Blessed 16

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You know in life at times it feels as though you are due catching a break. When you have a series of bad luck events at times what you want is for a moment of peace where things go in your favor and not the other persons. Life surely

can’t be a series of you performing defensive moves just to protect yourself and truth be told that is what most of us are going. We are always in a situation where we are trying to survive one bullet to the next. The churches are full because we are looking for protection and blessings and not because we are in front of all our problems. We are always fighting something and that sucks. Lately that was me. Why was Neo calling my sister now? I told him everything was fine what more did he want? This guy is going to end up like Jama with the way he is so obsessed over me.

“Yes she is here! Do you want to talk to her?”

I heard my sister say! He had called to check if I was really home! That ambulance had made him think I was somewhere else. I have always bragged as to how much he trusts me and that was going away. He was sensing something meaning I was doing everything wrong.

“Oh ok then and that thing I needed in the afternoon is sorted! I am sorry to have bothered you with it!”

She said. I don’t know if she was saying it loudly so that I could hear who she was talking to because she was literally standing at my door. I was not going to entertain her though so my plan was ignore and find a way to regain my mans trust.

“Dude what time are we leaving tomorrow?”

I asked her. She said in the morning and I think I could work with that. I actually did not want to go anymore but I had to support her.

“My dad has been on my case now yet again but it won’t stop me. I am going. They will pick us up in the morning around 10!”

She explained.

“Are you going to be fine though?”

I asked her.

“Yes I will but imagine five hours in the car with Yolanda! I just want to shoot myself at the thought!”

She said!

“Oh come on it can’t be that bad!”

I told her. Yolanda was the father’s new young wife. As a pastor he had to have a beautiful wife like they all do these days and beautiful means young. She was probably a few years older than us. I met her once when they came to pick Khanyi up. I had found her very pleasant and together but my friend had called her proud and full of attitude. She was light skinned, the favourite flavour for these new age pastors and looked like someone who gymed. She did not have that intimidating beauty but you could not deny that she turned heads.

“Mogwanti wa Boksburg!”

Khanyi said referring to her step mother and we loved. Why are all the mean things we say as women about other women funny though? It was not a nice thing to say.

“That’s uncalled for chomi but it’s cool I will make sure that I am back at school in time!”

I reassured her. I would have to leave early because Pretoria North traffic to town in the morning is super hectic. I will try catching a lift with my mom who truth be told is hardly ever in the mood to give one.

“Driving you girls around makes me look old!”

She often teased but she never said no. I fell asleep with those thoughts. In the morning she gave me a lift and left me at the Gautrain station. It was busy but I managed to get to residence before ten.

“I thought you were not going to make it!”

Khanyi said as soon as I got to her room.

“Ah friend come on. When it comes to me you know I have your back fully!”

I reminded her and hugged her. I still had to pack though even though most of my clothes were still packed since we had just come back home.

“Let me finish up packing and will come back here!”

I told her as I left. The packing did not take longer than 20 minutes. I sat on my bed and waited for her. I know I had said I would go back but I felt lady. I fell asleep and next thing I know Khanyi was standing over me waking me up.

“Let’s go!”

She said. It was already after 12. What happened to keeping time though? When we got to the car her father seemed very unhappy.

“I am sorry we are late girls. Some people when they pack it’s like they are going to some beauty pageant!”

He said obviously referring to Yolanda.

“Don’t mind him. He has been cranky all week!”

She said and came out of the car. She gave me a hug and I hugged her back but when she got to Khanyi, Khanyi refused the hug and literally walked away.

“Here we go!”

Yolanda whispered barely audibly but I heard her as I was still next to her. What Khanyi had just done was uncalled for if truth be told. This was not right.

“Dude we have a long trip and if you are mean to Yolanda you are going to make this trip incredibly awkward for me! Please behave!”

I warned her.

“I am sorry! I just didn’t expect that from her!”

She said but I was not hearing.

“Well get over it!”

