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How can I explain what shoes do to me! I don’t quite know the words. If it was not because of poverty I would selfishly own every pair of heels in the world. They touch my soul. They talk to me in a language no one or nothing else can. They don’t whisper to me, hell no, they shout to all the world and say, “forget my face, look at my feet bitches!”Yes they bring that Sasha Fierce plus a touch of Riri in me! However, you know those shoes from Mr. Price, on a small plastic hanger with size on the hanger and go for r139.99… Well such shoes wouldn’t evoke such emotions would they. Every girl needs that one pair of expensive shoes, you know shoes that are beautiful yes but she is so scared to wear them because she doesn’t want them to break or damaged. This was what these shoes meant for me. When you wear something beautiful even your confidence goes up.

“I wish I had a man like yours!”

The nurse said and we all laughed. I didn’t even know how much they were but I am certain they were expensive. I have always dreamed of owning a pair and hear I was holding one.

“I wish so too!”

Khanyi said to the nurse.

“Yeah that’s love right there!”

She added. I knew where Khanyi was going with this. She wanted me to see the importance of Sam in my life. Eish, I am ashamed to admit that I was like Judas Iscariot, I had betrayed myself for the love of material things. I am not alone though, every girl with a married man on her arm is like me, Judas!

“How are you going to respond? You must give him the best sex ever! He must be talking in tongues when you are done with him!”

The nurse said as she walked out. We all laughed because it was funny. Yeah he had earned that. I loved Neo but if anything this little incident had taught me its that I needed to do me. I also needed to add people to my circle of friends. Imagine, I was in hospital and only one person was at my bed side, Khanyi. It says a lot about who you are.

“She is right you know, how are you going to respond?”

She asked me.

“Who brought this shoes?”

I asked her instead. Yeah I know I had answered a question with a question.

“Grace did! She is the one I was on the phone with and I walked all the way downstairs to meet her. She couldn’t come up because she was going somewhere. She said Sam is back!”

She said. I had to see Sam. He was going to ask why I was in hospital and I needed a good story. No one loves a suicidal person because its too much emotional baggage.

“Oh ok cool. Do you have any idea when I am getting out?”

I asked her.

“I don’t know. You should ask your mum. You know you in the pysch ward right?”

She asked me.

“Eish, inagine. I am even ashamed of myself for being here. This is crazy. If they don’t release me today I am running away.”

I told her and she laughed. I was not kidding though. I was not going to sleep in here, hell no. I wanted to go back to my room. That’s what I wanted.

“Ahem ahem!”

Someone cleared their throat from the door. Khanyi turned and I looked behind her. It was Neo. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I was truly stuck.

“I was not sure if you would come!”

Khanyi said,

“That’s my other surprise, I called him when I was outside!”

She said and startted to walk out with the shoes in her hands.

“Well you should have told me earlier!”

He said curtly and walked in. I think he had been running because he was sweating.

“Nice shoes!”

He said to Khanyi.

“Thank you! Maybe you must buy her a pair too so we can be twins!’

She said and walked out.

“You tried to kill yourself!”

He mentioned as a matter of fact. It was a question it was a statemnt. Is that what Khanyi had told her? Was this the best narrative. I just started crying.

“But what were you thinking Palesa. Its not like I am the one who broke your heart. I just saw Khanyis shoes, if they are even hers. How do you think I feel? How would you feel if the person you love was baited with peanut butter like a rat?”


Ok then.

He had just compared me to a rat and peanut butter being money. He was a fast learner this one and kept on putting two and two together.

“I don’t have a come back to that.”

I told him.

“How are you feeling regardless?”

He asked me.

“As expected. I feel lost. I just want to crawl under a stone and die.”

I told him. It was not meant to sound like a threat on my life but once the words left my lips it certainly sounded like so.

“What happened to you though? You used to be the strongest girl I know now look at you. I just have a question though, please answer me truthfully, did you do this because of me?”

He asked. I think the whole way here that is what had been on his mind.

“Neo I love you and I messed up. Do you think I would have been happy to see walk away from me over a mistake I made, I don’t think so! If I can’t have you then I don’t think I have a reason for living!”

Now that was a threat. I was going to milk this for all its worth I am not even ashamed to say. This was the best chance I had to get my man back and I was using it.

“I don’t know if that’s sweet or creepy but we can try this again. No more games.”

He said. I wanted to smile but again I was crying,

“Thank you, thank you! I don’t how or when but I will make you trust me again I promise. Thank you!”

I told him. I meant it. This means I had to dump Sam! Eish, after a person makes your dream come true, I had always wanted those shoes how do you dump him so quick. I also really wanted to Dubai but love alone was never going to take me there. I needed something else. I had too think of I was going to get out of this one. I could not just bring out leaving the country now. Neo was extra suspicious now so I could not just make up a lie I could not back up. Eish lying is easy but making it believable with facts is almost impossible.

“I wish I could get up and hug you right now but that would be overkill!”

I said to him smiling through the tears but that did not stop him. He came to me and gave me a kiss on the lips and said,

“Never ever scare me like this again. Please!”

