Missteps of a Young Wife


Chapter 271

For a few minutes it felt like everything was happening in slow motion from the guy pulling out a gun to Priscilla falling, I stood there like a statue frozen, I didn’t know whether to run to Priscilla to see if she was okay or to run outside and save my life. The caring side of me took over, or maybe I should say the crazy side took over because I didn’t choose any of the above options instead I went charging at the guy who had shot Priscilla and slapped him in the face so hard that we were both confused, I was confused by my stupidity of attacking a man who had just shot someone in front of me and I guess he was confused by the bitch slap that just happened. I then started yelling at him “what the hell is wrong with you? Why did you shot her? You’ve killed her” I said looking at Priscilla and seeing all the blood that was coming out of her, I started punching and kicking the guy, the other guys who were with him came and held me back to try and stop me the more they did they did that I started kicking at the guy but more like the air because they were now carrying me and taking me to the other room. The guy who had shot Priscilla was shouting back at me “she was going to kill us if I didn’t shot” the two guys dropped me in the floor in the kitchen and left, I stood up and followed behind them. Spencer’s father was on the floor, “she’s still alive, call an ambulance and when the police ask tell them it was a house break-in that went wrong. I am a friend of your husband’s he will explain further just don’t do any sketches I don’t want to see my face or any of my boys on the news tomorrow night. Let’s go guys” he said and the guys followed behind him, he didn’t recognize me, he didn’t realize I was the same girl he had held hostage. It’s true what they say to white people we all look the same and this time I didn’t take it as an offence I was actually glad. I ran to Priscilla and she had a pulse I quickly called the ambulance using her phone then I called Mthobisi who answered immediately and asked what was wrong, I quickly told him Priscilla got shot and he said he was on hi way. My husband must have been close to home or maybe he was driving at 220 because he reached the house before the ambulance did. I also informed security to let the ambualance in as soon as it arrived. The ambulance arrived and Priscilla was rushed to the hospital, Mthobisi said I should stay in the house, lock all doors and activate the alarm system and he was going to follow the ambulance just to make sure Priscilla was safe. I agreed and as soon as he left, I made sure everything was shut, all the windows, and all the curtains drawn and all the door from bedroom to bathroom everything was completely shut, then I went to our bedroom removed the big hat and the wig, the sunglasses and the heavy make-up and jumped in bed still fully clothed I covered myself in blankets, this was me hiding from the big, bad wolf. I kept thinking of what would have happened if they had shot me, oh my Gosh I could have lost the baby, I immediately touched my stomach just to reassure myself that he was still there and at that moment he started kicking, I had such mixed emotions, I was happy that my baby was kicking and also sad that his or her nanny had just been shot and might not survive. The was a funny sound in the house, for a few seconds I thought it was the alarm system and was convinced that someone had broken into the house, but it turned out it was Priscilla’s phone, with all the commotion that had happened when the ambulance arrived I forgot to place it in her handbag. I looked for the phone and found where Priscilla had been shot and I answered it was Mthobisi, he said Priscilla was in a critical condition, the doctors were worried about her not making it and they had just taken her to the theatre. “Oh God, is she going to make it?” I asked shaking like a leaf, Mthobisi went silent for a few seconds then said “I don’t know Honey all we can do now is pray for her” you know when heathens say pray for someone then things must be really bad. I went back to my safe place but this time instead of getting inside the bed I knelt down and started praying for Priscilla and She Rocks to recovery, I must have prayed for a good thirty minutes that by the time I was done praying I had tears running down my face I didn’t even realize that I had been so focused on my prayer. I jumped back to bed and passed out.

