Missteps of a Young Wife

Bonus *** Premium *** Missteps – Chapter 255

“I need you to stay calm and tell me where you are and I will come and get you. I will call an ambulance and paramedics will help you, don’t be scared, you are going to be fine.” I said panicking but trying my level best to sound calm. “It’s too late for paramedics.” She said with her voice down and my heart just broke for her, tears started flowing down my face “okay babe that’s fine, everything is going to be fine, just tell me where you are and I will be on my way to get you.” She said she would send me her location on whatsapp. “I think we need to tell people that the party is over, we need to go get She Rocks and take her to the hospital.” Jessica said she would tell the caterers to let the people know and tell them to help themselves to food because there would be no point in letting all that food go to waste, we all agreed. Cleo said we should bring She Rocks a change of clothes, we went to her bedroom and got a trackpant and top then rushed out we use Jessica’s car and drove to the location that she sent us. Weirdly enough it was a house in Constantia Kloof, which is not too far from where She Rocks stays. “Shame, do you think maybe someone helped her and brought her to their house?” Jessica asked and both Cleo and myself shrugged our shoulders and walked towards the house, the gate was opened so we walked in “I hope they don’t have dogs” Cleo said we went to the front door and Jessica didn’t knock she banged the door if I was the person inside I would think it was the police “damn girl, no need to break down their door, they saved our girl’s life, they not kidnappers chill.” Cleo said pulling Jessica’s hand off the door.

She Rocks came running to the door we could see her through the window, her dress was covered in blood “Are you okay? What happened?” Jessica asked “Why did you bring them? I thought you were coming alone.” She Rocks said to me looking surprised to see Cleo and Jessica, I was confused because it’s not like I had brought men, these were women and they knew women things. “We need to take you to the hospital so they can clean you up and stuff” Cleo said ignoring She Rocks comment about them being there. She asked what Cleo was talking about, Jessica ignored her and said we needed to thank the house owners for taking care of her, she said walking to the kitchen “Don’t go there” She Rocks said to her, it was too late Jessica was already in the kitchen while Cleo and I kept asking She Rocks what had happened and how she ended up at that house, the next thing we heard was a scream coming from the kitchen then a big loud bang sound. We all looked at each other Cleo and I ran to the door while She Rocks ran to the kitchen, it was one confusing mess, we didn’t know what was going on in the kitchen and Jessica was a big girl she can take care of herself, no one sent her to the kitchen those where my thoughts and judging by Cleo was also headed for the door those were her thoughts too.

When we got outside Cleo asked me “Where’s Zandile?” the way I was so scared I couldn’t even speak I just pointed inside. We stood outside for about three minutes trying to calm ourselves down and understand what the hell was going on. She Rocks came outside and shouted at me and Cleo “Can you two stop standing there and come help me before she wakes up.” Cleo and I both looked at each other even more confused but we nonetheless followed She Rocks inside the house she lead us to the kitchen at this stage my heart was close to jumping out of my mouth and running out of that house and leaving me there, not that I would have blamed it for doing that. In the kitchen there laid Spencer in a pool of blood it was safe to say he was dead “Ohhhhh my God, you killed him?” Cleo asked She Rocks who just started crying and said no, she loved him and why would she kill him. “Your hands are full of blood, your dress, his blood is all over you. What the hell happened?” She Rocks was trying so hard to keep it together, she told us she didn’t know she found him dead and her hands and dress were full of blood because she was trying to revive him when she got there, Cleo asked her why she didn’t call the police and she said because the way she looked if we as her friends doubted her, what more of the police, she was right. “We need to clean this up.” Cleo said, “it’s not like he was a saint anyway. Let me get this straight, you did not have a miscarriage?” Cleo asked She Rocks who shook her head and said no. “We need to get rid of the body and clean up the blood or any trace of us being here.” I said as I was still thinking of ways to get rid of the body Jessica woke up “what’s going on what happened?” She said trying to stand up, Cleo grabbed a pan and hit her in the head and she passed out “what the fuck Cleo? Why did you do that?” I asked her angry that she had just hit Jessica in the head for no apparent reason. “I don’t want another Andiswa situation on our hands and Jessica is weak, see how she fainted at the sight of a dead body.” She was right, we had to quickly clean up before Jessica woke up. “Cleo ran upstairs and came back with the bedding, we rolled him up in it and she rocks and I raided the cupboards looking for black bags and I found them after searching about twelve drawers and we wrapped him with the black bangs on top of the bed covers we had used and then all three of us carried him to She Rocks car. I was hoping and praying that Jessica was still passed out when we got back inside the house and she was. “Is she still alive? We can’t afford to have another body. Spencer was heavy, my back hurts.” Cleo checked for her pulse and said she was alive.

