Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S 47

“There is no mistake called cheating and anyone who tells you that is a liar, playing with you and thinks you are stupid. It’s a choice which you have to acknowledge but don’t you dare be fooled into believing it was a mistake. A mistake is picking up diet coke instead of original coke, that’s a mistake!” Mike Maphoto

Jealousy is something that is within a lot of people but in women, it seems to amplify itself. I don’t know where mine comes from but when it does I am this evil little person hell bent on destruction. Why was she holding his waist, they had just met? She must be a skank then because where was her class. A lady must act cool and move a bit slower not like this. She should not throw herself at him like this, it’s wrong. They had met a few hours ago and she was all over him but wait, twice I had slept with guys I had just met so why judge? This was different though, there were feelings involved. All the thoughts were going through my head when I saw them.

“Oh you are up?”

He said when I walked outside. Dwee, I was up, that question was rather redundant.

“You slept for a quite a long time considering you said it was a nap! Are you ok?”

He asked. I told them I was fine, I guess I had been more tired than I had thought. I often forget my dreams when I sleep but somehow that dream had shaken me. Even know I could feel the water at my feet.

“The nap did me good even though I had the weirdest dream ever!”

I told them. That’s how close the dream was in my mind hence why I was sharing. There are people who believe that dreams mean something, I am not one of them. It just feels like overreaching to me.

“Dreams during afternoon naps are the most weird I think. They are often sudden and deep! That’s why I try my best not sleep in the afternoon because you often wake up feeling somehow! I hate that confusion but alas, my job forces me to at times!”

Esihle responded as though I had asked for her opinion. She was rubbing me the wrong way certainly.

“They almost always seem to have a deeper meaning than they actually have.”

She went on to explained again when both Mbuso and I said nothing. I don’t know if it was because he had ignored her or what but he certainly said nothing.

“I would hope not hey. It was too weird!”

I responded just so not to leave her hanging again.

“What was the dream about or was it one of those x rated ones?”

Mbuso asked. I had noticed that he was not much of a talker. There are people who are genuinely lazy to talk and he was one of them. He seemed to drift in and out of conversations by dropping a line or two then stepping back.

“I am too old to have such dreams and who would I be having xrated business with really!”

I responded and we all laughed. Imagine at my age dreaming of sex no thanks.

“O come on, don’t sell yourself short. I am sure you have people that you crush on!”

Esihle said. I should have said Mbuso to spite her but nah, too soon. Nthabiseng and Zama came outside when they heard our laughter and joined the conversation. We started discussing xrated stuff. Mbuso was clearly not comfortable with the way Esihle was paying too much attention to him. He kept on moving around but she stuck to her task with commendable resolve.

“Is this the food not ready guys?”

I eventually asked just to break this down. I don’t think they heard me because I went into the house and no one followed. I found myself sitting on the couch alone. I was sulking. When you like a person it’s not always immediately obvious that you do. Sometimes it takes you time to fall for them and often it’s too late. You find yourself waiting in line to get your turn. Ok that sounded a bit low when I said that but so many times we fall for someone who is already taken. It’s just how life is. You can’t always be at the right place at the right time.

“Are you ok? You look a bit pale!”

Esihle said when she followed me inside. I ran away from her outside and now here she was.

“I am tired. I need sleep lots of it and I am hungry. I feel a bit overwhelmed right now!”

I lied. I don’t know if they saw I was lying but Nthabiseng immediately said,

“We will be out of your hair soon. We just going to finish up cleaning so that you won’t be left with too much work to do then we are out. I am tired too and besides we have work!”

I liked the sound of that. I just needed to be alone and left alone to my thoughts. I was tired and what’s worse, Esihle made it clear that no one was to talk to Mbuso. She was always in his space. I think the one with problem getting men was me. I was so focused on a type of person I should look for but you can’t blame me. I listened to Ask a Man the other day and a woman called in saying that she was tired of taking care of her boyfriend. She had a bigger job than him and it seemed as though he was scrubbing off her. Everyone who called in argued that she dumps the guy because it is a man’s job to take care of a woman not the other way round. If this was the case then that meant in the professional world the number of men I could choose was much less than your average girl. That thought depressed me. Imagine being over qualified to date someone.

“I want to introduce you to someone!”

Esihle said when finally left his side and came and sat next to me.

“You want to introduce me to someone?”

I asked her confused.

“Yes. He is a colleague and he is perfect! It’s me saying thank you for introducing me to Mbuso!”

She said.

“I have already told him about you but I did not give him your numbers. I thought it would be presumptuous of me!”

Wow this girl. So telling him about me was not presumptuous? She must be delusional.

“Blind dates are always a bad idea though? You never know what to expect!”

I told her.

