Blessed – Chapter Two

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My door suddenly open and it startled us!

“Why don’t you ever knock? This is my room and it’s rude not to do that!”

I said angrily.

I might not live at home anymore but coming home for weekend’s means you also have to contend with family in the guise of sibling. With me I only had one sister who was younger than me. I would like to say that she looked up to me but she did not. It’s kind of hard if your little sister is much smarter than you. I know everyone wants to say that their younger sibling is so smart just to keep face or feel relevant but my little sister was the real deal. She was so smart she was special and I was a bit jealous of her. It’s one of those things where if she was in America she would have been attending those schools for the gifted but alas, we live in the one country that thinks intelligence is passing matric fuck everything else. Matric is South Africa is like war to America. They run that thing with such efficiency you would think we are a country of geniuses. Everyone passes firstly and everyone wants to pay for your first year. It’s like an Oprah Winfrey show where she just gives away free matric passes but forgetting that you don’t even have enough universities and worse, if everyone passes, where then is the competition in your education system. With that said she was so smart we all could see her touching stars one day. Regardless, she was a pain in the ass, a tattle tale and a typical little sister! She walked in without me saying come in but I was not surprised as it happened often!

“So you think you are going to go to Dubai and I am just going to sit back and say nothing! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

My little sister said standing in the door way. With all the screaming we had been making I must admit I had totally forgotten that she was in the house. How could I have been so stupid? Don’t get me wrong, I love my little sister but at 16 turning 17 she was already an Honors roll student and was definitely going to be the head girl in her matric. She was book smart, incredibly inquisitive and always had an answer for everything. She was born 1999, I know hey, people are old out here and she had always been a thorn in my back.

“Why are you listening in at our conversations wena Sharon?”

I asked her angrily. This was definitely a problem! My sister was a nuisance. She always had a thing to say.

“I am going to tell mum you are going to Dubai!”

She threatened. Much as I had lost some respect for my mum I still did not want her to know about my extracurricular activities. It’s not correct and I believe that if you are a witch, go bewitch faraway so that the people close to you or next to you can respect you! That’s just me. I know some girls are not scared to flaunt their whorish behaviour at home but I care. My little sister unfortunately was going to spoil that plan.

“Who said we are going to Dubai?”

I asked her angrily.

“That ticket on your bed! I can read it from here! You didn’t think I would notice when a big car comes and parks at our gate?”

She asked me! I was not sure what to say because it’s one of those red handed moments.

“Ok fine we going ke but please don’t tell mum! I will pay you!”

I pleaded with her.

“I don’t want your dirty money. I know you are a lot of things Palesa but this is so beneath you. Now you are going to become those girls doing coprophagia in Dubai for money! I am your sister and I love you. This is not worth it!”

She said and she walked out of the room. What the hell was copro whatever? That’s the problem with these newly educated kids, they always have a new big word to take out and shock us with. I ran after her!

“Come on Sharon, please don’t tell mum. What can I do to make it up to you? A friend of Khanyi’s is the one taking us there and hell no am I going to say no to such an opportunity. Yes it’s a guy and yes he is old but he won’t even be there. It’s a free trip to Dubai Sharon please don’t deny me this!”

I begged her. She sat by her books as she doing some maths homework, sigh! Could my sister really be more boring though? She loved maths and in all honesty who in their right mind loves maths. Maths is like that rich uncle who pays for your fees and the rent in the house that your parents live in but in return he gets to touch you in places he shouldn’t be touching you. Everyone in the house knows he is abusing you but reporting him means that no more school for you nor a place to stay! Yes that’s maths for me! I hated it and even though I had left it back in matric I still remember how much it abused my brain.

“You only fooling yourself Palesa. You think you the first girl to have a blesser! It’s like a drug. It’s nice for a while then once you are addicted you start doing things you will always be ashamed of! I won’t tell mom but you honestly need to reconsider this!”

She said packing up a few books.

“Where are you going?”

I asked her.

“I need to go and study. With you guys screaming and jumping on the bed I can’t concentrate. I am going to study at Aunty Helens house with KG.”

She said. Aunty Helen is my mother’s friend who happens to be married to Malume Morgan who I said I found my mother had either slept with or was still sleeping with. Scandalous I tell you.

“Ok cool then. Thank you for not telling mum though! I really didn’t know what I was going to do if you had because I would have died.”

I told and I meant it. I watched her walk out towards the gate. She was a very purposeful child this one.

“So what happened? I forgot that she was here hey! She is so quiet!”

Khanyi said when I walked in back from my sister’s room. She was on her phone chatting so she just looked up from her phone when I walked in.

“She won’t tell my mum. She promised but with my sister you can never know hey!”

I told her visibly worried.

“Well she must just be strong. If I can fight with my dad then surely you can fight with your mum!”

She told me and she was right. I loved this about her. She had stopped apologizing for living her life something which I still could not do.

“One day I will but for now I respect my mum!”

I told her. She knew when to back off but had a way of planting a seed in your head. What if I could just tell my mother where to get off though? It would make life so much easier but truth be told, she was paying for my fees and come what may I wanted that degree. For me that was super important above all else.

“What time are we leaving?”

She asked me. We had to go back to campus as tomorrow it was back to school. I even had a test scheduled for tomorrow imagine. Who does that mara? Universities are designed in such a way that they have many tricks.

