Missteps of a Young Wife

Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 270

I was so angry at Mthobisi, the man was a thug, a murderer, a thief, a con, any bad name you can think of he was that and I was stupid enough to fall for his con. How could I be so stupid? I went to the front door and Priscilla asked where I was going wearing a towel, I had been so angry I didn’t even realize that I was not dressed, I ignored Priscilla and went upstairs and got into my sweatpants and as I was about to walk out the bedroom door Mthobisi walked in. “What are you on about? Me trying to poison you? What the fuck would I do that for Lesedi?” He was standing there staring at me waiting for me to give him an answer when he should be the one that gives me answers. “Get out of my way” I said trying to push him aside. “This pregnancy is driving you insane, I have never seen you this paranoid before, first I was cheating, now I’m trying to poison you. Do you realize how crazy you sound right now?”

When people are trying to shift the blame away from themselves they will always tell you how crazy you are to make you doubt yourself, well I was not about to fall into that trap. “Then let me be crazy, get out of my way” I said again pushing him to the side with no success the man was bloody heavy, it felt like he ate rocks from lunch. “Look at me, look at me” he said getting agitated with me “don’t you ever, ever compare me to Fundani ever again. Do you understand?” I saw anger in his eyes and the vein in his head was popping out and I knew by comparing him to that fool I had crossed the line, but I needed to say something to hurt him because I was feeling very hurt, this is how we woman are when we are angry and hurt we want to hurt you back with something heavier and bigger and I had just put a knife through my husband’s heart by comparing him to his worst enemy. “I’m sorry” I said softly, I had to calm myself down, it’s funny how the roles had quickly changed and he was suddenly the angry one and I had to be the calm one. I explained to him that the other day I saw Priscilla put pills in my tea and Mthobisi laughed and took me downstairs and called Priscilla he asked her to show me the pills she had put in my tea she went to the kitchen and we followed behind her, she removed a box in one of the drawers and when I checked the box it was some herbal pills that calms and relaxed the body it had natural ingredients. “My wife here thought that we were trying to poison her” Priscilla apologized and said she should have told me, she said she uses the same for herself and that lately I have been stressed so she was just trying to help.

I thanked her and told her next time she should ask me before putting any medication in my food or drink, she agreed that she won’t put anything without my consent. After Priscilla left Mthobisi looked at me and asked “Are you happy now?” I nodded and my phone rang, he answered and he said “our food is here” I had told him earlier I was in the mood for Mexican food so he had ordered Taco’s and Nachos, it was a feast, all three of us ate, I was happy to be fulfilling my cravings, and the food tasted too damn good, it’s amazing how you appreciate food when you are pregnant, good food tastes good and ugly food tastes bad, there is no in-between. I ate so much and was so full that I swear my stomach felt like it was growing while I was looking at it, or maybe my baby was stretching after that meal. Priscilla said I shouldn’t go to bed immediately after eating to avoid heartburn, I listened to her and watched a bit of TV and she said she was not pregnant so she could sleep with a full tummy and she went to sleep and left Mthobisi and I watching TV. Mthobisi kept dozing off and I didn’t even know how long I was supposed to stay up for, you see my problem with these myths, people just make them up as they go. I woke Mthobisi up and I told him “screw this heartburn theory, we going to sleep” it must have been fifteen minutes after Priscilla went to sleep, well she didn’t give me a time frame so I was sure that I was good to go. As soon as we hit the bed my husband was out like a light snoring like a lion. I on the hand could not sleep, I guess I had slept way too much during the day, I tried everything but I just couldn’t fall asleep, I even thought of going to get Priscilla’s calming medication but then decided against it. When I did finally fall asleep it was after 2 am, dammit my body was adapting to the early morning sleeping pattern, that’s the last thing I needed and I had read that the baby also gets used to your sleeping time so I needed to get back to my sleeping times as soon as possible the last thing I needed was a baby that would be at till the early hours of the morning wanting to play or even worse crying all night.

When I was falling asleep Mthobisi was waking up “where you going?” I asked surprised at the time he was waking up in. I have a call with people from a different country, different time zones so I needed to catch them now while they still fresh” he said jumping out of bed. I have learnt to not question my husband because the more you question the more confused you get by the answers so I showed him the sharp sign and went back to sleep. I was up by ten in the morning at least I didn’t wake up in the afternoon like the previous day.
Mthobisi was nowhere to be seen as usual, I figured he must have gone out so I made myself some breakfast and Priscilla joined me so I made for both of us and she was really grateful, I asked her if she’d seen my husband and she said he’d gone jogging, I knew the only time my husband jogged was when he was stressed, whatever it is that was bothering him I hope it was nothing serious, the last thing I needed was more drama in my life. When he came back I asked him to borrow me my phone, my phone had suddenly become his, I know I lost his phone but the right thing to do would be to give me my phone back. I called Cleo whom I had not spoken to since the day we left her at the hospital, she said she was fine, I asked if we would be going to visit She Rocks she said we needed to get some sort of disguise when we go see her, we can’t afford to being seeing by Spencer’s dad or his people again. I agreed and told her I was going to speak to Mthobisi about this.