You see its when a man says such sweet things that you believe you are meant to be. He is not selling me dreams but making it clear how important I am to him. That’s all. Nothing more.

“I won’t! I won’t mess up again either. Goodness I sunk so low!”

I told him. Every person who is doing a sugar daddy knows that what they are doing is wrong. Yes we can justify the reasons behind why we are doing it but wrong is wrong no matter what. I therefore was not the first person to know this.

“When do they say you will be out?”

He asked me.

“I don’t know but if I had it my way I will be on my way home right now! I can’t sleep here again, I am sorry. If they don’t release me today I am going home tonight.”

I told him and he laughed.

“And do you think you will just simply stand up and walk out without anyone seeing you?”

I asked her.

“Yes. I am sure the nurses do a shift change. That’s when I will walk out. This place is torture!”

I told him.

“I am not telling you what to do but if I were you, get discharged properly. I know and you know that you not crazy but the moment you walk out that door its a fact, everyone will think you are!”

I hated the fact that he made sense and worse the fact that this felt like one request of his I could not comply too. Neo was all about doing the right thing. He never put a foot wrong when it came to that.

“How is your Uber?”

I asked him.

“Its going well but we pick up some pyschos. The worst is picking up girls coming from club. They have so many requests, are loud and are always hungry!”

He said.

“I am thinking of quitting though. Its not for me. I have never fully felt safe you know. People out there are not like you and me, they are not normal!”

I laughed at him for being a coward. Its true people are different.

“So those shoes? Who bought them?”

He suddenly asked me. Why did he have to go there? We were doing so well.

“I don’t know actually hey. I asked Khanyi if they were from her dad to make up for the drama that happened but she didn’t really answer. I don’t know her full status if she has a blesser because she never actually goes that deep as I always bring you up so you never know with Khanyi!”

I said throwing my friend under the bus. She had to take bullets for me and have Neo think she was the bitch not me.

“Yeah but its a bad path to take for…”

He was saying when suddenly my father walked in. He took one look at Neo and he lost it!

“Its you! You are the Neo my wife spoke about neh!”

I think he took us both by surprise that no one said anything.

“Yes… Yes sir, I am Neo!”

He responded. I don’t remember ever seeing my father so mad!

“Get away from my daughter! If I ever see you next to her I will kill you! How dare you come here? How dare you?”

My father said. He is not the biggest guy but he is not small either. He pulled Neo by the hand and threw him across the floor.


I shouted.

“My daughter is here because of you! I gave birth to her and you almost made her take her own life! Get the fuck out of here!”

He screamed at the top of his voices which made nurses run in.

Neo ran for his life.

Come on, what now?

*******The End**********



Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)


Dear Friends

Kindly send us your letters for our QnA. Let’s advise one another and open our eyes and hearts to what’s going on to others.

Thank You



Hi Mike and Readers

Thank u for reading my letter.

Ok here goes. I am 23 and I have a boyfriend but we are currently on a break (for the 3rd time in about 2 years). I recently got a blesser. He is 45 and very rich. He is not the sweetest man but he is a provider. With him money does the talking and he doesn’t even hide that we are not in it for love. I met him at the mall and I recognized him from somewhere. I greeted him as he was alone and he stopped me for a conversation. He didn’t know me but I knew him. He asked me how I knew him but before I told him he was asking for my numbers saying let’s do lunch. That day he took me around Jhb where he was running errands in a very expensive car. I never got a chance to tell him who I was and he gave me money, lots of it. I am actually friends with his daughter, close enough to have have hung out a lot of times but always in a group. She is not the sweetest person but she aint that bad either. Him and I have had sex already, twice and he wants more. Now here comes the problem. She is throwing a party at her house, her 22nd because she didn’t have a 21st as she had been sick at the time. She has asked all her friends to be her ushers. Its going to be a big thing with artists and all. My problem is there is no way her father won’t see me if I am one of those ushers! I have been trying to make excuses but she is insisting that we are all there. She even invited my parents (all her friends parents) and of course they want to come to a rich persons house! I am screwed. I am totally dead. What do I do guys? Yes ke ya feba I know but what’s my next move please? I don’t want the blessings to stop.

Thank You


36 thoughts on “Blessed 36

  1. Yonela if you truly do not want the blessings to stop then do not go there because if you do, he is going to see you and there will be no more blessings.

  2. I’d rather not say anything because I was taught to keep quiet if I have something unpleasant to say. But let me get this out off my chest, girl there are people with problems out there and u want us to advice u on how u should keep screwing your friend’s father? Advice on how u should keep breaking your friend’s family apart?

    Jackzorro please tell me What’s happening with this world? 😭😭 like Noh fam! Maybe instead of advising her you guys can just answer my ask! Asomblief tuu!👏

    1. Like I cant even say something bad nomore coz it doesnt make sense… We just accept, take a shovel and help them dig their graves qha.