“I think we should leave early. Around 5 so that there is still time to go out if something comes out!”

She added before I could even say anything. I was not in disagreement because you know when you go back home even for a weekend it feels as though you are being told to go and die. There is no life at home as you have to respect the space you are in. My mother was not super strict but when you stay in Pretoria North you must as well be living in Hamanskraal. It’s a culture on its own and it’s a farm. There are two roads in and out of this place which we have to share with people from Mamelodi and trust me on this, going out at night is not something you take lightly! There is crime, drunk drivers and funny looking guys who want to touch you if you walk past them forcing us to prefer clubbing in Pretoria East or Jhb. Going to school in Jhb then is heaven for someone like me. Make no mistake about it, Pretorians who think now that Menlyn is FINAALY being extended or because Ramokgopa is giving us free Wi-Fi Pretoria is now better that Jhb, slow down! E ma pele! Just sit down and hold yourself! We are glorified Polokwane with more street lights and poor white people, sigh! Going out therefore was a priority when I went back but never a though when I was home. We are chillaz people not clubbing people and I am sorry, waiting for my parents to leave town just so I can have friends over was not my idea of fun.

“Must we call an Uber then? It will take us to Bosman then from Bosman we take the train and another Uber from Park Station to campus!”

She suggested! Uber in Pretoria North? All these traffic lights must be confusing her because it’s not only far but also expensive. The only thing missing her was a toll gate to just show how far we are.

“Are you sure? Can’t we just call Neo?”

I asked her. She laughed!

“I thought you would never ask. I didn’t want to bring it up because didn’t want you to think that I am taking advantage!”

She responded. I had fallen for that one and didn’t even see it coming.

Good one!

“Baby, can you come pick us up to campus?”

I asked him.

“I am still in Vaal but I will come!”

He said. Vaal is far hey. I felt bad but the point is Neo was that guy who would do anything for me. I know this with all my heart.

“Ah love no you are too far. I will make a plan!”

I told him but he would hear none of this!

“No baby, you always come first. I am coming. The boys are still drinking but they can wait. I have a wife I miss and I am coming to her!”

He said and he hung up. I felt guilty about this but when Khanyi cracked a joke I moved on to the next topic!

*****The End******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

This letter is to speak to the brutal hash criticism.
It’s amazing how blunt people can be when they don’t agree with the stories, diary is open to criticism its open to engagement.

Every person deserve a humble constructive criticism. The ladies are the first to be harsh gun blazing, while they too as readers expect a positive criticism, think about it, you don’t appreciate and you do feel unappreciated if your partner, husband, boyfriend will bluntly tell you your food is shit. The bluntness discard the fact that you had taken time to prepare the meal out of love and yes it may not be that tasty but you don’t deserve to be brutally criticize like that.

Diary writers take time to write these stories, it may not be relevant, it may not be appealing to all of the readers but there’s no harm for people to express that they not feeling it the sheer entitlement of brutal criticism is not fair at all.

At home you want your parents/siblings/lovers to be kind with words. It’s our basic need to be respected and be guided with love and care, I therefore urge and beg and ask that the readers be kind enough to be honest when they don’t enjoy the story, be positive when you give feedback but to use brutal words is unkind and unfair .

Diary offers willing writers the opportunity to do just that, write. Imagine a world of we don’t want anyone to write except mike. What would have been the contribution of Mike? He gives others an opportunity and the risk is that it may work or it may not but one thing for sure is that an opportunity was given and a writers have explored their capabilities its up to us the readers to enjoy and be able to guide and share that its not realistic.

Let’s remember the blog gives us the opportunity to interact with the writer daily unlike movies and tv drama where we never bond with the directors or script writers. They never really get the chance to hear our opinion about their work while at this blog its as close as it gets. We are so close to the people that teach us and we interact with them daily.

Let’s be a family of love care fun laughter and fights are there, but sheer brutality is so unkind.



Dear Friends

With the above I am sad to announce that Growing Up Relevant will be coming to an end this weekend. Unfortunately Khanyi is no longer comfortable posting as the criticism was indeed a bit much. We tried to convince her and her sentiments were quite heart breaking as to how she felt after all the comments.

I would like to thank her for her contribution to our family and apologize for what she experienced.

Thank You

Mike Maphoto

80 thoughts on “Blessed – Chapter Two

  1. Yooooo Khanyi is weak shame. What did she expect? She has to take the good with the bad. She can’t expect everything to be perfect and that everyone will love it. She is weak. If I were Khanyi I would have written a FIRE chapter, just to shut everyone up. But it’s okay I guess we aren’t missing out on much.

    1. It is so easy for you to say that you would wright a “FIRE” chapter when you don’t even have experience in that regard.

      Also, there is a kind way of critique(ing) a persons word, using filthy words does not show how her work is, but it shows your true character. Words have an effect on someone, being kind has never taken anything from anyone.

    2. Here a letter about brutal comments…and here you are brutally critisizing umntana bantu…Really????
      Was this really necessary kodwa???