I was annoyed because what she had done was deeply embarrassing for the other woman. I imagined it happening to me.

“Dumela nthate!”

I said to her father.


He replied in Zulu like this was Generations. You know that criticism that Zulu people don’t want to learn other people’s languages but expect you to learn theirs, well, it’s true. I had met this man a few times and he would insist on Zulu. Mind you he could speak English but that would be like asking him to shit stones. I once spoke to him in English and he was deeply offended according to Khanyi!

“Honey we agreed, we are going to speak English to accommodate Palesa! This thing of wanting to act like you never went to school won’t work!”

Yolanda suddenly said. Was she reading my thoughts? Eh, that was weird!

“Sorry my child, I forget myself! Girls, let’s drive its late as is!”

This woman seemed to make him happy and he seemed to listen to her. Why was Khanyi so bitter then?

The drive to Mtubatuba was not pleasant at all. Firstly there was a lot of tension in the car as clearly Khanyi was not ready to forgive. Her father tried his utmost best to bring her into the conversation but she was not interested.

“Aowa Khanyi come on, make conversation with us! We have not seen you in a long time!”

Yolanda said. Khanyi just shot her a deadly and rolled her eyes. She was not playing games.

“Is this your first time to KZN?”

She turned to look at me and talk to me. It was so awkward because she was doing it on purpose. She knew I had been there lots of times so why was she doing this. I wish I had not come after all. This is what I get for trying to support my friend.

“No its not but it’s usually only Durban. I have never even been anywhere else really unless I drove through!”

I responded.

“There is nothing there just young women who love older men beyond!”

She said. That was a direct attack on Yolanda as I would learn letter she was from PMB but grew up in Durban!

“They prey on men with dying wives and then take their place! They then act like they are holy and how men can’t stop falling all over for them when it’s them that bewitched them.”

She added.

“Khanyi that’s enough!”

Her father said angrily.

“At church you always say we must tell the truth and when I tell the truth I am the bad person. You need to decide if you are for Jesus or for lies because I refuse to lie!”

She said. I could see her father gripping the steering wheel tightly to stop himself from jumping to the back seat to kill his daughter. Yolanda’s yellow skin had turned red by now. She was boiling but to her credit she did not jump to the back seat to discipline this degenerate!

“I really don’t know what wrong I ever did to you but that thing you just said really hurt. I really wish I had not come!”

She said without turning back. From where I sat I could see she actually had tears in running down her cheeks. I immediately sent Khanyi a whatsapp. Eish, gossiping 21st century style.

“Khanyi that’s not cool come on. Next time don’t invite me anywhere.”

I also told her. I was not taking sides but imagine being called a witch like this.

“If you think I am bad wait till we get to the funeral and see how they are going to treat her. She had better toughen up now because there they will break her and those manicured nails! What kind of a Makoti goes to a Zulu funeral looking like she off to Dubai?”

She asked me.

“What do you know about tradition? If you knew anything you would know that she is your mother now and you must respect her. Stop it! You are making me feel uncomfortable!”

I told her and put angry faces. They are actually very effective.

“Ok cool I will calm down on her and do one better… I will apologize for the sake of the peace. Hope you will be there to protect her at the funeral though!”

She said and put her phone down.

“Yolanda that was uncalled for by me and I am sorry, I was not trying to hurt you!”

Khanyi gave the most disingenuous apology I have heard in a while!

Yolanda did not say anything, how could she, she was a witch remember!

I really wanted to go home now.

