Blessed Chapter Seven

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*please note, anything written in ITALICS is meant to be a flashback

*Flashback is when a character remembers in detail a scene or conversation that happened in the past in a manner that they are living the scene in their memory.


What is the right blowjob? He was right that I had grazed him with my teeth once when I gave him one the first time but it was not my fault but his. He had insisted on holding my head down and in the process my gag reflex kicked in, I jerked my head and I bit him. I swear I thought I had bitten it off the way he jumped up like a little baby. Interestingly enough though is that even though he was angry at me he did not swear or hit me! Did I just use the word hit in such a light manner? Well I am from Pretoria and if you are a Pretoria girl born and raised you know at least one person who either hits their girl or has been hit by the men who claims to love them! That’s a true story! I remember after the embarrassment of having bitten him I went to google the right technique. I had tried it on Neo and he liked it so it worked.

“I did apologize for that incident baby come on! You can’t keep bringing it up! It makes me uncomfortable!”

I said trying to calm him down. He really did seem on edge which made it more plausible that he was stressed about something. I undid his belt there on the backseat of his car and pulled out his thing. He was actually quite gifted down there. He made himself comfortable.

“Please make sure no one is passing! If someone comes tell me!”

I told him. He said he would tell me. I was so uncomfortable. There are girls who say they are disgusted by giving oral sex and I am not one of them. For me somehow it’s better, faster and more convenient than sex. Sex for me is a labor of love. You have taken off your clothes in front of someone and they have to take off theirs too. You have to go through all those emotions that come with it such as how he sees whether or not you have gained a little more wait or if that toning you have been doing at the gym has worked. You have to shave or else you will be self-conscious etc. It’s just a whole lot of work. Blowjob it’s him lowering his zip and jerking him off with your mouth. He is not sticking it inside you like during sex were if you not wet enough he will hurt you or if you in the wrong position he will hurt you. There has to be a balance to all this madness.

“Ah that feels so good!”

He said when my mouth enveloped him. I liked this guy because he was super clean! I swear he did not even have a hint of an odor on him and it was always like this. How did rich people bath that was so different to us?

“Use your tongue a bit too!”

He instructed as I was down there. I was totally not into this as I was so nervous but I knew how to make him cum quickly from my research. I felt evil; I had an old man’s dick in my mouth, the same mouth that was going to kiss my loving boyfriend Neo. I had taken what I had learned from Neo to go satisfy another man. All these emotions made me feel selfish and low. In my head I could see people passing the car and it would take just one person to turn and look closely to see what I was doing. He seemed to like the idea of being caught.

“Tell me when you are about to cum so that you don’t cum in my mouth!”

I instructed him.

“And where am I supposed to cum?”

He asked me incredulously.

“Anywhere but not in my mouth!”

I warned but he did not reply. Instead as I could feel him heightening up to a climax I tried to pull back but he held my head in place. He squirted in my mouth and I heard him say,

“Don’t you dare spit? Swallow!”

He said. It happened so fast and that was the first time I swallowed a man! I was so angry and disgusted by it all that literally as soon as he let me go I stood up, opened the door and walked out! I walked away! This was bullshit! I had told him not to do that and the man had totally disregarded my wishes. There was no one outside thank heavens to see my tears well up as I entered res! He can punish me in whatever way I simply did not care. My phone was ringing in my hand as he tried to call me!

I picked up.

“You can’t just walk away like that!”

He said in what I was not sure whether it was anger or concern.

“I just did! I asked you not to do this and you did! Am I just a slut to you! I have feelings and emotions! I meant it!”

I told him. He was stunned that I could fight back and said,

“I am sorry! Your only other option would have been to spit which would have been either in my car, on my suit just before a meeting at that or outside. Outside would have risked someone seeing you do it and you specifically said you did not want anyone seeing”

He explained.

“Are you for real right now?”

I asked him.

“Please come back!”

He asked me but I was hearing none of it.

“Go away! You made me feel so dirty!”

I said and I hung up and switched off my phone immediately. I was so angry at him. I should have known he would pull such a stunt but I had to make my stand somehow.