    3. i doubt you read the letter above with understanding, how can you possibly sit there and write such about another child…. have you ever tried writing a block? if not, you do not have the right to call another writer WEAK

    4. Shame on you. Did you read the letter above? It is people like you that are enemies of progress. Would it kill you to put your comments in kindly?You never ever get to call other people week. Ever. Especially people who have been courageous enough to open themselves up to the dangerous world that is the internet, that my friend takes courage and strength. I have never commented before and I will forever regret it. I should have said something from the very beginning. I should have written something to encourage or just even made suggestions. I should have stood up for her in the last post, but i dint.All the “should haves” are too late I realize. But I have learnt. I’m ashamed that all these years I have been a follower of DOAZG all the way from Kenya and never commented, even just to say thanks to the writers that have freely kept us entertained, for Free. Am so sorry Khanyi that you had to go through this form of cyber bullying. I did love growing up and wish you could continue. I just introduced it to my friend from Uganda and she loved it too. She will be disappointed. Please keep writing, I appreciate that its not easy, trust me, I have tried. Go on girl, keep writing, don’t give up. Mike, I really really appreciate you and your team. Thanks for the many tales, I feel like I have been in south Africa because of you. Also, could you moderate the comments section. I agree people should air their views freely but there’s a thin line between that and bullying. There are better ways of expression that build instead of break. And you guys don’t give up on Khanyi either, walk with her. mereille, be nice; it won’t cost a thing. I will comment from now on, its the least I can do. Regards from Kenya.

  2. Haaaw bantu Khanyi 🙁 it’s indeed sad and understandable, you have been patient enough with the brutal citicism from day 1. Sorry for your experience in here dear, and goodluck for the future. I for one will be missing Apostle bae;)

  3. To Khanyi

    Khanyi dear i knew as readers we can be a little bit harsh sometimes without putting your feelings as writters into perspective, but sometimes we dont say it to make you quit what your are doing but to help you improve. dear i know doing what you doing takes a very special person with a special skills to do it, so i would advice to to carry on doing what you doing because honey you really good at it, to be honest i wont say i was relating to hlengiwe but i was always looking forward to what would happen next coz that is how amazing writter you were and still are. so dont let this critics break you dear coz at the end of it all this is part of life dear not everyone will love what you doing but you have to carry on doing what you are doing and be great at doing it. iam your number one fan so plz plz plz and plz again dont give up we need you

  4. To all those making harsh comments to the writers… Since you are so smart you start writing then… Thats right you cant i bet you cant even put two sentences together i have been reading this blog since chapter 3 of confessions was posted. Never have i ever made a bad comment. Yes the character from growing was truly annoying but yes in life we all know that truly annoying person that we wish would just drop dead… So with this sed… Telling someone their time and effort put into their blog is #BS is truly hurtful as well as mean… U guys are meanies and oneday you will get exactly what you dealt out. To Khanyi i am truly sorry about the feedback u got from these fools. I enjoyed your blog. As an academic i enjoyed reading your work as it was a different perspective on the life that i have never experienced. I seen someone elses life through your eyes. Thank you for you time that you will never get back and sorry that i will never trully find out the hidden moral and plot of your story.

  5. It is sad that Khanyi is leaving the blog, I don’t blame her coz in her shoes i would have done the same thing. It’s very difficult to deal with people who don’t show appreciation. You don’t have to like what she writes, voice your views if you feel like it but DO NOT BE RUDE, some comments are very rude xem. and another thing, we can’t always expect Mike to be the one writing these blogs, he at least gives other writers an opportunity to showcase their talents. So let’s not crush them, let’s help them to mold their writing skills, We are a family after all and family look out for each other. Thank you .

  6. Ohhhh yhini bantu Khanyi….you have endured the critisism sisi for far too long. Some people will diss you ke simply because they themselves cant write or even construct a proper sentence.
    Khanyi sisi, people will always talk…wether you do good or bad…and remember, when people talk about you or critisize you …then it means you are doing something right…you just need to work on improving it everyday my love… I honestly like Growing Up…yes I dont relate to Hlengiwe but it was insightful to see the life of these so-called born again christians who are quick to jugde people yet they sin themselves ( this is not to attack born again christians)

    I wish you well with your future ..and remember…you cant always give up on something that you love simply because people are critisizing you…those very same people took ime to read that blog to “find” something to critisize…..

    Dust yourself up my love and polish up your writing and dont let these Monkeys kill your dream…Yeah I said it…ya’ll are Monkeys, lol


  7. Good luck to you Khanyi & thanks for keeping me reading. I’m sad that you leaving but it’s ok.

    To those that don’t like “Growing Up” why don’t you just stop reading it and let Khanyi grow as writer? Not every1 is strong enough to handle criticism so pls guys be sensitive on how you comment. You shouldn’t discourage a person. There is nothing wrong with making suggestions but do think about how you put that suggestion in proper wording & ask yourself how you’d feel if the writer was you

  8. I really and genuinely enjoyed Growing Up. I would read the comments and couldn’t see what the fuss was about. Well then…maybe because I wasn’t writer! I’ve read about 10 chapters of Memoirs and didn’t enjoy it…and I stopped reading. That’s the only story I didn’t enjoy. I’m so sorry Khanyi you had to leave in such a manner. I hope you don’t stop writing though. Good Luck!

  9. All she had to do was re-read as a reader at the receiving end, then she’d see what we were talking about. She needs a crash course on writing skills. If you want a future as a writer, you need to attend a writing skills workshop.

