Realities 130

I get it that as a police man who is worth his salt you have to have that gut instinct thing that tells you which suspects to consider. We see it on TV so that’s where I get my theory. Police are the unhappiest people in South Africa and what’s scary is that they carry guns. If you have an uncle or even and aunt, brother or sister, friend or just a neighbour, look at their faces and see how serious they are. When they smile, which is rare, it’s like you are forcing them. With their friends, who more often than not are also cops, they are happy but with everyone else, even at family functions they still have that ‘I am on duty face’! Detective Seepe had come to the hospital not to support me because my husband had been found but to monitor his suspect. It’s a good thing I had a lot of witnesses for where I have been you know because this could have been a disaster.

“I am a doctor detective and I have been that for 15 years. I have seen worse. This is my husband and if I fall apart now he will not survive. I know this because with the thousands of patients I have treated, it was often the ones we had with irrational spouses that jumped on the bed to hug their partners that caused further complications.”

I took out my card and handed it to him as I said this. He seemed confused because yes he had already concluded that I had something to do with it but now the fact that I was a doctor was throwing him off that conclusion.

“I am sorry I had to ask!”

He said to me.

“Go find who did this and bring him to justice. If you don’t find him you know my father will find him and you know what will happen next right?”

I asked him. I then turned around to the doctor.

“Doctor what medications are you giving him?”

I asked him. I could not even hold Sizwe’s hands because they were swollen and did not know where to put my hands on him because the swelling made him look bloated. I wanted to show affection but as a doctor I knew not to touch him in this state. The detective would never understand that and to him not jumping and wailing like I am in a Nigerian movie when someone dies made his case for him.

“I am sorry Doc I didn’t realize you were one of us…”

He said and he stopped the baby explanations and started using medical terms. He was giving him what I would have given him but we needed an internal medicine specialist and guess what, I had one sitting outside with my brother.

“Are you serious?”

He asked me when I said this. The one they had for the hospital was not on call and would only come in tomorrow!

“Yes I am!”

I told him. Maybe this was fate after all that Zethu had happened to be here. Imagine knowing that you had someone who could help but she was 300 km away.

“We are here for a funeral and my sister in law is a specialist. I will call her now!”

I told him. A lot of people might not know this but medicine has a lot of specialties and most doctors just know the basics on everything. I called Zethu and she came with me.

“Doctor! It’s a good thing you are here, he has a lot of swelling inside and we need you to check on him!”

The good thing about Mediclinic is that it has a lot of equipment. In a government hospital we will have struggled. She was given a nurse to work with and asked me to go outside. I know, it’s what we do to hospital visitors but me being a doctor too one would expect me to stay. It was because too many hands can cause confusion and Zethu often liked working alone. It gave me a chance to go brief my family outside.

“Mum how is he?”

Lintle said standing up. She came to me as soon as I came out alone. Nelisa stood next to her and I am sure she was not sure what to say either.

“Its bad girls. They did a job on him! Come here!”

I said hugging my daughter.

“You too Nelisa!”

I hugged her as well. We were in this together. Sizwe was in a bad shape and I am under no illusion that he could lose his life.

“What happened?”

“We don’t know yet but it seems someone kidnapped him and beat him up really bad.”

I told Nelisa who has asked the question. My brother had not said anything at this point but spoke,

“Do you think it’s one of nthate’s things?”

He asked me. He wanted to know if my father had something to do with this since he always messed with all the wrong people.

“I honestly don’t know because who would follow us all the way to Bloemfontein if it wasn’t!”

The point was well made. It would not make sense for one of our enemies to have come this far for this let alone know how to find a police station in Qwaqwa of all places to drop him off.


I said out loud.


My brother responded. I didn’t expect him to know that quote though because that was from Hamlet and Shakespeare is not for many people. There was a conspiracy afoot and I really had to be comfortable.

“When last did you speak to that snake character of yours?”

I asked Lintle.

“What snake character?”

She asked me innocently. See the danger in my life can come from many angles.

“She means Python Lintle!”

Nelisa said looking down.

“I don’t know. Long ago I guess. Why?”

