Blessed 32

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Fear is a great motivator and the one person you never want to disappoint is your mother because funny enough, mothers keep a grudge. Even when you were young, it was never your father who counted how many times you got away with something and the punished you when you least expected it, it was your mother! Yup, she could keep record of all your indiscretions, some of which you did not even remember yourself and when you were not paying attention she would call you out on it. That was my mother. The woman was unforgiving. A lot of people know this, your mother feels like she has the right to own you even if you are a hundred years old. They tend to be bossy and controlling even until you are much older. In university you feel you have the freedom to do a lot of things but your mother is still the one freedom you don’t have. She is still your boss and owns you.

“I need a plan baby. I need to get my mother off my back otherwise I will never get out of this!”

I said standing up. I was not exactly talking to him I was speaking out loud. Yes, I am that scared of my mum. Tswana women are relentless.

“I know what I am going to do!”

It suddenly came to me. Fortune favours the brave. I know my mother and I know the one place that she holds most dear is her office. I took a gamble.

“I am going to her office to see her! That’s the only way she won’t overreact. She can’t hit me in her office full of people. My mother loves to look like the nice sweet one.”

“She is mad I think I must go see her!”

I told Neo. He was not the same eager to please Neo because usually at this stage he will already be looking for a way to please me. His response was a dry,

“Oh ok!”

And that was it! He didn’t even stand up or anything he just lay there.

“Neo, did you not hear me?”

I asked him.

“I heard you alright but I don’t know what you want me to do about it. Go to her!”

He said very coldly. This was not my Neo and I know I had brought this upon myself.

“You are angry at me still!”

I said and sighed. I chose to sit down. I knew that if I left I might never be allowed to come back again.

“I told you I didn’t want to have sex and you insisted. If I had done that to you what would you be saying right now?”

He asked me. I think I got confused for a second there because was he…was he implying that I …no the word won’t even come out!

“I am lost? Is it about the sex? I was just trying to make us right that’s all. Did I hurt you?”

I asked him. I was not sure what to think. What was this man saying really?

“I really would like you to leave. I don’t think you understand that what you are doing is just making matters worse between us. I love you Palesa but let me tell you the truth right now. This is a truth is girls do not want to hear the truth. This money does not go on trees. The reason why most blessers abuse their blessees is because they feel entitled to them. They make that money over time and you think you can just waltz in and take that money. They become abusive for that reason. Now imagine how I feel knowing that my girlfriend wanted to be a blessee, to be someone else’s plaything, someone else’s toy. Imagine I sit here and worship her for another man to cum on her face simply because he can pay for it! How do you think that feels?”

He asked me. For the first time since I came here I actually had totally nothing to say, I was stuck, I was frozen!

“That’s me right now. I see you and all I see is the person I respected above all else cheapen herself to the point of whoring because she thinks shortcuts are better than working hard. I am under no illusion that I might never ever reach his level of wealth but my self-respect and dignity stays intact!”

He concluded. I stood up on my own. I went to the bedroom, put my things in a bag and I went back into the room he was, looked at him one last time and I walked out. I did not look back as I walked all the way back to res. I was crying. My tears blinded my way but I wanted to go to the last place of safety I had, my room. People who walked past me must have thought I was losing it. A lot of people stopped to ask if I was ok but I kept my silence until I got to my room. All I could remember was the look in his eye when he said that. He had shown me how cheap I really and it’s a feeling I will never forget. We were done. I knew there was no turning back even if I begged.

My roommate was there but she was leaving.

“Are you ok?”

She asked me.

“I have a terrible headache; do you have those meds of yours?”

I asked. I was not lying I think all the crying and anxiety had finally achieved to make them sick.

“Yes I still have them”

She told me and she went into her side and took them out.

“I wish I could stay and take care of you but my father is outside and I have to go home for the weekend. I am sorry!”

She got me a glass of water and put it on my side.

“They are really really strong so take only one at a time. Don’t panic if the tablets are not working at first because they will work!”

Her father called and she had to go. I took one tablet.

My phone rang, it was ringing. I ignored it. It was Khanyi, who else loves me enough to call me. I did not pick up. I did not want to talk to her or anyone else. I tried to force myself to sleep but that didn’t work. Seven missed calls later I picked up.


I said when I picked up.

“Dude been trying to call you I was going to keep on dialling until you picked up!”