  10. Mireille, i bet you can’t even construct one full sentence of a story. How rude of you?
    Khanyi sisi, Im so sorry. People like Mireille had to shatter your dream. do not despair, you fall down, you get back up, fall again and get up agin, that is how you become who you want to become.

    1. I’m sorry but I don’t agree with that statement. In this life, you need to be your own biggest fan and motivator. It’s unfortunate and sad that Khanyi is allowing critiques to stop her from fulfilling her desires. If half the successful people in this world reacted with their emotions, they wouldn’t be where they are today;including Mike Maphoto himself. Just remember this, not everyone will like what you do for whatever reason. Just remember to enjoy yourself and keep shining.

  11. In life you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. People will always have opinions, they are not factual. People will criticize, all you have to do is take the constructive criticism and improve from that. All the other negativity you can ignore. In this profession you need to develop a thick skin. This is your passion, you can’t let it die down Khanyi.

  12. I honestly feel like, the way Khanyi has handled the criticism is the same way Hlengiwe behaves. Not taking advice from others about things that she knows are true. Her friend and ex have given her honest opinions about her apostle, but she chooses to be a victim instead of bettering herself as a woman. Thanks for the stories Khanyi. Good luck on your journey

    1. Hau, maybe you didnt read those comments hey, they were brutal. And now you are attacking her as a person, and you dont know her. come now, we cant build people this way…

  13. Kanyi, I believe I am ur biggest fan though I dnt comment. Well the last Sunday I did demanding for another chapter cause that’s how much i enjoy reading growing up. To be honest if I had the book on my hand I would have finished it already just to see where Hlengy ends up. I love your work. Even if it means I have to comment every week to encourage u not to give up I would. Yes there are a bit of mistakes that u do, but that never stops me from enjoying. I honestly believe that u are gifted, and there is room for growth as well. Khhanyi from day 1 u took all the negative things that people said to u nd now u want to give up just like that?? No girl do not let another person tell u wat u cannot do never! Let me tell u sisi, I had always been that type of learner that teacher’s told that I was not smart enough lol seriously my mother once even took me to a psychologist cause apparently I was dumb lol. When I passed my grade 11 I was told that I would never pass my matric because I was pushed nd I am not as smart… the people that spread around those rumours had failed grade 11 one of them is even my neighbour. I was so heartbroken I felt like just giving up nd i even questioned my own self when I knew exactly that I had always worked hard. With all said and done I passed my matric got my B nd as I write this I am a law student that people said I would never be. Lol I am kicking ass, in secondary never got distinctions but here I am passing with a distinction in my statement. Lol the child that a teacher herself once said is the dumbest of them all. The 1 that had even been to a psychologist who by the way said I was perfectly fine. Ohhh nd back to the neighbour of mine, she told everyone who had ears on how smart she is than me but lol she FINALLY passed her matric with an H. Lol she’s in deed smart shem. Ooh nd the friends? They are busy wandering the streets but this is not about me but u. Girl all I can tell u is that trust me if u walk away and let people define who u are, u will never make it in life. What got u to write @ the first place will always bug u for the rest of ur life for giving up. Hell!! If I had given up how on earth was I gonna be where I am today??? So do not do that to yourself. Take all this negativity and tell yourself that those that call u weak they literally have time to sit their assets down nd read the very same chapters you right every Sunday!! Lol how ironic! Sisi nawe u can see that thy don’t have a life. What book have they written? Dololo no book!! Mara they busy making themselves seem better. I am sorry for the essay😑 but I just felt the need to help a sister in need. Through my experience please do learn not to give up. Lol but how can I forget telling u about my teacher, we live @ the same neighbourhood today she speaks a different language telling me how I was the brightest in her class. Lol the same mouth that got my ass to go checked by a psychologist nxha!!

  14. am enjoying Growing up and love characters there…to me it made sense and was looking forward to see the ending , not the premature ending 🙁 Am sorry Khanyi for what you had to go through and decide to stop writing…. I loved your work… DONT STOP WRITING

  15. I’m sure the biggest critics can’t even write a single paragraph…if you didn’t like growing up and saw no improvement you could have just stopped reading and since you are such experts written your own blogs…now you’ve ruined it for us who actually did enjoy it

  16. Hi, I’m saddened that Khanyi has decided to stop writing this piece. On the flip side, it has been getting a lot of comments because its that good. Its like “Zuma’ being depicted on a canvas as ‘The spear’ because it was that good and got people talking…mostly negatively. It would be sad if the painter stopped painting controversial pieces just because a handful will not like them. Such writing gets people thinking and for some it is too close too home as they relate too well with it. Just be the best artist you can be. People will always have something to say.

  17. yhoo it’s hard out here. .sorry khanyi I pray you find strength and write again . people are cruel but you can’t stop doing what you love because of nasty people. I love your story and didn’t find anything wrong , maybe because I am not a writer. please don’t give up now , you have come to far .

  18. I want Apostle Bae, haai Khanyi u cant go, I loved it. read chapter 1 to 68 in 2 days. please please don’t go.

  19. Oh Khanyi wa modimo! i was looking forward to seeing how marriage life will be for Hlengiwe who is driving herself into a terrible marriage with her eyes open. I have always enjoyed literature and Khanyi you do have talent and your chapters were improving beautifully….continue writing and growing sister, wish all the best!