She asked me.

“Be honest Lintle. We spoke to him on the way here. He was just checking how we were and where we were going!”

Nelisa said. I just looked at Lintle and honestly I could strangle this girl. I really could but with husband dying in the other room I still needed someone alive in case I would need organs for transplant to save him! What a stupid child!

“Mum he would never do that. Come on. He didn’t even ask for me to come work for him again. He was just checking up!”

She said defensively and the look she gave Nelisa. It was one of those that’s she was saying she had been betrayed. She was not happy at all but why could this child not see that this was bigger than her games. It was her father for crying loud. Maybe that stunt I had pulled with the police was bigger than I thought.

“Lintle just stop! Your father could be in trouble because of you and you don’t even see it!”

I said and I sat down and put my hands in my face. I was so overwhelmed.

“Dude come on tell her it’s not him. He is not like that!”

She said coming up to defend him again.

“He is bad Lintle. I told you before and when he called I told you not to talk to him. You insisted.”

Nelisa reprimanded her. I was not sure what to make of this child now. On the one hand she seemed to be on my side disciplining Lintle but on the other she seemed to be the instigator behind my back.

“We need to tell the police that because if we don’t, the next think your snake friend would be after us! What if it had been me in that car Lintle?”

I asked her.

“But mum we don’t even know it’s him. He was in Jhb yesterday!”

She said.

“How do you know that? Did he tell you that?”

I asked her. She nodded her head in the negative meaning that she was just guessing. She was assuming that what’s happening had nothing to do with her criminal friend.

“It’s ok. I am not going to accuse him of anything because I don’t have evidence but if we find out that it was him, the two of you must know that you almost killed your father.”

I told them. I don’t want to be too harsh and make accusations I would not be able to take back. Fortunately Zethu came back but she didn’t look happy at all.

“What has happened?”

Lintle asked with tears in her eyes.

“I need to talk to your mum alone!”

She said. Her doctor voice was mixed with emotion. The girls walked away with their uncle, my brother and left us alone for now.

“We need to operate mngan wam! He has internal bleeding and unless I go in there we won’t know where exactly. It’s bad. He is too swollen right now but within the next six hours we should pray that the medication he is one will reduce the swelling so we can go in there!”

She told me. Zethu was brilliant at her job. She was not a surgeon though.

“Who is the surgeon?”

I asked.

“They said Dr. Van Zyl. I don’t know him but we are going to have to go with him because it is urgent!”

She said. As doctors often we know the more senior doctors as they are hold power in hospitals. Dr. Van Zyl was most likely an Afrikaneer doctor which is why I did not know him. Even in hospitals there is politics unfortunately.

“What time does he get here for consult?”

I asked her.

“He should be here in the next hour. We will do everything we can for Sizwe. You know you cannot be in theatre with us right?”

She said in a friendly but stern voice. She knew I would most likely try to fight her that why she was putting on her tough exterior voice. I knew it because I had seen it plenty of times before this. It’s when she did not want to be questioned.

“Yes I know. I think when you go into theatre I will take the girls home or something. I can’t be here!”

I told her.

“It’s probably a good idea!”

She said. It was not that I had not seen surgery before but this was my husband going under the knife and I was not strong enough to go through this. I didn’t even get a chance to respond to her before the original doctor on the case came back,

“He is coding, we have to operate now!”

He said.

“Dr Van Zyl is here!”

He added. So much for six hours. This was not a good thing at all.

As I got home, I looked at my phone but I had no calls. I had no messages. I had to go back. Nelisa and Lintle hardly spoke a word! I guess it was clear they were fighting now over Nelisa having ratted her out. I don’t care about such.

“I will call you when I hear any news”

I said as we dropped them off by the gate. My mother came to the car to ask what was going on. I guess she had not gone where ever she wanted to go after all.

“Your father told me that Sizwe was in hospital in a bad shape. What are the doctors saying?”

She asked me very concerned. I told her what I could but I did not have the patience because I had to go. I wanted to be by my husband’s side in what could be his last moments. Where was my dad?

On the way back is when Zethu called.