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I have been reading your letters recently of sisters sleeping with their brother in laws. It got me thinking, my husband and my sister are super close. I never thought much of it because to me its how it was supposed to be. They hang out at family events when I am there and because they work together I feel like she protects me from other women wanting him at work. After reading the letters I decided to go through his phone specifically to check the conversations they share between them! Ah Bhuti Mike my life is ruined. He is not sleeping with her but I think they might have before. Instead he is sleeping with her best friend who even comes to my house with her. I have been so blind. My sister knows about this and often teases him about this in their chats. I am 36 my husband 39. My sister and her best friend are 31. I have been married for 11 years. My husband is the one who got her the job so to me that’s where I thought the friendship came from. I never suspected anything. This coming weekend I have arranged a braai at my house where both my sister and best friend are invited! I swear I am going to poison them! How dare they do this to me? They pretend to love me when they don’t? I am so angry. I am prepared to go to jail for this! I am a person with emotions too and when people who are supposed to protect you do this to you what’s there to live for!

Very Angry


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  1. QnA I read that letter twice and twice I came to the same conclusion… yes you are hurting but don’t be stupid to get yourself into more trouble over people who have let you down. Cancel the braai and don’t end up in prison. Within a month you will be regretting these actions and you know it’s going to hurt even more now that your life will be ruined even further.

  2. My sister just tell them that you know what is happening to them in the braai. Make a speech that they will never forget. I f you have copies of the conversation just print and share to all is the gathering. That will be best revenge none will denied beacuse all the evidence will be on their face. It not worth it to poison them you still have life to live and beside I hope you have a child or children so think about them too when you do something that you will ruined your family at large.

    1. Lol….I would totally do this….. thats just how “evil” I can be….

      We all sit in the dining table and hand them out each a copy of the conversation…and be like….” I refer you to date dah dah dah when my beautiful hubby said to my lovely loyal sister..” and then ask ” Babe, what did you mean by this?” “What were you refering to?” Before he answers…I turn to my sister and be like…better yet, let me ask my sister…”Mntasekhaya, what did you understand by this when you responded dah dah dah…” and look her straight in the eye…. Hahahaha

      I am like Refiloe in Rumblings….I dont do that whole dramatic anger, throw my toys out the cot and scream…Nope, I dont get mad…I get even bwakakakaka

        1. Hahahahahahaha…… Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned my Jack…

          I am nice…too nice ( so people say ) but ndikhohlakele…. Mess with me and I will be a Hungry Lion on your ( and no, not the Chicken Lion ) but a real Lion thats hunting for its prey…. Hehehehehe

      1. Lmao you just made me think of Angela from Tyler Perry’s movie Why did I get married too…when they were at the dinner table.

  3. Hey Angry I wont say I understand or feel ur pain I can only imagine what its like. Don’t kill them rather you set a trap for them. If you drink alcohol, drink and pretend to be so drunk and pretend to pass out trust me that way you will catch them red handed, as people have tendency of doing things behind their friend and blame it on alcohol. Going to jail is not a option you have a bright future ahead of you. its sad that your sister is behind it. Don’t kill them I repeat do not kill them. you will not survive in prison. They all not with ur suffering. SET THEM UP.

  4. Thank you Bhut Mike for the daily dose 🙂 eish Khanyi mara…..

    This is the second time I am reading a letter from someone who is from my hometown 🙂 #MthathaIsNotAJungle . Having a bitter sweet moment though about this because much as I am happy to know that people are reading, bu its heartbreaking to read such things 🙁 kanti kwenzeka ntoni na sana???

    QnA : Much as you feel betrayed with your husband, your sister and the friend..this does not give you the right to play God with their lives. Let them know that you know whats going on…let them live with the guilt of knowing that they betrayed you and you found out about it…

    It is never good to act when you angry because we usually regret our actions after…calm down first …and think rationally about this….

    You have two options really…. Tell them about this ina very tactful manner i.e Sandile’s suggestion or you can just sit them down and tell them that you know whats been going on…

    Killing them is not the answer…it will just bring more mayhem than solutions…..

    Thank carefully about this….