  20. Eish, im so sad we wont be having Hlehle anymore. Khanyi im sorry you had to leave in such a manner (i had hoped that all who complained and were bored with the story would eventually stop reading/harsh commeting and some of us continue), i honestly didnt relate to Hlehle but i enjoyed reading her stories, for me it was a break from school material, refreshements tsa that silly BEAUTIFUL FOOLISH girl, whos beauty was her most prized possession!! thank you, and please never ever stop writting. Good luck hun!!

  21. Am really heart broken xem.I really looked forward to growing up. Though it was overdramatic sometimes but I really enjoyed it.some people are just rude for no reason. Just bcoz they think they know it all while they can’t even construct a simple sentence.They want every body to write like Mike.what abt their personality,hai some people though. But I really wix you reconsider khanyi but in case you are really leaving I say gud luck for the future

  22. Jesus Christ, I was enjoying Growing up so bad and the manner in which Khanyi was delivering it. Ppl say they don’t relate guess wat, Hlengiwe and Philani were like me and my ex girlfired, who also recently got married (3 months after dumoing me) yet she still says she loves me and she even filed fro divorce. I was relating coz it was giving me her perspective of what she was thinking myb not her but wat might gave caused the break up. Khanyi sisi rona ba bangwe we enjoyed the story as well the manner in which it was delivered. Remember some of these ppl criticizing you are not even the best in their daily 9 to 5 jobs. Again keep this in mind, a dog will only bark at a moving vehicle. Modimo a go hlogonofatse in your future endovours.

  23. I will surely kiss Hlengiwe and her dramatic life. @Khanyi dear the re is always a start, as much as others were complaining of your writting style I enjoyed growing up…it was fun reading it after a long day, it was my bed time story. Funny how people were complaining kodwa continue to read yazi Khanyi, I know they will say were giving her chance mxim.

    @Mike I would suggest we pay the R5 fee like ku missteps for Khanyi or for all blogs, maybe R10 for the entire week, and you will see all mighty than thou “special cases” will disappear.

  24. Kudala ndathi we don’t deserve nice things ….A person’s writing is a reflection of their entire being so BIG UPS to u siding for being brave enough to share your talent with so many people if that’s not a symbol of strength then I don’t know what is… ubayeke oMeriele aba that sit hidden behind a screen thinking she was appointed iWeighing scale yeStrength IMAGINE !! Where do u get off telling someone u don’t know that she’s weak…usile .

    To everyone else out there with your mean words remember that noone asked u to play editor , you don’t enjoy it then boo hoo honey boo here’s an idea STOP READING tshin Bawo are u that bored with your lives that ull come here every Sunday to shout about how u hate the story and that its boring blah blah blah fish paste. Next time take a nap

    Umlungu wathi; if u have nothing good to say shut the hell up (not exactly but u get where I’m going with this) it’s all good trying to better a person’s work but if in order to do that you feel the need to break her down in the process then #NONKE

    Sisi weFire our Sundays are now open so please maan ASEMBLIEF let’s feel your heat #BRINGTHEFIRE

  25. Khanyi you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that bark.Yes you might be down now but it would last for ever you will need to get up,dust yourself and soldier on.I am amongst those that stopped reading your diary because I felt was unrealistic and I couldn’t relate ,For a very long time I hoped that it will get better but eventually I decided to stop reading. I hope you learned a lot here and when you decides to come back with another material will welcome you.

  26. thanks Mike for this chapter:)

    I am saddened that KHANYI is leaving on such a bad note. because of abantu abanemilomo emide, “ungrateful bastards”
    I felt her pain when reading all those nasty comments. and manje unfortunately sonke we have to suffer.
    I wish you all the best going forward. never give up on your writing skills. you are great at it..take this as a learning curve and soldier on.
    Remember its gets darker before dawn.
    you are in the right place my love. Enjoy the journey!!

  27. So do sad Khanyi.
    You had fans believe or not.
    For some of us your blog completed oylur week.
    We are all human and we have feelings, remember that you cannot want to be great if you can’t handle being spoken about.
    No one was born an expert.
    Blessings and light to you, don’t give up on your talent.

  28. As one of the reader’s who follows this blog intently like its my daily bread I am saddened to hear that Growing Up is coming to an end. Khanyi leaving is like that teacher who punishes the whole class because a few people were talking.
    I’m annoyed that one of the blogs I’ve grown to love so much is ending over negative criticism. I’ve been learning so much about devout Christians here. Human behaviour intrigues me and even though its fiction it gives me an insight into how some other people are and how they behave.

    Mike, please try and make sure that something like this never happens again.

    People need to realise that words cut deeper than sharp knives. We all handle things differently and to critique someone to a point where they give up on a project they love is another form of cyber bullying.

    What happened is unfair to the rest of us who love the blog. But as for Khanyi I wish u good luck with your future endeavours and I hope u reconsider your decision. I’m sad over this

  29. Khyanyi you are breaking my heart, please grow up and give us that apostle bae and ish, I feel it was unfair to criticise you like that especially since MIKEa buile hore you are n “upcoming writer”, abuti 37 and every1 here wants you back, well I failed to tell you this but your work made my church service way too long cos I wanted it out so that I can come n read, well sometimes I will scroll the phone in church, demons I tell you, please don’t leave baby please please! Remember I said please….

