers like to be touchy feeling about tradition i will give you this simple answer “NO.
    If the family ddnt see fit to invite him to the funeral it means he was no longer their family.

    NB please write to us and tell us what happened coz i get a feeling i also need to be cleansed for Mandoza phela i have his 5 CDs

  5. @Sistaboss, the pun on Mandoza was so unnecessary. MHSRIP.
    Dankie braMike, the one who does not make mistakes is the one who does not write anything at all.

  6. From what I have been told by my elders is that your man will have to be cleansed coz they share a child together. I have a daughter who us seven years old and I haven’t so much as touched her father in those seven years but when he dies, I will need cleansing because I have his child. So YES, he does need it.

  7. Thanks Mikeesto, awesome one buddy.

    Traditional, this thing of cleansing death seems to call upon it more often than not. I know families that have been completely wiped out despite this cleansing business. Zinkolelo maan ezo and if we are to say everything is predetermined as far back as the beginning of time then what difference will that cleansing do to your man? If uzofa uzofa, bad luck or not.


  8. So if this ex-wife went on ahead after the divorce had 3 other kids with 3 other men….do those men also need to be cleansed? Lets be reasonable here guys!

  9. Mara mike why didn’t you notify us that there won’t be any posts… Eish I kept checking yesterday, I even restarted my phone thinking maybe something is wrong

    Don’t do this to us bhut’ mike

  10. Can’t you guys be nice atleast, for all we know Mike could be sick but no all you want is a chapter of which you even pay him for gha

  11. Lately there seems to be no explanation on these blog , for the past two weekends we had no posting for missteps and no explanation provide.

    1. Someone asked in the QnA if Missteps was finished and Mike answered that it is still there. He also highlighted a while ago that the writers do get stuck sometimes because missteps on its own needs a lotta creativity so sometimes if they can’t post we should try to bear with them.

  12. Traditional your man should be cleansed. Its not like he will go n be cleansed at his ex’s relatives, no he will go n be cleansed where he feels comfortable. Ke tswa limpopo, monna wa gago ge a ka se hlapiswe o tlo ba le lebolela n you will die if he does not do the cleansing. Have u ever heard of a man who lost almost 8 wives because he was not cleansed. I am a christian but when it comes to cleansing n other sensetive things i dont make a mistake i follow my tradition.

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