  5. Thanks Mikeesto, awkward vibes ekarini Lol!

    Umtata, These letters are meant to educate and make us aware of what is happening out there. They are in no means meant to instigate violence or promote it or injustices. Being someone who reads this blog, you ought to know better than to resolve and killing these people, uzofumana ntoni wena ngalonto? Each action has a consequence, you will kill them and then what? What personal satisfaction will a 36 year old married women get from killing people? You are no killer, coz if you were then you would’ve posted this as anonymous telling us how you killed them. You are a child of God and your sin is only in thought for now, don’t escalate this evil that’s brewing inside, suvumela usathane adlale ngawe sis’wam.

    Those people proly deserve whatever toxic waste you were going to mix for them, I say were because you not gonna do such foolishness. Ever watched ‘I almost got away with it’ or the famous ‘How to get away with murder’? One thing for sure, you are no Annalize, and you don’t have a Frank to get rid of bodies for you. You are too emotional to carry out the perfect crime and no judge will be like Masipa and give you a wrist slap with 6years for triple homicide. Just take your husband’s bank cards on Payday and come to Cape Town, call some friends from Varsity or High school and Turn up, uyitye yonke imali and make sure you call him drunk while in a club so that he can hear all that. Stay away for a week even, let him sink in his own stupid thoughts and conclusions. Then call a family meeting and expose that man whoring sister of yours. You go to that best friend nyana and give her a proper beat down and then tell that no good cheat that if he ever comes an inch near another woman then you will cut off his motherfucken balls.

    If all else fails, make sure you get some undetectable poison coz one thing for sure, our Police service might suck but our forensic unit is technologically advanced, Jail should be the least of your worries.

    I wish you strong heart and peace.


    1. You know Jackzorro taking bank cards and spending his money works like a charm..Actually did this to my hubby he cried tears out! Best revenge ever.

  6. I can’t believe you threating to kill for a mere dog.. waste your life in prison for a dick.. that’s so stupid my darling, hurt or not I wouldn’t want to waste my life away for people who have continuously shown that they don’t care about me… this is what I would do
    1. invite everyone including family to the braai and expose their little secret ( all three, should be quite embarrassing and entertaining)
    2. announce your divorce and explain to all that is the reason why you decided to throw this momentous braai
    3. pack your bags and go on holiday
    4. Plan your divorce details to destroy him and take all…

  7. Am deeply sorry about your betrayal..particularly ur sister. I mean sisters shud be like Lungi in Y.E.S and Solange Knowles. I agree that you should invite them to the braai including both his family, yours and le some of the nyatsi’s family. …Make a speech on how backstabbing bastard they and expose their filthy asse. It’s a bitter truth that all mean cheat at some point, u will never find one that does not cheat, even pastors ask congregation to such their d*ck coz their sperms are holy milk…thus do not divorce your hubby unless the situation escalate uncontrollably. Killing will only bring you more misery. .tell the bitch to get her filthy hands on your hubby publicly @ braai or els u will distroy her life..forgive ur hubby and tell him u will serve his balls on a plater if he dares cheat again. Get all evidence before confrontation as they may deny all and make u look like a fool infront of people. Good luck.

  8. Today’s problem really is a dilemma. Your sister really betrayed you and I don’t even know what I will do with mine if she did this. Obviously you can’t kill them but I won’t lie, they deserve something to happen to them. I know everyone is saying you must shame them but you shame and then what next? They say sorry and they cry then what? How many times has he slept with her? Did your sister hook them up even? You said you suspect that even your sister might have slept with him… That’s a lot to take in and I am sorry if this is bad advice but an expose is not enough. If a snake enters your house you don’t talk to it you kill it. You built a home for someone you love to come and tear it down? Nope, moer that baboon

  9. Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    don’t kill them just pour them, including your husband with the hot water you were going to use for the pap. mxm those 3 are so ilmanered and disgusting. I have 4 sisters and we are so close I’d go crazy if they did such to me

  10. While reading the letter I dnt get how this lady would be willing to get arrested for people that just don’t care about her or carry a lifetime guilt…