  30. Thanx khanyi…I always enjoyed your writing and respected your thoughts. The bravery to entertain a whole lot of people who cnt even entertain a creche if dey wanted to… Big ups girl…will miss you lots.. All the best MsK

  31. I am sorry Khanyi is leaving. I feel some of us haven’t learned that how you give criticism is key on whether you will build or destroy a person, and sadly some of the things that were said last Sunday were just to destroy. Also, the are a lot of people who are defending Khanyi today, but there was always very few people who stood up for her on the weekly comments, maybe if the negative and the positive comments were balanced or even the positive outweighed the negative she would have stayed longer, so please if you are a fan and have never said so before, now is not the time to rise hey. Even the way people are addressing the comments here shows that we really not learning about how harsh our words can be so it defies the purpose. Nobody is sitting down and asking themselves if they are being truly helpful, we are just criticizing each other nje. On Khanyi leaving, look, its sad that she was criticized to point leaving, I really wish it had not come to this, that being said, the criticism was necessary because it really was far fetched what was happening. The delivery was okay to a large extend, but you could just see that this is things someone imagined and really had not much to do with actual possible events, at least nothing i have seen anywhere. i am not sure that the intention was on Khanyi `s part as far as plot and ending, I am not sure how much of the story she based on reality, like I said, I have never experienced or witnessed such exagarrated things before, maybe she has, so thats that. But still I feel the story needed the criticism, its just the way the criticism was delivered that was problematic. It wasn’t so much about building her as it was just plain we don’t want you anymore. I hope we all learn from this. I am tempted to say please stay like the others, mara eish, I don’t want to commit myself to such as i don’t know how else to help her grow. I had tried commenting what i deemed helpful before but the last four chapters were just a bit too much hey… Sorry Khanyi. You did entertain me shame, once I made the decision to just see fiction…

  32. I really enjoyed growing up relevant maybe I don’t know anything about writing styles or whatever but it was a nice blog,umuntu omnyama refuses to build up omunye umuntu omnyama. we live in a sad messed up world,cc never ever give up on what you love because of people who probably don’t even have matric but yet are expects to how u were suppose to write your blog. I understand how you feel you are human after all,some people’s comments were so harsh it was like they were falling from trees…..u were doing us a favour by writing but some took it too far may God bless you haters are going to hate but it’s life nana never let people bring you down you should have continued with your blog with us few people who love your work its better to have a few real followers than a thousand fake people on that point us few would have been there for u #feeling sad

  33. I don’t always comment but when i do its for a real course. It is so heartbreaking to hear that you are leaving. I would have loved to see the end of this story. and yes i have read the comments on your blog and most of them were criticism. truth is we as readers except the story line to go as we want, but if that is how writers worked then trust me we would not be reading this blog in the first place. let me give you an example most of these readers are criticizing you due to the fact that hlengy does not take peoples advice and goes on to do whatever the hell she wants and now has to put up with the bulls*t that comes with an abusive man. but the truth is that is how most of us are living in lives, we have relatives who behave like that. we have relatives who ended up in abusive marriages the same way hlengy is going to. Maybe the way you bring out your story isn’t exactly appealing to most people. but who cares, it is not suppose to be appealing to everyone. some readers out here believe that Mike is a great writer and every story should be written like Mike’s. but its not like that all writers are different and just because Kanyi doesn’t bring out her story same way Mike does, does not mean she is not good. also if ya’ll believe she is not a good writer why are you reading in the first place. drop the book. It just pains me to know that we as readers have crushed another soul, crushed their dreams, and their self esteem. my advice to you. don’t let our criticism bring you down. Go spread your wings else where if you have to. you have the potential to become a great writer. i wish you all the best. and if there was anything i could do to make sure you stayed on this blog, i would do it. i really enjoyed your story. I am really sorry once again on behalf of anyone who contributed to your cuming to that decision. for now i will just say to my fellow reader, lets be more considerate and put others feelings first. before you spit out something nasty imagine how it would make you feel if you were the one in the writers position.

    Let us spread the movement

  34. And i am not saying Mike is not a good writer. he is brilliant i was just giving an exaple. we believe that everyone should write like Mike.

  35. Thanks Mike for the daily dose.

    It is indeed sad that we have been summed up into psychotic and brutal vultures that dish out insults to get our point across. Yet this is supposedly the ‘Intelligent’ group in society, that can not only access such platforms as this diary, but are able to read and understand what is written, interpret and learn from. The educated few who were lucky enough to have the set skills of commanding the English language, embracing its beauty in literature and advancing their knowledge through reading. Yet these people of high standard are the ones breaking the soul of a young girl who is trying to hold her own in an award winning blog.

    It’s usually women hating on other women, but if you are black and not oblivious to the norms in society, generally black people are just full of shit and they don’t want to see another black person succeed. Week after week that child took insults and she still delivered, two and sometimes 3 chapters. Week in and out you were drawn in to go and read this so called ‘weak’ person’s blog religiously….. and for what? A moment of spotlight to voice your negative and cruel remarks? How are we better than those bitter fucks that continuously judge and mock other black people who strive to legitimately make something out of themselves.

