Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S Chapter 39

“The truth is, change can only come from women. They are the mothers who should teach their sons and daughters on how we should treat each other. You can say the father too but reality is he grew up being told he is the man so he will act and work as though he is that man. There is too much abuse and new ideas have to come from all of us!” Mike Maphoto


Accepting that you were wrong is something that most people will never learn. I am one of those people but with Azwindini standing in front of me I could just see myself sink in embarrassment. For so long I had accused Rudzani of lying about this man and actually thought she had made him up. Its true hey, people like to conclude on other people’s business even when they know nothing about the whole story. We take so much time to analyse other people’s lives and are experts in it even when we know nothing about them. I took a look at Azwindini properly now for the first time. He looked nothing like the chief on Muvhango. Decent looking, slightly on the heavy side but you could tell it was not fat but muscle. I was thinking of the avocado joke associated with Limpopo but I composed myself. All in all she had herself a man you wouldn’t be embarrassed to walk with in public.

“Dude I honestly didn’t think you were real hey!”

I confessed and he laughed again. He seemed like the happy type.

“I know you didn’t, no one does, I don’t believe it myself either but what can I do?”

He said. He was a free spirit which made it very interesting in that Rudzani was an introvert of note.

“What brings you here?”

I asked him stupidly.

“I came to see my girl, isn’t that obvious?”

He asked me apprehensively. Well the question was not supposed to have come out like that; he had taken it so literally!

“No you got me wrong, I know why you are here obviously but considering this is the first time ever am seeing you I must say you took me by shock!’

I said to him which was true. He was not uncomfortable and all in talking to me as he answered,

“It’s the work schedule. I don’t know how much Rudzani told you about me but I work on a rig 200km off the coast so its six months in and two months back!”

He explained. I actually had no idea what he was talking about but I was fascinated.

“A rig? What kind of a rig?”

I asked him.

“We drill natural gas for Shell. A lot of South Africans don’t know about that because they think only oil is drilled so you will be pretty awesome to meet more than one of me!”

He said with a smile on his face. Arrogance indeed.

“But why don’t you call more often?”

I asked him because this much I was certain he did not do.

“It’s not by choice. It’s not like we have a spaza shop there selling airtime and even if it was there, network is a problem that side!”

He explained. I suppose he was right about that too, I can’t even get network in some parts of my house and I live in Jhb now imagine this guy off the coast like he had put it.

“I don’t get why she did not tell me. I have been ringing her since yesterday and she is not picking up. It’s not like her at all!”

He said.

“She didn’t tell you?”

I asked him.

“Tell me what?”

Ok this was awkward now,

“She is now working in Cape Town! Since, well today!”

I told him. He was very surprised and I would be too considering he had come all this way.

“This is what happens when you surprise people. I am supposed to be sleeping at her place today but now that she is gone I am driving through to Thohoyandou!”

He said. I don’t know where that is but it sounds far! Very far indeed!

“Oh why don’t you book a hotel or something?”

I asked him. It is such an obvious question to ask if you work but I understand hotels are not in everyone’s budget.

“I would do so but we paid in US dollars and only tomorrow will I be able to convert all of it as we need clearance.”

He explained.

“Oh ok. Come sleep at my place. I have more than enough room and I could do with the company!”

I told him. Even as I said those words I could feel myself try to take back those words.

“Are you sure?”

He asked.

“Of course I am sure!”

I responded. Why or why did I like taking in strays though?

“Thank you! Wow, you are as nice as she said you were!”

He said with a smile on his face. This was reckless on my part. People always say that there is no more ubuntu in South Africa but they forget to say why. It’s because South African people as a whole we have become ungrateful, entitled, self important and can only help someone for 67 minutes out of the year thanks to Nelson Mandela, Facebook and Instagram. The last two are for us to take pictures so that people can see that for 67minutes we were relevant.

“Did she really say I was nice?”

I asked him. I was surprised because well, the reason why she was there and I was here was because of me!