She said.

“I am sorry, I didn’t feel like talking!”

I told her.

“What’s wrong? I can sense something is wrong? After missed call number two I panicked and I was right”

She said. She knew me too well as I never missed calls from her without returning.

“Neo broke up with me!”

I told her.

“Neo can’t break up with you. He loves you too much and he is obsessed with you. He is just angry that’s all. Give him time!”

I don’t think she understood where I was coming from but how could she understand. When you take advice from single people it’s always from a one sided approach as they often don’t understand what it means to be with someone else! They are single for a reason!

“Khanyi can you just listen to me for once. The things he said, I have never heard him so broken and so cold. He meant every word and its words you don’t just sweep under the carpet.”

I told her. I think now she took a moment to breathe. And let it sink in what it was I had just said. Now she was listening to me.

“You are very serious about this neh!”

She asked. I told her everything he had said word for word. How can I forget those words? They were stuck in me and they kept playing themselves over and over again in my head. It was the deepest and most sincere truth someone had ever told me about me. Most of the friends we keep around us are people who tell us thing we want to hear not truths that can actually build us. What Neo had said was true and I could not have hidden from it in any other way?

“I am not even sure what to say…”

Was her response when I was done?

“How did I even let it get this far though Khanyi? I used to tell you how after university I wanted to marry Neo. I used to laugh at girls with sugar daddies but the moment that man said Dubai I lost my way. I don’t even know what Dubai is yet I threw it all away!”

I cried to her. It’s true, I had always thought Neo was my soul mate and for some reason I allowed myself to get distracted.

“Don’t worry you will bounce back from this ok?”

She said to me and I immediately asked her how that was supposed to happen.

“Honestly I don’t know. I will try talk to him for you as well. The point is not to give up. You worked too long and too hard to build this thing!”

She reminded me.

“If I worked so long why did I allow the first person with money to throw it all away? I am so ashamed right now!”

I said to her. Realistically what could she talk to me about though really? She had been the person who encouraged me to cheat on him.

“Don’t be ashamed we will fix this. Just don’t do anything stupid we will fix it I swear.”

She reassured me but I did not believe her. I also did not think I deserved it either. I had brought this on myself and I had caused this so only I could fix it.

I needed to sleep, my head was pounding from that headache, I was emotionally confused, my heart was broken, my mother wanted to kill me I was so scared and Khanyi was too far to talk sense into me so when I asked myself how many pills my roommate had said I must take I genuinely didn’t remember or did I!

I took 7.

*********The End************

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi mike and the readers, I would really appreciate it if you assist me.
I am 23 and my boyfriend is 24. This guy is perfect, he is the type of boyfriend ive always wished God would give me, i love everything about him but theres just one problem…I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 5 years now and through those 5 years I have never came ever since we started having sex, I swear this nigga has never made me scream for my ancestors. As if that’s worse, he only humps me 5 times then hes done modimo! Before dating my current boyfriend, I used to cheat on my boyfriends that loved me and were faithful,but I would never sleep with the side guys. So when I met him I decided to be serious and stay faithful to him but yoh it seems like karma didn’t forget me, and that bitch blessed me with a two minute noodle boyfriend. I honestly dont know what to do guys, i honestly dont want to cheat on my man, I love him that much. I know communication is key and believe me I have tried raising this issue. Every time I try uttering anything related to his early ejaculation I black out. I don’t want to crush his ego but I can’t deal anymore.
Is there any way I can change the situation without embarrassing him or making him feel less of a man. I honestly need your help. I know I’m not the only girl out there with a two minute noodle. Girl, if you’ve been in my shoes help a sister out of this torture. Batho ba modimo, you can imagine how sexually starved I am.

Thank you in advance.

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  1. 2 minutes noodles!!!?? haibo. 2 words….Mens clinic!!! or try other things, get on top of him and ride him and control his coming and your pace… or by squeezing/pulling his balls gently(o seka wa mmolaya, a ka gana go robala le wena gape if you do hurt him) when you feel he is about to come.

    1. oh give him a bj/hj before the penetration so that he comes and second round will last longer, and also toys, to use alternatively… he humbs you 3times… and uses other alternatives, eg toys, his fingers, kana his lips/tongue… this should delay the build up.
      as i wait for JZ and other men for advice on this issue.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! sex-starved you have made my entire week! LOL! yhu! hayi girl.. me I once left a guy after just 7months of that. 5years? yhu! but ke if he’s everything you’ve ever wanted dont do anything you will regret sesi.. talk to your man, that’s all that will help your situation hey.

