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MOAYW 280 *** Bonus ***

Having She Rocks at my mom’s house turned out to be lots of fun, I had my best friend with me every single day and we would spend our days talking and planning for the future, Cleo came every single day after work to visit, she was really happy that She Rocks was fine. Our lives were back to being normal there was no drama, no car chases or random people pointing guns at us. We would take walks around the neighbourhood freely, we could go to the mall do the normal life stuff that people did every single day without being worried about being shot and killed, it really felt amazing to be normal and I certainly didn’t want to go back to the crazy life that we had before. One evening Mthobisi came back home really excited and said he had good news to announce to the entire family, he told us he had won that contract that he had been tirelessly working on, this was such great news, we were all very happy for him. He had even bought champagne to celebrate the good news. I couldn’t drink so I had orange juice instead, I was really proud of my husband he was a true hustler, he didn’t believe in sitting and doing nothing when one door closed her knocked on fifty others and out of those fifty, one of them has to open and he really was an inspiration. After dinner we went to bed, I couldn’t even sleep comfortable anymore due to my big stomach and my feet would swell up, I honestly could not wait for the baby to come out if felt like I had been pregnant for way to long.
The following day Mthobisi took me and She Rocks to the site of where he was going to be working, it was a shopping centre and his job was to extend it, he was really excited about it, and he showed us the plan of how it was going to look when he was done, I was really excited after seeing the plan because it looked like it was going to look like something you see in a magazine. He had already hired the guys that would do the construction work and everything was set to start the following day. We left him to speak to his people who were around putting up signs around the mall that state that it’s under construction. She Rocks and I decided to go to the movies, I didn’t realize how empty movies are during the week and during the day, I guess everyone else is either at work or school and us non-working people who had nothing to do with ourselves were part of the five that was in the movie theatre, we didn’t care we just wanted to be out of the house for a while and I love movie popcorn, we watched an action movie and each time a person got kicked and punched or feel of a building and didn’t die we would both turn to each other and say “lies”, sometimes my friends and I just watched a movie to see how many lies were in it and action movies I have come to a realization that they have most lies. After the movie we went to some fancy looking restaurant to have lunch, Cle called as we were about to order and said she was leaving work to go to a meeting but her meeting had been cancelled I told her where we were and asked her to join us and she said she was on her way. We waited on ordering until she arrived, it was funny how the roles were now drastically reversed, not so long ago She Rocks and I used to be the ones that work and Cleo used to be the unemployed one and now there we were Cleo working and the two of us not.

As if Cleo was reading my mind she asked She Rocks when was she returning to work seeing that she was now well and could even go to the movies, we all laughed and She Rocks said she doesn’t see herself going to work anytime soon and she was going to take things easy until she was ready and then would start looking for a new job, she said she didn’t see herself going back to the same company. “In the meantime while you are trying to find yourself who is going to pay for that million dollars house of yours in the golf estate?” Cleo had a way of bringing people back to reality, She Rocks smiled and said she had enough money saved up to last her for two years without working both Cleo and I looked at her in amazement. She smiled and said “Guys come on, I was dating the CEO obviously I wasn’t earning peanuts and I was smart enough to save for rainy days because rainy days are here.” Damn this girl was smart, I wish more girls could think like her instead of thinking about the now, think about your future too. Cleo looked at her and said “Can you adopt me?” we all burst out laughing, our food arrived and we ate and talked nonsense. Cleo told us that she was now looking for love she was tired of being a divorce and had even joined a dating site and so far she’d been on two dates with two amazing guys, she said the site was strictly for divorced people and single parents so she didn’t have to feel weird about the fact that she was divorced and had kids because so were the people she was going on dates with.

