Blessed Chapter 13

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He stared at me for a very long time before he found his words again and said,

“You acting very suspicious!”

He said.

“That’s your opinion! We had a fight when you were out and her calling you to complain is out of order and cross the line! It’s not even my fault but my mums fault for asking me to apply for her in the first place!”

I told him but he was lost because he obviously had no idea what I was talking about.

“I need to call my mum!”

I told him picking up my phone to walk out!

“I thought you said you had no airtime!”

He reminded me looking at me like I was crazy. Fuck! I had forgotten that too! He would have caught me had I dialed!

“I forgot! Please give me your phone!”

I told him. He handed it to me with a suspicious look on his face! I had to make this look good so I put his phone on speaker! As soon as she picked up I said,


She responded,

“Did you get the money?”

She asked me! I could see the contours of his face loosen up. The reason why I had put the phone on speaker was for him to hear it was her I was really talking to.

“Yes I did but we had a huge fight!”

I told her.

“You had a fight with whom?”

She asked confuse!

“Mama listen! Sharon and I had a huge fight! I called her to ask what courses I am choosing for her and she told me I was too dumb to choose courses for her!”

Saying it like that actually stung! I was now so angry and my tears were rolling down my cheeks! I did say I had to sell it right!

“She said that?”

My mother asking but somehow did not sound surprised!

“Yes she did and you do sound surprised why?”

I asked. It’s true. My mother was an energetic woman she would have let loose but she did not.

“Well I wanted to apply for her too and she also refused and am worried that time is moving fast now!”

She said but I could sense something.

“Mama what happened? Why is she so angry?”

I asked her.

“No, nothing happened! It’s ok! We will talk later!”

She said and hung up! I looked at the phone and screamed in frustration. Neo had heard the entire conversation! He folded his arms and said cautiously,

“I think your sister caught your mother doing something she was not supposed to be doing!”


It was obvious!

“I don’t think blocking her is wise, she needs someone to talk to otherwise she will end up being like those people who write to blogs to ask for advice when advice should always started at home!”

He said walking towards me!

“I said block her Neo! Now! I get that she is angry but what she said hurt and hurt a lot!”

I said handing him his phone. He did so but I could see he was reluctant!

“And don’t call her behind my back because I will never forgive you for it! I will never! She can’t disrespect me like that ever!”

I warned him. He was the type to want to fix this for me and play hero in the background! Right now though, I was not in the mood for heroes!

“I think I must go home!”

I told him.

“Ah just like that! And you crying? What’s going to happen when you get to res with tears in your face? People will think I did something to you?”

He said.

“Seriously dude I don’t give a rats ass what people think but by home I mean Pretoria North!”

I said standing up immediately to take my bag. I had literally only had two or three bites of the pizza imagine! It had even gone cold with all this drama.

“Are you serious right now?”

He asked me but he could see I was not kidding!

“I have never been more serious in my life!”

I said heading towards the door!

“Ok fine let me drive you there then!”

He said but I responded,

“Dude how you going to make money off your uber if you keep driving people around? I am going to take a taxi to Braam the Gautrain! I know my way home!”

I told him again annoyed at him! He needed this money he was making from it not to spend on me but to actually grow!

“Ok cool then but I can drive you to…”

I knew what he was saying but I had closed the gap between us and kissed him.

“I will be fine! Stay and study! Don’t want to hear that you went to pick up girls for free!”

That was a low comment meant for his best friend!

“Ouch love come on now. You can’t always pick on her every time we have a fight! She is my friend and has always been my friend!”

He said.

“Well the fact that you always feel a need to defend her makes me think otherwise!”

I said cheekily.

“So what am I supposed to do, keep quiet and have you attack her and me? Life really? You know me to be loyal and honest to you and just like I am loyal and honest to her!”

He said. The problem with opposite sex friendships from a girl’s point of view is that we always think the girl wants your man. Be honest ladies, if the girl is ugly we don’t care, overweight, we don’t care, not prettier than you, we don’t care but the moment she is the opposite of those three then that bitch has to go! Say what? We bring out the,

“How do you think I feel every time I see you with her?”

Conversation sometimes even forgetting that when you guys first met she was there. This reminds me of it all, how I met Boitumelo,

“Hey how are you?”

A girl said to me from behind. I was buying food alone on campus. Everyone on campus is friendly.

“Am good thanks and you!”

She was stunning. Beautiful girls don’t normally talk to other girls first. It’s just a rule of thumb. They hang out with their kind.

“Am good. I saw you sitting by yourself and I thought why not!”

She said. Why not?

“Why not what?”

I asked her confused.

“I think you are hot!”