    As for Palesa, I have no words. May no man drive any of the DOAZG family women to suicidal thoughts, amen.

  3. Yho, reading this chapter, i was waiting for a ‘Dear Readers this is the end of Blessed”. It really touched me sham. I can only imagine the regret that comes with realizing what you have lost and what you lost it for. So sad. I am curious to see where Mike takes it from here…

    QandA : I think you must try what Blq suggests or talk to him. I am no expect, but i think its something you can work on, over time, if you communicate

  4. At the age of 24 it must be hard for him,try to find what is the cause of it,maybe is stress,alcohol, smoking or something and find solution,not everyone can afford men’s clinic and the best way is communication somehow u have to do it than pretending that everything is OK

  5. sex starved,I salute you for sticking with your man….I was dating a very wonderful great guy best guy nogal but he was a two minute noodle too so after a year I left him but I told him my reasons for leaving….But after a year we got back together again and opened room for better communication….we went to men’s clinic thou much didn’t come out of that trip,then now we use different brands of condoms that help with delaying ejaculations and occasionally there are pills that he takes to help, and foreplay plays a huge role in sex, and be creative with regards to how you do the sexing…..leaving a great guy because of early ejaculation is not worth it,I was lucky my man came back ,so talk with yours and explore options

  6. Thanks Mikeesto, the dosage is on high volt neh…. Best ish ever!!

    Starved, ya’ll are too young for this type of problem #TooSoon So you mean to tell me that for 5 years you have been getting a below par performance from a 24year old, hayi no ku bad. But it’s not a rare thing though coz it happens to most of us at some point or the other, addressing it sooner is key though and wena you took your sweet time coming and sharing this with us. So now while you are busy hating on Lady Karma and having side dick thoughts, its best we address your behaviour also, so that we can assist your boyfriend with his short cummings, no pun intended.

    Just as the microwave click is about to inform you that the noodle dish is nearly finished, you need to push him the hell out of you, tell him to drink water but do not and I mean DO NOT LET THAT MAN EJACULATE. This guy may not even know he has a problem coz you have blackout tendencies when this issue needs to be addressed. For all his knows, he proly thinks he beats the p*ssy up…. Kuphi Khona!! Teach your man how to make love to you the way you want him to, if he ticks so many good boxes, surely ya’ll can tick this one too. You didn’t mention the tool size and I will assume lomfana has isbam somdoko appropriate in size but he is trigger happy. Tell him the effect is just as strong without randomly shooting every two damn minutes. Bullets are expensive, reloading is an issue so lomfana makafunde isneke, he must make sure he makes you praise your clan, God and Lucifer in the same sentence before he starts throwing toys around someone’s belly.

    Happy lasting rounds julle, and do give us feedback neh. Oh and by the way, dont be rushing to spend money on Mens Clinic before trying to fix this naturally. And tell him to get off Castle Lite and Heineken too while you at it, I got that here nam and that ish is real #BeersArentLoyal


    1. Hahahahahahhahaha isbam somdokwe hay man wena #InTears LMAO!!!!
      Undigqibe klaar wena…. Ad I know that cold water ish works hey.. My ex used to that to me, I was oblivious to it though at the time …though he was no two minute noodle and we would have all night explosive sex 😀 goodness me that guy took my vijayjay to heaven all the daaamn time 🙂

      And wna unyaka uyaphela …wenza njani????

  7. Ur Boy Cee.
    Sex Starved.
    I always tell wako tlung gore she is blessed that I can go 3 laps straight gosa phomolwe at the age of 30. that man must jus drink lots and lots of water. otlaba sharp.

  8. Thanks Bra Mike for our daily dose
    Q and A: Your man is still young no need for a Mens Clinic , he needs to learn to control his bullets by starting with a lengthy fourplay before he actually penetrates you , when he does penetrate he must not stay long inside there he needs to remove it every now and again and continue with your four play he must do that until he master’s the art himself , he must also relax, another thing is to let him watch porn movies and see how the other dudes are doing just to improve his skills.