I bumped into Khanyi at my door. She was carrying pizza which I assume was for both of us!

“Where have you been dude? I came looking for you earlier?”

She was looking fresh as though she had not been drunk with me yesterday. The aroma of the pizza was so nice but I actually felt like vomiting.

“Give me a second!”

I told her as I went to the bathroom to rinse my mouth…thoroughly. I then went to my room where I had left her, took my toothbrush and went back again to brush and rinse a second time. Only when I came back did I respond.

“You would not believe who was here!”

I told her.


“What did he want?”

She asked me excited. For some reason this whole thing excited her because every time we spoke about it she would get very happy. I explained what had happened and how things had turned out. She just stared at me and then burst out laughing.

“Aowa, no my friend you are being dramatic! You are angry that he came? Is that it? Come on now! It took you five minutes to make him cum and how much have you gained in return? Even your phone alone is worth more than five minutes!”

She said laughing at me. Did this girl ever take anything seriously though? I was telling her how disrespected I had felt but she was not taking it seriously. To her it was me playing hard to get or difficult as she often puts it.

“Khanyi, no one ejaculates in my mouth! It’s disgusting!”

I told her!

“They say it’s healthy! They can even cum on my face if I could just not to buy skin products!”

She teased me! I have read that theory in many articles before but I was not about that life!

“You need to call him back because wherever he is I am sure he is fuming!”

She warned.

“Why should I call him? He does not respect me!”

I protested to her!

“Do you want to go to Dubai or not friend because definitely I want to go so don’t spoil this for us!”

She said making her voice stern!

“To you it’s all about Dubai! I didn’t sign up for this to be treated like I am a prostitute!”

I told her so frustrated at her.

“Ok fine I am sorry. It’s you who said that you don’t want him to be your man. I seem to recall him asking you out properly and you telling him that you can have a thing on the side but your boyfriend comes first! Do you remember that?”

She said fighting back. Yes I had said that. You know at the beginning of any and every relationship a girl has so much power over the guy. This is when he still wants to get you and wanting to get as much of you as possible. Something happens though over time that changes men from being these charming over attentive beings to possessive lying controlling bastards! Every single woman can tell you this woman because if we have ever dated you saw a man change on you! He was no different. At the beginning he was gentle and let me get away with things. I remember when I called him to thank him for the phone. I did not have the right sim card even so the irony was I used my old phone.

‘Thank you for the phone sir! I love it! What is it for?”

I asked him as soon as he called.

“You said you were having phone problems and I happened to have a spare phone lying around!”

He said calmly.

“This phone is brand new though!”

I laughed still shocked that somebody could buy someone a gift so expensive.

“Oh well, it’s yours now, you can do whatever you want with it!”

He said laughing back. He was very sweet and gentle and it sounded so naughty and sexy at the same time.

“… Sir what’s your wife going to say when she finds this bill on your statement? I don’t want someone coming to burn down my residence looking for me!”

I asked sneakily and trying to make it sound funny.

“Mmmm… Good question, what’s your boyfriend going to say when you send him clear pictures he is not used to getting because of the quality of phone you are now using?”

I had not thought of it that way which made me laugh nervously. He was right, what was Neo going to say!

“I don’t know yet. I will tell him it’s from my mother I guess I don’t know!”

I responded.

“I won’t ask you to get rid of your boyfriend. I won’t even ask about him. You are allowed to keep him. You don’t ask about my wife because she is not your concern ok!”

He instructed me in a non-controlling voice. There was something reassuring about the way he said it though!

“Ok that’s fair, please don’t take offense, I love my boyfriend and the day you cross that line I will walk away! He is a no go area if you and I are going to whatever this thing is!”

I told him putting my serious voice on.

“You the boss!”

He said and hung up. I was in trouble. Looking at my IPhone I was in trouble. Wow, it was beautiful and expensive! Now what do I tell my mom I wondered.

“Have you ever had someone cum in your mouth though? It’s not nice!”

I told her frustrated.

“Nope but I am sure I would do it if I have to. It’s not like it’s going to make me sick and half these girls you see with boyfriends do it anyway!”

