Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 268

I don’t know how long the lights in my head went out for but I was convinced that I had died and gone to heaven. Imagine my surprise when I woke up and I was in an ambulance still alive, I was a bit disappointed I felt like I had overstayed my welcome on planet earth it was time to depart this earth and go see what awaits on the other side, but planet earth just didn’t seem to be ready to let me go. It felt like I was in one of those relationships where you break up with a person but they refuse to accept the break up and keep treating you like you are still a couple even though you’ve broken up with him or her and made it clear that you no longer want them in your life, that was my relationship with planet earth.
I tried to sit up but a paramedic guy who was next to me told me not to move to fast. “What happened to me? Did I get shot?” I asked fearing the worst as I just remembered that not so long ago we were locked up in some room. “No ma’am you were not.” I took a sigh of relief but as I turned to look next to me there was my sister with her eyes closed “oh my God, oh my God, what happened to my

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