Blessed Chapter Eleven

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*please note, anything written in ITALICS is meant to be a flashback

*Flashback is when a character remembers in detail a scene or conversation that happened in the past in a manner that they are living the scene in their memory.


“Why did you hang up?”

He asked me as he walked in, in a rush. He went to his room and took what I think was his spare keys.

“Where is the food?”

I responded.

“I am coming, i did not lock the car!”

he said and walked out again.

My mother has this annoying thing of sending you to do something without giving you the full information. She does it all the time. Now I had to call my sister who I know was not going with mums plans.

“Hey! How you?”

I asked her when she picked up.

“Oh how is Dubai? Are you there yet?”

She asked me. She was teasing me.

“Really! Come on cut me some slack!”

I told her.

“I am cutting you some slack but I was reading up on foreign girls who go to countries they don’t know. Some end up being sold as sex slaves or for medicine!”

She said and definitely that was not funny.

“You are trying to scare me! Dubai is an international country that everyone goes to!”

I reminded her.

“How ignorant are you? It’s also a country that has women locked up in harems and oppresses women! You think you are safe because you see girls on Instagram and it’s just as racist as here if not more!”

I was not going to entertain this child.

“Mum says I must help you with your application things! Why can’t you do it yourself if you are so smart?”

I asked her. I was already annoyed at her hence the aggression. I hate when people judge my actions when I don’t judge theirs! I don’t involve myself in people’s problems because I don’t want them involving themselves in mine.

“Trust me dude with the way you are so ignorant about the facts of like I would have done it myself had mum not insisted it had to be!”

He banna!

“That is so disrespectful!”

I told her!

“If you want my respect you have to earn it. It’s as simple as that. If you make stupid decisions then I will treat you with the stupidity you deserve! How am I supposed to look up to you if you just another statistic! Sies! Respect yourself!”

She said to me! I am the first to say that these kids of today have no respect! She was my younger sister but was talking to me like I was a child! If I was at home I swear I would have beaten her up like she stole something! Make no mistake about it I can’t be disrespected by a child like this even if she was my own sister!

“I am not going to have this argument with you!”

I told her!

“I want to submit these papers tomorrow so tell me what you want to study or I will sign you up for philosophy and politics and let’s see where that takes you!”

I threatened her.

“Don’t bother! Use that money mommy sent to buy condoms and buy an HIV Test kit! I have money saved up, I will apply for myself!”

She said and hung up before I could even respond. She was angry at me because I was going to Dubai? Why would she be angry because I was not doing it on her dime nor was I using her body to do so! I must say I was also surprised at how she spoken to me because my sister and I as siblings have our differences but she had never spoken to me like this before! Ever! What was going on mara?

“Honey I am back!”

Neo shouted when he entered. He was in a good mood as usual. Nothing ever seemed to get him down.

“Finally babe you took forever!”

I told him.

“First it was the pizza, there was a line but don’t despair! It’s hot and gooey just the way you like it! And now when I went back I had not locked because my key is acting funny. i think it needs a new battery!”

That’s what he called the extra cheese I always ask for. Come to think of it, the difference between a blesser and a boyfriend is that it is actually the blesser that has fewer demands. If he met you fat he will like you fat not ask for more than you can offer!

“Thank you baby!”

“Where does all that food go though? I mean you such a small person but the amount you eat!”

Here we go. Neo was obsessed about my eating habits. He was that clean living kind of guy and worried about health and rubbish like that. When you are young as far as I am concerned is when you should experience the true joy of food! Only when the diabetes kicks in when you are old should you then suffer all that not sooner.

“Come on love. Are we really going there? I will go to gym after this ok!”

I teased him. He brushed it off and decided not to lecture me. I was still quite disturbed by that conversation with my sister.

“I need to wash my hands!”

He said as he went to the bathroom. A sms came in on my phone which was on silent. It’s not a myth, when people are doing things they should not be doing the first that goes off are the phones when you are with your partner.

“I was serious about coming to Dubai! What do you think?”