  9. Lol starved… I stopped having sex with my boyfriend and when he asked me why I addressed his issue. Needless to say, I’ve been “praising my ancestors, God and Lucifer all in the same sentence” since.😂😂 So talk to him mntasekhaya.

    1. Hahahahahaha unentlonti wena…wamlabisa omnye umntana… ke all worked out well for you so kudos to you then…Phansti nge Starvation….

  10. With you on that 1 Wethu. I know for a fact that pales learned her Pearson. At the end of the day we all make mistake, truth is she does love Neo. Hopefully they will ride through this. As for Neo’s truth though Yoh

  11. I feel for Neo. This kid shouldn’t be in a relationship ucabanga kancane. She will learn the hard way. Thanks Mike
    Sex starved, nothing will ever be better than talking to your man. I had a very bad experience which resulted in me not enjoying sex like other people. I hated sex for years till the day I spoke to my bf about it. All along he thought he was the best in the world but i was faking it like a porn star.
    If you too scared to be honest with him just tell him you are the one with a problem,let him come up with a solution. Good luck and do get back to us.

  12. Starved girl, hold onto that man and teach him how to satisfy u… I had the sweetest guy ever but unfortunately he didn’t do it 4 me sexually. That man worshipped the ground I walked on. Being young and foolish I used him to do everything 4 me but got sex outside. Needless to say I lost him. Ever since I haven’t found any1 who treated me with the love and respect I got from him and I always seem to compare. So train him to do what u like and learn new things together.

  13. q&a communication is key,tok 2 ur man,i used 2 hv dat prblem n i told him n showed him hw i want him 2 do me n yes i did dat afta a few years(3years aowa i was bored of 2minates lol) being in a relationship akere u knw we girls tok so i was asking myslf y okare nna ake di keree tse tsotlhe lol i used 2 love me some porn n man m telling u nw he is superman wer it counts n i cudnt b happier

  14. Thanks Mike
    QnA I was that man

    Maybe ur too hot, or u give it to him after sometime but with me there was emotional drama n medical problems from her side also we were doomed, try thick condoms but normally second round he can be better. Talk to him tell him u want three rounds or more, apply also what was said by others.

    My Ex had abortion so I was scared to fuck her cause sometimes she was in pain and I don’t think we were compatable also,u need to explain what is happening in ur relationship so we can get what could lead to this.I was with her cause I felt sorry for her n mayb she emotionally black mailed me to stay ,communication with him is key.funny thing is wn I cheated I didn’t come quick with others only’s deep this things.

    Eating healthier n exercising also helps go run with sometime.

  15. To sex starved… Nothing beats communication,however you have to tread carefully…always compliment your man 1st, “I love it when your touch me like…..i love it when you….etc even if his failing in that department.. But he might just pay attention… Then tell him how you think you are making him cum quick and you want him to enjoy you for longer…(Hope you see what I did there).. Try and be naive as possible but get the point across… Then you can carefully lead with all suggestions mentioned by the readers of this blog…my 2cents is kegel exercises…woman must do them to strengthen vj muscles(tightness) and now recently guys can do them to strengthen isbamu somdoko and yes control wen to shoot eventually. Apps are available or just google. so yeah do the exercises together.. Just like any exercise don’t over do it though.

  16. Sex starved hle, speak to that man. Nna ke tabola mgaga strong. When he asks what’s wrong I tell him straight how it would feel for him if I came and then the deed was finished. I can’t be repeating the same concerns for a year with a smile on my face and there’s still no change. Tell him to play and suck on your nippes while he’s inside you. The best way to get stimulation is to let him get inside you while the top of his shaft rubs against your clitoris. Instead of spreading your legs wide fold them together at the ankles and let his legs be on your sides. This grip on his tool prevents him from going all the way in and will delay his ejaculation. It will also make sure that the tip of his shaft rubs on that hotspot directly inside your vaginal canal. let him give you one BIIGGG hump after every 5 seconds. Of course you’ll need to work for it as well. For each of his big humps, give him three quick and short ones of your own in between. Once you get a rhythm going and your pleasure starts to build, you can start controlling his humps with your hands. let him continue fumbling with your nipples throughout. They are a major pleasure zone. Once you’ve come, as fatigued as your inner thighs will be from all that squeezing you did, open them up and allow him to continue with his two minute noodling while you’re in your euphoric state. you can also do this lying on your stomach. Please let us know if this worked for you as well

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