Young Employed and Single

Y.E.S. 33

“You need to be with a partner you are proud of and prepared to defend in no matter what circumstance. If he or she embarrasses you or you are not comfortable to be seen with them in public then that’s a bad relationship.” Mike Maphoto

Be honest ladies, if a man you want and have slept with does not call within certain hours of sleeping with you it’s just seen as a no no. It’s embarrassing and you feel used. A gentleman calls you to check up on you. This is not because he owes or hurt you but it’s only polite to check how you are. It’s what’s supposed to be done. When he does not he is almost always considered a douchebag. With this in mind, if you asked me why I was laughing and crying at the same time I will answer you with an emphatic I DONT KNOW! This guy had actually done a job on me in the days he had been in my life. It’s amazing how someone can actually change a lot about you in a very short time. We all carry tough exteriors but deep down we have a warm spot for some people that we should not have one. I was angry at him for not having called and angry still for him thinking he could call now and pretend that everything was alright. However, even with anger in me I also had hoped that he would not like all the other idiots I know that call themselves men. I had wanted this phone call so badly to validate me. Maybe he had not called me for so long because he had been making love to his wife all this time. That thought was supposed to disgust me but when you are the other woman I have actually realized that it’s something you don’t really care about. I did not care really! I did not know her. Why should I feel sorry for a woman that I did not know? Why was I denying myself her man when clearly he wanted me and I wanted him? Shit, what has gotten into me? I can’t believe I had just thought such things! If I wanted to be married how would I feel if I was the one who was being cheated on!

“I can’t believe you just sang for me…”

I cried as soon as I caught my breathe! Yes it was him I had been looking for as his song had said. He knew it was him that’s why he could just waltz in and act like everything was alright.

“I am such a mess!”

I immediately said after that.

“Did you not want me to sing for you?”

He asked me.

“No no no, it’s not that, that was exactly what I needed to hear after the bad I have had!”

I told him.

“Mmmm ok if it’s the case maybe I should have done Bob Marley!”

He said and we burst out laughing. That was probably not even funny but who does Bob Marley to a girl though.

“Do one Bob Marley line then!”

I dared and he immediately sang,

“I said baby don’t worry, about a thing, coz every little thing you do, it’s gonna be alright!”

This man had a way of knowing what to say at the right time. It’s like from where ever he was sitting he could see what I was going through and all my pain! That line just brought tears to my eyes once more. I really needed to hear that.

“I wish you were here so you could just hold me and tell me that to my face how everything is going to be alright!”

I told him.

“I wish so too but alas, with Brexit if I leave don’t know how I will be allowed back in!”

He said in what was an obvious joke. I didn’t laugh though because I could not help but picture what my life would like if indeed he lived here. It would be quite something to be honest.

“Before I get ahead of myself I would like to apologize for the silence!”

He said and paused. I think he wanted to hear my reaction first so I obliged,

“What’s your excuse?”

I asked him.

“Honestly I don’t have one. I have looked at my phone several times contemplating what I would say to you. You blow hot and cold and sometimes you are happy with me and the next you are throwing tantrums. I had to prepare myself for either but what could not change was that I wanted to talk to you!”

He said. That was either so sweet or so condescending, no that’s not the right word, and it was something though which I could not think of at that moment.

“I am sorry!”

He apologized.

“The silence won’t happen again!”

He concluded. The ball was in my court. I could tell him to go back to his wife and never call me again but I really didn’t want that. Now I see why women who date married men know it’s very wrong in the one hand and am ashamed of it but cannot bring themselves to break up with him. I can’t even say it was because he was coming to me at a time that I was vulnerable because frankly speaking, that’s an excuse! You do what you want when you want and you don’t blame it on someone else! I really hate it when girls get laid by a new guy soon after a break up then claim it was because she was vulnerable! Bullshit, you got laid because you wanted to get laid, own it!

“So why have you been having a bad day?”

He asked me. I told him it was a long story I did not want to finish his airtime seeing that it was so long distance and he laughed saying it was the office so he was fine, as long as he was calling South Africa.

“It’s your funeral!”