“Yeah you are right but life is about taking chances. Look at me I took a chance and he looks alright, needs a bit of work here or there but I can work with it!”

She said explaining how she saw Mbuso. I know she did not want to mention Ntheteng after what had happened.

“I will go on the date.”

I told her. She said we will arrange the where and when.

“I think it’s best if we double date!”

I told her. She seemed to like the idea. I think she was genuinely oblivious that I could possibly like Mbuso or that Mbuso might like me.

“Goodness it will awkward going out with him as he is a colleague but I think it’s for the best. Do you think Mbuso likes me though? What if he is a player? I am tired of these men just wanting to get laid but not committing!”

She said looking vulnerable for the first time. It’s nothing short of amazing how you can be the strongest woman out there but men have a way of just breaking even that down. You can think you have it all figured out then they will shock you.

“I know what you mean. How old are you if I may ask?”

I asked her. I don’t know why age is a no go area for us women and this often includes even when women are asking you.

“I am 26 or rather just turned 26.”

She said and that cut me deep. She was two years my junior and about to waltz off with my man. When I was 26 I don’t think I still had the marriage dream in mind. I was even still clubbing eish. Finally the food came and we ate. It was actually well braai’d if that makes any sense. I had not realized that we had quite a bit of alcohol since I had not been drinking. There were many empty bottles. I noticed that Esihle was pretty tipsy. She was not drunk but she had definitely had a lot of alcohol. Didn’t she say she did not drink? Was that for scoring points with Mbuso?

“We need to go soon!”

Nthabiseng said when she put away the last dishes. I don’t want to admit this but I had actually had fun. Apart from the Mbuso situation they were very nice company. It’s easy to make friends but keeping them is another story.

“I also need to go home. I am very sleepy too after the afternoon I had!”

Esihle said.

“Dude you not driving like that. Mbuso you need to take your lady home so she can sleep it off!”

Zama said. Wait a minute? Had she been drinking this much so that Mbuso would have no choice but advise her to stay? If that was the case then what a clever plan because immediately Nthabiseng also commented,

“She is right, it will be irresponsible for her to drive like this and you know on Saturdays the police are everywhere!”

We had been played. She had cleared planned this part because she came with Mbuso so logic would be either she sleeps at Mbuso’s or he drove her home but who would then drive her car back.

“I guess you are right! I didn’t think of that earlier!”

She said. We all turned to look at Mbuso and he looked rather annoyed than happy.

“Lungi you have not been drinking. I will drive her in her car and you will drive mine or yours. We drop her then we come back together!”

He said offering a solution of which Esihle immediately said,

“Lungi is too sick to drive, right Lungi?”

She sounded like she was pleading with me. This was my chance to shut her down. I almost had that evil laugh inside me bursting to come out!

********The End *********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hey Mike, I have to complement you on your amazing work. You definitely know your story hey.
Here goes nothing, I’m currently 25 and I have never had a relationship that has lasted more than two years. I get bored very easily, I wouldn’t say I have high expectations but I am a daddy’s girl “God bless that man” he spoils me rotten because akafuni ngibhayziswe umfana ozothi ungkhipha ka KFC, like WTF dude ‘his words not’. Secondly I think I’m cursed or something because ngishelwa abantu abashadile kuphela, maybe it because of my body “honestly angsazi”, I’m a fully figured sexy young lady, as I’m writing this letter I’m dating a married man but I know our relationship has no future. I want to be in a “proper” relationship, I want to commit to someone nami. There only thing I’m committed to right now is work and my studies, honestly I need some service too. It being a year and a half and my hand is tired stru.
I know my letter is all over the show, kodwa ke it not a composition test.
Jackzorro you rock my world “hides”.
Semi-Single and tired.

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  1. YES WENA LUNGI! GET YO MAN GHEL! hahahaha.. lol.. I honestly would put on the biggest smile and be like “oh no, Im perfectly fine, lets go” good men are few and far in between #TeamSnatchThatDude..

    Semi-single.. askies you need to get out more, and stop dating married men darly.

      1. valo so that what must happen? lol.. if dude is a catch and home affairs doesnt recognise a girl as his wife then he is fair game

  2. Mbuso has major feelings for Lungi. Even when he is in a situation to make things official with the Dr, he is still not into her. Universe make Lungi and Mbuso happen please!