It was from Sam! Was it that blowjob that had been so magical? He never calls or contacts me this much in a day! Something had truly gotten him excited! I don’t know why I didn’t think about it, a man would only be willing to pay for a friend of yours in a trip if there is something in it for him. When we first discussed Dubai it had come as a joke. It was not something I had planned as I had just met him. We had just come from dinner and were sitting outside my residence! You know it’s funny, if you come to campus and see some other cars that visit girls at res you would think you are at a business convention. Rich men love university girls and university girls love their money! We exploit each other so to speak but when the government says these men are perverts we wonder why they treat us like we are invisible and were not part of the decision!

“Do you really have to go?”

He asked me.

“Yes I do. I am writing tomorrow and you promised me that my school should always come first!”

I reminded him of his promise. He seemed to be very big on academics as he was well educated himself. He took the keys out of the car ignition!

“I know I did but now I change my mind! I am going to sleep here then! I will just get my work at the back and sit here all night. When you are done just come downstairs and say hi!”

He said. Because he was older I was not sure whether he was joking or just being difficult.

“You said school first!”

I said sternly. I was not going to let him win this one. Obviously he knew he was not sleeping here!

“Yes I did. I told you there is nothing more insulting that trying to understand a woman who speaks dumb!”

He said. Wow the arrogance of this man though!

“What is speaking dumb?”

I asked him hoping this would shift his mind from me sleeping over at some hotel.

“I just want someone who has read books. You see a lot of women when they start working don’t even know that the world has not stopped. The economics you did two years ago when you graduated is no longer the same economics today. When you tell her that she needs to upgrade she will tell you that you are being sexist and chauvinistic yet she wonders why when she goes for a new interview they don’t give her the job!”

After saying that I was not sure whether he was being sexist or not! Why was he saying just women? Was he suggesting that when people start working men read more? That’s bullshit.

“So do you think students know more?”

I asked him.

“Well they are more ambitious but why are we even discussing this! Let’s go pick up your books then and you can study in a hotel!”

He said trying to convince me!

“Well if it was a hotel in Dubai I might consider but alas for you sir, it’s in Jhb!”

I said teasing him.

“So you are holding out because you have never been out of the country!”

Ouch! It sounded so shallow like something I had said to soon and worse I had not thought that far. Dubai? Everyone goes to Dubai, even Bonang has been to Dubai. I think it’s because of her that Dubai even became a thing. He mentioned it so let’s see where this is going.

“I am not holding out.”

I said laughing.

“I just don’t think that you can make demands if you not delivering on your side. I am a student who has never seen the world. You are an accomplished gentleman who has seen everything and you keep mentioning just how much I need to open my mind. How do I do that if you keep me in the dark?”

I asked him. I don’t think he had meant it that way when this conversation started but now it was here.

“Well I am not the type to sell you dreams! If there is something you want you must say, don’t make me guess!”

He said a bit defensive. I think he felt I was accusing him for me being backward according to him.

“I am not one of those low expectations girls whose greatest thrill is to go to clubs so that men can buy those bottles of Moet. I have more class than that!”

That is an easy line to use because the thought of me doing things for alcohol disgusts me to the core!

“I want to learn something and knowing how much I can drink and piss is not a lesson. It’s something I can do with savannah at home!”

I said and he found it funny and laughed.

“I am sorry I misjudged you! You are going to Dubai!”

He announced suddenly. It was funny and shocking at the same time because it felt like a joke. Do people really have that kind of money to go to countries like Dubai for the fun of it?

“No its fine, I am sure it will cost you a fortune!”

I told him. I know I wanted to go but that’s not how I had planned it all. I have never even been on a plane for more than two hours so this was actually something I wanted!

‘No it’s not expensive. I am certain you can get a return trip under 15 000. You can even take that creepy friend of yours that is always following you around!”

He said meaning Khanyi. He had never liked her for some reason and he always made dissing comments about her! I guess I liked it that way because it meant I did not have to be jealous of her!

And just like that, I was going to Dubai.

“Baby, your mind is far away! What’s on your mind?”

Neo said snatching me from out of my thoughts!

*********The End********

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto (fb)

Hi Mike
Please post this in Y.S.E or blessed.
This might be a silly question but I’m really worried so here goes…I’m 22 year old women, I’ve recently met this guy I like him we are both students. The issue is that he’s foreign and his manhood is very big I’m used to it now but my only concern is that what will happen when we’ve broken up, will i now be left with a loose Vagina in such a way that it would be an issue if I date a guy who has a normal size?
What I’ve read is that the vagina contracts to its normal size over time and it has no lasting stretching from a large penis but I want to hear your opinions and experiences especially experiences.
Thank you

17 thoughts on “Blessed Chapter Eleven

  1. Thanks for the dose Mike thou I feel u robbed us there. Ku last insert Neo walked it on Her while she was talking to Sam…
    Now here she went on to call her sister before Neo came in….. So unfair u played us.

