Birds – Chapter 41

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“something is wrong Barbie”


 “Everybody listen!” shouted Lerato

“Excuse me. Hey…could you all please listen!” She repeated.

We all turned to face her. Omowumi was kneeling below my knees taking re-measurements of my waist. We were finally rehearsing for the Lerato’s fashion show which was taking place later that evening at Pontso’s boutique. The dressing room was chaotic. Everyone moving up and down. I was feeling dizzy already.

“Thank you. I really appreciate all of you. But please, do not forget your place and whom you are after when you walk on that ramp later! We have already went through the routine with you. I do not want to see unnecessary drama happening on that stage!” She clapped her hands together. She is so controlling. I thought her reality TV show exaggerated her dictatorship; I was wrong.

“Thank you for your attention. I will see you all later tonight! And rock it girls!” she stated.

Just then Pontso came into the room looking distressed. She must be exhausted from all the organising, I thought. She went over to Lerato to discuss whatever business women discuss.

“Barbie have you gained weight?” said Omowumi getting up from her knees. “No, have i?” I said.

“Well your waist was 25 inches the last time we took measurements. Now its 32 inches.”

“Are you sure?”

“I took it three times. You will have to wear another outfit. It will be too tight for you. Another model can wear this one.”

“But that will mean I won’t open the show Wumi.”

“Unfortunately yes.”

“Fine.” I said disappointed. I sat down on a chair.

Omowumi then strangely looked at me and said- “Are you pregnant?”

“Pregnant?” I said laughing.

“You just seem different.” She said before turning her back on me to go to another model. I looked around, and then at the mirror in front of me. I did look different.

Omowumi came back. “This is what you will be wearing. Put it on quick.” I put dress on, and she zipped it on the side.

“Good it fits.” She said.  The dress did fit, but it felt a bit tight.

“Excuse me.” I murmured before I could run out of the room to the bathroom.

I vomited the load off my mouth. Colourful puke came out of me.  I instantly rinsed my mouth and looked into the mirror. My eyes appeared glassy.

“Audrey.” voiced Wumi standing by the toilet door. “Are you okay?” she said.

“No. I feel dizzy.”

I then attempted unzipping the dress, – “Could you please unzip this freaking dress!” I yelled.

Habba, something is wrong Barbie!”

She treading closer and unzipped the dress.

I was finally breathing. “When last did you menstruate?”  She said now squeezing my breasts.

“Wumi. Stop it.”

“You are pregnant.” She whispered as if she was gossiping about someone who’s in the room.

“When last did you get your period? I have a pregnancy test in my bag. You want to try it?”

I thought she was being silly- “No I don’t. I use protection. There’s no way I’m pregnant. Plus I -” I froze before I could finish my sentence. I quickly looked at her- “Oh my God. Where is it?”

“What are you doing carrying a home pregnancy test anyway?” I said when she handed it to me. “I am a woman of precautions, oh.” She said proudly.

I abruptly went to one of the stalls and urinated on top of it.

“Wumi, how long should I wait before it tells me the news?”

“Just a few minutes. I have to go. I will be back to check up on you.”



For the past few weeks I have been organising the fashion show that was to take place at my boutique. I couldn’t believe the event was finally taking place.

Everyone we knew was invited to the show. Lerato handled most of the invites as she was on the fashion design perspective. I had invited my family to come; a few business women, and celebrities.

I was now standing backstage; peeping at everyone coming inside and taking their seats.

I called Lerato over, – “Who invited her?” I said pointing at Bontle sitting in the front like she owned the damn show.

“I did.” She said. I frowned. “Its only business Pontso, you know that.”

Before she could walk away from me; I grabbed her hand- “And who invited Brant?” I said watching him sit in the 5th row with Thabiso. “Again, I did.”

I gawked at her. “Business Pontso, business.” She said turning around again; walking away.

I hadn’t seen Brant in over two months. He even looked different. Lighter and thin.

I went out the back door, and then went inside the boutique from the front door as if I just arrived.

My cousin Tshepiso was standing with some people I did not even recognise.

I then noticed my scout François standing with a friend behind the sitting area. I walked towards him. When he saw me; he just lit up.

“Phontsho!” He said almost spilling his glass of wine. He opened his arms to hug me, – “You don’t know how proud I am. This is magnificent!” he said

“Thank you so much for coming Francois. Lerato and I really needed it to meet the expectation.”

He held my hand, – “I’m really proud of you. Look at you using your blessings. I always knew you were a treasure the minute I laid my eyes on you….. Have you packed your bags yet?”

“I’m ready, all packed. I just cannot wait.”

I was leaving the following day to London for the Pase magazine cover shoot. I was so excited and overwhelmed.

I looked around again. My mom and Lebogang stood by the entrance door. “Could you please excuse me?” I said to Francois.

“Mama you came.” I said hugging her. I hadn’t seen her since she left my house to go back home. I then planted a kiss on my brother’s cheek, – “You really did not have to Lebo. You flew from Cape Town?”

“I needed to see you. And uhm…of course the hot models in here. Where are they?” he said.

I giggled, -“They are all dressing up for you now.”

I then eyed at both of them and cheekily asked -“So Khumo decided not to come?”

“He’s working late.” Said mama.

“When are you going to stop making excuses for him Ma?” I sighed, – “Anyway you will find your sits in the second row there. You both look nice by the way.” I said grasping mama’s hand.

The show was starting soon. I found myself a sit in the front row which was a sit away from Bontle; with Tshepiso sitting between us. I did not even bother greeting Bontle.

I turned my head around to find Brian staring at me. I surprisingly smiled at him. He blushed.

I guess I had forgiven him. But I literally wanted nothing to do with him- ever.

I turned my head back to the front. The lights were abruptly dimmed; it was Show Time.

I expected Audrey to come out first as I thought she was opening the show. However, another girl came out wearing the opening outfit.

One by one, the models came out, and I was just waiting for Audrey.

She finally came out. I screamed clapping my hands. More cheers came from two girls on my back screaming- “Barbs! Go barbs!”

“Go Dree.” I voiced excitedly. She moved and ‘worked’ with the long flowery dress as if it was the most gorgeous outfit of the night. She seemed like she had everything under control.

I was suddenly tapped on the back; it was my secretary Kgontse. She whispered that Lerato needed me in the dressing room.

When I got there; Lerato instantly grabbed my hand, – “We need you to close the show.” She said.

“What? I-”

She interrupted me, – “There’s another outfit that needs to be show cased, please.”

I wasn’t prepared. I never thought I will go onto that ramp. I planned on being just part of the audience. She looked at me with desperation and I knew I couldn’t so no.

My hair and make-up was done instantaneously.

I was then rushed to the edge of the stage. When the final model was off; I walked my through to the stage. To my surprise- everyone stood up one by one as I cat walked on the stage. “Pontso, Pontso, Pontso!”

“Hooo Go Pontso.” They chanted. I blushed and let out a smile.

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  1. Let’s hope its Dingaans baby…. Now I suspect Dingaan used Audrey thats y he bought that pink car… As for Pontso she couldn’t resist 2minutes of fame

  2. I hardly ever comment but felt the need to give credit where it’s due! Keletso Ausi you are so gifted! I live each character because you make it come alive, thank you so much for sharing your gift with us. On behalf of us all we thank you and appreciate the time and effort you put into this. Ka leboga!

  3. This Audrey, sleeping with so many characters. Now she probably don’t even know who got her pregnant. It must be MK’s but she will pin it on Dingaan or even just abort, her wanting to be a top model and all

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