She responded. Khanyi was a big talker and actually a bad influence. I knew this but for some reason she had become my closest friend. These are the friends your parents warn you about but you don’t listen.

My phone pinged and I had a WhatsApp message from Neo. He was sending me an image!

I downloaded the image.

It was a picture of me walking out of Sam’s car!

“Care to explain this?”

Like what the fuck now!

Who took this picture? I was so scared!

*******The End*********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Dear Mike

I hope this finds you on time because I really need help ASAP. I am in a very tough situation and I really don’t know what to do. I feel like this is my only option. I have a friend, (lets call her Betty and her boyfriend Tom) to be honest she is a great person, has a good heart and has gone through a lot of things yet she is still going strong. Only problem is that she honestly doesn’t have an eye to spot good character. Starting from her (Pontso character) best friend to boyfriend I honestly don’t know what to do. To cut the long story short, Betty’s boyfriend “Tom” (is my boyfriend’s cousin). He started seeing another girl 8 months after being with Betty. He told my boyfriend that he is actually in love with the other girl and doesn’t know what to do since there’s Betty. My boyfriend advised Tom to figure out what he wants then go for 1 girl since having both will cost him. Tom confessed about the girl to Betty not because he had decided to, but because weeks later I asked my boyfriend to tell Betty because I honestly had no courage to and I saw it better for him to tell her since he knows more than I do. After gathering everything, she confronted Tom who told her everything and that he is in love with the girl. However, they decided to “work things out”and “try again”. After reconciling with Tom she then told me that my boyfriend should mind his own business and she finds it better for her not to have even known about Tom and the other girl. 6 months later after the reconciliation, last night my boyfriend told me that Tom’s little brother told him that Tom never broke up with the other girl. In fact they seem to be going stronger than ever as she is always at his house and the little brother even goes to the girlfriend’s house. Tom is forever telling Betty how busy he is, Betty even pays for some of the stuff he needs. My friend is simply being taken advantage of. I have also tried a million times to show her that her boyfriend is bad for her. He sets out dates to go out and then drops her out in last minutes. Forgets their anniversary but remembers his and the other girl not to mention the little time he spends with Better; its just sad. All the signs are there that he is still cheating and not good for her but I don’t know why she keeps doing this. When she is not around Tom tells everyone that has ears on how single he is and flirts with every girl. I am honestly hurt on how I am watching my friend being made a fool and do nothing about it cause she won’t believe me. Do I keep quiet and let her see for herself what type of a person her boyfriend is or do I just tell her, loose her and make all cousins fight? Please help me.


17 thoughts on “Blessed Chapter Seven

  1. Your friend is being taken for a ride. I understand why you would want to save her. BUT you can’t make her see what you see for her eyes are not ready to see it or she just plain out don’t wanna see it & either of those is no business of yours. When the time is right FOR HER. Could be too late she will see & know better but most importantly decide for herself. All you need to do as a friend be there for her & accept her decisions you might not agree with them but its not about you. Let her walk her journey.

  2. Hi worried, if i were you. i would buy new sim card. when the guy is with the other girl sms Betty to go to the house so that she can see for herself. act as the guy, in that case you wont lose your friend.

  3. Thanks Mike, wonderful

    Let Betty be, do not get involved anymore as she has clearly stated that she wants noone interfering, that might cause conflict between you and ur bf as well. I really find it annoying when people are foolishly in love, but what I learnt is that until she realises that he doesn’t love her, cry all the tears in the world, break up with him only to find herself in bed with him a week later (and this becomes a cycle), until she gets fed up; realises her worth, then she can walk away

  4. Mm mm. As for Blessed well those things come at a price. I would only respect a Blessee who uses her money for investments and property but for a phone haibo! I’m using my iphone5s and it has been long ago replaced with the iphone6. I could only imagine using my phone and thinking about how I got it and then having to blow some old guy to get a new phone which will probably be outdated by next year anyway. What about those who blew guys for Blackberries? Instead of going to Dubai to go lay by the pool I would go to meet business people or at least shop to resell. What is the point of being a Blessee when you know it’s a temporary situation on top of that you are basically sexually assaulted? As for Worried, your friend has a lot of growing up to do. I don’t understand people who want to be in ignorant bliss but as for my friends , I tell them and they figure it out in their own. If they get mad at me, they can’t say I didn’t warn just as much as I would want to be warned because I would like to play it smart in relationships that to be foolishly discarded by surprise or even worse, contracting HIV or an STI.Even if I don’t leave the relationship straight away I can strategies knowing the truth about my partner.