    I’m disgusted, saddened and angry on behalf of the followers of this revolutionary blog. I’m heartbroken on behalf of this young female writer who was not seeking such treatment but proper guidance and feed back in making her a force to be reckoned with. We have failed Khanyi, we have failed Diary of a Zulu Girl and I am ashamed.

    To the #TeamDOAZG, Mike, Thozama, Khanyi and Sfiso in the background, all your efforts are truly appreciated I hope your spirits are not affected by this immature and heinous treatment that Khanyi was subjected to. Khanyi I hope you remain resolute in your journey, I hope this makes you a better person and a better writer. You are gifted, no one can argue with that and I hope you take the lessons on the chin and you continue your development, you are being groomed by the best in the game after all.

    My humble apologies on behalf of those that are loyal, constructive and appreciative of the work you all do for us, for no fee, relentlessly.


  36. ok maybe i am saying irrelevant thing but all i want to say is that, Kanyi we are sorry and we want you you should to stay.

    Let us spread the movement

  37. I’m currently doing a multimedia course. Because of the comments, many websites have opt to disable the comments section. Although comments serve as a good feedback platform, when poorly used it can destroy a writer. I will suggest Mr Mike disable the comments section also.

    1. I feel that WE “silent readers” are the ones who let this madness escalate. I enjoyed reading GUR but for some reason I kept quiet when the insults came tumbling. For that I will always be ashamed because I am no different to those ‘monkeys’ who said hurtful things.

      Some say Hlengiwe was too naive. Yes she was, and she frustrates me. I wanted to throttle her every chapter. But that’s how good Khanyi’s words were. They got a reaction

  38. It is sad to hear that GUR is coming to a premature end, I was reading the diary just to see how other Christians live their lives.

    Khanyi I hope you take all the lemons thrown at you and make lemonade out of them. Don’t stop writing just keep on improving your writing skills.

    All the best ntomabazana!

  39. It is indeed sad how Khanyi has been broken down, no person deserves to be put down like that. I’m really sorry you had to endure that Khanyi.
    Having said that, I want to address a critical point I have picked up from the comments section, a point where some fans keep stressing that if you don’t like the story then stop reading. I don’t think that is a solution to help anyone grow, you don’t want to be a writer putting in so much effort and yet nobody reads your stories, then your efforts become futile. I feel that Concerned addressed a very crucial point of constructive criticism which should be key even throughout the comments between us readers we should keep exercising constructive criticism. I am one of the people that felt the story was just missing something and needed to be refined ito the storyline, although the diction and grammar were good. I feel that had I maybe been one of those that gave constructive criticism instead of just keeping quiet then maybe Khanyi would have kept improving and we wouldn’t be here today, so my silence didn’t help the situation either. It’s sad that it took this moment for fans to start showing appreciation, let this be a lesson to us all that our words can make or break someone and let’s choose to rather build someone, there’s a difference between being critical and being cruel. We don’t always have to be cruel to be kind!
    Khanyi I hope you can find it in your heart to overlook all the negative and harsh comments, find what it is that people were complaining about and work towards improving that. Do not let us demoralize you, if you really enjoy writing then keep at it. And always remember, in life you can never please everyone it is impossible. I sincerely wish you well.

  40. I honestly enjoyed Growing Up, i could relate to it.and i looked forward to each new chapter. im sorry Khanyi fo the rude comments from other readers ..

  41. I love Growing up. I never read comments on anything so I missed the horrible comments. I read for leisure so I don’t look for spelling mistakes or how real it is. I just read and enjoy it. This is heartbreaking especially since the blog is free and no one owes us anything. If you don’t like it, you stop reading. I would appreciate it if Khanyi could email me so I can send her a gift of gratitude. Remember a candle won’t switch off just because it lit another. To the nasty lady: You are loved. Just because no one shows you love doesn’t mean you are not loved. Show love to others so that more love shows up.

  42. Sorry Khanyi. I, like most people here, enjoyed the story. The problem was us, the silent readers. I guess we should have been more appreciative of your work as to balance out the criticism. I too want to be a writer but i haven’t yet summed up the courage to do it. I truly hope that you change your mind. And i hope that the story will receive the credit it deserves.

  43. I’m sorry that things had to end this way but I think most of us did enjoy growing up and its sad that its coming to an end you are a brilliant writer Khanyi don’t let people tell you otherwise good luck sisi and I hope you’ll change your mind.

  44. Iyooo…..things got deep neh. I’m a writer and all these diaries have literature flaws. I keep reading them because I love the story line and I’m willing to look past the grammar errors and the likes. I never enjoyed GUR and I stopped reading it simple as that. I don’t know why humans believe in tearing each other down, if you buy a soft drink and you don’t enjoy it you probably won’t buy it again. I don’t see people marching to breweries hollering insults and demand the product be stopped. We have no problem doing it to other fellow human beings. This beautiful forum will soon be no different to cyber bullying. I stand to be corrected but last time I checked most of these writers are not professionals nor have any formal training. But for people with none they are doing very well and have been keeping us entertained. Most of us here are educated and working so we should all be aware of the concept “constructive criticism” . That shows you have interest in seeing the product and the person grow to greater hights. I would also like to applaud those who stood up for Khanyi, in the spirit of togetherness. Mme yo o rileng Khanyi is WEAK have you had a chat with her maybe? For you to come to this conclusion? Ignorance is not bliss. Lastly Khanyi my dear follow your gut feeling……you will never please everybody. You can take some time off to regroup and come out stronger if you want to stop writing le gone it’s still your decision but don’t let it be by someone else’s dictation.