“Yes, she has always spoken about. I know you, your sister, uhm…your man issues! She even once asked me to hook you up to one of my friends but he was a dick so dicks don’t deserve to get lucky!”

He said and we both laughed. He laughed because it was funny and I laughed because he was embarrassing me and there was no other reaction to make.

“Let me try calling her for you! Maybe she will pick up the office line before they knock off!”

I told him. I started with her cell because last I spoke to her it was through it. The phone was off. Then I tried the office line and guess what, she picked up!

“Rudzani, why are you difficult to get hold of?”

I asked her.

“Oh hi! You wouldn’t believe, I got robbed when I went to buy lunch across the street! They took my bag! I already hate this place!”

She said.

“Oh my God are you ok?”

I asked her.

“Yes I am fine! I was shaken but the people at the company calmed me down! Happens a lot they said and I must be careful!”

She said. I thought Helen Zille said there is no crime in Cape Town? Isn’t that what the DA always tells us about their city?

“Ok I have better news for you, guess who I am sitting with right now?”

I asked her.

“You know I suck at guessing games!”

She said and well it’s true. This girl was as dull as a log but she had a degree so that was ok too.

“Ok here is the phone!”

I handed over to Azwindini.

“Hey baby!”

He said. I could hear her shriek on the other side! I decided to give them space and I left the office. I needed to go talk to that black Afrikaner in H.R. When I got there Buhle was talking to Nicolene. The latter was on her way out and greeted me cheerfully,

“Hey Lungi, I am so glad you are back!”

She said even giving me a hug.

“Thank you! I thought you were out for the day?”

I asked her.

“Yes but they called me to sign some papers! Seems will be working together even more closely now but I got to run, we will talk ok!”

She said and she left. What was she talking about? Why would we be working closely now?

I walked into the office and she said hi immediately.

“Let me guess you came to check if your new contract went through?”

She asked as I sat down.

“Yes I did! You know us darkies too well!”

I said and she laughed. I was actually being sarcastic I don’t know if she got that but I did not care either.

“Yes it did hey. Everything is sorted, finance approved this morning!”

She said and I was glad. I had a burning question though.

“What was Nicolene doing here? She said she will be working closely with me and I totally did not understand that part?”

I asked her. She looked a bit unsure of whether to tell me or not. She stood up and went to close her door then sat down and said,

“You wouldn’t believe her…”

She was black after all and guess what, she was speaking in vernacular at that,

“Nicolene is not getting Rudzani’s job, she is getting your old job! The kid just left university and doesn’t even the difference between a spatula and a spatula!”

She said. There is a difference? Huh, wait, that’s why they got rid of Rudzani. It had not made sense to me at the time why she too had to go! I thought it was meant to create office harmony but that was enough a reason. The whole aim of this exercise was to promote Nicolene. Note she had skipped Rudzani’s post meaning had she stayed obviously Rudzani would have complained that she getting promoted from intern to above her. How deep is that?

“How is that possible though? She is an intern?”

I asked her because actually this should not be happening.

“I just work here! I do as am told. I laugh at their jokes, speak their language and go home and feed my children!”

She said and we laughed. That awkward laugh I guess.

“You have kids? I didn’t know!”

I said to her.

“I have one child and a cat! My two babies!”

She said proudly. You should have seen the look on my face. See why I say this woman stopped being black a long time ago! I am revoking her black credentials! A cat? Really! No man, I stood up and left didn’t even say bye! When I stepped back into my office Azwindini and Rudzani were about to say their goodbyes.

“Wait, she is back, here she is!”

He said handing me the phone. Normally I would have gossiped with her but now it was weird. I don’t even know if we are friends still.

“Thank you so much for taking my homeless man in. He is going to fly to Cape Town tomorrow or I will fly down there. The latter seems most likely though, this place is not home yet!”

She said. I told her it was fine and was the least I could do considering what had went down. I actually felt sorry for her. When I hung up we were ready to leave. My phone rang and it said Mr. Gold. I had to pick it up.

