Missteps of a Young Wife

*** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 253

“Honey, what the hell are you talking about? Who in God’s name did you kill?” I asked rather surprised by my husband’s confession. He didn’t answer he just went to the bathroom and left me there with a confused look on my face. My curiosity had reached the highest level that it could got to. I honestly wanted to know what my husband was up to and I especially wanted to know what he was up to but knowing my husband I knew he would not tell me anything. He just walked past me and he said needed to clean himself up, I still wanted to hear more but he was not there all he wanted was to clean himself up so I let him go to the bathroom, change and while he was still cleaning himself up I passed out.

The following morning when I woke up my husband was nowhere to be seen I tried calling his phone but it was off, I went to the kitchen to find Priscilla and was hoping she had made her special breakfast, it was funny how I had become so used to her breakfast when I got to the kitchen she was


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