  45. Akobe n’yabonake lento yento yenu yok’zenza ochwepheshe ek’bhaleni usedubileke omunye umntwana hade Khanyi

  46. I really enjoyed growing up it was very fun it might have been imperfect bt dats what made me love it more .da craziness of dat diary really complemented Mike ‘s perfect writing a bit of sharing letsoalo kinda vibe please continue evn if is nt on dis blog I would like 2 read ur diary on facebook maybe thanks 4 da Sunday laughs

  47. sometimes silence z nt golden. bheka manje umntana bantu sekadabukile sorry 4being a silent reader but I rrally enjoyed hlengiwe and her stupidity. #comebackkhanyi

  48. Hey Khanyi
    I am a silent reader, I have been silently cheering you on:-). I hope you don’t stop writing. Keep your head high Hun and never let people with terrible standards of knowledge get to you. I believe you took the criticism that helped and used it because your story was improving compared to how you started it, so it’s not even that you can’t take constructive criticism but that there just terrible people who have no idea what it means to be good and the sad part is that they pride themselves in this. Writers mature the more they write- Keep writing, do not stop writing because they don’t like your story, it’s your story to tell, tell it, I promise you someone- many people in fact- are interested. You will be doing yourself and others a terrible injustice if you stop
    writing. A gift is meant to be shared, and you have an awesome gift.
    You are not weak, if you were you would not have carried on writing this long. Anything that doesn’t build you up is a lie, and a direct reflection of the very people who wrote those comments. Weak people see weak people. You know you’re not weak or stupid or any of these things they say you are. Don’t even give them any more of you time by thinking about what they say you are, your time is too precious for such rudeness.
    I say take what builds you as a writer and discard whatever else as nonsense!
    Ungadinwa ntombazana! #Much Love

  49. I am sorry 2 here dat kanti is living cos I truly enjoyed growing up it showed de realities of trying 2 urself n pressure u bring apon urself of trying 2 b bet a n loyal 2 ones self

  50. ncncnc, cyber bullies…..& these are most probably people who would not be able to string together a single paragraph of an interesting read…..I apologise about this Khayi, but dont stop writting dear, nobody was born perfect at anything, writtig included…just find you a different platform….peeps on this blog have become way too entitled, like its their birth right to receive this blog smh

  51. Hi Khanyi
    I don’t usually comment but please don’t let the negative forces break you, I’m enjoying your story and my sister is (a born again Christian and studied to become a Priest)to cut the long story short is the corruption out there is shocking { bofebe ko kerekeng} messages from Pastor and some of the
    brothers) please continue….

  52. I don’t usually like commenting,but don’t do that to me Khanyi I love your story so much look forward to it every Sunday…

    forget these stupid h*gs they can’t even write a poem

  53. I am also an embarrassed silent reader. I am just always too lazy to type, even on mikes work. I didn’t always relate to hlehle, but I am a struggling christian and got where you were coming from. I personally haven’t loved all of mikes books but that did not make him a bad writer. I love your amateur manner of delivery (no pun intended) because it sounded raw and real as opposed to well thought of and carefully constructed. I am sorry for what you experienced from people who claim education and behave like hooligans. I hope you can find encouragement in all the comments and allow this part of your life to build you not only as a writer but as a person. I loved growing up. I hope you stay.
    Ps. People who hate it are the very girls who act like hlehle and will have the same senselessness all in the name of getting married. I know this because I also hated YES when it started as I felt Mike was trying to write about me and my struggles

  54. Mike please may Khanyi share her writings with those that want it and are willing to even pay for it.I am one such person.I eagerly looked forward to Sunday readings because her writing is not predictable and was roar.
    I can only guess her negative critics either don’t want to know the truth or it is too hard to swallow such happenings.I know for a fact Hlengiwe’s character is pieces of reality because this world is rough and a lot of hidden things happen.Khanyi was and is talented and brave enough to share the truth.

    I am really sorry I never stood up for Khanyi when she was being cyber bullied extensively in the past few weeks.

    I really am begging to continue getting a dose of Growing Up Relevant…..I am pleading with Mike and Khanyi for continuing even if it is a paid for platform that has no comments section.

    KHANYI YOU ARE TALENTED…..I appreciate your work…always have…please may I see the story of GUR to the end not a premature ending

  55. I salutes you Mike you have a big heart shem May God bless you even more…People are so cruel out there just reading one charpter and boom they are criticizing as if they paid for it, I for one looking forward to this new blog (Blessers/Blessee) coz nowadays everyone is talking about it those blessee are not even shamed to say#lovemustfall…As for Khanyi Im really sorry you had to go through such experience but hey please never give up you are so talented Growing Up Relevent was amazing I enjoyed every charpter..
    Mumu Im with you, Miss editor herself sunday is all hers #Bringthefire….cant wait to see how strong you are since ubona aba weak

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