I waited for Mthobisi to come out of the shower and when he did the first thing I asked him was. “Are the bastards that took us and kept us in that house in jail?” I asked Mthobisi and he nodded and said some are in jail while others died on the day we were rescued. I asked him about Spencer’s father and he said he wasn’t there when the cops raided the place and there was nothing implicating him to the crime so he was home free. “So in other words we are not free, we can’t go anywhere because he might just show up and only God knows what he might actually do this time.” Mthobisi said that is why he was always with me, making sure that I am safe he was not going to leave my side until he was certain that I was safe and that him and his people were working on a plan and I shouldn’t worry because they were going to sort this matter out very quickly. I believed him, I asked him why the previous day had he said he doesn’t want Spencer’s dad to know that him and I were connected. “Spencer’s father and I know each other and if he finds out that you are my wife he is going to put two and two together and realize that you guys couldn’t have killed Spencer and that I did and trust me Lesedi the last thing I want is to make an enemy of that men, he’s got an army behind him” I have no idea what he meant by the army but his explanation made a bit of sense. So I asked him what we were going to do with the current situation and he said “we wait”.
That entire week we spent at home, I kept calling the hospital to check on She Rocks and everyday I was told there were no changes both Cleo and I couldn’t visit her and risk the chance of being kidnapped again. My sister called daily as well checking up on me and she kept saying locking myself up in the house is not healthy and maybe I should go tell the police everything. Ohhh the police were in touch with us after the whole rescue thing they wanted us to give statements and we all told them the same thing we didn’t know why those guys had taken us nor did we know anything and they never told us what they wanted, the police though kept pestering with stupid questions and I guess my sister was feeling the pressure which is why she was saying we should confess to everything and I kept telling her there is nothing to confess to. On the second week after the incident the police kind of forgot about us and moved on to other cases which was a relief for all of us, neither one of us enjoyed the random visits from the police to ask if there is anything else you remember about the case and the answer was always no. After they stopped coming Mthobisi and I could at least relax, but I still didn’t want to go out. Thank God for Priscilla, she did all the grocery shopping for me and whatever was needed she would go and buy. Mthobisi on the other hand he had also drastically decreased on going out when he did it would be for an hour or two and after he would be back, this was the most we had seen of each other ever since we got married it’s sad how busy couples get that the only time that they see each other is at night, that is still for normal couples Mthobisi and I would see each other in the morning in other times.
The third week everything had gone completely quiet and there was no cops visiting or my sister nagging to come clean with the cops I was still in contact with the hospital though every day and I felt so guilty for not being able to go to the hospital to see my friend but I had to make sure I was safe first. Priscilla had bought me a wig and I had a big hat and sunglasses and she was going to come with me to the hospital, we were going to wait for Mthobisi to leave then we were going to drive to the hospital, Priscilla’s friend was friends with one of the nurses so she organized us a parking in the basement, the plan was to park in the staff parking in the basement take the lift up then go and see She Rocks for those few minutes then be out of there without a lot of people seeing us. As soon as Mthobisi left we put our plan into action I got dressed in this long black dressed and I put on the wig and sunglasses and a hat, Priscilla said the nurses in hospital were used to people dressing up like this especially celebrates who didn’t want to be seen so I won’t be the first, this was a bit exciting but I was a little scared too. We were ready to go and as I opened the front door to step out someone pushed me back inside the house and in walked three guys and behind them was Spencer’s father. I turned around to look at Priscilla who was opening her bag, I thought she was taking out the keys and in seconds she had a gun out and the guys that were with Spencer’s father were quick to react one of them pulled out a gun and I screamed “Priscillaaaaa” but it was too late a shot had been fired and Priscilla was on the floor lying in a pool of blood….000000000000000000

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  1. hi mike l live in Kenya and am in love with ur books.l am currently reading this book.am on chapter 144 BT unfortunately ,l can’t continue reading this book bcoz it needs the pin to unlock the other chapter.u HV not given any information for foreigners how they can get the pin and unlock the chapters.plz help dia

  2. Dear Mike
    I am an ardent reader of your stories. I am however disappointed that I can’t follow missteps because of the pin issue.
    Questions ;
    1 does it mean that because am not from SA I can’t follow your stories?
    2 what measures do you take to address your international followers (you have very many so you know)?
    I will be humbled if you respond.

  3. Rest in peace Priscilla. I would love a maid like that. Oh Lesedi trouble followed you home. Akaphumuli shame.

  4. Dear Mike
    Please attend to us international readers. I love Misteps and all the other books. But this pin issue is making it difficult for us to follow the book.

  5. To all the other international readers, the best thing to do is just try and put he story together using the bonus chapters. I have been doing that as well because I have emailed and commented since the time missteps went premium about us who are not in SA. Till today nothing has been done. Maybe we might just get lucky and the whole book gets published.

  6. can somebody please say something on why there is no Missteps. I just sms’ed for a pin without even checking if there was something to read, that’s what I normally do. now I got a pin but nothing to read

  7. Hi guys. I don’t know if your problems habe been solved but, I would say if you habe a friend in SA you can ask them to buy a pin for you then send it to you amd you can unlock with it (just a thought)

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