  3. Hahahahahaha oohhh this chapter though….. Got me re-living when I met my boyfriend and I liked him and some girl was juust throwing herself at him and i thought I “stood no chance” kaaaaaaaanti…… Unrequited love is a thing hey, lol

    QnA….LMAO what do you mean JackZorro rocks your world????? Kanti what is your hand doing???? lol

    I soooo wished you had listened to Ask a man yesterday….. Podcast maybe….you will find advice there…


  4. Indeed you never know what you have until its gone.. Had Esihle not come into the picture and showed some interest on Mbuso, Lungi would never have seen potential bae kuMbuso. A guy can ask you out for a year and you never give him a chance, wait until he starts showing interest somewhere else, you start stalking him everywhere on social media and dropping random “hi was just checking up on you” messages. In Zulu they say “akekho ofuna umgodi onganukwanja”
    We are special species like that as women.. Lol
    Thatha umunt’wakho wena Lungi, the good Dr must go date the colleague herself !! #TeamSnatch

  5. Thanks Mikeesto, nice one buddy.

    @ThatGirl uthini…. #TeamSnatchThatDude LMFAO!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Killed me.

    Semi single haybo….. Daddy would be very disappointed that your avoidance of KFC boys has led you to home wrecking. Let’s start there, these married duded don’t love you, they consider you an easy lay, so avoid that ish even if your fingers are tired 🙂

    Your letter cracked me up though I must say….. Ok now to help you get a man, a fully figured sexy lady shouldn’t struggle to get a man, but what you need to let go of is daddy’s policy against finger licking dudes. Give them a chance, Nandos, McDonalds. Only you can teach the man to get out of the plaza food shops to fancy restaurants that need reservations. So stop snatching the married dudes and get yourself your own. Make sure he can take you out and buy you something girl….. And what’s wrong with kfc LOL!!! Your dad has zero chill yho 


    1. we dont pick men/women off the ground Jackzy.. that person belonged to someone once upon a time. Manje we must sit on the sidelines when you see opportunity under your nose? ngeke sbali.. until home affairs recognises your relationship then you’re single.. injalo lento

  6. Semi-single lady … umuntu wakho you can fine tune them to suit you … relationships are about compromise, I met my man a few years ago, he was skinny and driving a huge car and didn’t believe in spending money for fun and leisure instead he had tons of saving accounts, and at the end of the day when we had to go out, he’d complain so I started fine tuning him, told him lets start small, so every month, at the end of the month we’d go out to spur … that was at the beginning of the month, now we are past those days, now we go on baecation at the end of every single year, he saves for it throughout the year (I help out where I can) and we go. Last year we spend new years in Dubai. So find a man, be it a kfc man or a mcdonalds man and fine tune that man. Teach him to be that person that you want. Understand however that he won’t compromise on alles so don’t try and take Amos and make him Chris Brown, it won’t work. As we speak my man who was once a kfc man, is coming to pay lobola end of September.

    Sometimes ladies set the bar sooooo high for these men that they actually end up moving on to seek lesser bars.

    Also ladies, a word of advice … humble yourself, a man needs to be made to feel like a man and in return they will make you feel like a woman.

    Goodluck Semi-Single

    1. yazi you started so nicely Ems.. I was agreeing with you until you said “sometimes ladies set the bar sooooo high for these men that they actually end up moving on to seek lesser bars”.. There is nothing wrong with having standards, if dude would rather seek lesser bars then girl is better off without him. I am not saying men must be bashed, but show me you wanna be the man i want and need while i balance you so we can work. finish.

  7. M addicted to this story shem, thanks Mike

    Semi-single: life is another thing, you can’t always get what you want. You must remember that this is your life not your dad’s, so you shouldn’t care where the guys take you out for a date coz that’s not really important but what you should check out in a guy is 1.qualities and 2. potential. Angakuyisa e Radisson Blu for the first date for all i care but if he doesn’t have those 2 items then ufana nomuntu okama impandla #wasting yourtime ooh and as for married men, girl they are only after one thing and honey we both know what that is,right? Wishing you all the best of luck in finding Mr Right

  8. Wow that Esihle girl is trying her luck with Mbuso, She is a chancer I`m telling you wena Lungy go with Mbuso

  9. Im hooked on Mike, We thank you, Awesome chapter.
    @Tee.i think Jackzoro must meet us all that we have a crush on him, hahaha. Khululeka PillzBerry, we wont SnatchYourDude… just a datenyana nje, lol.

    1. Hahahahahahaha tjooo those are the fatal ones Nonto….It will be all fun and games until I see ghim vanish infront of me,…..and I will be lft saying it all started with a datenyana….. Hahahahaha

    2. but the way I just laughed…. like I have created this voice in my head for Jackzorro, that comes to play every time I read his comments… I swear you look like Tyrese in my head and the voice is that of Morris Chestnut @jackzorro

  10. Lool true that Nonto
    Pillz sharing is caring lol. JACKZORRO please see us all dude, but uqale ngami ngoba uPillsberry yena uthatha ekudeni

  11. Haha hahaha yhuuuuu I have no advice sisi we drowning in the same Mthatha pothole norinkie but my nuna is not a DIY zone #ngeke …
    worse ke I’m 5mins to stabbing a young beast to tap my khokhos on the shoulder cz kuRough even now during Bumba season Dololo bae*tears* . Kodwa ke let go of the married dudes it’s not worth it karma kills slowly lolo but wait u semi single Kodwa no 2 party sex in a year and a half? ??how??

