Missteps of a Young Wife


“We tried to reason with him and tried to make peace but he is still bitter about his son’s death, we’ve all lost people we care about but it doesn’t give us a right to go around shooting and killing innocent lives. I’ve been feeling like shit for killing his son and thought in time he will get over it but his anger just keeps building up, I’m done playing Mr. Nice guy, he is going to shit bricks if he even dares to look in your direction or that of anyone that I care about.” Mthobisi said showing no emotions none whatsoever, that’s when I knew my husband was back, he went on about how disrespectful Raymond is and how could he kill a person at our house and how that just infuriated him even more. He said it didn’t matter how much they explained to Raymond he was just not budging so Victor said they should leave and give him a couple of days to reconsider and that’s when he threatened them telling them so now they were going to deal with him nice and proper. I wondered what nice and proper was in his definition but I didn’t want to know all I cared about was the fact that they were going to handle him and soon I

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