I told him. I then went on to tell him everything from the Simba contract to me being suspended. I did not tell him about Miriam and her husband thought because that was none of my business.

“That’s a lot happening right there! Firstly are you fine!”

He asked me. I told him I was not fine because I could not change anything at this stage but wait for what would happen next.

“Ok then I suggest that too. Don’t cause drama at work it is not necessary!”

He warned me and I agreed.

“Now tell me who Simba is?”

The level of jealousy in his voice was palpable. He was not even doing anything to try musk it. Men really have it good. They can be married and still have you but the moment they think you are seeing someone else they freak out.

“I told you who Simba is. I met him at the wedding. We did not even swap numbers then it so happened we bumped into him at the event and he had something my company needed!”

I could not believe that I was explaining myself to another man! I had always made sure that I did not do that to any man but now here I was. What was happening to me? Was falling for this guy all over again forgetting all my laws of relationships.

“I see but am not comfortable I can’t lie!”

He said. Oh well he will just have to be strong or eat more carrots Shem. This was work and not play so he should just ah!

“Trust me, I am not lying!”

I told him. I wanted to laugh, how do I ask a man I am cheating with to trust me? It’s like we were two of the most untrustworthy people right now yet thought we were somehow righteous.

“I have to go now though. What time should I call you every day so that I know when I will find you?”

He asked me. I had never been asked such a question and at the time it made sense because he was calling from so far away, I had to make time for him.

“The same time is fine I guess. It doesn’t have to be every day, so long as you don’t become a stranger again!”

I told him. Typical him he cracked a few jokes before he hung up. When I put the phone down I felt a sense of emptiness but I was happy. I was happy that we had spoken. I was happy that now I was at peace but goddamit I wanted more!

“So what did he say?”

My sister said poking her head into my room! For once I doubt she had been listening in.

“He said he misses me!”

She told me and we giggled as we used to do as teenagers.

“I am scared though you know, he is married and I can’t pin my hopes on a married man!”

I confided in her.

“And you have every right to be. My suggestion is that you keep him in the picture for that stability whilst you find someone here to marry you!”

She said to me. When you are dating someone it almost always feels like more people want you than when you are single. I don’t know why it appears like that but every time I am single no one wants me, the moment I get a man I am surrounded by them.

“It’s a dangerous game though, what about his wife?”

I asked her.

“You tell me. You beat up my husband for cheating on me yet you are cheating with a married man yourself!”

She said could and I felt a huge,


Coming out of my mouth. That was a low blow on her part but there was no way of candy coating it as it’s exactly what had happened.

“That’s not fair!”

I said to her.

“How is it not fair? That woman is like me. She might not be your sister like me but she is someone’s sister and mother! If you going to do a married man then these are things to consider.”

She said to me. She was supposed to be on my side and yes I know she was but maybe in a different way. My phone rang and the number was eish,

“Mam’Dolly is calling!”

I showed my sister.

“Maybe it’s about Miriam, pick it up!”

My sister said. I picked up and put her on speaker!


I said by way of greeting.

“Please tell me it’s not true that Miriam and you had her husband arrested!”

She asked me. Her tone automatically told me that she was not happy so I started to explain how he had hit her badly but her retort was,

“I don’t care! Its marriage. Stay away from their marriage! Let them fix their own problems! I am so disappointed in you! You can’t be that jealous were you want her husband!”

She said angrily.

Ah ah

Why did she think I wanted her daughter’s husband now?

I was shocked.

It’s not how everything had gone down and it hit me what Miriam had once said to me that her husband did not want her to have single friends. It was not about us helping her cheat but the fear that we keep her eyes open to many things in her marriage.

“I am sorry Mam’Dolly!”

I said. It sounded like an admission of guilt but it was not. I just wanted to go to bed now!