“You better come back!”

She said.

“What has happened?”

I asked her.

“Come back now!”

She said again and hung up.

No guys, not Sizwe!

*******The End*******

Michael Nkululeko Maphoto

Dear Mike

Thank you so much and I mean this, thank you so much for the wonderful work. Whoever has read your work learns something, cries, gets angry and even celebrates your characters triumphs like its people will know.

I have a problem. I am a mother of three kids and recently got divorced. My husband left me for a younger woman and it was hard at first but I am learning to accept. I just found out that two of my children knew their father was having an affair all along and I feel so betrayed. My daughter and I are very close, or at least I thought we were. She is in her matric now and my son who follows her is 16. They knew about the other woman and even went to lunch with her a few times before we even started divorce proceedings. I don’t know what to do because every time I look at them I want to bite their heads off. These are my children and they sided with their father cheating on me. It’s not like I want to put them in the middle of my husbands and I’s feud but they are in it because they took his side. When we divorced he said he wanted nothing and left everything with us, the house, cars etc. That’s how much he was fed up of me, he just wanted to leave. We never fought, I never cheated, I never got fat and I worked hard to match him in wit and personality. I tried not to be a boring wife or mother for that matter. In return I got to be told by one of the nurses were I work that my husband is sleeping with her friend. When I confronted him he did not deny, he apologized and asked,

“So what happens next?”

Imagine. He was ready to divorce me and again I accept but finding out that my children, I bled for these traitors in labour, would do this to me, I am so lost. What’s worse, he cannot take custody of them because he and his girlfriend live in an apartment. I don’t want my own kids any more Bra Mike and I have no regrets. It’s too painful to see them be all lovey with me when I know what they did.

I am sorry I got emotional there at the end.

Thank You

Betrayed Mother

21 thoughts on “Realities 130

  1. Thank you bhut Mike,…..yhooo I was in tears as I read this 🙁 oohhh Nothabo shame. Much as esile she doesn’t deserve this 🙁 what an emotional chapter on a friday!!!

    Happy Friday Family…..On a lighter note of things, I dreamt of JackZorro hahahahahaha 🙂 mxm see what you planted now Mike!!! Lol

    Betrayed Mom: I honestly can’t imagine what you must be feeling knowing your kids betrayed you in not telling you that your father was having an affir….

    But I must ask though…what is it that made your husband want to leave you?? Yes you tried to look good for him but remember that looks aren’t everything…Look at Nothabo for example..Sizwe wanted to divorce her NOT because she had changed looks wise but because she was not treating him like the man he wanted to!!

    I say talk to them first and find out why they didnt tell you.. Maybe the younger woman is “cooler” in their eyes and relates to them better than you do…at the end of the day wena you can never be a friend to your kids you will always be the parent… So be the parent now and talk to them before you “disown” them.


  2. Betrayed mom: I can not even imagine how you are feeling. However, put yourself in the shoes of those children who may have despised what their father was doing but could not bring themselves to telling for fear of causing a rift between you and your husband. They may have hoped that he would eventually see his mistakes and change but unfortunately it did not happen. They could have told you and be the ones who lead to the two of you divorcing. It is never easy to tell one of your parents what the other is doing as you always do not want to be the cause of the split and you also do not want to be accused of meddling and disrespecting him.

    Please find it in your heart to forgive your children. You are in a vulnerable state right now and you do not want to lose your children after losing your husband. This is now a time for you to come closer to your children more than ever before. Please keep praying and God will richly bless you.


  3. Thanks Mikeesto, sad for Nothabo though, Dr or not this must be hell for her, Friday the 13th dose much appreciated 🙂

    Betrayed Mom, I cannot believe what I just read now, how screwed up is your husband though? and how screwed up are your kids? Yes, maybe they didn’t want to get in-between the parents and be the cause for divorce but still man, they chose to be loyal to the one that was doing wrong, it’s not fair.

    I don’t know what you should do sisi but I feel that whatever you’re feeling about these traitors that you gave life to is justified, what you do going forward though is the ultimate question. Maybe you should tell these kids how you feel even, let them see what they did to you. Its double trauma caused upon your soul by your own family, that’s just unforgivable shit that.


