Missteps of a Young Wife


My sister stepped in and said “Lesedi go and bath and we will look after the baby. No one is fighting with you; I can see you want to turn this into a fight.” My sister was right, I did need a bath, I left without responding and took a bath but didn’t seat in the bath, the stitches were not letting me enjoy the bath, that must have been the quickest bath of my life because I couldn’t soak myself in water like I usually do when I bath. I went back to the girls after I had done bathing, I was actually in no mood for company but these people were here to support me and the least I could do was be kind and grateful to them for the support. As soon as I walked in the room Cleo said I look much better, I smiled and told her to mind her own business. She Rocks pointed to my breast and that my t-shirt was wet, oh gosh my boobs were dripping milk, I was so disgusted, I took Dineo to the bedroom so I could feed her then I changed my clothes again, we women have the hardest job in the world, carrying a baby for nine months with limitations of what you can and cannot eat and after that you still have to go through all this breastfeeding mess and looking after a screaming baby. While I had put her down to change my t-shirt she had fallen asleep, I didn’t want to leave her alone after the dream I had so I called the girls and asked that we sit in the bedroom instead and they were confused because they said we will wake the baby, I told them I didn’t want her sleeping during the day because it meant she would keep me up all night that was also part of the truth, the way that dream had depressed me I still couldn’t talk about it. “Don’t you guys think it would have been amazing to have Jessica and Andiswa share this moment with us?” I asked the ladies and everyone was in agreement except for Cleo of course. “If Andiswa was here you would have given birth in prison” we all laughed and She Rocks told her not to speak ill of the dead.

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  1. Ahh Boet Mike… Only one chapter opened with this pin, now its said to have expired or invalid. And its not the first time I’ve had to buy the pin more than once. Kanti k’hambani manje?

  2. mike we seem to have a problem. today i have been trying to catch up on my reading and the pin expires after one insert. i have had to get 4 pins today just to catch up on last week’s inserts and this past weekend’s. please attend to the problem urgently siyawuthanda impela umsebenzi wakho……..this pin story ingasixoshi!!!

  3. Hi Abuti Mike bn checkin n checkin 4 d chapters tsa MISSTEPS 4rm lst wknd Bt nothing! I wonder ways hppnin cos if we dnt GT it on saterdy we gt it on sundy unless des a technical prblm Bt we hvnt gt any memo on dat o dat we hv cum 2 d end of MISSTEP!

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