Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 254

On the way to She Rocks place I informed her that I was almost there and she sent me the code to punch in at the gate and I used it when we entered the gates. I thanked my driver and I walked in, there were already a few people and I thought I was early but when it comes to parties with free booze trust people to show up, prices of booze and everything else have gone up so no one turns down an invite with free food and booze people will do anything to save, including attending parties of people you don’t like. I found She Rocks in the kitchen with the caterers giving them last minute orders. “Is this a party or a wedding?” I asked teasing, she laughed and gave me a hug and told me she just wanted the evening to go perfectly with no glitches, She Rocks is a perfectionist and when she does something she makes sure she gives it her all and I could see this party meant a lot to her. “Lets go to my room so you can help me get dressed.” She said holding my hand and leading me to her room. We went to her room she was all excited like we were going to a matric dance, her dress was laid out on top of the bed and it looked amazing. She did her make-up while we chatted about the people that were coming to the party she told me how some people even asked to be invited, I asked how long had she been planning this party and she said it’s been weeks but I had been avoiding her so she couldn’t tell me about it.

“Speaking of which Lee, how could you drop Spencer like that? He told me what happened?” At this rate my heart was beating faster than a pounding headache, “He did?”


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  1. i tried purchasing the pin. It deducted my airtime, but didn’t send me the pin? I’m not impressed

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