    1. Jackzorro you are so right this betrayal is unforgiveable shame mina I would never forgive them for they are old enough to know what’s wrong and what’s right they wrong shame siding with the cheating father haibo that’s so unfair… they all need Jesus I swear and for the other lady I just hope that karma doesn’t follow her because what goes around comes around and when it comes back to her yoh I don’t think God will have mercy until she feels the pain she caused Betrayed mom…. yoh mina I am shocked about this story I am actually in tears for this women like seriously life sometimes is something else…. Lord God please intervene. I am so sorry Betrayed mom no one deserves such treatment.

  4. Aaahw Bro Mike, don’t you know it is rude to make a man sob. I really got touched by this chapter. Anywhooo to today’s letter.

    Betrayed mom, first lemme say sorry for the tragedy of your divorce, 2ndly, have you ever thougt of the real reason why your husband just decided to fo that to you njeee kanjalo nje? Have you also thought about why your kids left you (their mom) at home and went to joll with their dad’s nyatsi? 3rdly Have you thought of the consequences of dissowning your own kids coz you’ll be left all alone. I say sit this “traitors” of yours (as you call them down, find out what’s going on in their heads, eventually you’ll know what pushed them to keep hush about their dad’s affair. God knows you might even find out why your husband decided to cheat and leave you. You sound all feisty and a no-nonsense kinda woman to me. I say watch it, coz before you know it, that house and those cars and that money will be all you have and thy will not give you any TLC at all. Those glkids love you regardless of your flaws, thy just fed up of something, and that something sweety you gonna find out what it is and fix it. Who knows, your husband might cone back too.
    Good luck.

    P.S beig Hercules when you are a female is shit scary, especially i you are married.

  5. @Betrayed Mother: this should feel like the worst betrayal of all, your own kids, biological kids for that matter, having lunch with the other woman, I would also be hurt. But you should just let it go, forgive your kids, your husband is the one who betrayed you, but you should also forgive him. That’s always my worst fear, investing so much in a relationship then my partner just decide to up and leave. The fact that he introduced her to your kids shows he really wanted to divorce you and wanted them to build a relationship with the stepmother. I hope you heal and move on from all this.

  6. Those kids are so shit!! They even had lunch with the side chick, didn’t they try to show the father that they didn’t approve of his actions? But it’s your kids and you have to work it out somehow

  7. Betrayed Mom your kids did what they thought was best… save you form the emotional trauma. So what you are saying it you would have felt better if they put themselves in a position where their loyalty to their parents was questioned…… They are kids after all, what if they were afraid to tell cause of they didnt want to hurt you or cause of reasons known to them. did you even talk to them about this before trying auction them..

    My friends mother had an affair with one of her colleagues. My friend found out about the affair, its was extremely difficult for her to tell her father about it cause she was quite close of both her parents. She then decided to end her life and left a suicide letter expressing how she felt responsible for the affair.

    Do you honestly want to put your kids in such a difficult position….. talk to them and find out why they chose to keep quite about the affair, try and understands their point of view, after all they are just kids .

  8. To the lady those children are both yours and your husbands and you don’t even know what your husband promised them or said to them for them to meet the other woman maybe they meet her under the pretences that she is daddy friend. Your children love you both and want to make both of you happy. Just talk to children but don’t do it when you still angry because of what you might say or go to therapy with your children. Please don’t be angry at your children because they are still just that children.

  9. Dear Betrayed Mother,

    am an avid reader of Mike but rarely comment but this one cant pass without comment. Before you demonise your children and ex husband, get a mirror and really look at yourself. in my few years on earth i have learnt a few things, if really you are as good as you think to your children and ex then shame on them for betraying you like that, but in my view,i think you are mean, grumpy, angry all the time kinda person (your probably describe yourself as a no nonsense kind or take no crap from anyone kind) & everybody knows it – including your children. so they only did what comes naturally to most people, be good to those good to you while at the same time those mean to you owe them nothing….