******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

(Apologies for the long letter)

I’m a 21 year old student currently studying medicine at Wits University I must say I love your books extremely educating but one thing I wish is that my eldest sister could read them . Yoh Mike she married a looooooser hey yerrr so here’s the story she got married in 2009 and she was a case of teenage pregnancy before then she was off and on with her husband might I add my parents never liked the guy anyways they got married in 2009 and so my parents were finally happy to get her and her kid out the house .. Haibo fast forward 7 years since they got married (2015) still there’s no house , he hasn’t completed he’s studies and lives far away from home because he works at a mine eh eh oh and to make it worse he’s got dololo car !!! My sister earns waaaay more than him yaz Shem she can hold her own if she wanted and by the way in 2013 they got another kid she’s 3 now but this husband of hers hardly sees his family ah ah we can literally count how many times a year he comes to visit he only sees them properly around Christmas time .. Okay so now what makes me soooo damn angry is that her husband asked my dad if they can move back home (to our house) for a few months while he gets his shit together so he can buy his family a house and get that AMG LMFAO!!!!!! he’s been preaching about .. This was last year September we are in July 2016 house dololo AMG dololo like what the fuck!?
Yaz Mike I come from a pretty well off family I won’t lie now my dad suggested that he would buy my sister a house in her name as long as she changes her marriage contract to this loser because at the moment they aren’t able to finance one because he put them in serious serious debt and now they are listed how crazy????? He won’t even mention what the hell the debt is from what kind of marriage is that .. Yaz my sister married a serious bum pathetic piece of shit (excuse my language I’m just sooo livid ) to top it off *claps once * he’s beeeeen cheating on her like TF??? Like last weekend he promised his 16 year old son that he’d come back to see him sho my nephew was so excited but did he come Noo instead he went to go visit his friends I’ve never seen my dad so angry hey disgusted at the fact that a man with a family can come to the same province to visit a buddy instead of his wife and kids tjooooooo!!!!!! I’m really trying to figure out what kind of korobela that man gave my sister because she’s soo forgiving she says he doesn’t even want to change their marriage contract because his afraid she’ll leave him .. it’s really paining my mother because my sister is literally wasting away working to feed and cloth her kids and still give this man pocket money so he can finance he’s whores !!!! My dad gave him his old car so that he could come fourth nightly to see his family Mara still DOLOLO . . Really my parents have really tried hey seriously but seems like they failing with her as grown as she is my mom really wants her out of this house because she can’t take raising another grandchild from scratch all over again yoh my sister really !!! Our family is really just out of options we don’t know what to do .

Worried sister !!

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    1. lol lol you guys were never ready!!!!! you should know that this is not just a letter sent from any phone but an iPhone!! You were never ready sheeem!!!

  1. Thanks Mikeesto, early dose 🙂

    This must go down in history as one of the most funniest letters of all time….. dafuq!!! LMFAO!!! I wish you were reading that to me, in fact I wish you were telling me this story live, that would surely cure any sourness #DayMade

    So we have established elaborately that your sbalie is a douche, what a loser! Your sister is one of those easy targets, gets promised the moon and ends up with a balloon, loony tunes type of mentality there. What you need to do is actually leave your IPhone with this very page open and just create a situation where she will read it by ‘accident’ Your sister needs to realize that she is losing respect from her family, she has lost her self-respect and this man will only drive her into a dark storm.

    Your family sounds like the best in-laws a man could ever ask for, how this miner le fictional AMG f’s that up is beyond me. You need to tell your dad to actually men this boy, if he still fails then take out the trash. If your sister is down with it then she can be taken out with her delusional husband also, ya’ll don’t need such vibes man your folks are aging. I’d say introduce your sister to a man but that would just perpetuate infidelity and that aint cool, one thing for sure though, akanandoda udadwenu SHEM!


  2. is it me or today’s chapter was longer than usual? yes Mike!!! yaaaaaaaaaas!!!! I read and became satisfied. my thirst is gone! Lol. keep it up. thank you for thee amazing chapter. I can’t help but wonder that we women are hypocrites! when this cheating business is done to us or the people we love we go all crazy nd the Jackie Chan in us reveals himself yet if we are the ones doing it we justify our actions! mxm!

  3. Thanks for the chapter Mike YES is definitely becoming one of my favorites.

    Lmao I’ve never commented before but this letter was too lit . Worried sister unless your sister decides to pack up and leave this man there won’t be any progress , I was in a similar situation with a man who promised me everything but at the end “dololo” like you say it’s a truly frustrating situation and I hope your sister can see the light just as I did soon because that is not life.