She said and I blushed immediately the black way. The black way of blushing is smiling uncontrollable. You try to stop yourself but it does not just work.

“Wow thank you! I think you are beautiful too! Stunning in fact!”

I said innocently.

“Thank you,”

She said calmly.

“Flattery will get you everywhere!”

I felt stupid. She probably gets that every time.

“My name is Boitumelo Nxumalo what’s yours?”

She introduced herself extending her hand.

“I am Palesa!”

I told. Was not going to give this person my surname. This is Jhb papa you will find yourself married to a Bangladeshi called Yousof who has a spaza shop in Mabopane!

“That’s good. I would like you to go out for dinner with me! As in a date!”

This beautiful stranger suddenly said!

Say what?

“I beg your pardon!”

I asked her! Was she pulling my leg? I had never been asked out by a girl before. Guess I am not their type.

“Thank you and its flattering. I am not lesbian, not that I am homophobic! I have kissed a girl before…”

I stuttered the starter pack for homophobia denial. Every girl will tell you how she is not lesbian but has kissed a girl? Isn’t lesbianism being with another woman? Some will say we experimented well dwee, if St. Peter asks you directly, “Have you ever done anything with a girl?” Do you think the we only experimented answer will suffice? I don’t think so! You did it! You can’t kill someone and say I am not a killer I was just trying it out, yeah Pistorius I am talking to you pshhh! Punk! Trying to cry me a river, man we know what you did was no accident!

“I never said you a lesbian but I still would like to take you out, buy you drinks and take you home with me! I have men who are fighting for me but I am choosing you!”

She said so confidently I found myself getting turned on by her candidness. No offense to lesbians but I had never seen a lesbian who was this hot outside of TV when I change the channel and she was hitting on me.

“I have a man sorry…”

I said and she immediately jumped up screaming!

“Yeah we have a winner!”

She said startling the crap out of me! Guess who walked out from behind the bunch of people behind us, the once I had noticed, Neo!

“She got you good right!”

He said laughing to hug me.

“Love meet my best friend since they made Grade 00, Boitumelo Nxumalo, Tumi meet the most beautiful girl I know, Palesa!”

He said hugging me from the back kissing me on the head!

“Pleasure to finally meet you! You all he ever talks about! I even know your street address and that’s creepy!”

She said laughing. It was awkward now after all that’s standing up to hug her!

“Finally! When he said Tumi, I was not expecting… Well I was not expecting you hey!”

I responded which was true! You don’t expect your man to have such a hot friend and hot girls stop being friends with men because you destroy the confidence of whoever they date.

Thinking of how I met her actually made me realize for the first time why I did not like her. She made me feel like I was not enough for him; I was inferior and on me he had settled when he could have done, could do so much better. If he could friend zone someone so hot, what chance in hell did I stand to survive!

Now you know I was not into girl on girl having passed the hot girl test! What should happen now if in Dubai Sam says he wants to be with me and Khanyi at the same time!

“Stop this Tumi obsession of yours! She is my friend but go! See where that attitude takes you!”

He said walking me to the door! He had never kicked me out before, ever! In fact, he would rather beg my forgiveness even when I was wrong. Uhm, this was a moment!

“Shapo ge, mxim!”

I said and walked out.

That girl I was going to catch her just watch! I walked out of his place with a determination I had not had in a long time but focus now was not her but my little sister. I had deliberately picked the fight so that Neo would not call me or follow me! I knew he would not call her. It would take him a few hours to come up with a decision. He was a thoughtful person like that. I was just worried that she might WhatsApp him or something eish but going back to his place to say block too would be overkill!

I got a WhatsApp message from Khanyi which I only responded to in the taxi.

“Dude my dad says we are leaving tomorrow! Are you still kin?”

She asked me.

“Yes I am! See you later!”

I responded.

*******The End**********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you for making us addicts to reading. You are not applauded enough as far as I am concerned and maybe you should hire a marketing company to actually show the world what it is you have achieved. I can’t think of anyone else who has taught so many without having been on radio or TV and even then it doesn’t count because as a social commentator you are beyond doubt the best. I think I have praised you enough lol but think of my marketing company idea regardless.

My problem, I have a 16 year daughter who I have lost all hope. Her father caught her having sex with two guys in our back garage. They are in the same school with her. In December last year we found drugs and alcohol on her. She had already been suspended that year after she stole from a friend of hers at school and the bad attitude was at a high. We did the shouting thing and it didn’t work. I then did what my mother used to do with us, took a belt and beat her up. She reformed for a few months until on Youth day when my husband found her. The last six months after the beating she has not done anything to step out of tone (or we just haven’t caught her) but she has been good. I don’t want to hit my child again. Sex is one thing but two guys at a time is not a laughable sweep under the carpet thing. She has been hiding in her room since then and is clearly scared of how we will react. I am scared that if I keep quiet it will seem like we condone it but if I react it will also end up bad.