  10. Betrayed Mom, your letter touched me. Me & my siblings always thought highly of our father and thought mom was always provoking him. Fast forward to when we were older we finally saw him for the cheat he is hiding behind the cloth. My mother is late now & 6mnths after my father was already preparing to marry one of the church members he has been cheating with all along & we can’t apologise to mom for thinking she was trouble. So what I am saying is life is too short before disowning them please get their side of the story. Even try family counselling. Good luck & God bless

  11. Mike you know I love your writing but today I will neglect you a bit.
    “Betrayed Mom” I cannot believe what I am reading honestly. Maybe I see differently because I was never “betrayed” by my children as you have. You gave birth to those children you’re supposed to love them unconditionally and in the process reach them to reciprocate that love. It is your husband that cheated on you not your children. It is your husband who got them involved in his shameful business! If I were in your shoes I would deal with my feelings of being cheated on separately rather than displacing them on children. Yes they are teens but are still children. I suggest you address what their father exposed them to that it is not right or ideally what marriage is all about so they don’t do the same as adults or write it off because they don’t want to go through what they saw. I hope you hear the message I am getting across to you dear. You are angry with hubby, his nyatsi and yourself and you have to deal with that. On the contrary the children deserve an apology from their father!!!!

  12. Ta braMike.
    @Ayzo, U took words out of my mouth.
    Betrayed Mother, yo character judging or not judging sounds a no-nonsense (little -hitler female verson). Learn to control yo temper & allow yo family to be (kids & dad).
    Yo kids were & still R mo vulnerable than UR in this whole maze as they feel guilty of “betraying” U without knowing beta while @the same time they have been BETRAYED BY THEIR FATHER. U shud be proud of them for being kids & not knowing what to do.
    Positive side is yo separation/divorce has been less stressful as U have the kids, house, cars & yo kids’ love. U need each other now mo than ever b4. Listen to them. embrace them. Let them tell U @their own pace. Remember when U were teaching them to talk, walk etc. This is all new to them. Don’t be fooled by their age & height etc, they are still KIDS.
    They will still make & learn from their own mistakes but this wasn’t of their making.

  13. When commentors on this blog characterise a woman they don’t even know as a little Hitler female version then go as far as saying she must look in the mirror as she is at fault.Firstly she was not the one who cheated,secondly as she puts it she has been the care giver at home,for the sake of trying to maintain a flawless marriage she keeps her body in shape(for a better sex life) and tried to maintain a good relationship with her children.Thirdly she was not the one meeting and dining with a woman that is sleeping with her husband.Sisi please try and not blame your children they were used by that good for nothing ex husband of yours.Sit down with your children and tell them you know of their so called dinner dates with dads girlfriend.Wait for them to tell you why they went all out to indirectly hurt you and I’m sure this resentment you have towards them will go away.When talking to them remember to try and remain calm so as for them to completely see how this has hurt you.

  14. So sorry what happened to u. Move on forgive yourself ,ex n your kids. I’m 44 my mum cheated for as long as I can remember .my dad sometime knw about it n me n my two sis knew about but we did nt tell cause she threaten to leave us with day if we did.she once left for sis got pregnant at 13 ,I was raped n physical about by members of my mum family.So we never tell .my mum even cheat even sitting on mattress when my dad past away.plz let this go I’m sure your Kids were trying to protect u or keep this family.Forgive n move on sis.

  15. OH MY GOODNESS! So not ready for what’s coming..??

    So, Realities is coming to an end you say? ? Well that sucks..

    I know that Nelisa has been here and there and stuff but may I suggest that you write something about her life after high school? Like brief us on her results & whether she made it to varsity or not etc. It would make for an interesting read, knowing Nelisa! A totally different storyline, a couple of new characters, a change of scenery.. ?
    Then again, it is just a suggestion. ?

  16. You are so intelligent, like the way you explain the hospital and medical procedures proves you dont just write but you also research about your work?? we appreciate your work?

  17. Christabel is right Mike please continue with confessions of a sugar baby what happened to Nelisa after high school did she pass etc…. and betrayed mom please be strong and ask the Lord God to help you through this difficult time.

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