She Rocks warned her to be careful because a person will pretend to be what you like and only after some time will they show their true colours, she told her about the gruesome cases she’d see on Crime Investigation channel on cyber dating and how guys would stock these woman and how some were serial killers and I laughed and said “Cleo is probably the the stalker and serial killer, I now feel sorry for the poor guys” and both Cleo and I laughed but She Rocks was not amused she said these things happen and Cleo better take it seriously and carry pepper spray with her. Cleo said she knew what she was doing and She Rocks said “Famous last words before a person gets killed, pass me your phone I need to download that tracking app on it so I can always know where you are.” Cleo protested and said she was fine but She Rocks wouldn’t hear of it she insisted until Cleo had no choice but to give it to her, our tech guru was back, after she was done she handed her phone back and told her to always make sure she had her phone with her. The lunch went on until six in the evening, we always had a lot to talk about, you would swear She Rocks and I didn’t stay in the same house and Cleo didn’t come to the house every day. I loved my friends and I was happy we were all back together, Mthobisi called to check if we were okay, he said he was home already, I told him we were fine we just forgot about time, he told me to bring takeaways because my mom and Victor had a date night and no one had cooked. We ordered extra food for takeaways, when we got our food She Rocks and I drove home and Cleo also went home.
We got home and ate again and all Mthobisi could talk about was the shopping centre that he was going to be working on, She Rocks and my sister were also excited kept asking him questions like if the centre was going to close down while they work on it and he said no it won’t it will still be business as usual. When we went to bed Victor and my mom had still not arrived, Mthobisi said he was going to finish some work in Victor’s study and I went to bed. The following day Mthobisi was up early, he woke me up and told me to wish him good luck because today was the day that he starts the work, he was going to be at the site before the workers got them and would only leave after everyone had left, that’s how excited he was about this project and I was really proud of him. I woke up and made him breakfast, everyone was still asleep it was only five in the morning after all, when he was done showering and dressing up I gave him his breakfast and he thanked me and said I am such a supportive wife, he hurriedly at his breakfast I think he was eating because he didn’t want to disappoint me. When he was done I walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye and wished him luck. After he left I went back to bed and slept till ten and the only reason I woke up was because She Rocks woke me up by She Rocks she was bored sitting on her own, my mom, Victor and my sister had all gone to work and the kids had gone to school so she had no one to play with. I woke up and showered and we watched a bit of TV then made ourselves lunch, Cleo called to said work was very busy and she was going to knock of late so she wasn’t going to be able to make it to see us, we told her it was fine we understood the problems of the working class, she laughed and called us idiots. In the late afternoon everyone started arriving back home, we were one big family, She Rocks and I had prepared super for everyone. My mom said we needed to wait for Mthobisi to arrive back before eating so he can tell us about his first day at work, I was starving and I really didn’t see the point in this waiting exercise, but everyone agreed to my mom’s idea so I was out-voted. An hour later Mthobisi finally arrived and even the kids were excited to see him, I think they were happy because they were finally going to eat. We all sat down at the dining room table and my mom had this long prayer thanking God for Mthobisi’s contract and how it was going to be a success and the prayer was meant to bless the food but you know black parents. We ate and Mthobisi told us about his day, everyone had shown up the da went well they did more than he had thought they were going to, he was in high spirit.

The following morning he went to work early again and this time he told me not to wake up and make him breakfast, he said me and the baby needed to rest, he was so thoughtful I was really not a morning person but I was just sacrificing for my husband. Later in the day She Rocks and I decided to surprise him with lunch at work. We drove to the site where he was working, halfway there I stopped the car and told She Rocks to drive because I had terrible cramps, so we swopped seats and the movement of the car made the cramps worse so I told her to stop and we waited for about fifteen minutes after that they were gone and she continued driving and we arrived at Mthobisi’s work, there was a lot of cement and men dressed in blue that we couldn’t see Mthobisi, we finally spotted him wearing a protective hat talking to some guys a bit further down from us, we approached him and he was very surprised to see us and said he needed to go up the scuffle holding to go check something that one of the workers was telling him about. She Rocks said he was going that high and he said he will be quick then come and enjoy lunch with us. We watched him climb up and then one of the guys said the boss wasn’t wearing protective gear to go up there and the other guy said he was only going to be up there for a meeting there was no need. She Rocks and I started talking about what we were going to cook for super then we decided to go and get the food that we for Mthobisi from the car before he came back as we were walking to the car we heard people shouting and as we turned back we heard a big thumping sound and I saw Mthobisi laying on the floor, he had fallen from above here he was, both She Rocks and I ran to him and I just saw his complexion change immediately we both kneeled down and She Rocks put her hand on his neck and she shook her head and I could see she had tears in her eyes, I put my hand in his neck and there was nothing, no sign of life. The cramps came back heavy this time and I started screaming. My husband was dead and my baby was coming…77

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  1. Reading this chapter I said finally no drama akakwazi u sweleka u Mthobisi tu. I ll stop reading if he is dead 😢😢😢😢

  2. Ah! Why… Oh why did he have to die? This book will never be the same again. Please resuscitate him. Its definitely can’t be the end

  3. He is not dead…he fainted. Its just those two ladies who think he is dead. Ninjani kanti bantu???lol

  4. Hhaike Thozama.Muskwenza njalo.A uno kwazi kumbulala u Mthobisi.Uba u enza isopie ke, a buye.Si ya ke xela mta ka ma.Please.please.please.

  5. Lol…and I was amazed how relaxed and laid back this chapter was…only to get drama at the end 😅…now we have to wait! 🙄

  6. No this can’t be happening ,not now….please don’t take Mthobisi from us,he is our fantasy …Ae bathong whom will console ourselves with

  7. Every time reading this book am always anxious that something horrible will happen and it does. This family really needs to catch a break, and this chapter feels like a de-javu from Thola.

  8. I hope usaphila bcoz it will be sad for Lee nd the baby..knowing that yo dad died the day you were born kubi, everytime kufika your birthday you’ll be reminded of that..so please Mthobisi must not die for the sake of his coming baby.

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