Missteps of a Young Wife


I ran out of the bedroom like a possessed woman to go check on my baby, as I was passing the passage my eyes caught sight of something that was laying on the floor at first I could not believe my own eyes, right there on the passage was a body of my best friend She Rocks covered in blood, my heart almost stopped, I kneeled down and started calling her name, there was no response from her, I shook her and her entire body moved, she was dead. I stood up fearing the worst and went to the dining room, I found my mother’s body on the floor also covered in bloody, my heart almost came out of my mouth, tears were flowing down my face I screamed “mama, mama” there was also no response from her, I didn’t want to move to the next room but I didn’t have to because when I turned to look away from my mother because my heart could not handle seeing her like that, there laid Victor a few meters away from my mother’s body, he was also dead. I felt faintly, my legs were weak but I could not afford to lose focus, I needed to find my daughter.

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