  3. These girls with blessers are really starting to get annoying. We can’t help you feel better about what you are doing and I will not show any sympathy for you. Man up and face the consequences!
    Either hide your shit or be a proud blessee. Be true to yourself man

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, Friday dose 🙂

    Yonela, you need to tell your blesser the truth, if he really wants more, the technicality won’t change your situationship with him. You need to play it cool though, you got in this game and you have to play follow the rules of engagement. If he dumps your ass and you didn’t save enough from what he gave you then you never deserved a blesser to begin with. As far as your boyfriend and you taking breaks is concerned, better end that shit before ya’ll start infecting each other with zika and aids and all other nasty stuff…


  5. Just tell the old man who you are.. it will be better controlled that way.. hai.. la di etsa tlheng, your friend’s dad? Lol.. wow

  6. Yhooo(blesse problems) mna shame I say tell Daddy the truth and then be sick before the day of the party, yhoo imagine seeing papa with your family ha.a sana gula. you will properly trip and fall nakulo ushering zobe uyenza

  7. what i wish to know is if this man is married, i seriously have no respect for women dating married men, yes i cant help but judge… not mention my friend eating the lolly that made me! i wouldn’t mind being arrested for killing such! what is a meaning of friendship vele kanti? you might aswell attend that party and take it as your 23rd belated birthday party courtesy of your ‘BLESSER’

  8. Good one.

    Yonela the thunder that is going to strike you is still doing push up’s. and I think you are not generous with the truth, if you are the one who initiated the conversation with your “blesser” how come he did not think of his daughter once. Or is he so hot that almost all the girls in a mall stop and randomly have a chat with him. Reality is, you might not be his only blessee or whatever and I have learnt hore this blessers target people close to the ones they love. cut you ties darling. Concentrate on your future and building friendships.

  9. Lol how hard can it possibly be to tell this uncle Bae that you will be coming to the party. It’s not like he will exose you, he has too much too lose. Ai there must be a IQ requirement to be a blessee

  10. I feel like a detective most times, seeing if the letters posted have enough to enable the writer to be identified. With the information she gave, she can reveal her secret to even the party host. You never know who reads this things.

  11. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I just love u guys lol bare nw a brook lux Lol but really I also believe that man remembered where he knows u from hence he brushed it off, and I doubt he would mind that u the daughters frnd hez not there. U actually dnt have a problem, it’s just excitement making u think over time

  12. Ta brada Mike.
    Well, not sure whether to classify this as a nice life problem or not!
    But what U have is a small business here & the simple rule of business is NEVER mix business with PLEASURE!
    So come clean with yo client45 that U will be partying with pleasure22. Since they share the same office, can client45 pls handle himself as U can’t avoid the party with pleasure22.
    As some1 said, strengthen the rules of engagement. Take the power of a kuku-prenuership to the highest level & enjoy the benefits of both worlds while it last!
    Don’t forget to accumulate assets to grow yo balance sheet nana. That business usually has an expiry date! Let the judges judge; playing nice won’t pay bills.

  13. LOL… You guys have no mercy shame today. LOL… I have no answer personally because I dont understand. I just want Yonela to know that somehow someone close to this friend reads this and might tell her, so much specific details given, I mean come on, unless she is making it up. I hope you used the wrong name at least…

    I loved this chapter by the way, the trouble Neo will have trying to lobola this girl sham

  14. the only problem he’s going to have is that since well you’re a friend of his daughter what if the whole group of friends (his daughter included) are into blessers, remember older men that sleep with younger girls cant bare the thought of their daughters sleeping with older men I mean they cant even bare the thought of their daughters having sex at all. so he might see you as a bad influence and ask u to end the friendship to continue with him, then that makes it easy for him to get rid of you sooner than you think.

  15. I was actually waiting for a letter as the one posted today. I had problems in my relationship, so earlier this year I got a blesser or boyfriend as he preferred being call up until July when he just went quiet. I am 24, him 46.The age difference is similar to that of Yonela and hers, so atleast I don’t feel wack anymore. Well I only found this out last week about his real age. As when we met he told me he is 38. This guy is a liar Its so disgusting come to think of it. He lied about his wife being a church lady who strictly follows what the pastor tells her,to her denying him sex. How the don’t have kids, but actually have two. How he doesn’t know his ATM pin when I asked for money. He was so fucked stingy and always talking about how he suffered growing up, I am quiet doing well for myself, but being a liker of things and being driven in expensive cars, it’s just never enough. This man still wanted to get laid and worse he was a two minute noodle kinda nigg. I must say, I learned the hard way and I have accepted my mistake. I don’t even hate him. Its just that I would have appreciated if he was truthful coz he wasted my time. I realized life will humble you.

    Now another problem, I had another married guy in 2015 who did everything for me, we were getting to know each other. So when the time came and he started asking for sex, U wholeheartedly denied him, he never used it against me… Still continued supporting me financially, until one day he stopped. And now I realize that I really like him, I want him back. And I am ready to give it up, I fantasize about us. It’s not Normal yes. I have been trying to get him back, it’s like he moved one, but I miss him so much.

  16. @Confused, life will dish U with a humble pie for sho. Looks like U got both sides of the coin flipped at U. U has heads then tails, now U want heads again. That puts the theory of not knowing what we want true for both men & women there!

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