    Ps. that “sent from my iPhone thing” is called a signature guys it happens when people send emails on their phones I’m sure she wasn’t trying to be extra LOL.

  4. Lmao,our future doctor just killed me sheem.Your sister must grow up and stop defending this looser of a husband.what pisses me more is a man who promise something to his child but never deliver his promises,ga ana maikarabelo period

  5. Day made nje by Doctor Dololo, tlitlitlitli
    Eish that sbali of yours wuuuuuuwiiiiiii I got no words nje, your sister got 4 kids to be exact, treat him like a child that he is mhlambe just maybe he will grow up

  6. Hoya incwadi zakho uyeka indaba zabantu abadala. IsiXhosa sithi: indaba zabantu ababini azingenwa, you, your dad and everyone else can be mad all you like and call her husband names, as long as your sister loves this ‘douchebag’ there’s nothing yall can do. She will leave him when the time is right, you probably have never been inlove so kakade you won’t understand, let your sister be, it’s her life she chose it. Funda incwadi zakho wena gqadambekweni. Who knows maybe you’ll marry a douchebag nawe one day and you’ll understand why your sister is not leaving this man.

  7. YAZI shame Lungile need a breakl she is jobless. Her sister is the one who encouraged her to go to Sifiso now she is saying all this to her.

    Its really difficult to be single ngoba amadoda awekho

  8. Hai this worried sister is boring me, what happened to the 17 year that was swearing at all the comments?

    ‘sent from my blackberry with a cracked screen’

  9. Hahaha, no really. She wants trying to be extra. It does really happen when you send an email with an iPhone.

    Sent from my iPhone 6s

  10. Thanks Mike, m probably one of those lazy repliers but hey, you guyz are funny i tell you.

    Worried sister, I feel your frustration but trust me, if your sister is not prepared to” wake up and smell the coffee”,there’s nothing you or anybody can do about it. She don’t see nothing wrong with her hubby, So you and your folks just chill and let her be

  11. First time commenting aswell. Mike your talent is absolutely remarkable. @ Jackzorro your comments just nje 100%, some times before I read the letters @ the end I read your comment together with shout out to @PillzBerry then read the letter. #NoStalker #TimeSaver. @ worried sister i truely understand as I am dealing with that and blessee’ of sisters. As much as you love them you just gotta #Hermit the situation.

  12. Thnx Mike.
    Worried sister, worry not, “it’s her funeral”. U’ve warned her already so just finish yo studies & I hope U don’t turn out like Nothabo. (Just kidding 🙈🙊).
    U know sometimes men also marry such women, full of talk, talk, talk but come to action, “Dololo”. Such is life.
    PS: Sent from my Xperia Z-something

  13. I think your dad should take his car back and only your sister could take her self out of this situation and also get your nephew to talk to his mom about the no good father maybe she might listen to her hurt son and ask your sister friends to talk sense into her or just pray for your sister to see the light

  14. You know Jackzorros idea is not bad at all on the meet a new man part. A good one that maybe she will see that the HUsband is taking her for a Ride. I thnk your sister just wanted the perfect family so bad and is really trying too hard to making it possible thus the guy has seen her weakness and shame He doesnt hide him. Its unfortunate that she married the dosh bag before she could see him. Maybe because he is the only guy She has been with for so long ___ We need a MAN to sweep her off her feet , just so she can drop that trash away bag.

    After 9 years still house Dololo… no House any minute soon either. Just an easier way for him to cheat when Sister is back home. God says we should Forgive. He never said we should Forget, He definetly said the past must stay where it belongs…. “He was her teenage love_ He was suppose to stay there” She needs her Woman love now… Daddy must take that car back. Ladies Please lets not be too desperate for a perfect family and perfect marriage. Nothing is perfect….. as long as we human everything will have craks and flows_ Gosh even a Brick House gets cracks after some years….

    Send that exact letter to her BY MISTAKE….. xoxo Blame IT on Technology

  15. sister is dick…notized…she will wake up one day…let her be…its not easy for you to try to help her…after so many years she don’t see anything wrong , until she does….pray for her

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