    Like seriously, find a way to make the guilt eat them while u enjoy life…

  11. Where exactly in Umtata are you babe? I’d love to witness that!👊👊
    Basile mos!!
    Ide iworse sister yakho!!

  12. It’s funny how we women always blame each other when our partners cheat.your sisters friend is nothing to you and owes you nothing. It your husband that’s the problem.he’s the one who made a promise to you .he broke that promise yet you want to kill your own blood and another woman who was probably convienced by your husband to sleep with him. It’s time we women stood together and disciplined cheating men. Imagine going to jail over a man who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. Itjo I can’t shame. As for your sister that one you can deal with … can you do such to your own blood. Write her off for sometime just to find healing. The stress and money involved for throwing a braam just to expose people only to take your husband back cos that’s what we women do…be mad at the WOMAN telling you that your husband is cheating or the one sleeping with your husband instead of confronting him. Sisi face the reality here .the person who did you wrong is your husband. Be honest to yourself women and stop protecting men who cheat. Le tlo lwala.AIDS is real guys.

  13. Thanks Mike

    Just divorce him nje n kick ur sister s ass. I guess ur husband is hot or a super charmer to F..k ur sister n the friend. Or ur sister is paying him back for getting her a job,I would take pussy any day as pay lol.Fcukin around don’t mean I don’t love u its only sex only If as a wife u dont keep the marriage interesting n dont take care of urself n me then a man will leave (not respecting ur man lead to cheating Also)

    Divorce him.don’t kill those hoes its his fault…

  14. Hehehe flow.wait until they do that to you.its funny how men think it’s the woman who has to keep the marriage interesting. When me ñ don’t put effort and women go outside yall want to kill them I’m done with men like flow shame.I’m done.

  15. I read this letter yesterday and i was just too shocked to respond.. your sister bathong.. like, how does she live with herself? what did you ever do to her for her to allow such to happen? GOODNESS!

    Anyway, she’s not the problem here. Fact of the matter is the person who is in the wrong here is your husband.. be smart about this. The worst thing you can ever do is make it public knowledge that you are having marital problems. That “best friend” is probably standing on a very high mountain and stalking your marriage waiting to fly down for the kill. My sister, do this as graciously as humanly possible. I say email those whatsapp conversations to yourself so you have the evidence to back your story up, then sit your husband down and talk to him like a wife… if you are not willing to end this marriage, you need to be conscious of your approach else another huge can of worms will be opened. ITS OKAY to be angry, you will likely lose it when confronting him because he will try to lie his way out of it, show him the conversations you got ahold of and get your confirmation. Once that is out of the way.. take some time out, give yourself some space to rationalize it all, take as much time as you need to decide what you believe is best for you to do. It is very likely that your husband will run to tell your sister that you know what they have been dont even go to her, it will cause unnecessary stress to you. She is on the outside of the life you are supposed to be building with your husband so dont bring her any closer to your situation than she already is, she’s DANGEROUS.

    On the other hand, if you want nothing further to do with this marriage then you gotta F*** S*** UP! do the braai thing.. print out those conversations as someone suggested and cause a scene.. but doing that will only cause damage to your dignity..

    that is MY 2 cents..

  16. Very Angry Umtata, Yho inzima eyakho!
    Don’t make decisions or plans while UR angry. Take a step back & feel like UR advising somebody. Wud U tell them to commit murders? Most def not!
    Take a day or two off, writing down all the potential ways to punish all the three without killing them. Do U think U still want yo marriage? How will whatever action U choose affect the children?
    Buy all yo attendants some chocolates or some presents & make theirs bigger in a box with printouts of the msgs. Put them on the front desk while announcing how much U trust them & they mean in yo life. Let them open their boxes & C the shock on their faces. Record all on camera & have the final laugh. Make yo decision of divorcing or forgiving it’s up to U as UR the one who will leave with whichever choice U make.
    That’s my 5cents, I mean 2cents.
    Gudluck Nonthombi, U gonna need it. I repeat, Don’t choose a jail term!

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