    1. I am sorry about that had to go back and fix it. Thank you. Funny enough that key sequence had given me a new storyline. Thank you

    2. he came in rushing fro the spare keys to go and lock the car,that’s when she was on the phone with Sam,he then came back after locking the car and explained that the key was acting up. I think he came in twice.

  2. yes Neo walked in wen she was no da fone wit Sam bt he went 2 da bedrum 2 get spare keys dat went out again 2 lock da car en gate dats wen she had da oportunity 2 col her sista.Worried u dnt hav 2 wory itd gona go bak 2 normal just lyk it does after givin birth 2 a baby en if it duznt there r alwayz excersises

  3. Dear Worried
    our vagina goes back to its absolutely perfect size, just like women who give birth. if that were the case then imagine after birth your vagina being as big as your baby’s head. my point it vaginas can stretch to up to 30 cm and go back to its perfect size but what happens though is you get used to having sex with the big manhood. you dont feel the small ones anymore like they just do not do it for you anymore. like from my experience i just enjoy that tightness. hehe.

    Mike you really robbed us..

    1. I have corrected the error and it’s true I had robbed you. I don’t know how I missed it. Thank you and my apologies

  4. Thanks Mikeesto, Neo getting played badly shem.

    I’m just Worried about you worrying over stuff that might be a worry when you break up with your current bf….. I mean like, I be making plans on making sure me and bae don’t split ever, and bae be worrying over future mrengerenges or lack thereof, fitting perfectly for her punani…… Weird worries these seem to me 🙂


  5. dont worry girl, your vagina will be fine. If that was the case, we would all be only children. Do kegel exrcises everyday. these strengthen vagina muscles. I worry about people like Blessed. Surely this is why we need to make sure our children will have travelled a bit when they go to college as Dubai is a fancy city yes but I think only seasoned blessees know how to handle themselves in such a relationship. the rookie blessees might be in trouble.

  6. Thanks Mike. I must agree with Jackzorro why concentrate on the break up instead of building the relationship. in case you don’t have anything to worry about. I gave birth to two kids and am still fine

  7. Haha, Blesser Ntate Sam just called Khanyi creepy. I laughed. He definitely doesn’t want her. Kikiki.

    Mike, you remember how beautifully you portrayed Nelise. Please give us a sneak on Palesa’s looks also. It’s easier to kinda put a face to the name, even if it’s just an imaginary.

  8. Ngyamzwela u-Neo Lana lengane encane ikhuluma iqiniso kulowakubo = cc ds BF yakho wit a huge 4 5 well ngikengizwe nje kthiwa iyabuya iqiniso soze wafana nayike kodwa intenhle either uyahlukana naye noma cha bt once u find a new man kwimpilo yakho if ik’thanda ngempela 100% if lukhona uthando ulfika lapho ngeke yak’shiyela ukuthy yo vijay’jay isiyimbolo nje cos uyazi wen usemathandweni eqiniso konke kuba kuhle inkinga isiyosala kuwe that’s another question you have to ask your self uyokwazi yini ukumelana with a normal Penis

  9. Worried I have an average penis I hope n sleep with three chicks now n they have other guys also,for me it’s true vigina goes back cause for example today I’m with girl A n she is tight tomorrow with girl B n it’s normal next day girl C it’s loose.When I rotate them again now girl A it’s loose maybe fucked a foreigner n next day girl B it’s tight maybe I fetch girl C after couple days then now she I normal lol.Ai so I think it’s all from different fuck mates n how many day u let the pussy rest.Again some ladies they just have tight pussy as I was fuckn one at Royal prostitute,they say some partners they just compatible down there n I agree. And some vaginas they forget to go back to the original size too tired 😴 lol.

    PS apparently ice make the pussy tight 😁

  10. worried… if a woman can push out a baby and still manage to go back to its original size, then what is a dick compared to a baby

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