    1. Hahahahahahahahahaha Mthatha Potholes…..#DayMade…yhuuu undigodusile vha…..Haibo abo PK Mumu abekho na???

  12. Heeheehee claws are out people; let’s see whose are sharper – the doc’s or Lungi’s. Mbuso uyikati joe – ubekelwe inyama nobisi, mmmhhhh can’t wait for the next chapter. Enkosi bhut’Mike
    Semi-single it looks like this situation suits you well coz if it didn’t you wouldn’t be dating other women’s husbands. That is just wrong and I doubt daddy dearest will be impressed. How do you think you are going to get a man of your own if you keep sampling those belonging to others? Stop it right now tu and you are not cursed so get that out of your mind too. And like Ems has said; you teach a man how you want to be treated. And please do take yourself out every now and again; who knows you might just find your own man (who might also be taking himself out) and don’t be looking around like you’re waiting for someone to join you, just chill, enjoy your own company and the food. Wishing you all the best.

  13. # TeamSnatchYourMan.

    Thanks bhuthi Mike for your time and talent u share with us. U know its times like public holidays and weekends were I appreciate your presence more. thanks for spreading the love.
    As i slowly but surely relate to Lungiles life. #sigh
    good n honest men are hard to find
    bad yet fun men are easy to find!

  14. Ah but you guys made my day though…. The comments are on tik LOL!!

    Thanks Fam, still hoping this family will one day all meet up at one spot and braai….. 🙂

  15. Hey bhuti Mike, there’s one S missing here. YES shud be YESS Single, Employed, Single & Scheming. Lots of it here. 😂😂😂
    Ems, yo got it correct there, setting the bar too high kind limits yo options. By all means have standards but be reasonable. THATgirl take advice from others, it won’t kill U.
    Some standards R just too high U almost set yoself up for failure. It’s like starting a business, U learn as U go & choose what to keep or discard.

    1. Hayi Davie.. no queen must take jewels off her crown to make it easier for a man to carry. If you cannot meet a woman’s standards and arent willing to strive to atleast TRY then you must stay in your lane wethu. I’m not saying ishokay for a blesser-type chick to ridicule or belittle guy catching a taxi at the corner, I’m saying if guy catching a taxi at the corner feels ugirl’s standards are too high and wont even try to win her over in another angle, he must not judge, he must just shela the girl next to him in the taxi rather.. simple.

      Compromising is what leads people to unhappiness.. all of a sunday you’re not content with umuntu wakho who cant give you ne R200 for a manicure, yet you got desperate, compromised, and weren’t patient enough to wait for the guy you want. Hayi, being single while you wait for the right person for you is not gonna kill anyone.

      I personally dont have ridiculous standards, never asked a man (except my brothers and dad ofcourse) for a dime.. i do pretty good for myself. But i wont now shame a girl who feels ukuthi a man must provide, that’s between her and her man. But i on the other hand may be too much for a man who is not willing to give me the amount of attention that i want… we all have standards.. one way or another

  16. hahaha say No Lungi, I mean she’s young employed and single. If she finds love then it will be the end….great comments, you guys made my day

  17. Nice one mike please I beg go ooh Nigerian voice bring lungi n mbuso together pretty please n c hw thy can get along as a couple with nthetheng involved pls we need to believe that the is true luv out there hle

  18. Guys.. you wont die from staying single until you get the person you want.. struu.. stop picking up everything that comes along.. your ideal man/woman might come along while your hands are too full and walk right past

  19. Thanks Mike for all your hard work, enjoyed the comments as well. Yes Jackzorro we should have a braai one day and meet all those Esihles who want ,to snatch you from Pillzberry LOL.

  20. Thanks Mike, but guys what if Jack is 60yrs n married lol? Im young n on my early 30’s in Pretoria… I’m Green 😁

    QnA so u don’t give it to the married man? get my info from Mike… I got u dear

  21. Ayi lungi forget mbuso Esihle won’t give you a chance woman like Esihle push until they get her man you Lungi just dnt have a fighting spirit in you am even beginning to think lungi loves being single and lonely for sure

  22. Hahahahahaaaaa yho you all make me laugh, kumnandi la ekhaya stru…Loool Flow ‘what if Jackzorro is 60yrs n married?’ #dead#

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