By the time I woke up it was already dark outside and Mthobisi had not come back from the hospital. I started cooking, realizing that Priscilla could be out of action for some time and won’t be able to cook for weeks after she comes back from the hospital. I was really start to feel guilty, she got shot because she was trying to help me to sneak to hospital and now all thanks to me she was in hospital fighting for her life, I had bad luck shame, I knew it and the people around me were always affected by it, you know how they say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are, that was so true in my life, whoever I became friends with ended up in shit. She Rocks was now in hospital in a comma, my helper Priscilla was in hospital fighting for her life and all these people had one thing in common, they were associated with me, it was time I cut all ties with people and just be a loner so no one gets hurts. Our fridge and cupboards had everything you could need for any meal, Priscilla was really doing an amazing job and I sometimes didn’t appreciate her, but now standing in that kitchen and been able to cook a feast I was truly impressed by her. I cooked so much food, I think it was my stress reliever because I didn’t want to think of what Priscilla was going through it hurt too much to realize that I was a source of someone’s pain. I needed to talk to someone the thoughts in my head were driving me up the wall and all I kept seeing was Priscila in a pool of blood. There was only one person I could think of and lean on it was my mother but she had a tendency of judging but nonetheless I needed someone to talk to I called her with Priscilla’s phone Priscilla had save her number as Lesedi’s ma, how sweet of her. My mom answered immediately “Hi Priscilla” she said sounding all friendly I wondered if they were calling each other and what they would be talking about in those calls. “Hey mom, it’s me not Priscilla” I said feeling sad that I was going to have to break the news to her, she asked where Priscilla was I told her that we had a break in and Priscilla got shot, to say she was surprise would be an understatement her phone literally dropped I heard it fall and she picked it up and apologized and ask me to repeat what I had just said, I was afraid she might drop her phone again and this time it might break so I just explained that some guys came in and tried to rob us, they thought I was alone and Priscilla surprised them so they shot her. My mom asked if I was okay, I told her I was fine she said maybe it was time we sold that house and moved somewhere safer, I agreed with her even though I knew this was the safest place in South Africa and the only way these people were entering the premises was through bribery and threats if someone offers a security guard R5000 to enter the complex while the security guard earns R2000, obviously most of them will take that money, I don’t blame them if I was in their shoes I would jump at that opportunity, but obviously I couldn’t tell my mother that she was already worried about our safety. She asked which hospital she was in I told her they took her to Waterfall hospital and she said she was going to visit her in the morning she asked if she should come and pick me up so we could go together, I told her no I would go later during the day I didn’t want to run into Spencer’s dad’s cronies while with my mother and put her life in danger. After I was done talking to my mom I went back to cooking and by eight everything was done, I had even made desert, that’s how I got this cooking thing on lockdown, Priscilla was going to be proud, I actually wished she would get discharged from the hospital the same day so she could eat my food, I was going to spoil her while she recovered it’s not like I had anything better to do, I was going to look after her and nurse her back to health. Priscilla’s phone rang it was Mthobisi he sounded drained and said he was on his way home and was coming with the police they wanted to ask me a few questions about the shooting, I told him it was fine I would see him when he gets home, I asked how Priscilla was and he hung up, I figured he must not have heard me, I didn’t want to bother him by calling back so I let it go.
After about forty five minutes Mthobisi arrived, there were two police man with him. I ran to him and hugged him and he told me to sit down because the police needed to speak to me about the shooting. We all sat in the couch and one policeman was writing down my statement he asked me what had happened I told them some people broke in the house and they thought I was alone and were asking me where the safe is and I told them we didn’t have one and then Priscilla came from the other room and I guess she surprised them because they thought I was alone and they shot her, he asked if I would be able to identify them if I saw them again I said no because their faces were covered in balaclavas, they asked if there were any distinct marks on them that I could remember, I shook my head and said no, everything had happened so fast. Thank goodness Mthobisi had taken Priscilla’s gun and hidden it before the paramedics arrived if I had been by myself the police where going to find the gun where it was when Priscilla had been shot. “Ma’am you need to focus please and try to remember everything this is a serious case, we don’t take murder lightly.” I stood up with tears now flowing down my face “Mthobisi, what does he mean murder? Priscilla is still alive isn’t she?” he shook his head.

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  1. I’m still silently praying this book gets published, I got left behind in July due to technological difficulties and man you can imagine the logistical nightmare it would take for me to get back on track again.

    1. Well it’s taken me two weeks to start reading it and I’m already here
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