We grabbed pots since we couldn’t find any buckets and dish clothes and dishwasher and bleach and started cleaning the kitchen any trace of blood we removed, we were is such a rush and thank goodness he had died in a tiles because if it was a carpet this was going to take us forever to finish. While we were busy cleaning, there was a knock on the door, we literally all froze, none of us knew what to do. “Our cars are outside they know someone is here, go and open Zandile, and tell them you are the maid and the bass is not here, put on the apron to cover the blood” She did but there was just too much blood on her dress so Cleo said she would go and pretend to be the maid, she didn’t need the apron as she didn’t have blood on her dress but then again the dress she was wearing didn’t look anything close to that of someone who is a helper, unless if she was going to say her madam gave it to her. She wore the apron and went to the door while She Rocks and I sat stood in the kitchen with our hearts pounding so loud I was sure the person at the door would be able to hear our heartbeat. Cleo came back and said “It’s the real maid of the house at the door, anyone have R200?” we shook our heads and she said “Spencer the cheapskate didn’t pay his helper the full pay he said she should come back for the rest today and now he’s dead, selfish bastard.” Cleo said angry. She Rocks suggested she checks Jessica’s bag for some cash “It’s not enough that you guys almost killed the poor girl now you want to rob her.” I said annoyed, She Rocks said she would replace it. Cleo grabbed the bag and found R400 and went to the door and gave her the money then come back to us. “Who did you say you were to her?” I asked Cleo and she said she told her she was a messieurs’ both She Rocks and I looked at her and shook our head and we went back to cleaning up. Jessica started waking up again while we were still busy and I saw Cleo going to grab the pan again I yanked it off her and told her to stop before she kills her. I told She Rocks to quickly go and change and Cleo and I quickly finished cleaning up, Jessica kept asking what’s going on and Cleo and I told her she fell and hurt her head but while we talking to her we still busy wiping cupboards anywhere where there was any trace of blood.

“My head hurts, really bad, I feel like I have a horrible hangover. Did we drink? Did I drink? I can’t drink, I shouldn’t drink.” She kept reaping herself. She Rocks came back and she had changed. “I’m soo sorry about the baby.” Jessica said to She Rocks who was about to say something but Cleo jumped in and said she was also sorry, Jessica was confused and under the impression that She Rocks lost the baby as long as she was not mentioning a dead body then we were okay. “We done here, let’s go” Cleo said and we all agreed to meet back at She Rocks house, we didn’t need Jessica there but she was still a bit out of it so I wasn’t going to let her drive, I offered to drive her car while She Rocks and Cleo drove together and we followed each other, the distance from the house to She Rocks house is about twenty minutes but as luck would have it there was a roadblock, my heart was pounding so fast scared that they might want to search the car but it rarely happens that the traffic cops search a woman’s car unless if they are suspicious. Cleo was driving She Rocks car in front of me and when the traffic cop didn’t stop them I wanted to stop the car and jump out and start dancing they let them go without asking them to stop, I was so happy I had a huge grin on my face, I didn’t even realize that I was being stopped until Jessica told me to slow down because the traffic cop was hailing me down. I slowed down and stopped, you know the feeling you get when you know you don’t have anything to hide and you have everything in order, that was me at that moment, I had not been drinking I was sober like a judge and I knew Jessica’s car was in order. I rolled down my window and said “Good evening Sir” with a big smile on my face, to the cop’s annoyance, he ignored me and put a flash on my face then Jessica’s and then went to the front of the car to check the car disk as he walked away Jessica screamed “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Lee, there was a dead body in the house.” He window was opened and the traffic cop heard her and he moved to where he was standing and he said to her “what did you say ma’am?” and Jessica repeated herself. I wanted the earth to open up and swallow me and never let me out!!!!!

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