“You know, tomorrow we will be changing offices and moving things. I think you don’t have to come in and besides it’s been a hectic week for you I can imagine. Take the day off I will see you on Monday. The conference will be over and we will work on Mr. Tizora!”

He said. I didn’t mind that at all. I thanked him and walked out with Azwindini.

“I haven’t had a drink in a while is it ok if I pick up something?”

He asked me as we got to the parking lot.

“Sure go ahead! I need some wine too after the day I have had!”

I should never have said that!

Fuck fuck fuck I should never have said that!

******The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Good morning everybody.
Yesterday I met in a woman. She shared that she’s has a 23 years old who has a medical issue that needs immediate attention. She/ he have 2 genders and they are both visible.
She/he looks like a female and no one can really tell. The organ that works is the male part. The female organ does not function at all.
When she/he goes on her menstrual cycle, the menstrual blood comes out of her/his anus.
She told me that she has gone to our local government hospital for assistance and was transferred to East London.
She said she was told her/his operation would cost about R70 000. She currently does not have enough funds to cover her/his medical bills and could not even consider the operation.
She said she is asking for any assistance and is desperate for her daughter to assisted and her life is on pause. She had to quit college because when she has her monthly cycle it is very painful for her as she gets pains in her abdomen and the menstrual bloods burns her anus.
Please advice fam.
Thank you

31 thoughts on “Y.E.S Chapter 39

    1. hahaha love they do. a friend has a medical bill for an operation they did on him,imagine he was in an accident for crying out loud.

  1. @manana You need to take her to an academic hospital not just any hospital. Those are better resourced and are still government. My advice is, she must not go through out patients but must come in through and ambulance. This way they give her a bed. If she goes though outpatients they will give her painkillers and say go home. To the ambulance she must say she is suffering from severe abdominal pains. What will happen is that she will see a specialist free of charge, they will do tests and then will do something. Good luck

  2. Thanks Mikeesto 🙂

    Manana, I got very confused by this letter…. Is there even such a thing though? Menstruation via modzidzi? Ai no!! Ive heard it all.


  3. i think you also need to take her to an LGBTI organisation that can advocate for her or perhaps raise funds. I know one called 1 in 9, Tswaranang is well connected though they are lawyers and Sonk Gender Justice.

  4. What’s this against DA and Cape Town kanti? Is this because we approaching electrions? I really like Cape Town, in Johannesburg I always drive in fear of being hijacked, I don’t understand this constant bashing, ANC tendencies.

    1. lol I think you have it twisted!! chances of getting hijacked are higher in CPT than anywhere else… the part about being mugged in town is a lie though there is no such in CPT if she was sying her car got stolen at a mall it would be more belieable but mugged/robbed in town? Doesnt happen… unless she works in Khayelitsha or gugulethu then

    2. I was hijacked in Cape Town last year. I also know someone who was raped in Cape a town so what’s your point?

  5. Hayi bo…. Kanti why they waited until s/he 23? Nah this letter is playing an April-full on us….
    1. This issues are attended while the kid still young( unless the parents they don’t agree)
    2. No mastuation that comes behind (unless s/he sick
    3. No parent will tell her child problem to a stranger ( unless its a scam)
    4. No government hospital that collect money to patient ( unless the story its a lie)
    Sorry we not buying it, if the mother can afford College surely she can afford the R70 000

  6. The moment you mentioned rig, I am already intrigued. This is my line of work…although I sit in office at head quarter, it’s such an experience.

  7. This lady must go to checkpoint ya etv to show gore she really needs help, that way the government will step its election period right abou now. Everyone on the internet needs help nower days one dont know what to belive any more. I smell a scam, sorry

  8. Woooo its a scam I had friend who had an operation early this year at Academic hospital in Pta. she /he must go there and seek help but its a long process they are very good, Lungi I see trouble Thohoyandou my home town, last chapter you said something about Venda’s not being romantic or that Venda’s are not people pls stop this thing of always looking down on Venda people plss , kwanele ,there is crime everywhere Thanx Mike

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