Please advise a struggling on what to do with such a daughter!

Thank You


14 thoughts on “Blessed Chapter 13

  1. “I don’t think blocking her is wise, she needs someone to talk to otherwise she will end up being like those people who write to blogs to ask for advice when advice should always started at home!”

    Dear Helen

  2. Tnx u Mike,we really appreciate ur hard work….**** @ Helen I think u should tyk ur child to a social worker or a psychologist maybe she will b able to open up to them..shes still young, u cnt give up on her….good luck with everything

  3. Thanks Mikeesto, as for this part “otherwise she will end up being like those people who write to blogs to ask for advice when advice should always started at home!” LOL!!! Friday dose 🙂

    Helen it seems you have a Lintle kind of a daughter and such kids can be a nightmare, try some of the stuff the good doc and Sizwe did on Realities, these books can come in handy in real life issues hey. My daughter is 6 and Im praying to God that in a decade or so she will be a nun or something, imagine walking in as a father to your daughter with two guys…… 3caskets situation no doubt.

    Good luck Ousie


  4. Thanks Mike for our daily dose. Helen, I am no social worker nor Psychologist, but usually when a child acts like that, it their way of blocking some sort of pain, or its a cry for help… seek professional help. wishing you all the best. I know how hard it is to deal with a rebellious teenager, I was once one. the pain in my late mom’s eyes still haunts me….

  5. Thanks Mike lovely read. Helen sounds like there is communication problems as your teen seems to be screaming for help and escalating (sex with 2 guys in your home!) I think you right about not letting this go and think having a trained person like a clinical psychologist will assist you in hearing each other. Best of luck

  6. Lolin kwakwakwkakwa kikikikikiki. Talk to her. And don’t just give up the first time she refuses to open up. Contacting the social workers for assisting help but most government society workers are too lazy to do their work and just write reports that suggest that ur child should be taken into care. And mos magistrate basically only considers the social workers report. Your are just going to waste ur money on psychologists. You need to gain ur daughter’s trust first before she can trust sttangers. The fact that she decided to be rebellious shows that she feels she can’t you and her father. Good luck. God bless

    1. I’m guessing she’s already in high school so go to her Life Orientation textbook and read about stress and depression and what what. It might give u insight on why she is such a rebel

  7. Hmmmmm getting professional help vs DIY… a Social Worker Helen we have programmes for uncontrollable children…

  8. Dear Helen

    Times are changing and so are sexual behaviours… Its been a long time coming… we are now in a generation where Dating openly starts at age 12 and group sex is what curious teens do. No parent wants to hear it but everyone is doing it, you need to get past thinking your child is special and should forfeit the best time of her life just to prove “She’s a good girl” she is not she’s just a normal child experimenting with boys, sex and alcohol like any other adolescent out there. The only thing you can do is 1. set boundaries… Curfew at this time. 2. Trust her judgement which means trusting you’ve raised her well 3. Give her advice when she asks and teach her how to protect herself. 4. Give the girl some space and love without being Judgemental….. Remember how it felt when you where a teen trying to experiment but parents kept blocking you? Exactly…. you wanted to prove a pointless point.

  9. Helen just talk to her. no professional is going to help her (shrinks are not the only answer) I’ve been there. Talk about it as a family and don’t let her hide away from you guys. Be involved, schools cannot do that as well as her parents can. she is definitely acting out and doesn’t fully grasp the extent of the damage it’ll cause her reputation. I’m just saying, she is crying out for your help, hear her.

  10. Dear Helen
    Firstly., Your question came on an interesting day … seeking advice from family. Ona., Being a government Social Worker myself I am tempted to take offence but I will take it that you haven’t a clue what we go through so your comment is pure assumption. Helen, If you do bring your daughter to a person like myself, we would first try counseling, most people here are saying talk to her and try to find out what the problem is. If this route doesn’t work. And it usually doesn’t for someone who is at this level, expulsion, group sex and all but that’s from my experience, at this point we send her for behaviour modification therapy at SANCA (if drugs are involved) or NICRO if petty crime is involved. This takes weeks and has better results. Failing here, we then write the report stating that the child has uncontrollable behaviour and recommend removal to a secure facility where behaviour modification will be more long term. Just remember, there is no substitute for good parenting and to me it seems you are on the right track

  11. Helen talk to her Sisi,tell her how much u love her& your wishes for her,if she doesn’t change seek professional help

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