  5. Bhutie Mike thanks for keeping us entatained.
    This chapter had actually made me feel guilty.
    And as for Palesa and Neo scenario i so relate, that’s how I lost my loving college lover for a sugar daddy who actually left me few months later.
    Dear friend
    Tell your friend what’s going on that’s the only justice you could do to a friendship you value. How she reacts its up to her, wena u would have done your part as a loving friend.

  6. Worried sis she won’t believe you but hate you for life, I have been through the same situation with my friend of about 10yesrs!

  7. Thanks Mikeesto, that blesser is feeling BAWSO after that and I understand 

    Worried, You see day ones, I’m talking real day ones not these fakes that you meet and think you’ve been friends forever, real homies will hold you down no matter what because they have your best interest at heart. My homies know, if you see my boo with another man, you become me at that moment and take whatever action I would take, that’s what friends do. If silence would’ve been my action, you come to me and tell me in her presence what you witnessed, no place to hide for that cheat.

    Now you can’t call everyone day ones, and even within that crew, some people will be honest and proud about rather not knowing coz they wouldn’t handle such. You need to decide if ousi Betty ke day one ya gago coz if she aint, then she aint worth the worry at all. If she is though, as dumb as she is, you need to actually force her to see this guy for who he is. If she still chooses him after your efforts, you need to ask yourself if you really want to keep such useless human beings close to you.

    “You can show people your fortune but you can’t make them think rich” Nas


  8. Worried
    As a friend tell her what you know if she decides not to believe you or chooses not to talk to you anymore, she can sommer voetsek!

  9. I think the best way is to set him up for her to catch the boyfriend on the act so that he won’t deny. I know it would hurt your friend but unfortunately abanye abantu bakholwa ngokubona.

  10. Thank you bhut Mike….mmmhhhh this prostitution business is yaakk hey…but alas!!!

    Worried : A true friend to you will NOT think that because you are telling her the truth you are trying to sabotage her. I have a best friend who dated a no good for nothing guy and he used to abuse her, and for the life of me I could not fathom what it is she loves about this guy… We used to fight alot about that to a point where I did not want to talk to her where her relationship is concerned and that was that…. She eventually dumped him though much to my releif *sigh

    What I’m trying to tell you is , me and her are honest with each other…bitter as it may…we still tell each other the truth. She can twll me straight up ba ” Chomi, what are you wearing?” “You are NOT going out with me wearing that?” And I will change my outfit… Why? I want a friend that will rather hurt me with the truth than protect me with lie…. I say talk to your friend…do your bit in trying to make her see what she has gotten herself into…. If she doesnt like that, then you will need to ask yourself what kind of friends do you want to keep in your circle???

    All the best


  11. I am almost in the same situation as Palesa. This other man is at my rented flat almost everyday, we drive to and from work together too since we stay in the same suburb. This week since he is out of town, he left one of his cars for me to move around freely.I have a boyfriend, that I love… But it’s confusing guys, the man is unhappy in his marriage . I haven’t sleep with him, I guess coz it’s still new. But in all honestly I don’t want to sleep with him. Recently he transferred a large sum into my account, I am planning on using it to buy an apartment and deposit for my car. Although he insists he will buy the car. I don’t know anymore

  12. I find girls that have blessers weak and attention seeking. You can’t be complaining about cum when he’s taking you to Dubai. You’re nothing but a glorified prostitute, which is quite disgusting.

  13. I find girls that have blessers weak and attention seeking. You can’t be complaining about cum when he’s taking you to Dubai. You’re nothing but a glorified prostitute, which is quite disgusting.

    We shouldn’t be entertaining this blesser business

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